Petaled Side Shirred Dress $25

You guys, LOFT nailed it with this one. Y’all know that I have a hard time finding dresses I like, but this black and white Petaled Side Shirred Dress is super flattering and so comfortable to wear. The shirred waist, ballet neckline, and cap sleeves create the perfect silhouette for almost every figure. AND it is marked down 60% off, bringing it down to . . . wait for it . . . $25!!!!!

Yes, I said TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. That’s crazy for a cute, flattering, versatile 3-season dress.

LOFT Petaled Side Shirred Dress

Petaled Side Shirred Dress $25!!! // Vince Camuto Bellamy d’Orsay Pumps $90
Stella & Dot Tiburon Necklace & Lola Wrap Bracelet
Tory Burch Serif T Saddle Bag $360 (on sale!!!) // Nails: CND Studio White

NEW FEATURE: If you hover over the image above, you will see red shopping carts beside items that are currently for sale. You can click through to shop, if you desire. This is a new program that I’m using, and it is definitely an extra step in creating a post, but I thought it might make shopping my outfits easier. I will still link to the products in text and the Shop This Look widget; this is just an extra bonus. Tell me what you think!

I wore this dress to church on Sunday with my jean jacket. I have a pair of black patent wedge sandals that would be perfect with this dress, but it wasn’t quite warm enough for sandals on Sunday, so I opted for these grey suede Vince Camuto Bellamy d’Orsay Pumps. (They were cheaper when I bought them. I don’t know what’s up with that.)

LOFT Petaled Side Shirred Dress with d'Orsay Pumps

I ordered these from after I struggled to walk in my Pact Pumps on Easter Sunday. I was so disappointed because I thought they were comfortable, but when I went to wear them for more than a front-yard photo shoot, I could barely keep them on my feet.

The laces around the ankle of these Vince Camuto d’Orsay pumps keep them on without rubbing anywhere or squeezing my toes, so they are actually very comfortable. The 3-inch heel is the perfect height. (The Pact Pumps have a 4-inch heel. I’ve decided that I cannot go higher than 3. End of story.)

I accessorized with Stella & Dot’s new Tiburon Necklace. This is a 3-in-1 piece that you can take apart and wear separately or all together. This totally takes the guesswork out of layering necklaces. I also wore this pretty Lola Wrap Bracelet. I love how it mixes neutral beads with shiny silver and leather for a mix of sweet and tough.

LOFT Petaled Side Shirred Dress

I carried my new Tory Burch Serif T Saddle Bag, but I probably should have pulled out the dressier Kate Spade that I picked up on their 70% off sale a few weeks ago. (This one is similar.) Either works, I guess.

By the way, this bag has just been marked down. It’s 20% off at Nordstrom right now. It’s still an investment, for sure, but that’s almost $100 off. I’m enjoying the ivory, but I also love the Bark color.

Tory Burch 'Serif T' Leather Saddle Bag

I’m going to get a lot of wear out of this dress this summer, and I’ve definitely found my favorite style. These side shirred dresses really flatter the figure without highlighting every lump and bump. For size reference, I’m wearing a medium, and I definitely couldn’t go any smaller. It’s comfortable and flattering, but there’s no extra room in it. It is a final sale, but I promise, you will love this dress! For $25, how can you go wrong??

Also, check out the rest of the LOFT website because they have 50% off select full price styles as well as 60% off all sale styles!

LOFT Petaled Side Shirred Dress with suede d'Orsay Pumps

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38 thoughts on “Petaled Side Shirred Dress $25

  1. Jolynne…you look amazing!! Those shoes are very flattering on you. I’m not good in skinny heels unfortunately otherwise I’d snatch them up. I’m buying the dress though. If I went with a wedge shoe/sandal, would you suggest staying with black or do you think a nude wedge could work? Thanks for all the fantastic fashions!

    1. Thank you! I hear ya with skinny heels. Nude goes with everything and would certainly work with this but b/c it is black, black would go too. I like black patent for summer. I’d say, either, depending on what you have in your closet. 🙂

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne! I bought that dress just last week and agree it is so flattering! Makes everyone look slim I think. They also have it in a blue color with different print but that one doesn’t appear to be on sale yet. Now I’m wondering if they will adjust the price I paid on the black dress since I paid more than $25. Do you know if Loft is good about price adjustments? I actually purchased several items in store and online that are now marked down more. hmmm. Anyway, it looks great on you and I know I’ll be wearing mine a lot once we have warmer weather.

    1. Carrie,
      If you have your receipt, Loft is great when it comes to price adjustments. I have bought several things from Loft, and then they shortly go on sale. Loft has always adjusted my prices for me.
      I hope this helps!

      1. Thank you both for the quick reply. You know I’m heading into the store tomorrow with my receipt! A dress at $25 is a steal!!

  3. Good Morning,

    Another cute and practical outfit! Love the new shopping cart when you hover over the outfit. That is a nice feature!
    Have a great day.

  4. Love the dress! As for the new hover feature, I am almost always on my iPad or cell phone, so those don’t work for me (but it could be user error – I am somewhat tech challenged!) So, if most of your readers use a mobile devise, it might not be worth the extra step (although I love the idea) Waiting on your Rodan Fileds review. Curious about the line and trust your opinion!

  5. Just purchased this dress. Thanks! I don’t have a lot of time to go around trying clothes on, so your recommendations truly help! I’m on the fence about the shoes-I really want them, but have bought several pairs of shoes lately.

  6. I love this style of dress. Any kind of wrap or shirring style is flattering, I find. It looks great on you.
    Love the shopping cart feature! Very clever.

  7. I love the dress and than you for the sale alert! I just purchased a dress from Loft for also $25! It is my late Easter dress!

  8. Love this dress on you! Its hard to find a good dress, so I must order this one and try it. All the reviews I read are all good.

  9. Oooh…I love that dress on you….Jo-Lynne—I’m thinking you need to be wearing dresses 75% of the time—they just look so perfect on you! I still remember gushing about 2 other dresses you have (and one was just an Athleta one, I think).
    I like the shopping bags on the picture—-it’s the new thing from shopstyle, huh? (Just when I get one thing down, then they change things up—figures)
    I love my heels, but I agree— 3 inches is usually good. I have some 4 inches—and sometimes depending on the platform and angle, I can do it!
    I know I already said it….but girl—-you look hot! jodie

    1. LOL, thanks, girl! When I find dresses that work, I do feel good in them, but it takes a lot of trial and error. I hate them in wintertime b/c of tights, but this time of year, when I can go bare-legged, they’re nice. Easy to style, one and done!

  10. Very nice! I especially love the shoes but I am wary of trying laces because I don’t have the slimmest calves and ankles.

    I like the shopping carts mainly because they open a new page for the items. Sometimes your regular links seem to open in the same page (and therefore taking me away from your post which is usually not my intent when I click on a link!).

    1. Yes, I TRY to remember to set up my links to open in a new tab, but I have to code each one that way. I wonder if there is a way to have it coded on the back end so they do that automatically.

  11. Jo-Lynn, I have a question and while it’s not about your post particularly, it does pertain to the dresses you like. I love a side cinched dress mostly bc is drapes softly across the tummy and hides imperfections and I need that! However, my question is: why do they always cinch to the left? Is there an industry standard or a fashion rule that clothing “cinches to the left” of the body? I have a hernia caused from pregnancies…my tummy was stretched beyond the capabilities of my stomach muscles and now, it would require surgery of which insurance sees as cosmetic and won’t cover it. Sometimes cinching and draping from the right does better on my tummy but nearly always, items cinch to the left. Just curious!

    1. That is an interesting observation. I didn’t even notice. 🙂 I have no idea why, sorry! But I bet there is a reason, sort of like buttons and zippers are always on one side.

  12. Love this look on you. I bought this same dress last year, but in a skinny black and white striped pattern. I wore it so many ways, well into the fall. So versatile!

  13. You look amazing in the dress….definitely a great style for you. I’m snatching one up today!! You might also want to try drawstring waist as I have a lot of luck with them as well as this cut. Still not sold on the whole wrap shoe craze but they look great on you.

  14. Holy great deal! Love any side-wrap or side-shirred dresses… I’m shaped differently than you but that style is always a go to for me. Works well with my “wide load” sign, lol.

  15. I bought this dress in my local store in September! Weird, huh? I really like it. I wore it with tights and black boots – sort of a casual look for date night in November and a couple of other times. Very comfortable. I spent more than $25 but it was still reasonable.

  16. Just bought the dress using your “handy dandy” link – and they offered me a Loft credit card – now I am scared because you always have cute Loft outfits on! I will probably be doing more shopping from your links! Can’t wait to get my dress!

  17. I love the Tiburon necklace. Did you know Tiburon means shark? Hence, the shark tooth shaped part. Cool! Do you have a promo code for Stella and Dot? Thanks!

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