Orange Swing Top + Denim Shorts Outfit

Hello and happy hump day! I’m back today with a casual summer outfit. Yes, it’s orange again! Blue was having a moment there for a while, but it seems like orange is stealing the show this week. (In case you missed it, I styled an orange shift dress on Monday.)

A casual summer swing top and denim shorts outfit featuring Loft vintage soft swing tee in red tamale with 6-inch denim roll shorts and Tory Burch Miller Sandals.

Before we get started, I wanted to let y’all know that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts in just a few weeks, on July 21. This is absolutely the biggest retail event of the year. They bring in a slew of new for 2017 fall merchandise and discount it up to 40% off. I realize that no one wants to think about fall in July, but this is the best time to get started on your fall wardrobe. Popular items sell fast, and card holders get Early Access starting on July 13.

If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, you may want to consider getting one because the Early Access period is the best time to shop the #NSale, plus when you use the card you earn two points per dollar spent in stores and online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and Trunk Club. If you sign up before July 9th and make a purchase on the day you are approved, you’ll receive a free $20 note. Pretty sweet! If you don’t want to open a line of credit, they offer a debit card option.

So back to today’s outfit! I ordered this swing tee in the red tamale because I have a navy one in a similar style from last season that I love and wear at least once a week. This one doesn’t fit quite the same because my old one is linen and this one is cotton, but I like it a lot.

A casual summer swing top and denim shorts outfit featuring Loft vintage soft swing tee in red tamale with 6-inch denim roll shorts and Tory Burch Miller Sandals.

I do have to say, though, it’s called a “vintage soft swing tee” but it’s not as soft as I was hoping. It’s a little stiff, actually, but I expect it to soften up some in the wash.

This top has a high-low hem and a slight a-line shape, so it’s definitely not figure-hugging, but sometimes it’s nice to throw on a top that doesn’t cling or highlight any extra lumps and bumps you might be accumulating while you sit on your hiney for four weeks with vertigo… not that I would know anything about that! Haha!

A casual summer swing top and denim shorts outfit featuring Loft vintage soft swing tee in red tamale with 6-inch denim roll shorts and Tory Burch Miller Sandals.

The rounded v-neck is modest, and the back has a nice gathered detail. If you like it, hop on it because it is currently coming up $11.99 after you put it in your cart, and I expect it to sell out quickly. I have the small, for size reference.

A casual summer swing top and denim shorts outfit featuring Loft vintage soft swing tee in red tamale with 6-inch denim roll shorts.

I know not everyone shares my affinity for short shorts so I ordered these denim Bermuda roll shorts with a 6″ inseam to show a different length. I like them, but I wouldn’t call them Bermudas, which generally have a 9″ or 10″ inseam. True Bermuda shorts are tricky to wear so these are a nice happy medium.

A casual summer swing top and denim shorts outfit featuring Loft vintage soft swing tee in red tamale with 6-inch denim roll shorts and Tory Burch Miller Sandals.

These also come in petite, by the way. They’re currently marked down to $39, which is a great price. I have the 6, and they’re snug but stretchy. They fit close to the thigh without being too tight.

Of course every woman is different and some reviewers felt they were too tight, but if you struggle with shorts often being too wide through the leg opening, these might work for you.

A casual summer swing top and denim shorts outfit featuring Loft vintage soft swing tee in red tamale with 6-inch denim roll shorts and Tory Burch Miller Sandals.

I considered sneakers for this casual look, but I decided to wear neutral sandals because I tried these shorts with my grey Converse a few days ago and felt like my legs looked stumpy. Something about the combination of the longer shorts and the dark-colored sneakers didn’t seem to work for me.

Any time you wear a shoe with a higher vamp, they will shorten the line of the leg, so that’s something to keep in mind when deciding which shoes to pair with your shorts and skirts.

My white Converse would probably look better than the grey because they’re lighter, but to be on the safe side, I wore sand patent sandals to visually elongate the line of the leg. My gold sandals would work just as well, but I’ve shown them a lot lately.

I carried my woven bottom beach tote because I like how it looks with these sandals, and I can see wearing this outfit to the park or somewhere that you may need a larger tote for sunscreen and bug spray and things like that. I’ve been primarily using this tote as a pool bag, but it could certainly be a daily carryall if you have the need for a large bag.

Finally, notice the turquoise jewelry. It’s always my first instinct to throw on plain gold or silver accessories with a bright color like this, but it’s a pretty basic outfit so I decided to add some interest with my jewelry.

Turquoise and orange is always a great combination so I wore this gold and turquoise layered necklace and these turquoise stone drop earrings. My necklace is sold out, but you get the idea. Anything in this color family would be pretty paired with orange.

A casual summer swing top and denim shorts outfit featuring Loft vintage soft swing tee in red tamale with 6-inch denim roll shorts.

I finished off the look with a couple of gold bangles and my oversized Maui Jim sunnies, and I’m totally ready for a picnic at the park or a backyard barbecue in this easy breezy summer outfit!

A casual summer swing top and denim shorts outfit featuring Loft vintage soft swing tee in red tamale with 6-inch denim roll shorts and Tory Burch Miller Sandals.

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vintage soft swing tee (red tamale) // denim Bermuda roll shorts // TB Miller sandals (sand patent) // woven bottom tote // turquoise drop earrings // sunnies c/o

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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31 thoughts on “Orange Swing Top + Denim Shorts Outfit

  1. I always love turquoise jewelry to brighten up an orange or red top!! At first I never thought they went together, but then I was styling one of my mom’s (the 70+ model on my blog) turquoise necklaces and it had red in it. I figured that if the jeweler had put those colors together, then maybe I should too!!!

  2. I just ordered the top. 🙂 It’s so cute!!! And great deal so I really couldn’t pass that one up. I have shorts like that and similar sandals so I will be all set to duplicate this outfit. Yay!!

  3. I do struggle with finding shorts because they are often to wide in the leg, so I will definitely try these. Plus they go with pretty much everything Thanks for sharing ☺️

  4. This is such a pretty color on you! I find when the sleeve length hits the widest part of the arm it’s not as flattering on me 🙁

    1. Hm, that’s a good point — something to consider. I always steer clear of tops that the sleeves end at the boob level, lol, so I like these because I feel like it draws the eye up a little bit.

  5. Love the turquoise jewelry with the orange top. Cute shorts– I might look for them tomorrow. I like the idea that they can be rolled, Then they can be made the length I like which seems to be between what’s available.Not long, but not shorty-short. I live in a rural area so I don’t get to a “real mall” often, but am going tomorrow. I have a whole list of things to check out, including the shorts and top. at Loft. I love the blue they’re showing on the website. Thanks for sharing, Jo-Lynne!

  6. The shorts in that length look very nice on you! And that top is fantastic. While I don’t need a lot of clothes, I am very p,eased with all of the items I have ordered from Nordstrom and you can’t beat their shipping policies, so I will see about opening an account with them. Good luck with the dizziness! That has to be very frustrating.

  7. I have to admit I am feeling super stylish lately. A lot of the outfits I have been wearing have duplicated yours in some way. Love these shorts – I have a similar pair, and I like the slightly longer length. So excited to see what you are wearing for the rest of the week to see if my stylish streak continues. LOL!

  8. Such a cute outfit on you, Jo-Lynne! I really like the turquoise earrings with the outfit and the contrast in colors. I think I’ll actually order the top and thanks for mentioning the debit card option that Nordstrom offers. I’ll look into that. Can you tell me where I can see the white shirt you are wearing where you are wearing the gray converse? I must’ve missed that!

    Also, maybe you can help, but yesterday and today, your emails went into my spam folder. (Same with Cyndi’s). Not sure why that suddenly started, but maybe you can help out?? Thanks!

    1. Here is that white top:

      I am so bummed my emails are going to spam. That was happening with my old provider — well, people just weren’t. But it’s been good so far with the new one. The only tip I know to give you is to add my email address [email protected] to your email address book and then make sure to mark any of my emails “not spam” so your email provider learns that you want to see them. Thanks for letting me know!

  9. Love this length short and they look great on you! If you think your legs look stumpy, you should be 5′ 1″ and try to find good length shorts and skirts????!

  10. Glad to hear the vertigo is finally disappearing – what a pain for your active lifestyle….
    Love, love, this color combo. I’m having a blast replicating your combo’s. Just checked and your swing tee is available at my local Loft. Hopefully the large fits, as the XL is sold out. However, I ordered the other top you were styling from Loft (the sunflower pattern sleeveless top), in the XL, and it’s actually too large under the arms, grrrr…. So – I’m hoping to be able to make it to the store to actually try the tee on first. The pop of tourquiose and your necklace really completes the outfit. I agree with your choise of footwear. I have my denim skimmers on today, tried my white converse sneakers on, and whoa – the old calves looked pretty chunky – opted for the nude sandals instead! Always appreciate the good advice you give – and the different options! Have a great day!

  11. I thought of you this morning (since you say you spend most of the summer in denim shorts and a t-shirt) when I tried on about three different pairs of shorts that hadn’t fit for a long time, if ever, but do fit now and ended up putting them in the “donation” pile and then I put on the jean shorts I’ve worn every day so far this week. Haha

  12. Cute outfit! I like the orange with denim.
    I really like the white twist tee in one of your photos. Is this the one from Nordstrom for $22? It looks like the tie is on the wrong side for that to be the case. Also, does this white top require a camisole?
    I’m always looking for white tops for summer – that aren’t see-through.

  13. Cute! Cute! I’m always looking for new outfit ideas and I know exactly where to look – your blog is amazing! Your style is very classy and appropriate. Thank you for all the latest fashion hints and tips! I love them 🙂

  14. Hi Jo-Lynne, this is a darling summer outfit! I can ask the source of the white quilt on your bed? I am searching for white for my summer bedding. Do you like it? How does it wash up? Thank you.

  15. I have the bermuda shorts in the darker wash. Wore them for the first time this last weekend. They fit great and only stretch out a little in the leg, so if you think they are too tight, they do loosen up some. I wouldn’t mind having the lighter wash you are styling. Good price. I got mine on last sale for $29 something. I like the shirt but think I’d order the blue but have no idea what size with the swing fuller fit. Cute though. 🙂 Glad you are feeling better. That really is hard with you getting that. A month is a long time. Hope that was it for you.

  16. Perfect summer outfit! It’s completely put together but not fussy at all. It’s amazing how much accessories can add to an outfit!

  17. I love your outfit! I just ordered it from LOFT. Only $30 for the shirt & shorts, love the summer sales!

    1. This shirt looks so cute on you! I ordered the XS, it’s too big and not very flattering on me. I’ve noticed LOFT shirts have been running big the last few years. I used to wear a small there, now the XS is too big and I’m the same weight. Hoping it will shrink some for me. You rock this shirt.

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