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Late Winter Try-On Haul

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve got another try-on haul this week. I don’t have a ton of things to show you, but I ordered some late winter/early spring items from LOFT and a new style of Mother Denim.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ with an hourglass shape, and I usually take a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, and size 8 shoe. 

LOFT Try-Ons

LOFT is doing 50% off tops, sweaters & coats this weekend, plus they have 30-40% off most of the rest of their new arrivals. I placed an order last week, and this is what I got!

Lou & Grey Crushed Velour Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

sweatshirt (S) // sweatpants (S) // sneakers (39)

I have and love the Lou & Grey Signaturesoft sweatshirt and sweatpants and wear them a ton, so I thought the crushed velour might be fun for a change.

Unfortunately, I’m not such a fan. The styling is fine, but they look kind of cheap to me, and they don’t feel as soft and comfortable on the inside as the Signaturesoft line.

VERDICT: Returning. Not a fan of these, but maybe they’d be cuter in a different color.

Here’s a picture I took wearing the Lou & Grey Signaturesoft sweatshirt and sweatpants last fall. I always bring them when I travel for throwing on in the mornings when I want to run downstairs to get coffee, and I often wear them for car trips. (I prefer to dress up more for the plane.) Pardon the dirty mirror. I really need to bring Windex wipes when I travel.

I highly recommend anything from the Signaturesoft line. These joggers look great, and I also have the muscle tee and shorts for summer.

LOFT Tweed Sweater Jacket

jacket (S) // tank (S) // jeans (28) // boots (8)

How cute is this sweater jacket!?! I love this. Very Jackie O. I love that it’s more of a sweater than a jacket, so it’s very comfortable and has a lot of stretch, but it still looks structured and elegant.

This could obviously be worn for work wear with pants, but I thought it might look a little stuffy with my black pants, so I paired it with jeans and black booties for a little more juxtaposition. I love the combination of both classy and tough elements, but it still looks sophisticated. I just need some jewelry to complete the look.

VERDICT: Keeping. I can’t wait to play around with this. It’s a nice transition piece that I can carry into spring.

LOFT Striped Draped Sleeve Top

top (S) // jeans (28) // mules (7.5)

I thought this top could be a nice transition piece for spring. In fact, I had such high hopes for this one, I ordered it in the solid navy and green print as well. It doesn’t look terrible in these pictures, but it really misses the mark.

The idea of it is cute, but the fabric is awful. It’s stretchy and scratchy and uncomfortable, and I don’t like how it fits so snug in the waist area. It fits me nothing like it fits the model in the website pictures. If I sized up to a medium, the arms would be way too voluminous.

The only thing I can figure is, it’s meant for a full tuck, which is how the young’uns are wearing their tops with high rise jeans, but this momma of three who is approaching 50 years on this earth cannot pull that off. Not with this middle aged middle and these bosoms.

VERDICT: Returning. I mean, it has potential. I really like the thin stripes and the ballet neck and drapey blouson sleeves, but the fabric is quite unfortunate, it’s a little to long, and the fit around the midsection is off for me.

LOFT Floral Draped Sleeve Top

top (S) // jeans (28) // mules (7.5)

This is the same top as the one above, but in a springy kelly green floral print. I really wanted to like this, but the fabric looks even worse in this print. It looks and feels really cheap, so this one is going back too.

LOFT Ruffle Tie Neck Blouse

blouse (S) // jeans (28) // mules (7.5)

Okay, so this one also has potential. It’s cute from the front, but I don’t know what they were thinking with the ruffles on the back. I guess if you have narrow shoulders and wider hips and legs, it could help balance that out.

But I have broad shoulders and broad hips, so it just makes me look wider on top and disguises my waist, which is super high — almost where those ruffles end. It also has ruffles running down the front, right over the chest. So yeah, not for me. The sleeves and neckline are pretty, though.

VERDICT: Returning, not for me. But if you have the right body type, it could work. Unfortunately, it’s low inventory at the moment, but maybe they’ll restock.

LOFT Super Soft Girlfriend Jeans in Pure Light Indigo Wash

jeans (28) // blouse (S) // mules (7.5)

I’ve had requests for more budget-friendly jeans, and I hear you. Here’s the thing. I will always prioritize premium denim in my budget; I have for many years, long before I could afford to have as many as I have now. I’d much rather have 3 pairs of quality jeans than 10 pairs of jeans that don’t fit or feel as good to me.

That said, I understand that not everyone shares my priorities or my budget, so I’ll continue to include lower cost options in my try-ons. I’ll also try to integrate them more into my dedicated outfit posts.

I feel like LOFT jeans have gotten a lot better in recent years. Their washes look better than they used to, and they seem to fit better than a lot of denim in this price range. These are a girlfriend style, which basically means, straighter and more relaxed than your typical skinny jeans, but not as baggy as a boyfriend jean.

I like this light indigo wash, and 10 1/2″ rise is comfortable to me. They have a 27″ inseam, which is what I consider ankle length on me. These seem to be the most versatile length for wearing with mules, booties, and sneakers. Just remember, every woman’s body is different, so while the 27″ inseam may be my sweet spot, it may not be yours. These are about 4″ off the ground when I’m in bare feet. I read somewhere recently that 4″ off the ground is a good length for most women. 

They’re also fairly comfortable. The fabric is 96% cotton and 1% spandex and 3% “other fibers” — whatever that means, but they have a decent amount of stretch without feeling like they’re going to totally bag out.

I always look at the rear view when I am deciding on jeans, and this pair fits really well. The pocket size and placement is good, and they fit pretty straight through the legs. I typcially prefer a slightly slimmer silhouette, but these aren’t bad at all.

VERDICT: If you’re looking for more affordable denim, this pair is a solid choice for a straight ankle style.

LOFT Smocked Button V-Neck Dress

dress // pumps // sandals

I thought this could make a nice transition dress for spring, but I should have known I wouldn’t like it on me. I don’t do well with banded waist styles, and it’s a little froo-froo for my personal style, however! I think it’s a cute dress. I’m sure it’s right for someone.

My biggest struggle was how to style it — with what shoes. It’s way too cold for bare legs and sandals, even though I think it looks good with those. But it does have sleeves, so I also tried it with my pumps. This works too. I think black hose would be too heavy with it, but maybe a very sheer nude would work.

VERDICT: Returning; it’s not for me, but I bet it will be cute on someone.

Mother Denim

Meanwhile, on the other end of the denim price spectrum… Okay, so these really aren’t on the other end. While $200 is definitely up there, there are brands that go much higher.

This is about as high as I’m personally willing to go, and I always recommend buying premium denim on sale. All of the department stores run sales at some point, so I usually wait for those opportunities.

But for the sake of the blog, I went ahead and ordered these because this natural denim wash is going to be really hot for spring. I was eager to try them and see how they work.

Mother The Hustler High Waist Ankle Flare Jeans (28)

at Nordstrom // at Saks // sandals (7.5)

First, let’s talk fit, and then we’ll talk about how to style this natural wash. Fit-wise, these jeans have an 11″ front rise and a 28″ inseam with a 17 1/2″ flared leg opening. The fabric is 98% cotton, 2% elastane; and they’re made in the USA. (That’s another benefit of buying premium denim, a lot of it is made here in the USA. I’ve also had requests for more of that.)

Basically, this is an ankle-length flare, and I’m enjoying this silhouette right now. My grey Mother Hustler and black Paige Claudine have a similar fit. This leg style and length seems to work well with heels, and I wear them most often with mules or booties.

This was my best attempt at a rear view shot that uses the forward-facing camera on my iPhone. The rear-facing camera is always blurry. I like the pocket size and placement, and the way they’re fitted through the thighs and flare out from the knee.

Here they are with flats, and I just don’t think they look as flattering. At least, not with these loafer mules, because they get caught on the front of the shoe. I feel like the jeans need to be an inch shorter for these shoes, and probably not quite as wide of a flare.

Okay, so let’s talk about how to style this natural denim wash. First I paired them with the navy LOFT Draped Sleeve Top. While I like navy with the natural wash, I don’t love this top with them.

I’m also not sure what shoes to wear — as I said, I don’t think this style of mule works well, but do we like the colors together?

It seems to work with the block heel slide sandals in the sand… maybe? I dunno. Here’s that picture from the top again. I definitely don’t like this top with them. It looks very boxy.

In my next attempt, I went a shade darker with the shoe and tried my Vince Camuto Welland Booties in the Tortilla Suede. I love these boots, and they’re still pretty well stocked and on sale. Size up half, if ordering.

I bookended the look with a camel sweater on top. This sweater is a slightly cooler tone than the boots, but I think they work okay together. This look is very simple, but I kind of like it. It definitely needs some jewelry to add interest.

The jeans work well with these boots, both in color and style. I know some of you will say it looks like I’m wearing high waters, but this looks fresh and modern to me.

The one thing about these jeans that I’m not sure about is those front patch pockets. At my age, that is not an area of my body I want to draw attention to. In fact, that has never been an area of my body I’ve wanted to draw attention to, but these days, that’s where I seem to be packing on most of my extra weight.

Otherwise, I feel like this is overall a flattering and well-balanced outfit. It definitely needs jewelry, though, and maybe a belt.

I also tried the jeans and boots with this oatmeal colored v-neck sweater (sorry, it’s old so I can’t link it) with a taupe moto on top. I would definitely like this better with taupe booties. It makes me wish I’d kept the Vince Camuto Welland Booties in the Tuscan Taupe. I had them at one point, but I returned them.

The neutral looks are nice, but I want to be able to wear these jeans with more than camel and taupe, so next I tried my new Marrakech Lange Jacket in the soft charcoal grey.

This is where I started to get confused about what color base layer to wear with these jeans. The white seems to stark against the creamy denim, doesn’t it?

I went back to my closet and grabbed my Michael Stars Maya Tank in the Stucco. It’s almost sold out, but Banana Republic Factory has a similar one for less that’s fully stocked. I also swapped out the grey knit jacket for a denim jacket, and I tried the look with cognac-colored boots.

The denim jacket looks great with the natural, and I like the cognac, but this off-white tank seems too close to the jeans but not close enough at the same time.

I tried tucking the tank in, and I don’t think that really helps, but maybe if I added a belt to break up the two neutral tones… I wish I’d thought of that! Maybe I’ll try it today and add it to this post later.

I was also curious to try sneakers with these pants, so I threw on my P448s. This exact pair was at Nordstrom Rack for about 5 minutes, but they seem to be sold out now. Boo.

I think I like this, though. At least, I think the jeans work with sneakers. Maybe not this exact pair. They’re not as stark white as my other P448s so that’s why I grabbed these, but they still have some grey accents. Maybe I’m overthinking it… ha! I’m always overthinking everything, that’s not news. But I definitely want to play around with this a bit more.

VERDICT: I’m keeping these jeans for now, with tags on. I got mine at Nordstrom, so I have some time to decide. I do think this natural color is going to be a big trend for spring, and I like it, so I want to figure out some more color combinations with it.

And that’s all I’ve got for today! I do have some more orders on their way, so I’ll share those next week.

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51 thoughts on “Late Winter Try-On Haul

  1. I love the color of the natural jeans — I just wish they didn’t have those huge pockets in front! That is a terrible style for me personally — otherwise I love the jeans… I will need to find that color for spring!

  2. I have been looking for an off-white/light beige tank top. White seems too white and off with cream colored tops/cardigans. I think the Banana Republic one you suggest might work. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the suggestion. Enjoy the snow! They are predicting 1-2 inches here, tonight, and everyone is all about this storm haha! Here in North Carolina they don’t know how to drive in snow, and they don’t have the equipment to really clear things. In fact, we didn’t even bring a snow shovel with us, and we are not sorry.

  3. The green top looks good in the pictures. I’m not a fan of the natural colored jeans. Not sure if it is the pockets or the flair or the color. But was fun to see and see all the options you tried with it.

    1. Yeah, I agree. It’s the fabric that is so weird with that top. In person, it looks like something from Kohl’s or Penney’s… not to bash on Kohl’s and Penney’s, but I expect more from LOFT.

  4. I’m laughing (in sadness) at the title of your post: “late winter.” If only!! Here in Wisconsin, we’re in the throes of winter (like smack dab in the middle of it), and there’s no end in sight. But thanks for the optimism. 🙂

    1. HAHA, Laura! I thought the exact same thing! Even though I live in New Jersey (and we’re expecting snow tomorrow), I would never consider late January as late winter! Talk about optimism! Late Winter in my eyes is the end of February!!!!!

  5. That LOFT tweed sweater jacket outfit is, absolutely, the best of the lot and looks like it would make a gorgeous complement to a million different pieces! Too many of the rest of the items (FWIW: I don’t want this to come across in text the wrong way!) seem badly sized (too BIG) on you and detract from how you’re obviously a physically fit person.

  6. I always buy the more expensive jeans too. My go-to jeans store is Buckle. My motto has always been “quality over quantity”.

    A few months ago I was so happy because I found a pair of jeans for $30 at Maurices. Yeah . . . I never wear them. Lesson learned.

    1. Yeah, I never reach for the ones I don’t love, so I learned not to keep them around. I haven’t been in Buckle in years. We must have one. We have everything, lol. But I don’t know where it is.

  7. Love the denim jacket with the natural jeans. Personally, I would go with a little more contrast in the base layer: navy tank, navy and white striped tee, floral top (darker for winter, brighter for spring). Maybe a chunky sweater for right now, if you had one in a light color. I like the stacked heels and the sneakers best with them: I’m guessing summer sandals will hit the spot once the weather warms up.

    1. Yes, I think part of the problem is it’s winter so I don’t have a lot of tops besides sweaters. I definitely think I need more contrast tho. I see these more as spring/summer jeans but I guess they work ok for now with boots. Will keep playing around with them.

  8. I tried on the Loft velvet jogger outfit too and I found them unflattering. They sat weird at my ankles and the pieces just hung on me. I returned.

  9. I’m with you on the last part of jeans. I like everything about them except the front pockets. I’d keep looking for something similar.

  10. I used to shop at Loft all of the time, and found plenty of dresses, sweaters, blouses and tees that fit and felt good on. My closet was full of Loft! But then it seemed that their quality took a nose dive! I have struggled for the past five years to find anything there that feels right to me, other than a few Lou and Grey sweatshirts. The fit is always off, or the material feels cheap. It makes me sad!

  11. Thank you for these try on hauls! They are so helpful. Its a lot of work for you; we appreciate it! We have similar body types (albeit I carry an extra 10 lbs…… sigh…..) so it helps me to see how things look on you, what works and what doesn’t work. I agree: the velour sweatshirt & pants are a pass. The Loft tweed sweater-jacket is gorgeous! That’s a keeper.

    1. I hear ya on the extra 10. Lost it during the 2020 covid quarantine and gained it back last fall. I can still wear my size 28s but they don’t look as good as they did a year ago. Ahhh, menopause! 🤪

  12. I like the light jeans, especially with the the camel sweater and heeled boots. I think they may be a smidge too long. Maybe an inch or 2.

    Now I’m thinking that I may want to try that color this spring. 🤔

  13. I love the Mother denim! I think it’d be fun with a graphic tee and sneaks or booties! Please show us that if you’re able. And I do not think the patch pockets are a pass for you, I think they’re fun and I’m now going to need to order these. I did order a natural pair of GA recently but they were too big and not available smaller so I’ll try these! That loft velour is um, well…. yikes!

      1. Since Nordstrom doesn’t have 28 left, I looked at Saks…. and lookie what they’re showing it with? A graphic tee….albeit a too large of one, but a smaller profile would be worth a shot!! PS How stretchy are these jeans? Thanks!

  14. I like everything about those natural color jeans except for those pesky front pockets, and they are the first thing I noticed. Otherwise, I like the fit, flare and color.
    I really liked the Loft sweater jacket, but I purchased a very similar one at Express this past fall.
    I tried to comment yesterday on the P448 shoes, but my comment didn’t seem to show up. My pair arrived a few hours after I read your post. I fell in love as soon as I put them on! The type I got is already sold out, but they are the John with a silver crackly toe and a silver/black snakeskin heel. Your video was very helpful, and I wore them all day yesterday without a problem. First you convert me to Vince cashmere, and now P448s!

    1. Your comment did go through, I had to put it through manually. I don’t know why all your comments get moderated. There are a few people like that. It’s only supposed to moderate first time comments, unless they include a bunch of links or other spammy behavior. It used to work fine but something has changed. Ah, technology! Wouldn’t want to live without it, but it sure is annoying sometimes.

  15. Great haul! Thanks for including some of your “misses”! As for the Mother jeans, do they have much stretch? Love the color and style. Quick story, I bought a great pair of natural cropped flair jeans/trousers from Ralph Lauren about 5 years ago. Never wore them much because I didn’t like the cropped flair. Held on to them because I loved the fit everywhere else and the fabric was quality. Well, I tried them on again last fall, and fell in love! They look awesome with a bootie and fashion sneaks, sandals, etc. Wore them many times this past holiday and winter. SO glad I held on to them!

    1. That’s awesome! These jeans have just enough stretch to be comfortable. I like the 98% cotton/2% elastine fabrication a lot. That’s what the AG Farrahs and the old AG legging ankle jeans usually had. I find it very comfortable, but it doesn’t bag out.

  16. I purchased the Loft girlfriend jeans a few weeks ago and love them! I sized down one size so that they aren’t so baggy in the thighs. They are so comfortable, just like the name “Super Soft” haha. And they don’t bag out with wear at all. I could not recommend them enough for those who don’t want to pay a fortune for jeans! 😉

  17. I am so glad you did this post because i had some of those items in my Loft shopping bag. I did have the striped top in it but was unsure about it – you helped me make up my mind – a definite no! However, i was unsure about the black and white jacket, but after seeing it styled with the jeans I am definitely ordering it. I know i can wear it with black pants for church, as well. FYI i like the off white jeans with hte camel sweater and boots.

  18. Loved the Marrakech Lange jacket with the last jeans. Looked it up and it’s available. The jeans aren’t for me but kinda lovin’ the color. Here in Texas winter is short so looking forward to buying transition pieces soon! Thanks for all you do 😊

  19. I appreciate how you tried to style the cream jeans multiple ways but there is something funky about the front area. I can’t tell if it’s the patch pockets (not a fan) or if the rise just seems to pull funny. The Loft girlfriend jeans look much better! I love the Try-Ons posts!

  20. Have you ever considered trying Just Black Denim jeans? Made in USA and thicker than Kut The Kloth jeans for around the same price point. The jeans above are nice in the natural color, but they killed it with the front pockets. Just Black Denim came out with a natural jean as well and would love you to compare and get your thoughts. I don’t like clothes/jeans from LOFT.

  21. I keep trying natural denim with no luck so far. The exact Mother denim is arriving tomorrow so I was happy to see your try on and agree the front pockets are not my favorite. I didn’t notice that on the website. I never have luck with light denim because they are usually see through. Ready to give up on them.

  22. If you decide to keep the black dress, I’d pair it with black tights and heeled booties. It would dress it down a little versus tights and heels, which might tone down the “froufrou” factor. Then you could bring in pops of color with your accessories.

  23. Love, Love, Love the Mother denim jeans. I think they look great on you! The patch pockets don’t bother me a bit, I think you will find tons of tops to go with them on the spring.

  24. I have returned so many items the last two years from LOFT. I wish they would get a new design team or change the styles! I am always searching for new stores now to shop at. It is frustrating!

  25. I like the idea of the natural denim a lot. I’m trying to train my eye to the new pants silhouettes. I don’t think I’m tall enough or thin enough to pull off that look. I think I could do the straight leg jeans look though. I guess I will have to try. I thought the black dress was darling on you, but I get it, fro-frou is not you.

  26. I would be doing the same thing with those natural jeans…. Trying to find top, jacket and shoes that work and then end up going to my tried and true blue jeans and those would hang in the closet. Lol. I don’t think I could pull those pants off at 5’3”. Still struggling with new denim styles. At my height the length of new styles has been harder than skinnies. Anyway, I really appreciate your try ons with details of process you go through to get the right outfits. As for denim from Loft. It’s hard to know if they will stretch out. I use to buy theirs but haven’t for awhile. I do need more affordable choices. I just can’t spent over $100 for denim. It’s getting higher and higher I noticed. Enjoy your snow. I wish we’d get one more before Spring. Oh, why did the font go back smaller on the front of post with the place to click to read the post? You had enlarged it.

    1. Today’s post didn’t have the paragraph at the top. That is the on I enlarged so much. The little blurb with the new blog post has been enlarged too, but there is something about that widget that keeps the font size down. I don’t know why. I swear, technology is killing me these days.

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