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Happy Saturday, friends. I hope everyone is faring okay. We’ve been having some crazy weather, but so far there isn’t a lot of damage, thank goodness! I know not everyone can say that right now.

Before we get to the Instagram Roundup, I just want to let y’all know that the next Adore Your Wardrobe course will begin on 5/24.

This course has made such a difference in how I shop and dress my body. Those of you who have been around for a while have heard me talk about this before. If you’ve already taken the course, feel free to chime in down in the comment section and let us all know how you liked it.

For anyone wondering, Adore Your Wardrobe is a course that basically teaches you how to dress your unique body in the most flattering way. You will start by determining your body type, and then you will learn what styles and colors look best on you and how to put together outfits to create proper balance and proportion. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. There is also a Facebook Group for each class where Kelly and her team offers you personal advice to make sure you understand the course material and stay on track. It is truly excellent.

Registration for the next course opens on 5/14, so if you want to save up or send some Mother’s Day hints, I wanted to let you know that it’s coming up soon! (Here’s a link to buying an AYW Gift Card if you’d like to gift someone with this course.) It is $149, and that includes access to the Facebook group and personal guidance from Kelly and her team.

Kelly is also doing another closet challenge, and that actually started yesterday, but you can still join and catch up. The closet challenge is FREE, and it gives you a good idea of how Kelly works and how amazing she is. It also helps prepare you for the class, should you decide to register.

Instagram Roundup 05-06-17

So for today’s post, I put together an Instagram Roundup with my latest posts from IG all in one place! It’s only been a couple of weeks since my last one, but for some reason I seem to have a lot of pictures!

This first picture harkens back to the rewardStyle conference I attended a few weeks ago. I wore this outfit to the Topshop sponsored garden lunch. I think this top could use a long necklace or something to break up the expanse of floral, but I felt cute wearing it. It has nice movement that is hard to see in a still shot like this one.

This saddle bag has said “1 left” for months — has anyone ordered this thing yet? LOL! It’s such a cutie. I am truly curious if the “1 left” thing is just a gimmick to create a false sense of urgency.

Topshop trumpet sleeve blouse // distressed skinnies (similar for less) // espadrille wedges // ivory saddle bag

I wore this to the black tie optional party on the last night of the conference.

fringy sheath (on sale!) // nude sandals (similar for less) // foldover tassel clutch c/o GiGi New York

This is an outfit I wore to a dinner with friends last weekend. I’m also realizing I didn’t include these white jeans in my white jeans review yesterday. Ooops! They are super cute for a distressed style.

cold shoulder tee // J. Brand distressed white skinnies (similar for less) // nude sandals // similar hobo // initial pendant // agate chandelier earrings

I got to meet a sweet blog reader this week. Kay Harms is a writer and speaker, and she was in town for a conference, and we met up for coffee. So fun! This is what I wore.

print v-neck top // AG middi jeans // kate spade leather hobo // perforated peep toe booties

This was a casual day at home last week. I forget where I went, but I clearly had washed my hair and grabbed a handbag, so I must have gone somewhere, lol. The days all start to run together.

sporty tee // distressed skinnies (similar for less) // Converse Shoreline // ivory saddle bag

I wore this to the mall to try on white jeans for my review I posted yesterday. I wanted jeans and shoes that I could slip off and on easily, and I’m always a sucker for a dolman top. These Farrah high rise jeans are perfect jeans for tall girls — I had mine shortened — and they’re 30% off right now. There are more sizes at Macy’s.

orange dolman via Stitch Fix // AG Farrah high rise skinnies (30% off!) // TB Minnie travel flats // Lucky Brand hobo

For some reason, these pictures are all out of order, and I’m too lazy to fix them. This was my travel outfit to and from the rewardStyle conference. I love, love, love this cardigan. I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing it, but it’s so nice for travel. The Neverfull was my Christmas gift from my sweet husband. I said I would love to have one, but I never imagined he’d actually spring for it!

And this picture reminds me, I still haven’t called about getting the leather trim pieces on my suitcase replaced. I need to get on that because I’m actually traveling again in two weeks. I know, I said I was at home for a while, but something came up. I can’t wait to share more!!!

cold shoulder tee // distressed skinnies (similar for less) // thermal draped cardigan (some colors on sale at Amazon) // Felicia flats // Louis Vuitton Neverfull // Delsey luggage

Another dolman top, ironically also from Stitch Fix, but last year. I should have taken a few minutes to steam those wrinkles out of the front. I don’t remember where I wore this, but it was obviously a rainy day. FYI, these Hunter boots in graphite are still on sale.

teal dolman via Stitch Fix // Hunter boots // Paige Verdugo cropped skinnies // Stella & Dot eternity necklace

Alex and Ani sent me their Living Water Charm Bangle. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these bangles goes Living Water International, an organization that helps bring clean water to communities in need around the world. I always like to support companies that give back, so I wanted to share this initiative with you. The other bracelet I’m wearing is their Arrow Wrap.

This was just another easy outfit I threw on to run errands this week. This ruffle sleeve tee is marked down to $20 but the red is almost gone. It is juniors sizing, so I actually have the large.

ruffle sleeve tee // J. Brand distressed white skinnies (similar for less) // nude sandals // similar hobo

Another rainy day… This sweater is sold out, but it sure has come in handy this spring with all of the cool days we’ve had.

AG middi jeans // Hunter boots // Lucky Brand hobo

I wore this to get my hair cut. I don’t usually dress up this much to get my hair cut, but it was one of the few really pretty days that we’ve had, and I wanted a chance to wear these shoes.

bell sleeve top (other colors available) // AG Farrah high rise skinnies (30% off!) // kate spade leather hobo // perforated peep toe booties // initial pendant

This Lucky Brand ivory layered sweater is so cute for spring. I also love the layer necklace. You can see more of this outfit in this post.

layered sweater // Lucky Brand legging jeans // wedge sandals // cognac crossbody // similar layer necklace // photo credit: Megan Weaver

A casual weekend outfit — I wore this last Friday night to take my daughter to a movie night at her school. It was a zoo, so we left early and came home and hung out on the deck. It was actually quite warm that night… what a difference a week makes!

similar striped tee // AG middi jeans // Converse Shoreline // similar red crossbody // beaded hoops // pave pendant

Oooooh, another throwback to two weeks ago at the rewardStyle conference. I wore this sheath for the cocktail party on Friday night. We only stayed for an hour, then we changed into jeans and went out for Mexican. LOL! But it was fun to dress up, walk the yellow carpet, sip champagne, and feel fancy. (I have no idea why the carpet is yellow nor why only one set of lights behind me is lit. Things that make you go hmmmm….)

similar sheath dress // Sam Edelman Yaro sandals

Yet another casual weekend outfit… you saw this picture earlier this week, but I posted it to Instagram as well as on my blog. See more of this outfit in this post.

This is me trying to be cool with the half-tuck. I don’t really get it, but in a weird way, it is kind of flattering (except that I needed to iron my shirt…) I let it air dry so it wouldn’t shrink, and now I need to iron it. Seems crazy to iron a flannel, but whatever!

I wore this yesterday. After a few really pretty days, we had a day of rain, and while it wasn’t cold out, rain makes me feel like being cozy so I grabbed this lightweight flannel plaid that came in a recent Stitch Fix.

similar flannel // distressed skinnies (similar for less) // Hunter boots // pearl earrings

So that’s a wrap. As I scroll thru this post, all I can think is, I sure do wear jeans a lot! LOL! I feel like I should apologize for not having more variety to show you, but honestly, on a day to day basis, jeans just make the most sense for my lifestyle. I find them far more comfortable than khakis or dresses, and while I like a good bootcut, they are usually a going-out look for me because I wear mine with heels.

I will try to show some other styles on the blog, and as it gets warmer, I’ll be wearing dresses and shorts more. I really want to find some cute, casual dresses that I’m comfortable in. I like the look on everyone else. I guess that should be my next project!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Instagram Roundup

  1. I love your blog. I have been reading for about year. I look forward to your emails. You have a great style and are beautiful! Thanks for the time you invest!!! I have purchased several items you have posted and always get compliments!!!

  2. So enjoying your blog and Cyndi’s. Always great ideas weather for myself or my daughters who are close to your age. We love good fashion sense. Prayers your sweetie feels better soon. Enjoy your week end. B

  3. Never apologize for dressing for your lifestyle! There are a lot of us out here with the same lifestyle and need inspiration to keep from falling into yoga pant dressing and jeans boredom. You do it great!

  4. Oh that LV bag (the Neverfull)! Drool! Do you ever worry when you are using it? Thanks for the Roundup!

    1. I don’t, which is why I love it. It’s coated canvas (not leather – well, the straps and trim are, but even they are super durable hard leather, not the soft kind that scratches) so I don’t feel like I have to be precious with it. It’s great for travel because it holds a lot, but it’s not too big to carry as a purse for everyday. If we paid that much for a leather bag that scratched, I’d be ill, but this is super durable.

  5. The half tuck does look kind of weird but I really like it! Jeans and casual tops are my wardrobe staple now so thank you, Jo-Lynne, for showing us different ways to wear jeans but still look on trend. I also like that new Alex and Ani Living Water bracelet. I must add it to my collection.

  6. I wear dresses or skirts nearly every day in the summer so I’d love a casual summer dress post (with shoes to match!????) Also, do ever have issues when wearing dolman tops with one shoulder sliding down/over too far and showing too much undergarment? I do and I’m trying to determine if it’s just my body shape or if it’s common. Keep on posting what you personally wear and keeping it real on a daily basis. I live in jeans when it’s cold which is part of the reason I follow your blog so faithfully!

  7. Since its late in the day & I’m just getting around to reading your Instagram roundup, I’m grabbing a glass of wine instead of the cup of coffee! ???? I love the fact that you mostly wear jeans. Wish you were blogging “back in the day” when I was a stay at home mom, I could have used some ideas back then! Since I’m a “curvy gal”, I adapt your ideas to what I wear in my size. Not so much the styles, but definitely the colors and the jackets. I really look forward to your Instagram Roundup & the Coffee Talk. That little black dress you wore to the conference is a real stunner. If I needed a LBD, that would be my pick. Enjoy the rest of the weekend & stay warm! The temp seems like it dropped & it feels cold & damp again. Come on summer!!

  8. Wow, what a lot of work in this post- as usual! I love your blog, and, I also love that you feature a lot of jeans- I think they just “work” for so many women and really, almost every day for most us. I need all the ideas you can throw out there! I would like to also add my enthusiasm for the Adore your Wardrobe classes by Kelly Snyder and team. I have taken both courses and learned so much. Here’s one thing I did not expect- service after the sale……Kelly keeps the alumni up to date with a weekly column featuring real students from the classes. I have literally bought 4 things from four different places long after the courses were over when Kelly featured a sale, etc.
    Thanks for all you do- hope you keep blogging for many years to come!

  9. I have been debating on buying a pair of distressed white skinnies , I was out of town for an appointment yesterday, so decided to do some shopping afterwards. I seen a pair of distressed white skinnies hanging on the four way ,so took them to the dressing room and tried them on. They fit and I really liked the look, so as you would say they went home with me. I also just ordered my first pair of skinny ankle pants, will let you know what I think about them when they arrive. Thanks for showing different styles of clothes.

  10. LOL! We also did shrimp tacos for dinner and then went to a friends house for margaritas on May 5th! 🙂
    Thanks for all the hard work you do on your blog – I love all the style tips.

  11. Hi! I have bought several things from your recommendations. I am looking for some business casual clothes that I can travel with, are comfortable to sit in meetings all day and are flattering! Oh, and moderately priced. I would love any suggestions. I am 5’3 and wears a M or L. Thank you!

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