Pastels Aren’t Just for Summer

There was a time when we would only wear pastels in the spring and summer, and we put our white jeans and shoes away as soon as the Labor Day cookout was over, but those outdated fashion rules have been thrown by the wayside in recent years. It is perfectly acceptable to wear white and pastels in the fall and winter, and *gasp* sometimes I even wear them together!

Pastel Outfit for Fall: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing J.Crew v-neck sweater in supersoft yarn with Paige Verdugo white skinny jeans and BP. Tonya Open Toe mules.

I’ve worn this sweater with blue jeans, and it works great, but for this look, I wanted to show you how cute it is paired with white jeans. I know a lot of people still put away their white jeans in the fall, but I don’t think you need to! The idea is to style your white jeans in a way that looks intentional, not like you just forgot to put your white jeans away.

This sweater is thick and cozy and a decidedly fall/winter piece, so pairing it with white jeans doesn’t look like a mistake. Instead, it creates a fresh look that’s a little unexpected at this time of year when we usually gravitate to more earthy colors and jewel tones.

Speaking of fall colors, these jeans would also be super cute with that yellow rollneck sweater and leopard heels… maybe I should style that for an upcoming post!

Pastel Outfit for Fall: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing J.Crew v-neck sweater in supersoft yarn with Paige Verdugo white skinny jeans.

But back to THIS sweater, because this one is NOT excluded from the J.Crew 40% off sale going on right now. (If that rollneck sweater ever goes on sale, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops, but I’m not holding my breath.)

This sweater is more of a trendy style, with the split sides and the longer shirttail hem in the back, but I couldn’t resist the softness of the wool/alpaca blend and the pretty ribbed details.

It comes in like 125 colors (okay, well 13 anyway) and it’s a great price right now. Plus if you sign up to be a J.Crew Insider, which is free, you get free standard shipping on any size order. In fact, I just ordered another in the Natural. (I know, I like each piece in my closet to be different, but I couldn’t resist a good off-white v-neck sweater… they’re so hard to come by.)

Pastel Outfit for Fall: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing J.Crew v-neck sweater in supersoft yarn with Paige Verdugo white skinny jeans.

For a daytime look, I’d wear grey loafers or ankle boots with this outfit, but I thought it would be fun to show you how I level up my casual sweaters for going out.

Now that our kids are older, Paul and I go out to eat often on the weekends. Sometimes it’s just the two of us, and sometimes we go out with another couple or even a small group of friends, but I always like to level up my look a bit from my everyday even if we’re just going to a casual bar & grille type of joint.

My favorite way to do that is to add heels to a casual sweater and jeans. In fact, I really wish I’d thought to show this outfit two ways — with loafers for day and heels for night. But I’m sure you can imagine it with loafers, yes?

Pastel Outfit for Fall: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing J.Crew v-neck sweater in supersoft yarn with Paige Verdugo white skinny jeans and BP. Tonya Open Toe mules.

These open toe mules are really fun for a date night look, and the price point is under $100. The block heel makes them very walkable, and they come in grey, blush, red, and black.

The flirty sweetheart topline is a fun detail and gives them more of a feminine flair than your typical mules. Also, the nail polish on my toes is CND Indigo Frock — one of my favorite colors this time of year… or any time of year, really. I wear it occasionally in the summer too.

For a date night look, I could really use a little more in the way of accessories. Because of the extra long sleeves (LOVE!) I didn’t bother with a bracelet.

I wore studs for earrings and a pendant necklace to fill the v-neckline, but I really wish I’d thought to layer a few more pieces with that. Layering delicates is the current trend in jewelry, and that would have really leveled up this look another notch — that or a pair of statement earrings.

Still, sometimes I like to keep it simple, and I think this works. The shoes and the white jeans create enough drama, and piling on the accessories might be a bit much for my regular venues.

Pastel Outfit for Fall: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing J.Crew v-neck sweater in supersoft yarn with Paige Verdugo white skinny jeans and BP. Tonya Open Toe mules.

v-neck sweater // white jeans // open toe mules // shoulder bag // luna pendant // mixed metal link ring // nails: CND Indigo Frock

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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27 Responses

  1. I hate putting my white jeans away.. I keep two pairs in my closet until the messy weather starts with slush and snow. I guess by November they’re done for that reason. I love this combo:) would like to see the leopard print as I have a pair and an olive green sweater poncho that I like to put together with my white denim . We are seeing more pastels in the store which seems funny… my daughter has even noticed it.
    Have a great day

  2. I bought a pair of white jeans (because you had styled them earlier), and I cannot wait to try them for a fall look with a light sweater and open toe booties. I was thinking of wearing the outfit for a “date” with my husband and friends. You and I are thinking along the same lines. Love the look you are styling today!

  3. This is such an unexpected, gorgeous look for fall. I have finally embraced the idea of white denim all year round; this look will be so fun to try out.
    I have another tech question regarding your Facebook page: your outfits and other posts used to show up in my newsfeed and then stopped. I assumed that after your big move you had just stopped using Facebook and then realized after your Facebook Live that you are still posting frequently but I don’t see it. In my settings it says that I am following you. I was wondering if you might know why you don’t show up in my newsfeed. I shared your posts frequently and got a lot of great feedback about you from my friends and would like to continue to promote your blog through Facebook.

    1. Ah yes Facebook strikes again. Your news feed is operated by an algorithm. Facebook shows you what it thinks you want to see based on your activity. I have 17,000 followers of my Facebook Page, and each of my posts is viewed on average by 2,000 of them. Isn’t that insane? So yeah, if you’re not as active as you once were (commenting and liking my posts) — or even if Facebook suddenly gets PMS and decides to be cranky, which also seems to happen sometimes — my posts will stop showing in your feed.

      I know you’re one to engage with my posts, so my guess is, when I was doing the Lives, I was getting more engagement overall, and FB was more favorable to my posts overall, but since I stopped doing those, my posts are getting seen even less than before.

      Facebook awards pages who keep people on Facebook. So when I do Lives, it is more favorable to my page overall. Since most of my posts send people away from Facebook, they only get shown to a small percentage of my followers. I can pay for Facebook ads to get my posts seen by more people, and I do that from time to time, but that adds up fast!

      Probably waaaaay more than you wanted to know. The only thing you can do (besides engaging with my posts) is to go to my page and hover over the Following tab, and select See First and make sure your notifications are set to On. I explain that with pictures in this post: https://jolynneshane.com/instagram-facebook-qa.html

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Love the look you are sporting today. I am interested in that sweater but am unsure of sizing.
    What size are you wearing?

  5. I think it’s fun to change up our preconceived notions when it comes to color. Especially since October is breast cancer awareness month…..pink has really blossomed!!
    All three of us wore pink on the blog earlier this week with interesting color combinations!! It was a fun challenge to see how pink works with so many colors and can be seasonless!!
    Those shoes, Jo-Lynne, really make this outfit shine (said by a true shoeaholic…)

  6. You inspire me regularly!  I have kept my white jeans out for pairing with OTK black boots and striped tops (comfort zone) because of you!  My outfit today is a direct repeat of one of your top 10 Sept numbers–long rust colored duster cardi, skinny dark jeans, white t-shirt, leopard booties!  Thanks for keeping us all looking fresh and modern!  Normally I would have done a straight leg jean or bootcut with these booties, but I’m pushing a little by doing the skinnies.  🙂

  7. That’s a great outfit! I live in Florida and I actually just bought a pink sweater today from the gap. The sleeves are to long on me which is usually the case if I don’t buy petite! I noticed the sleeves on your sweater are also very long. 
    I rolled them up one cuff so they were shorter but after seeing yours I’m wondering if 
    Wearing them long is how girls wear them now?
    I am over 60 and dress pretty fashionable so please let me know your thoughts on that.
    I have been reading your blog for a long time 
    and I always enjoy it.
    BTW: I haven’t seen any recent updates on 
    the decor of your new home?! 😀

    1. Hey Jo! Yeah, the extra long sleeves is sort of trendy, I guess. I love them like that b/c they’re extra cozy, especially once the weather is colder. 🙂

      I haven’t done much on the house in the past couple of weeks. Waiting for a few things to arrive and then I’ll have more to show! 🙂

  8. You look fabulous. Pink is definitely your color. 87 here today so fall not here yet. Still shorts & flip flops.

  9. You make a good argument for pastels in the fall/winter. Pairing a soft sweater with white jeans easily takes your fav pair of jeans through the cold months. Love this look!

  10. Love everything about the look!! That shade of pink looks gorgeous on you. When our slushy freak snow snowstorm snow melts by this weekend, will pull out the white pants again. This is a great look! Have a great weekend and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all!

  11. I love white jeans  with sweaters and boots!!! But yes to them with the yellow and leopard!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Such a beautiful color combo! I may end up having to pull a pair of my white jeans back out now.
    I need to check this sweater out too. It’s probably more weather-friendly for me than the rollneck I’ve been wanting. So annoyed it is excluded from their sale yet again! Grr. I check on it every time!

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