Hello from Savannah! #CoffeeTalk

palm trees savannah

Well, it’s been a whirlwind trip. We arrived Wednesday night, and we’re already headed home. In fact, I prepped this post last night because I knew I wouldn’t have time to write much this morning with an 8AM flight!

We’ve had a great time, and I’m happy to get home to my kids, but I am not looking forward to returning to the cold and rain. I made a promise to myself to stop harping about the weather in Philly, but it is almost impossible not to point out the stark contrast — after all, that is why we came down here. Fortunately we were not disappointed. It has been absolute perfection here in Savannah. This is my kind of spring weather. Even the locals are saying it’s nicer than normal right now.

We saw a lot of the city (thanks to everyone who recommended the trolley tours!) but we didn’t do a lot of touristy things. We are kind of lazy travelers. We’re are happy to walk around a new city, eat a few good meals, and sit by the pool. We also photographed 7 outfits in the 2 days we were here, so it wasn’t exactly a vacation, but we’ll take it!

sunset on Savannah River

We stayed at the Westin, which is located across the Savannah River from the downtown area, so we had to take a Ferry every time we wanted to go into town, and that was a bit of an obstacle. Also, it was quite a walk from the Ferry landing to the historic district, so a few times we just called for an Uber. While we enjoyed the resort atmosphere (and did I mention the pool? lol!) I don’t think I’d arrange it this way again.

That said, we’ve had a great time, and it’s been nice to get away for a bit and escape some of the dismal weather back home.

Many of you have asked for recommendations and a review of some of the things we did while we were here. I highly recommend the trolley tours. We used Old Town Savannah Trolley Tours (there are a few different ones.) We just did the most basic — the Hop-On Hop-Off tour so we could, well, hop on and hop off, lol. It’s a great way to get a lay of the land and the history of the town. Thanks to all who recommended that.

Other than that, we did a lot of wandering around and admiring the parks and buildings, usually while we were looking for spots to shoot my outfits. That was fun, it’s such a pretty city.

We made dinner reservations for both nights based on your recommendations, but we were winging it for breakfast. The first morning, we ended up at what appeared to be a local hot spot — Goose Feathers Cafe. My eggs and bacon were fine, but the grits were excellent. The second morning, we weren’t quite as impressed with Clary’s Cafe, but it was okay. They’re grits were bland, but my omelette was good. Being gluten-free, I usually order eggs or an omelette when I go out for breakfast, so I can’t speak to all the carbolicious goodness I saw being carried to the other tables. Paul indulged in a sticky bun at Clary’s that looked amazing.

After breakfast yesterday, we found ourselves walking by Leopold’s Ice Cream at about 11am. We had heard that it is legendary so we decided it was our obligation as seasoned travelers to try it out and give our opinion. It was absolutely amazing. Don’t miss it if you come to Savannah! I recommend the Peanut Butter Chippy.

Leopold's Ice Cream

Also, we happened across a cute macaron shop, so I bought a box to bring home to my girls. They love them.

For dinner on Friday, we ate at the Olde Pink House. It was charming, and the service was very attentive, but — don’t hate me — I didn’t love my food. I know everyone loves that place, and I’m really glad we got to eat there, and there was nothing wrong with the food, but I ordered 3 different dishes and didn’t love any of them. They were interesting, and I enjoyed the BLT Salad (with Fried Green Tomatoes) best, but it was still nothing I’m dying to order again. Paul liked it more than I did.

Here’s what I wore that night. This off the shoulder top is on major sale, by the way!!!

Last night we ate at Alligator Soul, and OH MY WORD, so good. Everything about it was impeccable — the service, the pacing, the atmosphere, the wine, and the FOOD… have mercy. My only minor complaint is that my dinner wasn’t very warm, which I found strange because everything else about the experience was a perfect 10, but I feel nit-picky even mentioning that.

I wore my Joie blouse (also on sale) with skinny jeans instead of the bootcuts from my blog post.

Also, speaking of things going on sale, that black knit mock neck dress is 40% off now! Sorry, that is totally unrelated to this post, but I couldn’t believe it when I saw it last night, and I wanted to be sure to share!

Here’s a shot of Paul and me before dinner on Friday night — this is the only proof we have that he was on this trip, ha!

JL and Paul

Okay, so this post is a little disjointed, sorry about that! We are headed out to the airport so I don’t have a lot of time to proof and polish. Finally, I’ll leave you with this — a selfie I took by the pool yesterday afternoon.

I wouldn’t mind doing this every year!

We’re excited to get home and visit with my mom and the kids before she heads back home. Hoping for a smooth flight and no delays.

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!