Fashion Friday | Your Turn

I am running on empty and I got nuttin. I realize the world won’t stop if I don’t put up a Fashion Friday post this week, but I feel like I’m leaving my house without my pants on to leave without putting up a post (and I have an appointment at the gym in 30 so I’ve gotta come up with something QUICK!)

So I thought, why not ask YOU what YOU’D like to talk about.

So… what’s up? What’s your favorite new fall trend?

Or one you’d like to try but you’re afraid of looking like a walking fashion disaster?

Or one you are sitting out because you KNOW you would look like a walking fashion disaster?

Or is there something new that you’ve tried that you were surprised you liked so much?

Or could you not really care any less about fashion and you hang around for my witty banter and engaging presence? Haha.

Go ahead. Speak.

(Or maybe you should type.)

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