Lazy Man’s Woman’s Fashion Friday

I’m slammed this week, and Fashion Friday crept up on me so I’m taking the easy way out. Help me out with topics. What should we discuss for future Fashion Fridays? I think I got better participation when I asked for opinions about a style rather than jabbering on about stuff that I like. And you know me, I’m all about the comment gratification. Like, hello, who knew the fall TV lineup would elicit such a response!? From now on, whenever I’m feeling lonely, I know what I’m gonna post about.

Meanwhile, I’ve been up since 4:50 (yes, in the AM) making cupcakes for my daughter’s class birthday party.  Am I mother-of-the-year, or what? Of course, the reason I was up since 4:50 is because it didn’t occur to me that today is Friday and her class birthday party until my head hit my pillow at approximately 10:45 last night. BLERGH.

This week has totally run away without me. Speaking of running… I better get out there.  Have a great Friday!

* * *

For a real fashion post, Big Mama is talking leggings (and don’t discount that post just yet.  She has a great tip for how to find modest tops to go with leggings and skinny jeans.)

Also, if you wrote about fashion this week, be sure to link up below.