Instagram Roundup

instagram roundup

Hello, Friends! I just got back from an early morning run. I forgot how much I love getting my run in early in the morning. I don’t run early in the wintertime because it is a) too cold and b) too dark, so I usually wait until after I put my kids on the bus. Unfortunately, running mid-morning breaks up my day, and I find myself putting it off and sometimes skipping it altogether.

Running early is awesome because I get it out of the way and then I feel energized and virtuous all day. That’s how I’m feeling right now. PLUS it was barely spritzing when I woke up, but I went out anyway and just hoped I wouldn’t get caught in a downpour. It held off until I got back, but now I can hear the steady pitter-patter of rain on the roof, so I guess I timed it just right!

Today we’re hoping to get a slew of outfit pictures. I’m going to be in California for the 2nd half of the week so I need to get have a few posts in the queue and ready to go. I’ve ordered some new pieces, and I’ve got some fun outfits to put together.

Meanwhile, here’s this week’s Instagram Roundup.

I took this selfie as I was rushing out the door to church last Sunday. This is the LOFT dress that I featured on Thursday. It is still $25 but there are only a few sizes left so grab one while you can! The sale ends 04/24 at 4:59 PM EST.


Petaled Side Shirred Dress $25!!! // Vince Camuto Bellamy d’Orsay Pumps $90
Stella & Dot Tiburon Necklace & Lola Wrap Bracelet // D Yurman Link Ring
Kate Spade sunnies // similar jean jacket
Tory Burch Serif T Saddle Bag (on sale with code BLOOM!!!) // Nails: CND Studio White

This is the outfit I featured on Monday. I got such a great response to this. It really goes to show that simple outfits can be stunning if the colors and proportions work out.

pink and denim

pink blouse via Stitch Fix // DL1961 Emma legging jeans // Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals
Breezeback Enamel Bangle, Renegade Cluster Bracelet, Cage Cuff,
Breezeback Enamel Necklace, and Bungalow Hoops via my Stella & Dot boutique
D Yurman Curb Link Ring // Kate Spade Gramercy Grand Bracelet Watch
similar Tory Burch clutch (20-30% off with code BLOOM!!!)

I wore this outfit to have lunch with friends on Monday. It was a beautiful day and 70 degrees by 11am, so I broke out the sandals and white jeans. This t-shirt is sold out in the color I’m wearing, but Teal Britt is close and very pretty. It’s $25, and I’m wearing a medium.

teal and white

Relaxed Slub U-Neck Tee // distressed white jeans // nude Miller Sandals
Stella & Dot Sunray PendantWrap Bracelet, Cage Cuff & Turquoise Stretch Bracelet
Tory Burch Serif T Saddle Bag (20-30% off with code BLOOM!!!) // Nails: CND Studio White

I posted earlier in the week about what’s in my makeup bag. You can find links to all of these products there. I ordered some new things to try, so I’ll have to write an update soon!


This is a pretty typical everyday outfit for me this time of year. Unfortunately the striped top is already gone even though I bought it this spring. The rest of the outfit is linked below.

casual day

DL1961 Emma skinnies // Sam Edelman Gigi sandals // Studded Crossbody ($44!!!)
D Yurman Curb Link Ring & Oval Link Bracelet (gifts from my hubby)

Another selfie. I was excited to get this sweater back from the dry cleaner. They shrunk it and I thought I’d have to pass it down to my daughter, but they were able to stretch it out again. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as flattering as it originally was. I think she lengthened it back out but didn’t widen it quite enough. I tried pulling and tugging on it as I wore it, hoping it would grow a little, but it didn’t help much. Oh, well. I’m just glad I didn’t have to ditch it entirely. I hate it when that happens!!! Since it is from last summer, I don’t have any links, sorry!

selfie striped top

This is the outfit I posted to the blog on Wednesday. I wore it to a family dinner last weekend, and that’s when I took this selfie. Get all the details in this post.

mint and white

I’m running out of new outfits to style so I ordered a few things last week. This lace top was one of them. It’s a bit of a departure from my typical look, but I really like it and I’m super excited to style it this weekend!

lace and denim

Gibson Lace Overlay Top $48 // DL1961 Emma skinnies $178 (wait for a sale)
Steve Madden Carrson Sandals $89

These bracelets were sent to me from Alex and Ani. I love these shades of green for springtime.

alex and ani

I threw on this next outfit Thursday afternoon after spending most of the day in my stinky workout clothes. I really need to start getting ready for the day before the kids get home from school. Haha! This slouchy tee is $34 and it comes in 5 colors. Warning: it has to be dry-cleaned. I didn’t realize that when I ordered it.

grey and white

Lush Knit Tee $34 // Tory Burch Miller Flip Flops // distressed white jeans
Dalton Pendant // bracelets c/o Alex and Ani

I’m not sure why I ordered grey because I don’t need a grey v-neck tee. I must have had a specific outfit in mind when I chose it, but I can’t remember what. That keeps happening to me — I order things with a specific purpose in mind, and when they arrive, I can’t remember what it was. I guess that’s an occupational hazard, lol! I need to start keeping a list of outfits I want to style.

This zinnia pink vintage soft tee is only $12 at LOFT right now!! I just ordered one in the floral berry color. The utility vest is sold out, but I hear good things about this one at Target and it’s 40% off right now with the code MERONA40.

loft sale

zinnia pink vintage soft tee $12 // similar utility vest $29 + 40% off with code MERONA40
similar Tory Burch clutch (20-30% off with code BLOOM!!!)

Finally, I posted this last night. I got an order from White House Black Market, and this Kimono Blouse was in there. At first I wasn’t sure I liked the flowy sleeves. I have thin arms and tend to like tops that feature them, but I really love the drape of this top, and it has 2 layers so it is not thin or see through AT ALL. Hallelujah! It’s easy to throw on and wear, no need to worry about front tucking or needing shapewear. Add a fun necklace, and you’re done! It is $88, but WHBM runs sales occasionally. I’ll try to let you know the next time I see one. For size reference, I’m wearing a small. I threw it on with the jeans I was wearing, but it will also be stunning against white pants for a dressier look, and this fall I can wear it with black or even tan pants.

kimono top

Kimono Blouse $88 // DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans // C. Wonder Station Tassel Necklace c/o QVC
Tory Burch Lexington Wedge (20-30% off with code BLOOM!!!)

With that, I’m off to take a shower and get on with my day. Make it a great one!

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13 thoughts on “Instagram Roundup

  1. I think I commented on your pink blouse post, but I’ll say it again, it’s such a great color on you! I love it. I’ve seen so much light pink this season, and although I love the look on everyone else, I guess I just don’t like it for me. I’ve returned 3 tops and gave up! I’m loving this deeper color though.
    On another note, I love the slouchy tee too. Bummer it’s dry clean though. I had another color in my cart a month or so ago, but I just couldn’t get over the dry clean for a tee. I’m lazy and cheap that way, lol.

  2. Love the shrunken sweater and the new top! I like your hits of humor in this post. You were cracking me up on the grey tee–“i can’t remember why I bought this…occupational hazard.” O darn another cute top!! LOL. Must be really tough Jo-Lynne. ;P Anyhow looking forward to future posts on blogging…hint hint. xx-S

    1. Ugg My computer was on the fritz and entered while I was trying to correct the top on my info: Just delete the comment above!

      Here is my real comment:

      Love the shrunken sweater and the new top! I like your hits of humor in this post. You were cracking me up on the grey tee–“i can’t remember why I bought this…occupational hazard.” O darn another cute top!! LOL. Must be really tough Jo-Lynne. ;P Anyhow looking forward to future posts on blogging…hint hint. xx-S

  3. Now that’s really interesting about the t-shirt that has to be dry cleaned….you might look into that, because I can’t imagine what material would be in a t-shirt that would make it non washable.
    My mom has said (from her experience working in the alterations department at Nordstrom) that the manufacturers will put dry clean on an item just as a CYA—but it really can be washed (at least hand washed).
    When I used to come to mom and complain about the dry cleaning thing, she’d always tell me to research the materials and see for myself—-not just go by the label. Just a thought for you?
    Since I feel like I’ve been stalking you lately and have commented almost daily….I won’t bore you with more words!!
    Happy weekend Jo-Lynne 🙂

    1. LOL, words are great!!! 🙂 For some reason none of today’s comments have come to my email and I was starting to feel lonely and then I came over here and found them. Weird. I wonder if they’re all going to spam. Good idea to look into the materials. But I’m also really lazy about hand washing. If I can’t put it in the washer, I’d rather take it to the dry cleaner. 😉

      1. Your washer should have a hand wash or delicate that shud work i have a couple top by lush that i wash that way just a thought

  4. I’m crushing on those fuscia Gigi sandals! I’ve been searching but they are sold out everywhere in my size! I found them in bright blue at Nordstrom rack for $39! Woohoo! I find that they aren’t very comfortable though. What about you? Loving WHBM too, I had never shopped there before but I found those tunic tops and love them too! You always find the best stuff and you look great in everything!!!

    1. Awww, you’re sweet. I do NOT look great in everything, but I return a lot of stuff. 🙂 I find the Gigi quite comfortable for a flat sandal. How do they bother you??

      1. I find that the sandals are just so flat with very little cushioning. I can only wear them for a short time 🙁 but they sure look cute!

  5. I love that WHBM top and just went to order online and the only size they have left is L, unless you order petite, then they have all sizes! Don’t know what size to order in petite – would order xs in regular. ????

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