January Amazon Favorites

Good morning! I’m taking a little break from fashion today to share my latest Amazon purchases. There probably isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a box from Amazon on my doorstep, so I’m rounding up some of the things I’ve purchased recently that I really like and recommend.

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  1. Ordering the rose balm and the turban today; I ordered the jewelry cleaner when you showed it last time but mine was “dried up” and when I thought about it again it had passed the return date, bummer. It does have a nice little brush though. Have you had any problems with yours? Have a good week!

  2. You should replace your sweater stone with the BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover from Amazon. After using it you’ll never go back to the sweater stone. It works really well.

  3. Love this post! It’s fun to see what folks order…and actually love/use…from Amazon. Like you, we get a package a day! ha ha As for natural deodorant, during menopause, I tried many deodorants but nothing seemed to be doing the trick…until I tried Lume! This stuff has been life changing! It works!

  4. I purchased the book, salve, and eye makeup remover pads. I hope they are gentle on eyelashes? Since I was on chemo, everything I have tried to remove mascara ends up pulling out eyelashes, so I haven’t been wearing any mascara since then.
    I have previously purchased the fashion tape, which works really well, and the sweater stone.

  5. So happy that you included your book! I saw your mention in stories last week and didn’t get the title jotted down in time. Just loaded it on my Kindle!

  6. Great finds. I did order the sweater stone awhile ago, but have yet to try it out. That bottle/baggie rack is neat….trying to figure out if I’d use it. LOL Thinking of the car jumper for my husband for his b’day coming up and if Paul recommends it, thats great. I just never know about guy things. The book looks good. I think its sweet your son bought it for you. Sounds like one I’d like. Sounds like you had a great, relaxing Sunday. We had to be gone during the games and forgot to tape any of them, but watched the highlights later. Wow!!! Some exciting games. We are Seahawk fans in our area, but they didn’t have a good season at all. Russel Willson the QB hurt his finger right off the bat and he was out for weeks at the start of the season. They just never got going after that. I hope they don’t trade him next year. I really like him. Have a great day. Thanks for your blog.

  7. Thanks for all these ideas! I just ordered the Tosi bars. I’ve been looking for something that is gluten and dairy free without a lot of sugar. These sound good!

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