Happy Birthday, Little R!

Yesterday my baby turned 5. Five.

My baby.


It’s bittersweet, five.  My little five-year-old is a study in contrasts.  She is fiercely independent and wants nothing more than to be a teenager (hold me) but she still needs her mommy fix.  I love nothing more than when she snuggles up in my lap and nuzzles her velvety little face into my neck.  I’ll take it as long as I can get it.  She’s spunky and bright and inquisitive.  She loves Barbies and baby dolls and play-doh and all things pink.

We had a little birthday celebration for her on Saturday night with family.  The one and only thing she wanted for her birthday was a “Barbie head.”  It’s all she’s talked about for the past two weeks.  Needless to say, Mommy went to Target in search of a Barbie head and wrapped it in pretty pink paper.

It was a hit.

At her request, I made Curry Chicken Pot Pie for dinner and my tried and true chocolate cake (recipe off the back of the Hershey Cocoa box) for dessert.

A cake decorator, I am not.  Thus the generic Ariel candle on top.  No one seemed to mind.  It was moist and delicious, and that’s what counts, right?

Now, R proudly announces to everyone she sees, “I’m five!”

And this morning, she asked, “Am I five-and-a-half yet?”

Don’t push it, kid.  Mommy’s just getting used to five.

Happy birthday, precious one!

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37 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Little R!

  1. I didn’t realize that you and Steph (Adventures in Babywearing) have little ones the same age! Almost exactly the same age! 🙂 That’s awesome. It was the perfect weekend for a birthday party!!! 🙂

  2. Awwww!!!! Happy Birthday R!

    My son turned 5 and the very next morning put on his pre-school backpack and thought he was going to Kindergarten.

  3. Sweet. How nice that she wanted an affordable, easy-to-find gift. Looks like a wonderful celebration. My oldest turned 9 yesterday! 9! I’m struggling to accept that.

  4. freeze time. seriously next thing you know your little R will be 25….it happens overnight I tell you. enjoy every precious moment. i have a barbie head story, but i will save it for another day! 😉

  5. Happy Birthday to your little one! She’s so cute. I’m not sure why, but I’m determined to make my kids’ b-day cakes, too. I think the cakes and I need to just stay in the background out of any birthday pictures! We’re both lumpy. 🙂

      1. I’m not saying that your cake needs to be out of the picture, BTW… just mine. I was admiring how lovely and even it looks!

  6. My Alex told me just this morning he’s bored with being 4 and he wants to be 5 RIGHT NOW. He’s got 21 days to wait. Happy birthday, Sweet R. I had no idea they still made the Barbie “head”!

  7. I had one of those Barbie heads when I was her age! Shouldn’t Barbie be lookin’ MUCH older now?! I think the Barbie Hand they added is a little weird though….

    Happy Birthday “R”!!

  8. When the baby is bringing up the rear and isn’t A baby anymore, it is just so hard on Mom. My baby is 11. She’s not a baby. My first-born baby is 19 and living on his own after finishing college early. He’s not a baby. Time flew and I thought I was savoring it all, yet the time flew by so quickly some of it is a blur. Life lesson there somewhere. As for the Barbie head, that is so cool. I am old, way old, I had a Barbie head whose hair “grew”. No weird hand for manicuring, though. Happy Birthday to your littlest.

  9. Baby Girl had one of those Barbie heads and every time I walked in a room it freaked me out so I ended up getting rid of it. Of course she never really played with hers so it wasn’t a big deal.

    Happy birthday R!

  10. Happy Birthday to R! I remember giving my niece a Barbie head for her birthday and she actually slept with it for a couple of nights–freaked her mom and dad out completely.

  11. Happy birthday! She is so cute.

    And thanks for the trip down memory lane. Growing up I wanted the Barbie head really more than anything. And I never did get it. I have a feeling my parents knew I’d just cut her hear.

    So glad to see they are back!

  12. I am so glad she had a good birthday!! She is simply a doll.

    We always tell our kids that they can’t say they are “1/2” until their half birthday. So once August rolls around they are just dying to say it. lol

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