May Q&A: Fashion, Beauty, Food & Life

Good morning! I hope you are doing well and hanging in there. I know I say it over and over, but these are some crazy times. I feel like I’m on a yo-yo and someone is pulling the string. Anyone else?

I thought I’d do my May Q&A today. This is a compilation of questions I’ve received across my various channels over the past few weeks.

Fashion & Beauty Questions

Q // I’m curious as to what, other thank ankle jeans, you would wear with the Eileen Fisher sandals.

A // These sandals are kind of a cross between a sneaker and a sandal, so I’d keep it casual.

I can see them with a t-shirt dress or casual knit skirt and t-shirt combo (add a denim jacket to either look!)

Q // Nail colors for spring?

A // CND Winterglow is a nice chalky pink that reads pretty neutral, and I like their Studio White as well.

nail color: CND Studio White

I’ve been alternating between these two colors since salons have been closed here in PA.

Q // I’m interested in more info on what looks good on a body type and why.

A // I highly recommend the Adore Your Wardrobe course for this.

I try to share helpful tips within my various posts, as I do try-ons and outfit posts, but this course goes far beyond anything I can share on the blog.

Q // What not to wear… things that are aging.

A // Nothing will age you faster than cheap clothing or ill-fitting garments. As we get older, the quality and fit of our clothing matters more and more. You may want to check out this post: What Makes a Garment Good Quality?

And I’ll add to that, wearing styles that were super trendy for a short period of time and are now passé will certainly age you. These items will change year to year, so it pays to keep an eye on the current styles.

But beyond that, if it fits well and flatters your individual body, you should feel free to wear it! I’m not one to make a list of certain styles and trends that should be off-limits based on age. It’s more important to consider your personal style, body type, lifestyle, and the culture of the area in which you live.

Q // Sports bras that come in cup sizes and aren’t hard go get on and off?

A // My all time favorite is this Chantelle high impact sport bra, but it’s getting hard to find. Saks has some as well. I always hook the straps together at the back when running or doing any high impact exercises.

I’ve also had good luck with Wacoal over the years. I have this one, and I like the fit a lot, but it’s not as supportive as the Chantelle — at least not with the normal configuration. I haven’t tried crossing it in the back because it looks like a pain to get on and off that way.

Q // I’d love some ideas for cute summer jumpsuits. 

A // Jumpsuits are really having a moment right now, and they can be a great alternative to a dress or even loungewear. I love this one from Gap for casual wear.

I’ve styled a few dressier versions in year’s past, but most are sold out or low inventory, so I rounded up a bunch more here.

Q // Fashionable masks?

A // I have this one that a friend made for me, but a lot of retailers are making them now.

I also just ordered a set from Sanctuary. They took about two weeks to arrive. Rag & Bone makes some that look really cool, but they’re pricey. Old Navy has some that are more affordable, and you can always check Etsy.

Q // White sandals? I need casual and dressy options.

A // I have this pair of Nine West slides from last summer that I love. I have searched high and low, and I can’t find them anywhere this season, although this pair looks similar. Unfortunately, it’s not available in white. I also think this pair is really cute.

There are always Tory Burch Miller sandals! They are so pretty in the white. I like these Vince Hazen sandals a lot, but the white is getting sold out. Zappo’s has some too.

These sporty Sam Edelman slides are fun for a casual look, and there are always Birks.

For a heel, I have and love this Dolce Vita espadrille from last year, and I love it. So comfortable and easy to walk in. And cute too. I rounded up some more below.

Q // I have lost 40lbs since August and am still working towards losing more weight. How do you shop for clothes online when you don’t know what size you are now and are continuing to lose weight? What clothes do you recommend buying when in weight loss transitions?

A // First of all, congrats! Shopping online requires a lot of trial and error, especially when going through a transition such as weight loss. My best advice is to order two sizes and return what doesn’t work.

As far as what to buy when in a weight loss transition, I wrote this post back in 2012… yes, I’m a dinosaur in the blogging world. (I’ve actually been blogging since 2006!) The key takeaways are to buy your current size, buy items that are easy to mix and match, and don’t spend a lot on any one piece since you may not wear it for very long.

Also, you may want to pick up a few pieces of fun jewelry and accessories to change up your looks. The good news here is, your size won’t affect how they fit, so feel free to splurge on these pieces.

Q // Casual clothes for men… What’s Paul wearing these days?

A // Even though he’s working from home, he showers and shaves and dresses for work most days, as he does a lot of teleconferencing.

He likes his dark wash jeans, and he usually wears a button down shirt or quarter zip pullover over a dark t-shirt. He loves Mizzen+Maine performance sport shirts for the warmer months.

Lifestyle Questions

Q // IF Update?

A // I’m never sure where to start when I get asked this question. Not much has changed — I’m still fasting between 18 — 21 hours a day. Usually 19 or 20.

I love the flexibility of it and how easy it is. On Mother’s Day, I wanted to have breakfast with the family, so I just moved my eating window a little earlier to accommodate that, and I guess I expanded it that day too so it was a little longer than normal. But that’s the beauty of IF. There’s no “cheating” — you just make a decision to eat earlier or to eat longer or to just not to fast that day.

My biggest struggle is learning to listen to my body and satiety signals so that I don’t overindulge during my eating window. I’m still enjoying the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast when I walk, and I almost always learn something new or get a new perspective on some aspect of IF that helps me in my journey.

Q // What recipes are you making these days?

A // I tend to get into a rut and make the same things over and over again. I make chili or tacos at least once a week

Homemade Chili Recipe: this recipe has been in our family for years. Delicious and ready in an hour!

I’ve done this marinated flank steak a few times on nicer days, and shepherd’s pie is always good on a chilly day.

Recently I’ve been using this chicken recipe quite a bit because it can all be done on the stovetop, and I keep all of these ingredients in the house. This chicken stir fry is always popular, and kebobs are sure to be a hit.

I’ve also started making this poppyseed chicken again because the kids like it so much. I found a GF organic cream of chicken soup that makes me feel a little better about it.

My family always likes this sausage scramble, and again, all the ingredients are very common.

Q // I’m getting a new puppy. What pet products do you recommend?

A // Congratulations! You’re in for a lot of fun, and some sleepless nights at the beginning.

We placed a big order from with all kinds of toys, a crate, and puppy pads for accidents in the first few days. We got his bed at our local Pet Valu.

Oh, and if you have a fence or even banisters with wide posts, these puppy bumpers are great. We use this on Savannah outside in our backyard so she doesn’t escape through the fence, and we had to order one for Ozzy because now he can escape too.

Here’s a full roundup of what we ordered.

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