Rainy Day Style

The way the weather has been around here lately, almost every look I wear could be classified as rainy day style, and I’ve been getting my money’s worth out of this rain jacket.

Rainy Day Style: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Hunter Refined Rain Boots, The North Face Laney II Trench Raincoat, and Topshop Stef Metal Handle Tote Bag. similar rain jacket (updated link as of 2/21/23)

I’ve had some requests for fall jackets, and this one is my favorite. I love the fit — the waist-defining buckled side tabs gives it more shape than a typical anorak so it’s flattering, and it’s longer in the back to cover your seat when you sit down on a wet surface.

It comes in four colors, but I’m a fan of the black. I know black can be perceived as boring, and sure, if you have five other black coats, by all means, go for a color, but I only had one other black coat before I added this to my closet last spring.

Ironically, my favorite winter coat is black, and the color is part of the reason I love it so much. I just think a black coat adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

Rainy Day Style: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Hunter Refined Rain Boots, The North Face Laney II Trench Raincoat, and Topshop Stef Metal Handle Tote Bag.

Another item of note, this coat has a hood. I won’t buy a rain coat without a hood because I hate having to carry an umbrella. It’s just one more thing else to futz with when your hands are full, plus it’s too easy to lose, so I love a good hooded jacket, and this one has great coverage.

The material has some stretch to it so it keeps it’s shape but allows room to move, and it’s a nice, thick performance fabric that feels nice to the touch.

The North Face Laney II Trench Raincoat

These boots are a few years old; they were an #NSale purchase a few years back, but the Hunter Refined rainboots in Matte Black are pretty much the same without the buckle detail.

I know there are less expensive boots out there, but I haven’t found any as comfortable as Hunters. The other ones I’ve tried are too stiff for me, and these have a lot of support in the footbed, which is nice for those of us with finicky feet.

Rainy Day Style: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Hunter Refined Rain Boots, The North Face Laney II Trench Raincoat, and Topshop Stef Metal Handle Tote Bag.

So yeah, a variation on this outfit is pretty much what I’ve been living in lately. I’m so happy to say that we’ve had a reprieve from the rain for the past few days, but I’m sure it will be back. It’s hard to be cranky about it when they make rain gear as good as this.

Rainy Day Style: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Hunter Refined Rain Boots, The North Face Laney II Trench Raincoat, and Topshop Stef Metal Handle Tote Bag.

 rain coat // jeans (budget option) // similar rain boots // metal ring tote

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. I also live in PA, and the rain has just been absurd this year!
    I keep looking at Hunter boots, thinking maybe if I buy them, the weather will be better. Can you use reverse psychology on the weather? LOL

    1. Ha Ha  YES, Linda I believe you can.  I have been holding off getting peep toe booties, but found some I love and the weather has been so sunny and warm this Fall in the NW.  I bought them, put them on in the car for the rest of the day, as it was so warm and then that is the last I’ve worn them, as the rains came for awhile.  🙁  I should have gotten them earlier. I would have had all Sept. to wear them.  So, go get your hunter boots and the rain will stop. 🙂 LOL

    1. That information would have been helpful. Ha! I’m sorry, there are a few things I’m thinking now I wish I’d added — fit advice, and also some other shopping options at lower price points. ANYWHO. I have the medium, which is probably TTS for me in coats. But if in doubt, size up.

  2. So cute. The sweater is only available in XL now. Phooey. Guess I didn’t need it. Can’t wear in Savannah for awhile anyway so maybe something else will come along by then. Loft has such good sales. They have become my favorite store.

    1. I know, I saw the size selling out yesterday and panicked and threw this post together. I knew I was already too late tho. I was surprised, it’s kind of thick and cozy and I figured it would be around for a while.

  3. I am way over on the west coast
    We are suppose to get rain so here we go
    Have to say your rainy day outfit is fine looking. That sweater,necklace. and jacket are lovely. The pants and boots are perfect
    Have a great day and join me in fighting the crankies. Ha

  4. I love that raincoat and the black color looks perfect with your boots! Would you say the Hunter rainboots run true to size? Are they lined inside?

    1. They are not lined, and they tend to run big. Mine are my usual size 8 but they were a Nordstrom exclusive for the #NSale a few years ago, and I find the sizing on Nordstrom exclusive products aren’t always consistent with the brand, so I hesitate to recommend a size based on those. I also have the original style in the gloss, and those are a size 7 and they are plenty roomy, so I’d say size down one.

  5. Very cute outfit! I love everything about it! I’ve been wanting to get a pair of Hunter rain boots, but I’m just not sure I’d wear them enough to justify the price. On the other hand, when it rains, I really wish I had them. I was looking at our forecast this morning, and it looks like over the next ten days that there’s a 60% chance of rain almost every day. Ugh. (Ha! Probably the perfect excuse to buy the boots!)

    1. That’s how I felt. For years I didn’t buy any because I felt like I didn’t need them often enough. But now that I have them, I can’t imagine living without them — especially here in PA. I hate cold, wet feet, so being able to put these on and stay warm and dry is well worth it, and I will have them for years. It definitely depends on the climate where you live, though.

  6. This is a great rainy day outfit. I guess I’m a bit odd, but I like carrying my clear bubble umbrella that has multi colored large dots on it. I have added the tote, in blue, to my wishlist. Have a blessed day!

  7. Love the sweater !  Loft also has one in navy just like it 😍. Not sure I can make the FB live, but hope you can solve some fashion question😜

  8. So cute and cozy! I know you’ve touched on this before but looking for feedback maybe on your fb live as to which shoes/boots look most flattering with boot cut jeans. My lifestyle is very casual. I cannot wear traditional heels (knee issues) but also cannot wear traditional flats for any real length of time. I know a pointed toe as well as some height is more flattering with boot cuts, but are there options with a 1-2 inch heal, for a put-together, casual style? So appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!

    1. I could have written your comment, Kari.  I have the same lifestyle and same shoe requirements.  Hope Jo-Lynne can help 🙂 

  9. Love this rainy day outfit and you look so pretty in all the pics! I finally grabbed a rain jacket during the anniversary sale and it’s black too to match my Hunter boots, lol. I’ve been needing one for ages, not sure why it took me so long.
    Looking forward to hopefully being able to join in on the live today!

  10. Love that sweater and the tote! First day of winter here in Calgary, Canada so I see lots of sweaters in my future! 10-20cm of snow (5-8 inches) today. My son has a football game on Thursday, so fashion is out the window and tons of layers are in! Haahaa!

    1. What a day in Calgary, Canada indeed – bah humbug!! 27 cm of snow (approx 10″) fell overnight in downtown and more expected through out the day. The Hunter boots will be handy to keep feet toasty and dry.

  11. Love the outfit post today.  Looks so classy and comfortable.  I love that sweater but need regular XS and sold out.  I might go to store and try the petite sizes.  Please post the Live tomorrow for those of us who don’t have facebook.  Is this your first Live?  I’m been waiting and hope didn’t miss one.  Thanks.

  12. PS Do you know of any bootie type rain boots that don’t run narrow?  All of them I’ve tried from Target, to Nordstrom are so narrow.  You need warm socks in rubber boots and the bootie style don’t give enough room. My daughter got me some at Nordstrom last year and I had to return them, as my feet were going numb and that was with a very thin sock.  

    1. Hm, not really. I thought Hunter ran pretty wide, actually. I tried Kamik and they were a lot tighter on me. I haven’t tried many, though. There must be something out there… maybe someone else will chime in with a recommendation.

  13. That is a perfect winter outfit for those of us on the west coast. We get a lot of rain in the winter and rarely snow. A hood is a necessary requirement for me, as well. Umbrellas are a pain! I love an anorak for everyday.
    Question about the Hunter boots – I tried a pair on but they are difficult to get on. Do you find this? And, is the comfort factor worth the fight to get your foot through the narrow ankle bit? 

  14. I’m with you on a hooded coat! Umbrellas are just another thing to carry and to lose. 
    I tried on ?Hunter boots about three years ago and found them very hard to get on and off. The ankle part is difficult to push your foot through. Do you find this? Does it become any easier? I ended up buying Kamik instead. 

      1. I do too. A double AA foot. Maybe, it’s because I don’t wear socks. I’ll try them with socks next time. 

  15. You can even make a rainy day glamorous:) love the look. You must have heard we are finally getting rain coming our way late tonight into tomorrow about 50 ml. Some have dry wells so it’s needed. Also your hair looks really nice in the side pose . Looks like a little beach wave😀

  16. And black is usually slimming. My favorite light jacket is black. I am looking to some fall wet days so i can wesr some of my rain gear but enjoy8ng our sunny mid 80s weather

  17. I don’t think I can wait for a sale at Loft, that sweater in navy is so cute! Off the beaten path a bit but just curious about closing your pool for the season. What exactly does that entail? I’m in California with a pool and we don’t do any “closing”, am so intrigued. Are there laws, regulations?

    1. Oh it will be on sale within the week, I bet! At least 30% off.

      So yeah, here in PA, opening and closing the pool is a big deal. I don’t even know what they do, honestly. I guess they drain a good portion of the water (but not all) and they put the pool cover over it. But there is definitely more to it. My husband does all the pool research and care taking. We hired out the closing, but he does all the rest.

  18. Great post for us girls up north 
    Rain and snow will be here soon:(
    I hv one similar from Express I love…
    Would you mind telling me or doing post on winter coats.
    Your mom had a really cute gray one you wore last year….
    If you could do post?

  19. So cute! I’ve always wanted a pair of Hunter rain boots but never could justify it because it honestly never. rains. in. CA!! Boo-hoo! 😩 

  20. This is such a cute rainy day outfit! I have added the jacket to my wishlist, I think I would get a lot of use from it. 

  21. I got this North Face rain jacket at Nordstrom last Spring and I LOVE IT! i also got it in black. the only criticism I have is that I find the sleeves too long but I still think it’s great. Any recommendations on a rain bootie? I can’t wear rain boots because I don’t always wear skinny jeans. I saw some cute ones at J Crew but not sure if there might be a better option.

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