KORU Creamery Style Yoghurt *GIVEAWAY*

I don’t typically get excited about yogurt. But y’all. This new yoghurt from KORU is a whole new kind of delicious.

When I was invited to a taste testing for KORU a couple of months ago, I was blown away by the texture and flavor of this yoghurt, inspired by a recipe they discovered in New Zealand.

I also enjoyed meeting Megan, one of the leading forces behind the brand. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and I always enjoy meeting the people behind new products.

I don’t normally eat a lot of yogurt, but since the folks at KORU sent me home with a cooler full of their yoghurt, I have found myself going for it over and over again. I like to eat it without mixing it too much. I love the variety of flavors — sometimes more of the thick, creamy yoghurt, sometimes more of the delicious fruity filling.

The yoghurt is so creamy and rich and the flavors of fruit not too sweet and just unusual enough to keep it interesting (my two favorite flavors are pomegranate + cherry and strawberry + goji) that it makes the perfect healthy snack or light breakfast. Right now KORU is available in Shop Rites, ACMEs and Weis stores in the greater Philly area, and it’s making its way up into New England as well.


Enter to win 10 packages of KORU creamery style yoghurt. I will mail the winner 10 free product coupons that you can use for KORU yoghurt in whatever flavors you prefer.

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    1. I love noosa and i love Koru they are very similar. Lately Ive been really enjoying Mango Koru its wonderful creamy and a great snack (makes you feel like your splurging)

  1. Haven’t seen that one, but I’ve been reaching for yogurt as a quick snack more and more often lately so would be willing to give it a try!

  2. Funny I saw a coupon for this yogurt just today, and I thought I need to be on the lookout for it!
    We love really good quality yogurt!

  3. I think I just saw this brand in the store yesterday. Just this morning I was thinking I should eat more yogurt since I don’t drink milk anymore.

  4. Has anyone who has actually eaten this yogurt bothered to read the nutrition label?? There’s nothing healthy about yogurt containing 26 grams of sugar. That’s about 6.2 teaspoons of sugar in a single serving. The American Heart Association recommends women consume no more than 6 teaspoons of sugars per day. It’s also quite high in fat (too much of it saturated) and relatively low in protein. Honestly, you’re better off having a serving of Edy’s Slow Churned Ice Cream and admit you’re eating dessert. I’d suggest trying Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr for anyone truly interested in consuming a healthy yogurt.

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