Top Ten in September

September seems like a while back, but I thought it was too redundant to post this Top 10 post right after my 25 Days of Fall Fashion recap on Monday, so I wanted to wait a few days.

I always love the monthly Top 10 posts, though, so I didn’t want to skip it. It’s helpful to me as I prepare future content to see what posts and products resonated most with you all, and I think it’s fun to share with you as well, so today I’m sharing my top ten posts and products from the month of September!

I’m also adding a new feature at the end called What I Kept. Someone suggested this, and I thought it was fun.

As many of you know, I don’t keep everything I feature; I couldn’t possibly wear it all, and some things just didn’t quite work for me. So at the end of this post, I’ll share a shopping widget with the items from the month that I decided to keep in my personal closet.

TOP 10 POSTS IN September 2018

These are listed in typical Top Ten order, with the month’s most popular post last.

#10. Early Fall Weekend Look // This was definitely one of my favorite posts from the fall style series, so I’m glad it was one of yours too! This look is so me, and I’d wear it every day this fall if I could.

#9. Coffee Talk + What I Wore // This was the only non-outfit post to make the top 10, but it also has outfits in it, so maybe I can’t even say that. I am looking forward to getting back to regular “What I Wore” posts now that I don’t have to post a new outfit 6 days a week!

#8. Sweatshirt Trim Sweater // As you all know, this is one of my favorite looks of the series. It’s just so easy and casual, but modern and put together.

#7. Casual Fall Date Night with Paystub Jacket // I’m glad to see this post ranking in the top 10; it was one of my personal favorites. It makes a great look for a concert, dinner out your honey, or lunch with girlfriends.

#6. Open Cardigan + Grey Jeans // I love this color combination any time of year, but I especially like how unexpected and fresh it is for fall. This outfit is also super comfortable and practical for day to day living, plus you could swap out the grey jeans for grey pants for a work wear look.

#5. Fall Florals // I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying the florals trend this fall, and I’ve worn this outfit a couple of times since I posted it.

#4. Stripes + Ponte Moto Leggings // This was my attempt at an athleisure look; these ponte moto leggings are about as close to leggings as I get, but I still ended up returning them because I had a feeling I wouldn’t get much wear out of them. Still, they’re a nice choice for those who want to level up their leggings game. The moto details are fun, and the material is nice and thick.

#3. Straight Leg Jeans + Rust Cardigan for Fall // I’m kind of surprised to see this outfit in #3, but I’m not convinced that’s because you all liked it so much. I think it was the conversation around the straight leg silhouette that drew people to the post. Either way, it was a helpful discussion, even if not one of my favorite outfits.

#2. Completer Pieces with Kohl’s // I admit, I didn’t expect this post to be so well received, but many of you seemed to love it. I’ll definitely try to incorporate more Kohl’s pieces in future outfit posts!

#1. Styling Bootcut Jeans for 2018 // I’m sure this being the kick-off post to 25 Days of Fall Fashion had something to do with its popularity, but you all really do like your bootcut jeans! I’m glad to see they’re making a bit of a comeback, but I still don’t think they look as modern as skinny jeans or straight cropped styles. Only time will tell if the bootcut trend really takes off again or not.

Okay, moving on to popular products…


Based on clicks, these were the 10 most popular products across my blog and social channels during the month of September.


#10. R Minkoff Darren Shoulder Bag // I was thrilled to see this awesome bag making the list. It really is SO good, and it’s currently on sale at Saks. I have it in the Putty color.

#9. SONOMA Ribbed Cardigan // Both of my Kohl’s completer pieces made the list, but the camo jacket edged out the cardigan by just a few clicks. This cardigan is really soft and flattering, and it comes in a ton of pretty colors.

#8. SONOMA Utility Jacket // This utility jacket is a great fall completer piece, but the camo is almost sold out. There are a lot of other colors, though.

#7. LOFT Pocket Open Cardigan // This soft, stretchy cardigan in a gorgeous shade of pink is going to be my go-to once the weather cools down.

#6. Topshop Tortoiseshell Handle Tote // I bought this tote at Nordstrom, but the mustard color sold out quickly, so I was super excited to find it on the Topshop website!!! This is SUCH a good bag for under $50. It looks way more expensive than it really is, plus the color is so fun for fall.

#5. Leith Ribbed Cocoon Cardigan // Another great cardigan, this one is actually from the #NSale but it’s still in stock. I love the fit on this one, but it runs really big. Size down one from your smaller normal size; I have the XS.

#4. LOFT Shirttail Sweater // Another pretty sweater… you guys sure like your sweaters! This is another one that I’ve worn a few times already,; it’s soft and easy to throw on with jeans or pants.

#3. Hinge Print Pullover Blouse // I’m trying to do more blouses and not just sweaters, and I was thrilled with this find. I keep hoping it will go on sale, but not yet…

#2. Twist Front Sweatshirt // LOVE this fun “twist” on a basic sweatshirt, and it’s super soft and cozy and flattering too! What more can you ask for, really?

And in first place… Duh duh duhhhhhh…..

#1. LOFT Sweatshirt Trim Sweater // This sweater is so pretty and easy to wear. They dressed it up in the picture on the website with a leather skirt, but I like it best dressed down with jeans and booties, or even fashion sneakers.

What I Kept

For this section, I decided to use a shopping widget to share the items I kept. Please don’t feel upset or offended if I didn’t keep something you loved and/or purchased. I simply cannot keep everything; I don’t have room for it all, and that wouldn’t be good stewardship of my resources. So yes, some items I returned are great pieces, but they just aren’t what I need right now.

Also, some things were already in my closet before this series started, like from last spring or before, so I didn’t necessarily include all of those below, but some I did, if they’re still for sale and I think they’re worth recommending.

So yeah, here we go! There are two pages to this widget if you’re on a computer, so use the arrow on the right to scroll to the next one.


I hope you all found that fun! As always, I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments.

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30 Responses

  1. Love the what I kept portion. Funny that some of the outfits I love on you..you were not so excited about. Thanks for all the information, inspiration and honestly.

  2. Thanks for the recap and when it finally cools down in Texas I’ll be able to look back on these great styles. I pinned most of them for easy reference. I love the Hinge top and it would be perfect for this time of year but like you said; maybe when it goes on sale. Enjoy your outing to FedEx 😀

  3. Hi!  Love your blog and look forward to your posts every day.  In today’s email, under $100 fines, the picture of the sweater in the block with jeans links to booties rather than sweater.  I’m assuming it’s on Nordstrom Rack website but couldn’t find it.  Could you send the link or point me to it?  Thank you so much!

  4. Love the “what I kept” section, which intensified my crush on those Vince mules 😂. They are a little out of budget for me, since my husband just launched his own business over the last year, so I will just keep admiring them from afar lol

  5. Fun post! I might buy one of the leopard shoes you showed, either the Steve Madden loafers or those Sole Society booties you linked to in your email. I do want to buy one pair of casual leopard shoes (I already have pumps I wear for work) but I’m trying to be very careful and intentional about it and decide which pair I will actually get the most use out of. Enjoy your day 🙂

  6. Another great, informative post. All the work you put into these is why you are my favorite blogger. I actually save your posts for last, like a treat!! I also really like your new feature of the sale alert notification. I used it for the first time today for the speckled cream Loft sweater and the Hunter boots. I know I should’ve pulled the trigger on the sweater with the 50% off sale at Loft, but I just didn’t get online to get it done. If my size is gone when it’s on sale again, I guess it wasn’t meant to be! But I appreciate the opportunity to be notified! Thanks, again, for great pics and content!

  7. So many fun outfits!  I think you wear the pieces so much better than some of the models.  If I saw some of them online first, they wouldn’t grab me.  Thanks for sharing finds from Kohl’s!  I shop there a lot and love to click through from your links and help you out when I shop.  I love  shopping online and then picking it up in the store!  And, I’m so glad your FB Live is beck!  I got in on half of it yesterday and now I need to go back and watch the first half.  😊

  8. Your email today mentioned that the Splendid thermal cardigan is 25% off at a couple of places, but only in black. If anyone is interested in the swan color (white), it’s on Amazon and 6pm.com at 40% off. Sizes are limited.

    1. I’m thinking about buying a third splendid cardigan
       ( I have it in swan and black and it’s just so good!) I’m afraid they’re slowly discontinuing it which is why it’s on sale. 

  9. Good post!  Informative and fun.  It’s always interesting to see what others are liking.  I tried that Hinge blouse, but it was all wrong on me.  I have narrower shoulders and am shorter (5’3″).  Oh well, Nordstrom is the easiest to return so no big hassle.  

    Have a great day!  Hope you find somewhere fun to go.

    1. Forgot to say, I watched it late, but I really enjoyed your Facebook Live yesterday.  Glad you’re doing them again  🙂

  10. I was so glad you included the “What I Kept “ feature and hope it will be a regular feature. Also, I recently had occasion to shop at Kohl’s and was reminded of why I had always liked Kohl’s so much. Their sales are unbeatable and when they send you a 30% off offer on top of it…
    Also, they are good at keeping up with current trends, particularly in their Sonoma line. I have to admit, I spent quite a bit in September!  I agree that it is obvious you put a lot of work into your posts and it doesn’t go unnoticed!  Thanks for all your research on our behalf!

    1. I don’t do Facebook but was able to catch your Facebook live on your blog today. Thanks for the info on the neutral booties with dresses. I may give it a try although like you said it’s a bit bold I  may just wear a knee high boot:) thanks for the info. I also didn’t know there was such a thing as eye lash boosters. I must look into that.

      1. Karen I don’t have Facebook either but couldn’t get on video. When I go to click on it a Facebook sign in screen pops up. How did you get on? 

        1. Hi Kathy
          In the beginning of the blog ( top 10 September) in blue letters it says Watch it now… I pressed that and the video appeared. Hope this helps:)

        2. Yes Facebook page will appear just scroll to the very bottom and you’ll see the video.. sorry I forgot that part.

  11. Why don’t you meet a friend for coffee when you do your FedEx returns?  That adds a little fun to a routine chore. 
    I think more people liked the bootcut jeans because they are slimming. Skinnies will always be in our closets for boot weather. Cropped straight leg is great for warmer temps. They look cute with sandals and runners. 

  12. This is all so interesting ; I definitely enjoy these types of posts. Two questions : 1). how are you getting that J Crew roll neck sweater for $25.99? When I go to checkout on the site, I get a message saying it’s not eligible for the promo. 2) Same sweater: do you find it true to size?  Thanks!

    1. Yes, that $25.99 is an error. Those prices are automatically generated, and I can’t change them. I’m sorry for the bait and switch! I will let my ShopStyle rep know and hopefully they can fix it on their end, but it could be on the J.Crew end.

      And yes, it is true to size. If anything, it runs slightly big, but I’m comfortable in my usual size small.

      1. Hi again, thanks for the fast reply! I was hoping there was something I was missing at checkout to make the price drop that low—ha! I am probably going to have to suck it up & pay full price. 

  13. Hey….I went to click on to watch the LIVE, as I don’t have facebook and I can’t watch it on Tuesdays, but when I click on the video, the place to log into facebook pops up and you can’t go any further unless  you log into facebook or sign up.  Can you sent link like you use to?  Thanks a lot.  Great post on the Sept. recap.  Lots of great outfits, thats for sure.  

  14. Loved this entire post.  For the Nordstrom Twist Front Sweatshirt.  How does this fit in general?  Also, how tight is this in the arms?  Thank you

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