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I am running on empty and I got nuttin. I realize the world won’t stop if I don’t put up a Fashion Friday post this week, but I feel like I’m leaving my house without my pants on to leave without putting up a post (and I have an appointment at the gym in 30 so I’ve gotta come up with something QUICK!)

So I thought, why not ask YOU what YOU’D like to talk about.

So… what’s up? What’s your favorite new fall trend?

Or one you’d like to try but you’re afraid of looking like a walking fashion disaster?

Or one you are sitting out because you KNOW you would look like a walking fashion disaster?

Or is there something new that you’ve tried that you were surprised you liked so much?

Or could you not really care any less about fashion and you hang around for my witty banter and engaging presence? Haha.

Go ahead. Speak.

(Or maybe you should type.)

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33 Responses

  1. We have family pics (just hubby and me) next weekend and I have no idea what we should wear! we are both pretty simple when it comes to our wardrobes..thinking jeans and some sort of top. This is the part I hate about pictures! Any suggestions?

    1. My family unexpectedly had family pictures last weekend and I was running all over the place trying to find something to wear. We all did jeans, had a back shirt/ sweater for one shot, gray for another, and the last shot my daughter and I wore plum, and the three boys wore shades of green. All of the pictures turned out nice but do you know which one Iliked the most? The black shirts/sweaters, and it was the one I thought I wpuld like the least. Jo-Lynne looking forward to your post about just that.

  2. Have you tried any of the new Ponte Knits?! I have not worn a skirt in 10 years and recently I have been wearing ponte knit – it is like a pair of yoga pants to me!

    1. Hm, I think I have a skirt like that from Athleta. It is comfy but not as forgiving as demin or cotton or wool. That said, my daughter has pants from Gap in ponte knit, and they are adorable. (She’s 8, lol.)

  3. I am tempted to try the scarf trend, but I am unsure it is as popular right now as I think it is. I am also concerned that it will make my round face look even more round. I am also a bit overweight so adding layers doesn’t seem like a good option for me. What do you suggest?

    1. I have a hard time with the scarf, personally. I think I have a short neck or something. I have found that the really thin, skinny scarves are better for me. Try that, maybe???

  4. What do you think about wearing black and brown together? Like a black wrap/sweater over a white shirt but with brown boots? I know people mix the colors, but I am still undecided. Even though I just bought a black sweater/wrap thing that I plan to wear with skinny jeans and brown boots. 😉

    I’d love to see some looks to wear with boots that are not just tunics or sweater-dresses.

  5. I posted a winter coat from Athleta on you facebook wall maybe a month ago? But I bought a different one. I figured you thought that was a walking disaster and had to step far far away from it. 😀

    I need either a coral or a plum bulky sweater that you can wear with boots. I like textured material when it comes to bulky sweaters. Ideas?

    Also, when you switch your purses out constantly do you use organizers in your bags, etc?

    1. I just got a great salmon/coral cardigan sweater from Chico’s. It’s chunky ribbed throughout w/a scalloped front. No buttons so you can layer underneath easily. Check it out on their website.

    2. I do not use organizers. I use the change of the bags as an opportunity to clean out clutter. 🙂

      I will look for sweaters. I love that look, but I know that it is hard to find the right one sometimes.

  6. Don’t forget your jewelry, ladies!! Just switching it up can change an entire outfit and can ‘make it’ or ‘break it’, so to speak!!!

  7. I want to know when to belt over a sweater, shirt, tunic, et cetera, or not. I like it on other people (kind of like your scarf thing) but when I try to belt over something, I hear the 80’s yelling in my ears. And not nice things either. So please, give a girl some counsel on the belting over stuff trend that I see pictured but really need a tutorial for courage to try.

    1. HM. Good one. I will do some research. For ME, I do not belt things b/c I am busty and long legged, and belting things just makes me look funny. But I do like the look on others.

    2. You’re so funny! I hear the 80’s yelling at me, too. I did it the first time around and I have a hard time not feeling ridiculous doing it again!

  8. I am 49 years old and am having trouble deciding how to dress in a way that is age appropriate! It does not help that I am seriously petite (wear kids size 14 jeans) but I do NOT want to look like one of those old women trying to be 20 again! I love the new boots and skinny jeans but I don’t own a pair for that reason. Any suggestions?

    1. Great question. I am 39 and having the same conundrum. I think with every decade, we have to re-evaluate our style. I actually have reached out to a friend who has fabulous fashion sense, is 50 and 5’2″. Hopefully she can offer some advice!!!

  9. HA! I suppose I did leave the house without my pants on! Working on a post now that is kinda-sorta fashion friday-ish. It will post on Saturday.

  10. Julie, I am right there with you. I am 46 and petite (5″2″). I have a difficult time finding clothes that fit and look age-appropriate. I don’t like to shop in the petite dept. because the clothes are too old looking( and sometimes still too big), and the juniors clothes look too young. I’m not sure how to dress without looking like I’m trying to dress young. I’d like to try boots, but they don’t look right on me since I’m short. For the same reason, scarves don’t work, either.

  11. Ok, so I have to make note of the name similarity first. I did not know anyone else shared my same name (albeit slightly different spelling) other than my aunt until I found out about your blog recently through The Digital Mom Handbook. I love the sweater ponchos out now but always feel like I’m playing dress up when I try them on in the stores. I’ve seen many different women wear this look and each are a different body type…why do I like it on all of them but not myself?

    1. Funny you should mention it. I have been wanting one and I bought one today!!!! I didn’t even try it on, I Just bought it b/c I was in a rush. I will let you know how it goes. Not sure why you like it on others, but if you are used to wearing more fitted things, maybe you just feel like it adds bulk? I am anxious to try mine and see what I think.

  12. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog! 😀 I, too, am a Christian and it is so great to be able to meet other Christians in the blogosphere who share the same interests as me. I am officially a follower! 😀 Thanks again! Blessings, Ria

  13. I’ve decided :;gulp:: I need to become more fashionable. So I intend to get the following items in the next few weeks: skinny jeans (nope – I don’t own a pair), leggings, a few tunic-y shirts and some long cardigans. EEEEEEeeeek!

  14. Jo-Lynne, I really can’t say how much these posts have helped me. I now know what necklines are more flattering with my chestiness, I know which necklaces look better with which tops, i am WEARING accessories now. Those are just a few of the things you have helped me with! So thank you 🙂

    Now, I have a work Christmas party coming up. New job, day time party with instructions to be festive. I am 34, size 12-14 so not skinny or very young 🙂 any suggestions on work Christmas party wear??

    1. That is so humbling and awesome to hear!

      The Christmas party Q is a great FF topic but I have one scheduled for this weekend, so I’ll answer you here. Do you have a pencil skirt and a sparkly top? I would go with work wear and turn it up a notch. Ya know?

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