Halloween Festivities

Despite OctSNOWber, Halloween must go on. Yesterday morning, my kids happily boarded the schoolbus (albeit 2 hours late) with snow still blanketing the front yards in our neighborhood and their costumes snugly tucked away in their backpacks. I spent the morning preparing Halloween snacks for three classrooms before heading to school for the annual Halloween Parade. Since the schoolyard was a muddy, snowy mess, the parade took place in the parking lot. The temperature was surprisingly mild, considering the weather events of the past few days, and we all stood around admiring costumes and commenting on the cuteness.

And also? I dressed for Halloween this year. The parents volunteering in my son’s classroom decided to surprise our kids by dressing up for the occasion, and I did my best to come up with the easiest plausible costume I could think of . . . a butterfly (no, not a bat.)

My kids were shocked to see me dressed up as anything other than a work-at-home mom and thought the get up was hilarious.

Of course, they were the real stars of the show.

After all, there’s nothing that says life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness quite like going door to door, dressed in costume, begging for cheap candy.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

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  1. I love that you dressed up. I promised my kids that next year I will dress up. In fact, I’m trying to convince Travis and the kids that we should be the Brady Bunch, since we have enough people!

  2. The fact that your son is dressed as Troy Polamalu makes me soooo happy! (any household with a Steeler fan in it automatically gets two extra cool points from me….) And I’m glad you dressed up – it can be really fun! I sprayed my hair pink and called it a day, which was plenty crazy for the people at our church party. 🙂

  3. The kids are too cute!! You made a beautiful butterfly. My kind of costume-easy to put together with your own clothes and a few accessories. My kids are too old for trick-or-treat, and as a teacher, our school does not do a Halloween party so I missed seeing all of the adorable costumes.

    Love the word OctSNOWber! Thank goodness we didn’t get any of that snow here in Ohio.

  4. SO IMPRESSED by your dressing up, and my son would love you as you were a bat like him.

    My daughters would have cringed and then disowned me, but I must remember this, next year if they complain about me taking photos of them for my blog, that it could be worse – I could be putting up pics of me dressed up on my blog! You look amazing 🙂

    1. Aw thanks. We used to have really fun Halloween parties every year at our house – adults were required to dress up and we gave away prizes for best costume. It was a blast. I sorta miss it.

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