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I’m slammed this week, and Fashion Friday crept up on me so I’m taking the easy way out. Help me out with topics. What should we discuss for future Fashion Fridays? I think I got better participation when I asked for opinions about a style rather than jabbering on about stuff that I like. And you know me, I’m all about the comment gratification. Like, hello, who knew the fall TV lineup would elicit such a response!? From now on, whenever I’m feeling lonely, I know what I’m gonna post about.

Meanwhile, I’ve been up since 4:50 (yes, in the AM) making cupcakes for my daughter’s class birthday party.  Am I mother-of-the-year, or what? Of course, the reason I was up since 4:50 is because it didn’t occur to me that today is Friday and her class birthday party until my head hit my pillow at approximately 10:45 last night. BLERGH.

This week has totally run away without me. Speaking of running… I better get out there.  Have a great Friday!

* * *

For a real fashion post, Big Mama is talking leggings (and don’t discount that post just yet.  She has a great tip for how to find modest tops to go with leggings and skinny jeans.)

Also, if you wrote about fashion this week, be sure to link up below.

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  1. Here’s a topic for you: I work from home so my daily wardrobe mainly consists of shorts/tank in the summer and yoga pants/long sleeve shirt or hoodie in the fall and winter months. Real exciting I know. I just need help in putting some outfits together for the times I do venture out for hanging out with friends, date night with hubby, church etc. I’m a 40ish gal so I want to be stylish and age appropriate.

  2. I’ve got a question. I’m going to CA in a couple of weeks and I’ve been looking for a cute, snappy skirt to wear while I’m there, but I just can’t find one. Everything is either too short or too frumpy. Ugh. Any suggestions?

    1. LOL. Snappy skirt. 🙂 Did you check Boden? They have cute things that are modest and age appropriate. Also, perhaps Anthropologie, depending on your personal style. Their stuff doesn’t work for me.

  3. Here in the wise state of Texas (insert sarcasm) we are not allowed to bring cupcakes to school for birthdays because, you know, it’s the cupcakes that are making all of the kids so fat. The school lunches of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and potatoe chips aren’t contributing at all.

    1. BINGO. Omyword, don’t get me STARTED. At our elem school, we can’t bring in sweets for birthdays either, but they say it’s b/c of the allergy issue. Which I get, being the mom of a kid with allergies. They allow sweets for class parties, b/c the parents of allergy kids can plan ahead for that, whereas we don’t know when someone is going to bring in stuff for birthdays. I used to leave a box of Tastycakes in D’s classroom, and the teacher could pull them out when there were birthday treats in the classroom. I thought that worked just fine, but whatev.

  4. Well, I’m in post baby flab world so I’m fighting the urge to buy any clothes until I lose weight. (Maybe I should revisit the Eat without Guilt posts :)) But shoes, on the other hand, are fair game. What do you think about the lace-up boot trend? I’m trying to be open-minded but I keep thinking about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Hmm…what else? I usually work the long skirt and boots look throughout the Fall and Winter. I’m getting a little tired of my frumpy long skirts. But…I also don’t want to go too short because I have lots of little kids and kneeling at church so modesty is important. So, How does one rock the skirt/boots look when your over 35? I think someone else mentioned working from home. I would consider homeschooling working from home, too. This year I’m determined to dress in more than yoga pants and hoodies for the day. I have this notion that if I look like I’m about to work out. I may just do it. Unfortunately I just end up wearing those clothes all day, not working out and feeling like the frumpy, stereotypical, stay-at-home Mom. I’m not making my kids wear a uniform but I’m having the boys wear shirts with a collar and the girls wear a khaki skirt/pants or comfy Lands End dress. It makes a difference for me to see everyone at least looking ready for school. 🙂 What’s your take on the importance of, “looking the part” even though you may never leave the house. Long-winded…again. I think I always read your posts right when my coffee is kicking in. 😉

    1. I think maybe Jo-Lynne should do a post on the perfect jeans. You can usually pair a lot of things with a good fitting jean! As for cute skirts with boots, I think http://www.bodenusa.com has a lot of cute knee length skirts. Some of those are pricey, so maybe she could tell us how to find a cheaper option.

  5. Well, I know squat about fashion, but I’m ALWAYS more interested in ‘what looks good on someone,’ instead of ‘what’s popular this season.’ I like the idea of doing a series like What Looks Good on a : Skinny person/Fat person/Hippy person, Pregnant person/Older woman, etc. But like you’ve said, you may have already done posts like that. They just seem helpful and interesting.

    1. I agree, those do spark a lot of discussion. And even though I’m 38 years old, I feel like I’ve only recently figured out what looks best on me, and I’m still learning. Like the post on Chic Critique about how to fit a busty figure was enlightening to me when she said not to wear crew necks and turtle necks. I knew that I feel frumpy in them, but I didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

      All that to say, I think that would be a great series.

  6. I have been meaning to email you and ask you for some black shoe advice. I need a pair that is sporty/yet pretty (heh) and can be worn with tennis shoes and also yoga pants (the straight leg kind).

  7. I’m looking at having to go out into the world of interviews soon and could use some help on what to wear. I’m a large-chested size 14 and I HATE skirts. It’s also not going to be big corporate places, I have no degrees, but I would like to look halfway decent and have no.clue what to wear. I am a janitor and a single mom so I’m sure you can imagine what my wardrobe consists of right now LOL

    1. LOL. Okay, cool. We’ll work on that one. 🙂 But my short answer is, I’m thinking nice slacks (khaki type but not frumpy ones, lol) and a sweater set or nice T with sweater wrap??? Do you think that’s too casual? What types of jobs are you applying for? Janitorial or something else?

  8. I’m hearing lots of talk on fashion blogs about bootcut jeans being the new “mom jeans.” I’m not sure what I think about this – what about you? Are jeans/pants/cargos changing for good? I need another pair of jeans and I’m not sure what shape to buy (and I LOVE my skinnies from Lands End Canvas!).

    1. Hm….. I will definitely bring that up in a future post for discussion. I do think it’s HEADING that way, although I don’t think they are going to go out for good. They’re just too flattering. BUT. I do feel that skinny jeans (or straight jeans) are looking much more modern to me now. I’m still not ready to pair skinny jeans with heels, though. When I wear heels, I go back to my bootcuts. I’m a late adapter, though. It will take me a while to get rid of my bootcuts, but I definitely do not wear them with flats anymore. I was with friends this week who were wearing bootcuts (with heels, but casual, during the day) and they looked fabulous and stylish. So I’m not ready to declare them mom jeans just yet.

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