How to “Front Tuck” Your Shirt

There’s not a week that goes by that I don’t get asked about how to front tuck your shirt, so I decided to update this old post… I originally wrote this five years ago!

Since then, the front tuck has become pretty common, but a lot of women tell me they can’t quite get it right. I hope this post is helpful!

A front tuck does two things: It helps define the waist, and it creates a more balanced outfit. (Read more about the Rule of Thirds for information on balance.)

Ideally, I prefer to wear a top that is the right length and shape without needing to tuck it in, like this floral top from Old Navy. (It’s from last year, so I can’t link it.)

That’s the cleanest look, and definitely the most classic, but with so many tops being long and boxy or just plain voluminous, the front tuck is sometimes necessary.

You may be wondering: Why not a full tuck?

That is certainly an option, but sometimes it doesn’t look right either.

Personally, I never do a full tuck because I’m short-waisted, and tucking my tops in at the back creates the dreaded “long butt” — never a good look. So, the front tuck it is!

How to Front Tuck Your Shirt

To achieve the front-tuck, you simply tuck the front portion of your top under the button of your pants or shorts, and let the sides fall over the waistband. Let it hang loose in the back. Adjust until you feel it looks right.

wearing: v-neck tee // similar Bermuda shorts

It really is that simple, but ladies struggle with this all the time.

I think part of the problem is, it’s a funny look from the side, and that’s just the way it is.

wearing: cap sleeve blouse

The other problem is some women try to make it look too perfect. The front tuck is intended to look a little undone, so don’t fuss with it too much. In fact, a lot of times I do the tuck a little off-center, just to make it look a little more carefree.

Drapey tops work best with the front tuck, but I front tuck everything from t-shirts to blouses and everything in between.

Here’s a drapey blouse, front tucked into my white jeans.

wearing: LOFT flutter sleeve blouse (old) // white jeans // wedge sandals

Here’s a t-shirt front tucked into a paper bag waist skirt.

wearing: crewneck tee // skirt (old)

And here’s a tee front tucked into jeans with a leather jacket on top.

jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket and fashion sneakers

jacket (old) // white tee // jeans // sneakers // necklace // belt

The one thing I struggle with is a sweater. Front tucking a sweater is tricky because of the extra bulk, but sometimes it’s the only way to get the proportions of the outfit right.

sweater // jeans // shoes // bag

The biggest question I get is what the front-tuck looks like from the back. You just let it hang in the back, and yes, it is a little weird from the side.

green top (old)

It feels a bit awkward at first, I won’t lie to you. But as with anything new, the more you do it, the more your eye adjusts to the new look.

The best thing about the front-tuck trend is, you don’t have to buy anything new. Just tuck your shirts in a new way, and you’ve updated your look!

What About Those With Extra Fluff?

When this topic comes up, I always have a few ladies ask for alternatives to the front tuck, and I get it. If you carry extra fluff in the middle, you may not want to draw attention to that area.

The alternative is to wear a top that is the right length and shape to work with your outfit without needing a tuck. In this case, I can tuck this top, but I don’t really have to.

It’s helpful to know the length of top that works best for you, so you can shop smart. Otherwise you’ll be doing a lot of ordering and returning. And of course, tailoring is always an option.

I hope that’s helpful!

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19 Responses

  1. Glad you had a good Mother’s Day and thanks for the recap on the front tuck as I’m wearing the leopard sweater from Talbots today that you styled a while back and since I ordered a petite the length should be perfect for a front tuck 😊

  2. I do the front tuck a good bit because it really does help.  Because I have some extra skin center front, I have found that doing the front tuck off center works best to camouflage.  I practice the front tuck without a mirror so that it doesn’t look like a train wreck when I use the facilities when away from home.  I do need to work on accepting the somewhat messy look from the sides and back.  I’m glad that you had such a nice Mother’s Day!  Enjoy your day!

  3. I’ve gotten very used to doing a front tuck or a bit off center tuck. I really like the definition it gives my waist and how it gives me the right proportions. 

  4. Thanks for the front tuck update.

    I have been seeing more off-the shoulder tops this year, would love to see this as a topic.
    Thanks again.

  5. I first found your blog years ago when I googled how to front tuck a shirt.  : )

    It really does help the proportions.

  6.  One other alternative that I really like for longer tops is a somewhat off-center knot in the shirt.  For my body it usually does a better job of giving me the right proportions without emphasizing that little bit of fluff in the stomach area! 

    1. I have also been using this method and really like it! It covers any bit of bulge in that area better for me.

  7. I’m still not a big fan of the front tuck. Your pic in jeans with the white tee and jacket looks cute.  I can go with that one! Thank you for putting on a belt there! I think showing belt loops without a belt makes a person look not fully dressed! 😀

  8. Yup I’m not the best with the front tuck but I just need to play with it. I just prefer to get the right length top to begin with.. it seems hard to keep in place to. Just  received the J crew hoodie in the pink… 😍 glad I asked for the medium. It was part of my Mother’s Day gift:) Sunny and warm today but who knows how long it will last🤷‍♀️

  9. When I was heavier I front tucked to create a nice upside down V. This is actually very flattering. Now that I’m your exact size Jo-lynne (75 pounds gone for the last 2 years!) I do a bit of a messier tuck just like you.

    Great post! You are a ray of sunshine in these time!


    1. I should have also said that the front tuck is great to show off cute belts (that I can now actually wear! post-weight loss.

  10. Hello! I have an idea for a post. I like the look of a jumpsuit, especially with a kimono sleeve. However I wore “catsuits” in the 90’s and do not like having to unzip to use the ladies room.
    I would love to see some 2 piece options that look like a jumpsuit. I have my 35th class reunion this summer. It’s in August and its casual. I think the look of a kimono jumpsuit(but actually 2 separate pieces) would be perfect. Maybe a post on class reunion looks as well?? Thank you!!

  11. Hi Jo-Lynne ,
    I’m loving your posts! I’m wanting to find a great pair of white jeans, do you have a favorite? Thanks in advance!

  12. I am new at front tucking. I really appreciate your post. It is going to help me with the 1/3 2/3s rule. I was wondering about fitted tops. I have a white off shoulder fitted top that is bit long. Can I front tuck that?

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