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This has been a fun week. You’ll see what I mean. Let’s go!

On the Fourth of July, we hung out at home all day. I worked while my husband and kids set up our new table and chairs on our brand new deck (they actually finished it that morning.) WOO! I know that probably sounds like a drag of a July 4th, but it was actually LOVELY to work uninterrupted for an entire day.

Around 4:00, I signed off the computer and went to make dinner, and we ate for the first time on our deck. It was so fun. We were all pretty much giddy. Afterwards, I promptly fell asleep and missed the fireworks and sparklers in the neighborhood. Yeah, my partying days are long gone! I wore this blue and white striped top from Old Navy and my red legging jeans with silver sandals.

fourth of July fashion

Thursday I went to NYC for a photo shoot with Cosmopolitan Magazine for an advertorial with Olay. HOW EXCITING IS THAT!??? I wore a black ruffled-V-neck top from Banana Republic (last year or maybe 2 years ago) with bootcut jeans and neutral wedge sandals (Stuart Weitzmans I got at an awesome discount at 6pm.com. I carried my R Minkoff “Striped Diamond” canvas tote and wore my encircled earrings and necklace from Studio Jewel.

On Friday, I worked from home in between running errands and attending my daughter’s gymnastics exhibition. My shorts were all dirty so even though it was hot, I wore jeans with a sleeveless top from Old Navy and T-strap embellished sandals by Frye. The jeans are supposedly a “straight leg” but they look almost bootcut in this picture. They’re pretty old, and while I love the wash and the way they fit, I fear they are starting to look dated. Boo.

Friday night we went out to dinner with friends. We’ve been wanting to go to the Birchrunville Store Cafe for eons. This is the second time we tried to go (the first time, my one daughter got sick.) It’s no small feat because you have to book your reservations months in advance. It did not disappoint. I had on white jeans with this red CAbi top, but at the last minute I changed into my bootcut Joe’s. I just felt more comfortable for some reason.

date night fashion

Sunday I put this outfit on for church, and I wore it all of about an hour because we had to come right home and nurse my daughter who was suffering from a severe case of poison ivy. I’m happy to report that she is on the mend!

I love the IDEA of this outfit, but the top is headed to Goodwill. I just don’t like the way it fits across the girls, if you get what I’m saying. It’s funny how you don’t notice things like that until you look at your picture. I love the color combination, though, and the snakeskin wedge espadrilles. The gray clutch picked up the gray from the shoes; they are really pretty together.

Monday night, I hosted a Philly Social Media Moms event, and I wore my green legging jeans with the same black ruffled V-neck top that I wore to NYC. I love this top; it’s very forgiving. Unfortunately it seems to be getting shorter every time it’s washed. Boo. I didn’t end up wearing those shoes. I thought they might be a bit much so I changed into my usual tobacco wedge sandals. I love this delicate “On the Fringe” necklace from Stella & Dot. It makes a statement without overpowering the outfit.

girls night out fashion

I realize that I wore some type of jeans and top every day this week — at least every day that I took a picture. The rest of the time I was in workout gear or my favorite jean shorts and a tank top and sandals. I’m going to try for more variety next week!

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  1. I realized today that I was excited to see your posts for wiww! I’m so glad I started reading your site. Love it and your outfit picks each week. They are stylish, easy and real. The white jeans are fabulous. I just picked up a pair last week but have yet to wear them.

    1. I love that — stylish, easy and real. I should work that into my bio somehow. LOL!!!

      I think you’ll love the white jeans. They’re so crisp and fresh and go with everything.

  2. Just wondering if you had the heat like we did. Last week we had over 100 degrees just about everyday, including the 4th, so it was shorts and tank tops and staying in the AC all week! No eating outside for the holiday. Bummer. Will you be sharing pictures of your new deck?

    1. Yeah, it was HOT. I was nuts wearing jeans. But I was in A/C most of the time, and I just love jeans. I decided I was sick of those same jean shorts all the time, lol.

    2. Oh, I forgot to answer your question about the deck. I suppose I might. I am so in love with it!! But I guess I feel a little showy with it. I know that it is a luxury not everyone has in this economy. Not that we went all out, but it is still sometimes awkward to be all “LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!” Ya know? 🙂

      I just finished furnishing it, and I’d like to add some accessories. Not sure how to photograph it to do it justice, but I suppose I could try. Our biggest point of excitement is the stairs. We didn’t have stairs to our backyard before. Ridiculous!

  3. Please don’t toss those straightcut/bootleg jeans … I don’t think they look dated at all! Actually, I think they’re a pretty good balance between the two fits!

    1. I love wearing them, so I don’t think I’ll be tossing them. Unfortunately they are a size smaller than all my other current jeans and they are VERY tight in the waist. I wish I could drop 5 lbs… but then, don’t we all! LOL.

  4. Such cute stuff you have from Old Navy but I’ve never been able to find anything that fits properly from there. :v(

    Enjoy that new deck!

  5. Okay fashion over 40…I am 36 and have NO fashion!! Every time a put on a top like any of the ones you wear I feel … um …way too dressed for the house!! Or shopping or all the other things that me and my three little ones do-even chruch! Even for date nights…I can’t seem to dress more my age-in beautiful things like you! I am taking you as inspiration! I am going to start! I love your style-you are beautiful!! Thanks!!!

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