February Favorites 2018

Hey guys, happy hump day! It’s time for my February Favorites! I’m posting this today because I thought it would be a fun topic to discuss further during my Facebook Live this afternoon at 1PM EST.

Be sure to follow my Facebook Page so you don’t miss that. We always have a good time. That said, if you’re not free at that time, you can always watch it back afterwards.

2018 February Favorites

This is basically a roundup of new finds and some old favorites that I’m particularly enjoying right now.

#1. BLANKNYC Suede Moto // I styled this jacket in Monday’s post, and I’m already plotting new ways to wear it. I actually think it will be really cute with the blush smoking slippers (below) for a more casual look. I have a medium, for reference.

#2. LOFT Whipstitched Sweater // The LOFT sweater game is strong this spring, and one of my favorites is this red Whipstitched Sweater. (They also have it in a black and white striped, and I ordered that one too!) I love the sleeves and the whipstitched details, and it has a nice relaxed but not oversized fit. Best of all, these are 50% off right now! For size reference, I have the small.

I really like how she styled it in the website picture with dark wash jeans and the black mules. I’ve worn mine with black jeans and ballet flats, with light wash blue jeans and black ankle boots, with boyfriend jeans and leopard mules… so many possibilities with a red sweater.

Lazy Mornings Lounge Pants

#3. Lazy Mornings Lounge Pants // These came in my last Trunk Club, and I can’t stop wearing them. I find myself putting them on every night as soon as dinner is over, and a lot of times I put them on in the mornings and wear them until it’s time to get dressed for the day.

They’re basically just a baby step above pajamas, but that’s enough for me to feel okay wearing them if the kids have friends over or to get the door to receive a package. I usually wear them with this t-shirt and cardigan, or sometimes I throw a pullover sweatshirt on with them. I have the medium, for reference.

#4. LANCÔME Le Stylo Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner // I recently switched from the gel eyeliner in a pot that I’d been using for years to this waterproof twist-up eyeliner, and I really like it.

It never transfers to my eyelid like other eyeliners tend to do, and it goes on very smoothly and easily — almost too easily, in fact. I have to be verrrry careful and apply it lightly or it can go on too thick. It doesn’t keep its point, so it takes a light hand, but I find it a lot easier to use than the gel in a pot and it definitely stays put. I use the Noir but it comes in a ton of cool colors.

#5. Sole Society Jessica Smoking Slippers // I’m going to go out on a limb and declare these one of my February Favorites even though they haven’t arrived yet. I love the stacked heel and the combination of the feminine blush suede on a menswear-inspired loafer.

They’re not due to arrive until Friday so I can’t show them to you during the Facebook chat today, but I’ll be sure to share them on my Insta Story when they get here.

CND Asphalt

#6. CND Asphalt // This color is an old favorite, but I like to include my favorite nail polish of the moment in these posts. I get the Shellac at my nail salon, but it’s also available in Vinylux for home application.

It’s a gorgeous dark gray, not quite black, and a great neutral for going with absolutely everything. I’m wearing it right now so I’ll be able to show it to you on my Facebook Live today.

J.Crew Signet Tote Bag in Soft Blossom

#7. J.Crew Signet Tote // I found this bag, ironically, when searching for a go-to black tote. I fell in love with the Soft Blossom color, and the rest is history.

I carried this bag all over The Franklin Institute on Friday, and it worked great for an all-day carryall. It’s not terribly heavy for a leather bag, and it’s spacious inside without being overwhelmingly large. I love that covered magnetic closure too. I’ll show it to you today on my Facebook Live.

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22 Responses

  1. Looking forward to the Live! I missed several weeks because I uninstalled the FB app, and discovered last week that one cannot watch a Live through a mobile browser. 

    Love the Loft sweater, I have it in the b/w stripe and it is really comfortable! I also love that suede moto but the sizing doesn’t like me lol! I would need at least an XL.

    The bag looks great! If I didn’t have my Nordstrom tote, I’d give this a closer look. 

  2. Okay I finally broke down and ordered the Lounge pants.  They just look too comfortable to pass up.  But I’m glad I did as they were very limited on sizes.

    Glad you’re having nice weather.  We’ve had a ton of rain – all day yesterday and so far today too – plus it got really cold – the 30s – which is probably no big deal to you LOL.  I don’t want to complain about the rain though because here in Texas come summer we will be glad we got it.  

    Have a blessed day.  

  3. I got that moto jacket (in the non suede version) last month when it was on sale for $100. I vacillated because I don’t NEED another jacket, but it’s been the best ever. It goes with everything, and looks so modern!!

  4. Hey! Sorry to hear about your cold, glad you plan to rally for your 1pm “live”, always a nice time!! My husband and I leave for Disney World tomorrow morning and I’m completely overpacked! HA HA! It’s very hot down there right now. Have my soft lounge pants ready for the 2-day car ride. What is your favorite color for spring? I’m loving the pastels And I’m seeing a lot of pale grey with white, very tonal (very zen!) HA!!!

  5. I am tempted to try the eyeliner, but would you know if it smears under your eye during the day? I cannot seem to stop my eye makeup from coming off during theday. I am assuming my eye area is oily and this is what is happening.

  6. Bought that stripe-y bell-sleeved sweater from LOFT that you liked so much–it had gone on serious sale over the President’s day…  it came last evening but makes me look WIDE!  I suppose that’s what I get for light colored stripes and a crew-cut neckline…  Plus it seems to run larger than I expected/boxy.  It is going back.  Hope you have better luck!

  7. Hi! I have a question for the Facebook Live. ( I don’t type very fast or very well, so I am asking now) What should I wear to a winter wedding? Can I wear black?

  8. I’m tempted to order the denim Sole Society shoes. It doesn’t say the width so I assume they are a B. I wish more shoes came in a narrow, too. I’ll wait until you review them first. 
    The red whipstitch sweater is tempting me. 

  9. Just a reminder.  Could you give link to your Facebook live to those of us who don’t have Facebook.  It works if you click on the link on a mobile device but not your blog.  🙂  Thanks.  My question for you to share in the live is…..”Does the moto jacket hang wide, since its kind of like a double breasted with the zipper off to the side?  I love the look of double breasted items, but only if they are zipped or buttoned up.  Otherwise they hang to wide or funny.  I love the blush tote.  I really need to look for a purse this color but I have blush in my closet and more pink in my closet, so last year when looking, it was hard to find one that worked for both.  I guess I’m too picky. Have a great day.  We are having 23 degrees and waking up to 5 inches of snow in NW Oregon.  Its sooooo beautiful. It won’t last long, so enjoying it.  I believe the last chance to snow is Friday.  

  10. I want to wear a dress for Easter but at my age don’t like bare legs. What’s a good nude/flesh hose that you recommend? Going to try & catch FB VIDEO TODAY.

  11. I don’t know if you’ll be able to read these questions before your facebook live but any who.

    What’s the difference between the vinylux and the other type of polish you mentioned? Also I’m really craving one of those round straw bags for this spring. They look so trendy to me so I don’t think i’d be interested in an investment piece. H
    ave you seen anything? i won’t be able to watch you live but am looking forward to watching it after school today. Thank you Jolynne!

  12. Please show us those blush loafers on the blog too! They are so pretty and I don’t do Instagram but I’d love to see them before I decide if I want some for myself (who am I kidding, of course i do!). Thanks!

  13. Love your favorites
    Won’t be able to join live today
    My question is also wedding question…
    Mother of bride dresses either too old
    With jackets or too casual
    Do you think black ok for Sunday afternoon
    In the fall?

  14. Hi Jo-Lynne! I’m wondering what some good shoes are for transitional weather…you mentioned mules yesterday (I have one cute pair, so..yay!) and curious if there are any others trending right now that will be good for those in-between days. ? We have many of those in my area before Spring ever fully arrives. 😉 Thank you! I love your blog & all you share- my favorite!

  15. Hey!  I was just wondering if you ever received the pink smoking slippers and if they were comfortable or not .   I’ve been looking at ordering those and or the denim ones I wanted to know the comfort level for workwear reasons. 
      Can’t wait to see how you style those!

    1. I did but they sent the leopard pattern instead of the pink. 🙁 I returned them in store, but I did try them on and they were quite comfortable. I was afraid if I ordered another pair I’d get another leopard so I haven’t bothered, but I really wish I had them. They’d go with a lot right now.

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