How Old Is Too Old to Wear Long Hair?

A reader writes in:

At what age is a woman too old to wear long hair?  Healthy debate going on with my friends; we’re all late 30s, early 40s.

I thought this was an interesting question to ponder, especially given that long hair is on trend at the moment. I know plenty of women over 40 who wear long hair beautifully. But there are always the hold outs — the ones who keep wearing long hair because it is comfortable to them even when it may no longer look great. You know who you are . . .

I had to go short much earlier than most women. My hair used to be long and shiny and (I thought) pretty. It wasn’t ever particularly thick, but it was thick enough. I never had long hair as a child so when I was adult and finally grew it out, I was in love with it!

Jo-Lynne circa 2002

Then after having my 3rd child, my hair started thinning horribly. I wrote all about it. It wasn’t thin at the scalp, but it just ceased to grow in. I started cutting my hair shorter and shorter until I ended up with the style I have now.

It took some getting used to, and at first it did make me feel like I looked older (and not in a good way). But now I realize that I look much better with a shorter hair style. I feel like it’s always stylish and cute, whereas long hair can be aging and frumpy — but it isn’t always.

Jennifer Aniston is 44, and she looks great with long hair. Of course, she doesn’t exactly look 44 either. Aaaaaaand she has a whole style team to keep her hair looking youthful and gorgeous. So maybe that’s a bad example.

But I know of other women who are wearing long hair well way past 40, I just don’t want to call them out right here.

Most of us should probably give it up at some point, but ultimately I think it comes down to the woman, her individual style, and how her hair is holding up. I definitely wouldn’t put an age on it.

What do you say!? Weigh in!!!

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