Hello, 2015! #CoffeeTalk

Good morning, shiny happy people!

Are you feeling shiny and happy this morning? I am, and I’m not really sure why. I love a fresh start, that’s all I can gander.

Coffee Talk 2015

I still feel sick, but I have boundless energy — like, almost manic. It’s very strange. I had to go off the Tamiflu. It was making me have hallucinations when I tried to sleep, and yesterday my head felt weirdly clogged and it was almost like I was outside of my own body. SO weird. I couldn’t get through to the doctor, but two nurse-friends told me to go off it so I did.

I got in exactly half of the doses before I quit, which I KNOW is not a good thing to do with anti-viral meds. But whatcha gonna do? I was going to be psychotic if I kept going. I once had a drastic reaction to steroids. It was like this but worse. I guess drugs and I just do not get along.

Last night was a subdued New Year’s Eve. Caroline got ambitious and made Jalapeño Popper Dip, which we all scarfed down like we hadn’t eaten all day. And then I coached her through making Chocolate Fondue, which we used to dress up some fresh fruit and pretzels. Please pardon the messy kitchen. As I said above, allowing your kids in the kitchen requires you to let go of the OCD.

NYE Fondue

Becca and I were in bed by 9PM. She’s not feeling well, poor li’l punkin. The rest of them stayed up until who knows when. I heard them all cackling at some TV show well into the evening.

In other news, I’m all raring to go for 2015. Today I’ll be doing all the end-of-year blogger things like analyzing stats and planning for next year. I’ve never done much planning in advance, but I’m starting to think that way.

I’d love to know. What do YOU want to see more of around here? Lay it on me.

I know the fashion posts are the most popular, and there will be plenty of that, although it’s hard to feel very fashionable at the moment while I’m sick and have one foot in a brace. But I know this is all temporary even though it feels like I’ll never be “normal” again.

So yeah, fashion is fun, but I have no desire to be solely a fashion blog. I want to keep my content well-rounded. I’ve been chatting with Tonya and Colleen about content ideas for 2015. Feel free to chime in with anything you’d like to see from them.

Tonya creates clever crafts for kids, beautiful home decor and DIY projects, and fun holiday/seasonal entertaining ideas. I love to browse those types of posts. It’s total eye candy for me, but as you know, that is not where my talents lie. So I brought her on to help me round out that side of the blog.

Colleen makes delicious foods and drinks, and she’s particularly passionate about cooking with kids. I know I need to get better about incorporating my kids into my kitchen. It’s not them; it’s me. I have to get over my fear of messes.

What types of recipes are you looking for this year? In looking back at what’s been popular in the past, I’m hoping to post more wholesome dinnertime recipes. I am in desperate need of some new recipes in my repertoire. I feel like I’ve been in a meal planning rut, so I’m hoping to add some new meals to my blog, and thus to my meal plans!

I’ve also been debating my Real Food Recipe Roundup. I will continue to post my meal plans, but I was contemplating ditching the recipe roundup portion of the post because it’s not taking off like I’d hoped. I think maybe people are unsure of what “real food recipes” means to Alison and me. We’re not talking about sprouted and soaked and homegrown, necessarily, just recipes without boxes and mixes and such. You know, the kind of stuff I post, ordinary home cooked meals (and desserts/snacks/etc.) made from scratch. I’m happy to hear any thoughts on this. Also, is there a more helpful TIME/DAY to publish these posts??

I think we’ll continue with it as is for a while because this time of year is when many people are getting back on track with their meal plans, and hopefully it will pick up some speed. I, for one, enjoy perusing the recipes that are shared, and I hope to try out more of them this year as I’m seeking to add some new recipes to my repertoire.

I do plan to continue posting on Beauty topics, even though the Tuesday Beauty Buzz column went kaput. I’m trying to assign a day to each topic, but I’m not sure I have enough content to do a beauty post every. single. week. Or maybe that’s just the challenge I need. The Glossybox subscription REALLY helps. I find so much good stuff in there.

I would love to post on travel topics weekly, but again, I’m not sure I have enough content for that. Would y’all like to see the Things To Do With Kids column continue? I stopped getting submissions, so that sort of died out, but I’d love to revive it. There are so many more places we could cover. Feel free to email me if you have a place in mind!

I’ll definitely continue with these Coffee Talk posts, at least once a week, and probably more often than that.

Finally, let’s discuss Facebook. Actually, that’s going to be another post. There’s too much to say to add it on to this one. But Facebook is changing how much they show from our biz pages, and if you like to interact with me there, you may discover that you’re not seeing many of my posts anymore. I hope that isn’t so, that it’s a lot of hype, and they’re only really cracking down on the promotional posts, not the ones that elicit engagement. But only time will tell.

If you DO want to see my Facebook Page updates, make sure you have not only “liked” my page, but also checked off to “Follow” and also “Get Notifications.”

Get Notifications

I really do think that Facebook wants what is best for the user. That means it is up to ME as a biz page owner to make sure my posts are what YOU want to see. As always, I’m open to feedback.

I hope you’re all enjoying your New Year’s Day, whether you’re using it as one last day to rest and relax or you’re getting stuff done or hanging out with friends. Make the most of it! Cuz 2015 is HERE, and come Monday, it’s nose to the grindstone!