My Favorite Gym Workout Leggings

I lift weights a couple times a week and have for years, so I’ve got my gym workout uniform pretty much perfected. It’s always some combination of leggings, performance tee, and a jacket or pullover for warmups.

My Favorite Gym Workout Leggings

Clean Elevation Legging (M) // Halo Essential Hoodie (S) // Mudra Fitted Tee (M)

The tees and jackets are easy, but I’m very picky about my leggings. I’ve tried tons of different brands and styles over the years, but the ones I’ve been reaching for the most lately are my Vuori Elevation Performance Leggings.

They’re made of Vuori’s magic performance fabric that feels amazing on, and they’re super flattering, but I had one minor complaint: The waist wasn’t quite high enough, and I always felt the need to tug it up a little higher.

Well, Vuori recently replaced their Elevation Performance Leggings with the ultra high rise Clean Elevation Legging I’m wearing here, and they are absolute perfection.

My Favorite Gym Workout Leggings: Vuori Elevation Legging

These leggings are made from the same moisture wicking performance knit with a soft suede feel, but the ultra high rise is so comfortable and keeps everything tucked in and smoothed out, and now I never feel like I need to pull them up.

There’s a hidden zipper pocket on the back that’s perfect for stashing a key or credit card, and because of the super high rise, it’s larger than most. I don’t usually need this pocket at the gym, but when I walk or run on a trail, I like to bring my key with me so I can lock my car.

I also love how they have with no side seams for ultimate comfort and ease of movement, and the 7/8 length is perfect for the gym and looks modern. There is simply no more comfortable legging around, and they look great too.

The Halo Essential Hoodie is a classic hoodie with an updated cropped length in Vuori’s supremely comfortable performance DreamKnit fabric. It’s the perfect topper for wearing to and from the gym.

I wear a coat on top in the winter, but I usually keep my sweatshirt on while I’m warming up, and this lightweight version is perfect for that.

The best part about Vuori activewear is, it looks as good as it feels, so I feel confident and put together if I need to run errands or stop by the grocery store after my workout. These pieces are also great for travel.

And with Vuori’s Investment In Happiness product guarantee, you have nothing to lose for trying them out. Their motto is, love the product or send it back. Plus, returns are always free and easy. If you’ve been wanting to try them out or need to refresh your workout essentials, I highly recommend any of these pieces.


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photos: Alison Cornell

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12 Responses

  1. I purchased my first Vuori item last month at your recommendation– the loose leg pants– and I love them. I have my eye on the high rise leggings as I find myself tugging my leggings up, too. This winter I’ve found myself on a day I don’t plan to leave the house wearing leggings and a sweatshirt. After wearing sweatpants so often last winter, I feel more put together in the leggings. Another curious result of the pandemic???

  2. I envy your fitness level! After two years of an uprooted schedule (and: caving into a sweet-tooth addiction much too easily whenever stuck working from home, lol!), I’ve been TRYING to lose 20 lbs. for the life of me. Love the grey camo and how the pocket on those is in the back (I can’t stand leggings -or anything “bodycon” fitting- with pockets on the sides: adds bulk to where I DON’T want/need it). The material also looks of thick enough quality; so that, your choice of underthings wouldn’t be limited to ridiculously skimpy thongs just to avoid unflattering lines.

    1. The fabric really is amazing. Very forgiving.

      And just to keep it real, I am no where near as in shape as I’d like to be. And I certainly have a few extra pounds I want to lose. When I see older pictures of myself, it bums me out a bit, but I keep reminding myself that all I can do is keep moving forward. All that to say, give yourself some grace. We all look at ourselves and wish we could change things, me included. 🙂

    2. P.S. I don’t think I’d ever trust the sanitary conditions of ever setting foot in a public gym anytime soon (my BF and I have a home gym spare room in the house we rent together: treadmill/old Bowflex/and I mix-up a routine of daily yoga/power walking/as well as stretching with a spine ball — because I’m afraid of getting a stooped posture from all my years of gymnastics as well as from memories of lugging a heavy backpack around in school…when school actually gave homework!).

      Anyway, thank goodness a workout wardrobe DOESN’T involve g-string leotards and bike shorts anymore! When I did pay for my first gym membership as an adult (around 1993): I totally remember doing that (uggghhh!). All the aerobics stuff was still lingering from the 80s at that point, but I would go back in time to be a size 6 again in an instant (lol!).

  3. These leggings look amazing! I’ve been a true supporter of the real me aerie leggings because I can get short lengths, high waist and they are not thick, I wound however like to try something else to have a comparison. If I want something not too thick and not long in length for my 5’3 height would you chose Vuori or Athleta?

  4. I’ve been a Vuori addict ever since you showed us the performance joggers 2 years ago. Love those, have the Halo Essential hoodie and performance hoodie, the wideleg pants, the Energy top, Elevation Performance legging, and a couple tanks and shorts. You get the picture! I’ll have to check out the Clean Elevation leggings. I’m also curious about the Rib Leggings and Elevations Plyo tank.
    As far as weight and a few extra pounds go, I’ve found intermittent fasting to be a real game changer for controlling my weight and keeping it from creeping up (I’m 48). I’ve been doing it for 4 years and I still find it a little difficult sometimes but it’s worth it. Plus, it reduces cravings and keeps my appetite in check in general. I read Gin Stephen’s book and others, and when you think about it, humans used to fast all the time because food wasn’t plentiful like it is now. We’re not supposed to be eating multiple meals and snacking all the time, it doesn’t give our digestive system a rest. Anyway, I recommend it as a lifestyle choice, not a diet. So I’m passionate about Vuori and IF, apparently! Sorry for the novel, lol.

  5. I just ordered a pair of black Vuori joggers for my husband, and also the LOFT black tweed look sweater jacket you featured in yesterday’s try on haul. Thanks!

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