Everyday Style | What I Wore This Week 01.04.12

According to my Reader Survey, y’all either love or hate What I Wore Wednesday — but most of you love it. It’s split about 80/20. So here we are again! Mind you, I have never considered myself a fashionista. I like to shop, and I’ve tried to learn over the years what works and what doesn’t, but ultimately I am all about being comfy and stylish without being too trendy. I hope these posts inspire other stay-at-home-moms out there to take a little bit more care with their appearance, but not to take it too seriously.

I only took pictures three times this week — it’s been a recovery week here in the Musings household. I’ve worn workout gear more days than I want to count, but I did work out so there’s that. AND I got some new cute workout gear on Athleta’s after-Christmas sale, so there’s that too!

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, my husband and I decided to go out for a quiet, relaxing dinner last Friday night. We drove to West Chester — a fun college town with cool restaurants — and ate at Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House. It was DELICIOUS, but best of all, I enjoyed spending time with my honey!

I dug out my oldest and favoritest pair of Joe’s Jeans (they were given to me for review many moons ago.) After trying on and discarding several sparkly, festive tops, I settled on this black sweater — another oldie but goodie. I will always love black and denim together. It is my old stand-by, and still my favorite. I adore the simplicity with just a hint of an edgy vibe. If I had to choose one thing to wear every day for the rest of my life, it would be denim and black. Yeah, it’s safe, but that’s probably because it works! The jewelry is by Stella & Dot, purchased by moi. And with a red purse (similar) for the obligatory “pop of color,” I was good to go!

I like the femininity of the ballet-neck top, and as I learned from Stacy London so long ago, wearing a top that is open in the neck area is generally more slimming — especially on those of us with, ahem, bosoms. The weather has been unseasonably mild so I seized the opportunity to wear my favorite wedge sandals (Nine West).

On Sunday, I wore . . . wait for it! Another black sweater. But this time, I wore it with gray! See how versatile I can be? Heh.

casual church outfit

And I should have taken a picture holding my church tote — it matched the outfit perfectly! I carry this every week, stocked with paper and crayons and such for the kids. Our church servies are looong, and this is our sanity!!!

vera bradley suzani tote

As far as the outfit is concerned, I like how a dolman sleeve helps downplay broad shoulders. Just make sure you wear the look with a narrow pant or skirt on your bottom half lest you resemble the Michelin Man. I paired it with my gray skinny cords and decided to keep it comfy in my black Dansko Brinkley boots (given to me for review – and now on sale at Zappos!)

I actually took two photos of my Sunday outfit. See, this here, this is how I would have worn this outfit a couple of years ago.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s plain. The plum colored scarf and boot socks add another layer of color and texture.

This outfit is one I actually wore twice this week. Because I tend to do that when I get something new that I love! I ordered this sweater from Athleta when they offered 20% off their sale items right after Christmas. I had my eye on this sweater in plum and gray, but it was sold out in my size in both of those colors when I went back to get it. I decided to try the ivory with blue contrast stitching, and I really like it.

casual mom style

I am not fond of posting pictures of my posterior (haha, try saying THAT three times fast!) but I wanted to show you the back of this sweater AND the back of the boots. And can I just say, I love the thumbhole detail in the sweater — it makes the sleeves so warm and cozy. And of course, I’m sporting my new favorite trend – the boot sock! (Speaking of which, check out my feature on The Shopping Mama where I profess my love of boot socks and share a few of my best fashion tips.) The necklace is one of my favorites — it was in my Blissdom speaker bag last year, compliments of the one and only Lisa Leonard.

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