{Gluten Free} Meal Plan 12.13.10

Last week I skipped Menu Plan Monday and the whole week was one. huge. struggle. when it came to meals. I used up all my leftovers and pizza passes on the evenings that I had events, and then then the weekend rolled around, and we were too busy decorating for Christmas and cutting down the perfect Charlie Brown Christmas tree (more on that later) to keep up with the grocery shopping and the cooking, and when you’re gluten free, you can’t just order pizza and call it a night. Suffice it to say, it was SLIM PICKIN’s.

So today I have no choice but to get back on the menu planning wagon. I must admit, I am really getting tired of the same 5 meals so I need to find some inspiration. Here’s what I came up with.

MONDAY: Chicken Stir Fry, brown rice. How do I always forget this? So easy and so yummy and the whole family loves it. AND it appears that I have never posted my go-to stir fry recipe, so I shall take a plethora of pictures tonight.

TUESDAY: Pot Roast. This will be my last chuck roast from the cow we bought last spring. I’m down to ground beef and more ground beef. Anyone got a good gluten-free ground beef recipe for me??

WEDNESDAY: Navy Beans with Italian Sausage. I never made this the last time it was on my agenda, and I’m looking forward to trying it. I may throw some butternut squash on the table too. I’m not sure if the flavors mesh, but I feel the need to serve a veggie with it.

THURSDAY: Maple Dijon Chicken and something green. That is IF I get to the farm to get more chicken breasts. Although I really should make something with whole chickens because I already have those.

FRIDAY: Salmon Cakes, mashed rutabaga, and oven roasted broccoli. This dinner combo is always a hit in our house.

What are you making this week?

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  1. If you have any bell peppers you can always use the ground beef to make stuffed bell peppers with rice. Always a tasty treat, plus there is some great GF spaghetti these days I like to use quinoa noodles and ground beef is perfect for a bolongnese sauce.

  2. How about Shepherd’s Pie as a gluten-free meal using ground beef. We make ours with ground beef, tomato soup, corn (or green beans or peas or all of the above) and mashed potatoes. Everyone in the family will eat it!

  3. I am currently making my meal-planning list and might have to add your salmon cakes to it. Looks like something my family would enjoy. I agree that the week goes much smoother when the meals are planned!

  4. J-L I don’t want to spam your site w/ a bunch of links, but you know where to find ’em:
    Cabbage and Ground Beef Skillet
    Enchiladas (I have a gluten free sauce)

    I second the shepherd’s pie idea.
    Tamale pie
    Taco Soup

    I tend to go Tex Mex with ground beef. . . it’s a character flaw, I’m sure.

    1. That’s awesome. Here’s my thing. My fam LOVES tex-mex. But I always feel like it is so short on veggies. How do you supplement?

      1. I was going to suggest tacos with corn tortillas (fried in a skillet with butter, of course!). We don’t get many veggies in on taco night, but supplying plenty of lettuce, tomatoes, avocados/guacamole and chopped onions for toppings help a little bit.

        And sometimes when I was pregnant, I’d just whip up some green smoothies (greens, orange juice, frozen fruit, occasionally yogurt) to serve with our tacos and call it a night. Then it’s like veggies and dessert all in one!

  5. Your menu looks delish. My family loves tex mex and I felt the same way. Now we add salsas with black beans, corn, tomatoes, cilantro onions and peppers. Or do the same profile of veggies warm as an add on to tacos or burritos. Another gluten free idea is looking at a restaurant menu for the salads and recreating them at home.

    1. Yeah, salads are great in the summer. I’m kinda not into them at the moment, but I did buy some salad fixins today, just to add some variety to my life. 😉

  6. I think I may steal your Navy beans with Italian sausage recipe 🙂 I’ve been cooking a lot with beans lately because it’s so much cheaper than buying meat! I just need to get my 21 month old to like them…I figure the more I offer it on his plate, the quicker he will realize that he likes them 😉

  7. I know you are in the philly area like me, where do you get your cow? Also , local chicken breast? The farm nearest me just sells Coleman natural chicken breast, which is a good brand but I’d really like to find something local. Feel free to email me if you have the time (I know you’re busy!)


    1. The most important thing about chicken is to make sure it is raised on pasture with plenty of grass and bugs. As with beef, that it is grass fed and grass finished. Cows are herbivores and were never meant to eat grain.

      I got my last 2 cows from Wholesome Dairy Farm. I think I’ll try another place this time, not because I wasn’t happy with it, but because I’d like to try another farm to compare. I need to actually go through my site and figure out who might have some available. This isn’t typically the time of year that cows are slaughtered.

      Chickens I like to get at Pikeland Pastured Poultry and I also get them at a farm in Paradise, PA. It is listed under the Spring Water Farm buying club on EatLocalPhilly.com. Hope that helps!

  8. I have been wanting to buy a whole cow but was always puzzled – how would I ever find room in the freezer for al that meat?

  9. Mr. Yeater insisted that I make the Chicken Fajita Chili again this month, so that makes about three or four meals (it is so yummy that we tend to eat it a couple times each week when I make it). Gluten free/Candida-free because I make it from scratch. We are also having some Cornish hens embellished with lemon, fresh basil (grown or bought at the store in the produce section), freshly minced/diced garlic, and sea salt without the added anti-caking agents. The rest of the week is up in the air, but there are so many leftovers from the humongous turkey and we keep a constant supply of fish on hand. I loved your recipe for meatloaf, by the way. Unfortunately, our butcher was out of veal.

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