Mom Fashion | What I Wore This Week 11.02.11

HOW did it get to be November? Can someone tell me that? HOW??? Am I the only one who is totally caught off guard?? I guess I better start Christmas shopping! Anyway, that has nothing to do with what I wore this week, but I just typed in that date and about fell off my chair in horror.

It’s another week and another What I Wore Wednesday blog carnival, where we crazy mom bloggers come together and share some of our outfits from the week in hopes of providing each other (and you!) some fashion inspiration and general encouragement to get out of the typical yoga pant mom uniform which we so easily succumb to when no one is holding us accountable.

I dug out my winter sweaters this week, and I’ve been having fun putting new outfits together.

WEDNESDAY: I love this red cashmere hoodie that my mom gave me for Christmas last year. I tend to wear a lot of hoodies, which of course are super casual, but this sweater hoodie takes the styling that I like and dresses it up with the luxurious coziness of cashmere. Every woman should have at least one cashmere sweater in her wardrobe, don’t you think?

mom fashion | casual everyday look

With a gray tank and skinny jeans tucked into my cozy UGGs (another Christmas gift from Mom), I am all set for a chilly fall day working at home. I accessorized with my Studio Jewel earrings and necklace.

THURSDAY: I spent Thursday running around in the rain, and that night I got gussied up to attend a wine and dessert event sponsored by Tiny Prints, where we also got some tips from local family photographer, Dottie Foley, on how to get great family photos for our holiday cards.

mom fashion | girls night out

I paired my new rust-colored sweater with my cognac boots this time because it was raining and I didn’t want to get my suede boots wet. It’s nice to have an option for dressing it up a bit. I accessorized with these Lucky Brand earrings that I couldn’t seem to get a good photo of. Hmph.

FRIDAY: No pictures. You are welcome. I wore workout gear all day long and never even bothered to put on makeup. It was not pretty. I DID work out, though, so I’m excused, right?

SATURDAY: Saturday was the day of the epic Snowtober. I had my workshop so I wanted to look professional and yet I needed to be able to run around in the snowstorm, lugging boxes of Horizon milk and computers and projectors. I decided to go for jeans tucked into boots with this silver tie cardigan over a purple tank. I accessorized with chunky hoops and my Blissdom necklaces from Lisa Leonard and The Vintage Pearl.

P.S. If you love hand stamped jewelry, check out the Something About Silver giveaway on my fashion blog, All Things Chic!

I absolutely love and adore these Dansko Brinkley boots (which were sent to me last year for review) because they are chic and yet the glossy leather holds up to rain and snow and sleet and whatever nature decides to dish out so that I can be stylish all winter long while staying warm and dry. And did I also mention, comfortable? They have Dansko’s famous comfort footbed and just enough of a heel to provide support and a little extra height without making you feel like you’re teetering around in heels all day. And they are still available at Zappos! Yes, they are a bit spendy, but they are so versatile and so classic that you will get your money’s worth out of them for sure. (They’d make a great Christmas gift, just sayin’.)

SUNDAY: We went to church where there was no electricity, so I dressed in layers for warmth. While it was cold, it was also startlingly bright outside. These shades were a birthday gift from my husband, and I love them. And also? I think I have discovered a solution to my scarf dilema. I need thin scarves so I don’t look like I’m wearing a neck brace.

I was given this Vera Bradley tote for being a brand auditor at the PA Women’s Conference last week. (If you scroll waaaaaay down to the bottom of the Speakers page, you’ll see me!) It’s the perfect size and shape for taking to church with notepads and crayons and the other assorted paraphernalia that one needs in church when one has small children who get antsy during the 40-minute sermon. And it’s super cute. I LOVE this pattern.

mom chic

Incidentally, do you know how much coordination it takes to pose in front of a mirror, smile without looking like you’re constipated, and hold a 5-pound camera up above your head so that the flash doesn’t distort your picture, and CLICK . . . all at the same time? The things I do for this blog.

MONDAY: Halloween!

easy halloween butterfly costume

TUESDAY: A typical day with work, errands and school drop off/pick ups. I chose this outfit because I was sick of wearing jeans every day, and I was trying to find something casual to wear with my tan cords, and I really don’t have much else to say about it.

casual mom style

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23 thoughts on “Mom Fashion | What I Wore This Week 11.02.11

  1. I love how you’re keeping it real by standing on the bathtub!

    I can’t wear the big scarves either because of my height. I found a thin Vera Wang one at Kohl’s in clearance. I think I might wear it with today’s outfit.

    Maybe I’ll get around to taking pictures for this blog hop this week.

  2. I stand on my bathtub to see full length view and what my boots/shoes actually look like with pants. Perhaps it’s time for a full length mirror in my life?

    I love that you dressed for Halloween. You look hawt! You have inspired me to try to wear some different jewelry everyday rather than my usual every day stuff.

  3. Yea for a standing on the bathtub picture! I have tried that, but I get too much light to get a good picture most of the time.

    I like your Uggs. Normally I hate them, but yours are much sleeker and actually look cute.

    Are you going to Blissdom by any chance? Because I am!!!!

    1. YOU ARE!???? That is awesome! I think I am going. I am trying to find a sponsor. B/c I also want to go to Mom 2.0 and I can’t afford to do both without sponsors. If I get a sponsor for one, I will pay out of pocket for the other. SQUEE!!! I can’t wait to MEET YOU!

  4. First I have to say I love your hair style!! It looks so great on you. I am in desperate need of a new ‘do. Love your outfits here too. Coming over from the Pleated Poppy and just wanted to say hi : )

  5. Hi! I love your outfits :). Since you mentioned Horizon, I wanted to ask what your experience with them has been – in a 2009 Newsweek article it was revealed that one of their suppliers was operating a puppy mill. Horizon ordered that supplier to discontinue his inhumane operation but since you are connected to the brand I wondered if you have any more insight into whether other Horizon suppliers are engaged in the puppy mill business. (Background info:

  6. I love that pumpkin spice color on you. Glad you did a little something for Halloween. With the weather, I didn’t bother and of course I regret it. You always look so comfy but polished!

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