Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming, and if you’re anything like me, this holiday tends to creep up on you.

Being a mom myself, it’s certainly a day for me, and my kids and husband always try to make it special. But I also have mothers in my life that I want to honor, and I’m sure you do too. Whether that’s your mom, your mother-in-law, grandmother, daughter, or a mother figure in your life, I hope this list of gift ideas is helpful!

And if you’re a mom, certainly feel free to forward this link to your significant other. Sometimes they need a little help, ifyouknowwhatImean…

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight //
nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen

I put together a shopping widget including everything pictured above as well as a few more ideas I’ve found since the graphic was created.

At first I was trying to keep it of my suggestions all under $100, but then I decided to throw in a few luxury gift ideas in case some of you want recommendations on that end of the spectrum. Basically, my goal is to include a little something for everyone.

And there’s nothing wrong with some treat yo’ self action if you’re so inclined. Hey, we work hard. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones we buy ourselves, amiright?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Besides a night of uninterrupted sleep and a clean kitchen for a day, what’s on your Mother’s Day wish list???

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18 Responses

  1. I’m loving this post and good thing it’s my day off because I’ve been on this one this for 30 minutes now. 
    I not only enjoyed the answers to some of the questions (love those VC booties and I thought I had seen all the VC booties styles but the ones you found are so cute with a lower heel too) and I have the Colleen Rothschild Discovery Set in my cart and can’t wait to try it. I’ve always had good skin but now that I am in my mid fifties I’m noticing some areas on my face that need attention and I think a new product and new routine was just what I needed. So I’m going for some “treat myself action”. Now on to your swimsuit post I’ve been wanting to go back and review now that the weather is warming up, then over to your FB live that I missed. Then it will be time for lunch lol. 

  2. Great post! I’m loving the uncommon goods bangles.  I’m going out of town and cleaning my kitchen next!  Sure hope the older kids keep it that way. Lol! 

  3. You had some really fun ideas! I included the pink tote on my Gift List Ideas too. It is so cute!!! Hope you get what ever your heart desires…or at least something good.😉

  4. I love so many of these ideas, Jo-Lynne! And of course I want each and every one for myself! Ha! But I am going to order something for both my mom and mother-in-law this year. As we ALL get older I cherish those two women more and more. 💕

  5. Thanks for so many great ideas!  I also want to thank you for recommending the Colleen Rothschild facial cleanser, I got some last time you talked about it and I LOVE it!!

  6. Just a suggestion: I always get a little something for my daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day. She works hard to keep my son and granddaughter happy and also is very inclusive with us, and I want her to know I appreciate it! ❤️

  7. “Treat yo-self” is the way it will be this year. Okay, maybe I already treated myself and claimed it was a Mother’s Day gift. It was a great purchase, though, with absolutely no regret. I ordered a pair of pink Allbirds wool runners. My feet are going to live in them this summer when I take my daughter on adventures all over our beautiful Oregon coast or to the park.  They are cute, soooo comfy, and wash beautifully. I estimate that by the end of August, the cost per wear will be under $0.75.  Like I said, no regrets. Happy Mothers Day to me!

    1. Love it! I think we put way too much pressure on ourselves (and our significant others) these days when it comes to gift giving. I also treat myself at times for certain occasions — especially lesser ones like Mother’s Day. I know what I want, and I know the best sales and deals too, so it makes sense for me to make some of those bigger purchases myself. All I really want for Mother’s Day is a day when I don’t have to wash dishes or pick up after anyone. My husband always makes sure I’m not stuck cooking or cleaning, and that’s good enough for me! 🙂

  8. Hi Jo-Lynne, I am about to purchase a pair of Nordstrom Lingerie ‘Lazy Mornings’ Lounge Pants that you featured in your post of February 20th. I can not find in that post which size you were wearing, but since you and I have the same measurements (ha!) I would appreciate if you could tell me if yours were size S or M. I am buying from abroad, so the international shipping is not a small item (I would not like to mess up the size so I have to return them). Thank a lot!

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