March Favorites 2020

Every month I like to do a roundup of new finds and old favorites I’m particularly loving right now, so as we enter this last week of March, I’m sharing some of the spring wardrobe items and beauty products I’ve been enjoying while we are sheltering in place.

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We’re well into week two of lockdown orders from our governor, and even this self-proclaimed homebody is getting restless. Yesterday we went for a drive, and it was nice to just get out of the house for a bit, even though it was raining.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’m turning to comfy clothes and some of my favorite pampering beauty products to get through these long, dreary days. Maybe some of these will resonate with you too!

March Favorites 2020

one // My current favorites for soft and cozy (loungewear vs. exercise) are the Beyond Yoga leggings I picked up a while back, but they sold out last weekend during the Nordstrom sale, so I’m linking you to the Alo high waist lounge leggings.

I have tried these, and they are the definition of indulgence. They are about the softest material I’ve ever touched, and they’re thick and stretchy and stay in place. They feel so good on. I didn’t keep them because at the time, I was looking for exercise leggings, not loungewear, but now I wish I had!

I’ve also recently ordered the Lululemon Align jogger, and I’m interested to try the Everlane Perform Legging — currently 2 for $100. For a more budget-friendly option, I recommend the Core 10 leggings from Amazon.

The sneakers I’m wearing here are the Everlane trainers I picked up last fall. This exact pair sold out, but this one is similar.

two // Speaking of Everlane, these mules are not new to any of you regulars, but I would be remiss if I didn’t include them in this post because I wear them so much.

In fact, I like my white pair so much, I recently added the caramel color, and it is GORGEOUS. I realize not everyone cares for white shoes, but the caramel is pretty much the perfect neutral. It will go with everything this spring and summer, and into fall when we are hopefully getting out and about more.

These shoes are super lightweight, and the leather is really soft. They easily stay on my narrow feet when I walk. I can’t say enough good things about them.

three // I’ve been wearing these two-in-one charm hoop earrings from Talbots almost non-stop.

Here’s the thing about me and jewelry. I usually take my jewelry off in the bathroom in the evening when I go up to take off my makeup. My dresser, where I store my jewelry, is on the far corner of our master bedroom; and my master bedroom is about the size of an entire NYC apartment.

I’m too lazy to walk it over, so it usually stays on my vanity all night, and when I go in to put on makeup the next morning, I usually just pick up whatever jewelry is sitting there and put it back on. These are super easy to wear and go with everything, so I just kept wearing them.

Talbots is currently doing a buy one, get one 50% off sale, with free shipping on 2+ items. I also really like the textured gold bangle I got with these earrings, if you’re looking for a 2nd piece for the BOGO.

See my Talbots post for more BOGO shopping inspiration!

four // This Everlane soft cotton v-neck sweater is on constant repeat these days. I like it so much, I have it in grey and navy.

This sweater is on the shorter side, and it has a relaxed fit that some have described as boxy. I love the length, and I think it has such a nice fit and feel, but it seems like those of us who are shorter and/or shorter waisted like it best.

It’s 100% cotton, and because it’s Everlane, you can read all about the factory where it’s made and feel confident you’re buying a quality garment that is eco-friendly and ethically produced.

Best of all, it’s just $50! It runs TTS; I have the small.

five // This pro-collagen cleansing balm is a treat every night when I go to take off my makeup. Not only does it get rid of all the makeup and grime from the day, but it smells heavenly.

It comes with a cotton cleansing cloth, and I’ve been hoarding collecting them so I have a good supply now. I try to use a clean one every night.

Here’s how I use it:

I apply a dab of the cleansing balm to my face while it’s still dry and massage it into my face and neck. Meanwhile, I’m soaking the washcloth in hot water.

Once the cleanser is applied, I wring out the cloth, and lay it over my entire face and press it into my skin for a few seconds, letting the heat and moisture from the cloth loosen up the product and open up my pores. This is seriously the highlight of my day. I try to take my time and just breathe in the scent of the product and enjoy the warmth of the damp cloth.

Then I wipe it all off, rinsing and wringing out the cloth a few times, until all my makeup is removed and my skin feels clean and soft.

You can even use this balm as a facial mask. Here are the directions from the website: Simply apply a teaspoon-sized amount to your face, neck and décolletage, massaging gently in with your fingertips. Relax for 10 minutes, then hold a warm, damp cleansing cloth over your skin. Gently wipe away.

six (also at Nordstrom) // This is another sweater I’ve shared a ton already. On milder days when I want to look half-way decent, I either go for this or one of the two Everlane cotton v-necks.

I wish I had a picture of it with white or grey jeans, because it looks great with those too!

It’s not as soft as the Everlane sweater, but it has such pretty details and holds its shape really well. Right now it’s 40% off the sale price! It runs TTS; I have the small.

seven // CND Winter Glow is one of my favorite nail colors for summer. It’s a gorgeous pale chalky pink that goes with everything.

I’m so fortunate my daughter has an LED nail lamp and all the supplies, so she’s been able to keep me in my Shellac manicures while we’re homebound. If you don’t have that, the Vinylux is a regular polish you can take off with regular nail polish remover.

eight // I’ve been living in this cozy cardigan lately. It’s just so comfy and soft.

I put it on over my pajamas in the mornings almost every morning in the wintertime, but lately I’ve also been wearing it over a tank top with yoga pants on some of these long days at home.

I wish I’d bought another during the Nordstrom Sale last weekend, but we were getting some unseasonably warm weather at the time, and I didn’t think I’d be wearing them much longer. Well, I was wrong about that! It’s cold and dank and dreary here in PA, and I wouldn’t mind having another color to alternate.

This cardigan runs TTS, or you can size up for more wiggle room. I actually have it in the medium, and I like it that way because I can wear it over long sleeves.

nine // You guys!!! RUN!!! These jeans are on sale again! WOOT!!!! They’re on sale and then 40% off that, which means they’re probably going to be discontinued.

They are such good jeans, if you want white cropped jeans that aren’t see-through. They do have a very high rise and a button-fly, so you have to be okay with that.

They also come in petite and tall sizes, and I took my regular size 28, but you may want to size up if in between.

If you already bought them for full price, hop on live chat and see if you can get a price adjustment.

ten // These sneakers are my new favorites. They’re spendy, but the quality is there, and they are soooo comfortable. They have a ton of cushion and support and feel soft against the foot.

Plus, I just love the styling. I’ve been wearing them pretty much every other day since I got them.

I realize no one is really seeing my feet right now, but they’re comfy, and I feel cute and stylish when I wear them. Hey, whatever it takes to keep our spirits up during this crazy time!

Ohhh, and they’ve been restocked and are 20% off again! WOOT!!!

They’re TTS, or size down if in between. I have the 8B/38.

eleven // I forgot to include this in the graphic, but the sweatshirt I’m wearing above with the P448 sneakers is another top I have on constant rotation right now.

It’s not quite as refined as the cotton sweaters I shared above, but it’s still cute and comfy, and perfect for long days at home.

This sweatshirt is also on a deep discount. Prices vary by color, but they’re all an additional 40% off. I recommend sizing up in this; I have the medium.

twelve // I’ll throw these jeans in here too, as they’re still on sale, and they’re the pair of jeans I seem to be gravitating to the most these days. Probably because they have such great stretch, and the length is perfect with my P448 sneaks. They’re TTS and 25% off at Bloomingdale’s.

Incidentally, these AG Farrahs are on sale too! I cut about a half inch off mine so they would show a little more ankle when I’m wearing sneakers. They have a 28″ inseam.

And that’s a wrap! I hope you all are hanging in there, and staying positive.

Let me know what things are like in your neck of the woods!

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22 thoughts on “March Favorites 2020

  1. Great March favorites!  You know, I don’t have a nice white sweatshirt, so I am going to check yours out.  It is a very versatile top that I could wear with so many colored pants/jeans.  Wo, things sure have changed up there, haven’t they!  Things are changing down here as well.  The #of positive cases and deaths keep climbing exponentially every day.  My hairdresser had to close down her shop, even though she is the only one that works in it.  I sent her a few pictures of my hair yesterday, so she’s got a little research to do for whenever we see each other again.  At least I’m letting my hair grow out!  Larry has had long hair before, so he can deal with his hair getting longer than preferred.  Our DIL is a teacher in another county in GA, and she has said that she does not see them going back, since they get out by mid May for the summer.  We rode around on my 4 wheeler a little bit yesterday with one of our buddies, while he put corn in our feeders and his.  It was great being out on the 500 acres that a group of us lease for hunting, except my spine wasn’t real happy.  Too bad cause mentally I needed it.  I hope you have a good day!

  2. I hear ya about doom and gloom. Woke up to white stuff … yup snow this morning but it’s now turning to rain so it’s just a mess.. As if being house bound isn’t enough lol oh well hopefully some sunshine in days ahead… I’m making my mental list of things I’d like to get for spring and summer. Normally I try to have what  I need  between April/ end of May but this year might be different. The longer we are house bound the less I might need🤷‍♀️.

  3. Great post! I loved the casual outfits for the current time. Just to keep a routine I am still getting up at the same time each morning and putting on make-up and getting dressed. Even though I know I won’t see anyone I still want to feel put together, yet I also want to be comfortable. The outfits you featured are perfect! This way I can work on my laptop and still do a housework chore without having to worry about having nice clothes on–very versatile! Just trying to stay positive in all of this….but I want my kids to go back to school–even if it is only for a day! I dread the thought of school ending this way for this year. They need that normal routine and to see their friends:)

    1. Yes, I’m trying to do that too. Even though I am used to working from home, knowing I will not be going anywhere or seeing anyone makes staying in pjs tempting. Trying not to give into that.

  4. Good Morning! Your post is a favorite part of my day when things are normal, and now it’s even more so! LOVE your emails and blog! Just an FYI….I ordered two pairs of the Madewell white jeans last Friday at full price, hopped on a chat just now and they refused to adjust the price. So I quickly ordered another two pairs (two different sizes to try) at the sale price and I’ll send the full price pairs back. The agent said that although they had loosened their policy and adjusted prices previously, they are now sticking with the policy and do not. Tough times for everyone in this situation our world is in! Have a wonderful day and be well!

    1. Yeah, and I get it, but still. They have to know people are going to do the re-buy and return thing, and that’s even more expensive for them. But it is what it is. I hope you get a pair you like!

  5. Great post, I am also wearing my FOUR Barefoot Dreams cardis non-stop! I have 4 different styles and 4 different colors, so that rationalizes it for me!!!! As for the school closings, southern states are usually done for the year in early/mid May anyway, so I guess they would be more apt to close for the school year. Here in Jersey, students usually go until mid-June, so hopefully they will get back in time to finish up their years in a good way. So glad the sun is shining today, need a nice LONG walk! Many of the trees are in full bloom, some gorgeous magnolia trees in our development. They cheer me up!!!

    1. Ahhh… that makes sense. And I know VA was moving their whole school year up this year – so they would close earlier. They never used to. (That’s where I grew up. My brother is still there, and he was annoyed they were changing the calendar to be more like the colleges.) So that explains the school closing for the year thing.

      I agree, I hope ours can get a little bit of closure in June before all is said and done. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

      Glad you are seeing signs of spring. I need to go out. Waiting for it to get a little warmer. 🙂

  6. I live in Oregon and Govenor just put a stay home order but I’ve been doing it for along time now as it’s been recommended before official order. I think it’s late coming and WA just got theirs too and they’ve been one of the hot spots like New York and California. I think it’s been recommended but they had to go to the order and it will be enforced because no one especially the millennials were listening. They were out on Spring break like nothing was going on. People need to take this serious. I have a husband, Son and daughter who are paramedics and nurse and they don’t need anymore sickness and are running out of supplies. So please stay in people for the health care workers. It’s hard, yes but if we don’t it’s only going to go on longer. Well…. didn’t mean to go on. Lol. Guess it’s getting to me people not taking this serious. Jo-Lynne I appreciate you sharing each morning what’s going on with you and your family. Helps people not feel alone in this. Glad you got out for a drive. It’s ok to do that and it helps. 🙂 On Sunday we took a drive to drive by a local tulip farm. We didn’t get out as people were there but sat in our car enjoying the beauty. We’ve been watching old reruns of the Waltons in the evenings. They are in the depression. Lol. Great post. So many good finds. Love that nail polish color. :). Great your daughter is keeping your manicures up. Have a good day. Appreciate all you do to brighten our days each morning. Our weather has turned rainy from beautiful sunshine too….. NW Oregon. 

  7. Thank you for the upbeat post, Jo-Lynne. I’m sorry I missed your Facebook Live yesterday. I try not to go on Facebook during the day or it will suck up too much work time, but I would go on to “chat” with you and our community. I’ll make a point to check in next time you think you might do it.

    Every day I try to take a moment to be thankful for all of the folks working long hours in the medical field to care for those who are sick or who are preparing to receive those who might be infected by the virus. 2 of my 4 children work in the medical field. One is an RN in a hospital here in DE, the other works for the state of NC in the infectious disease division of public health. She is rotating on and off the Covid-19 team. I try not to worry and instead keep sending positive thoughts, not just for my children and their families, but for everyone. Quakers like to say we are holding them in the light.

    Our DE governor says no school until May 15 and he has expressed his desire not to see any school district go beyond the end of June. I was afraid they would want to have school all summer. I think it’s too hot here for that, though. Schools can’t afford air conditioning in our 90 degree August heat.

    I have the Barefoot Dreams cardigan from the Nordstrom sale 2 years ago in dark gray and I hardly ever wear it. I bought the M but wish I’d gotten the L. I have muscular arms and the sleeves are a little tight so they are not on my comfy list. Maybe I’ll try it with a cami. It’s cold here today!

    I ordered the J Crew sweatshirt in white. It’s arriving tomorrow!

    What size are your Rag & Bone jeans, Jo-Lynne? I’m struggling with jean sizes. I’ve ordered several pairs lately that were too big or too small– like the three bears? I have jeans that fit that run from 29-32. Yikes! I like the higher rise styles but would like one pair with a contemporary inseam that has a slightly lower rise. As you’ve stated, the lower rise looks better with some t-shirts.

    Have a safe, wonderful day!

  8. It’s so funny how much the weather (and therefore fashion) varies throughout the country this time of year!  I see so many bloggers showing “stay home” looks that involve warm cozy sweaters, sweatshirts, and leggings.  Meanwhile in the south, it’s already over 80!  So our quarantine fashion is more like shorts and flip flops!  Lol.  The good part about that is that we can spend more time outdoors during this.  Thankful it’s warm enough to at least hang out in the backyard vs being cooped up in the house!  Hope y’all are able to do the same soon! 

    1. I love your blog today, it was a fun read and gave me a bit of normalcy after a crazy day at the firm. Thank you for being the best virtual friend ☺️🥰

  9. Taking a break from working at home, which is nice to do and I just may have to order those Madewell white jeans because they come in petite and they are on sale! I like to buy a fresh pair of white jeans every spring because I wear them so much. Thanks for sharing 😃

  10. Can you compare Ag jeans, Joes jeans and your other favorites. I’m a size 8-10 Or 29-30 Waist and they all fit differently so it’s hard  because I have to order, I live out in rural NE Colorado.  I live your posts and look forward to them every day!  Thanks Jolynne …. Kathy Murphy Yuma Co

  11. Hi! Always love and trust your advice. Ordered the Madewell white non-see-through jeans just now and can’t wait to try them. Hope they fit! Thanks!! 🙂 

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