Casual Fall Date Night with Paystub Jacket

Greetings from the great state of Maine! I’m here for a few days visiting family and enjoying some R&R, but I’m popping on for a few minutes to share a casual fall date night look featuring this lightweight jacket and a lace trim cami.

This is the type of outfit I’d wear on a warmer fall day to go out to dinner with my husband or to meet girlfriends for lunch… yes, my social life pretty much revolves around food!

This jacket immediately caught my eye when I saw it online because it has a hint of moto styling, which I love, but it’s different from your average leather or suede jacket. The lightweight silky material makes it perfect for this in between season when it’s still quite warm outside.

It comes in grey and tan, and of course I chose the grey, which they call Paystub. For size reference, I have the medium. I find this brand tends to run slightly small.

This jacket will look great with so many bottoms, but I thought it worked particularly well with these light wash bootcut jeans for a more rugged vibe. Then the lace trim cami and suede peep-toe booties provide a dressy contrast that keeps the look modern and sophisticated.

These jeans are already under $100 plus they’re on sale, so a really good value if you’re looking for bootcut jeans to add to your fall wardrobe. Sizes are a bit picked over on this particular pair, unfortunately, but they come in a few other colors as well as plus sizes.

For reference, I’m wearing a 6, and they do stretch some with wear, so I recommend going with your smaller size if in between.

This three layer necklace helps fill the neckline and adds some bling that draws the eye back up towards my face, and I’m wearing my trusty Maui Jim sunnies.

I carried a stone colored bag with silver hardware because I like how it coordinates but doesn’t match.

I’ve talked a lot about this bag already, but if you’re new or you missed it before, this is pretty much the perfect everyday bag. The leather is so luxurious and soft, the strap is a great length for throwing over the shoulder, and the studded details give it a rugged contrast. I also like that it’s unlined inside and it has two compartments for organization. Mine is the putty color.

Also, FYI, Bloomingdale’s is running a buy more, save more event for Loyallists, and this bag is included.

This cami is a bit out of my norm, but I actually had a reader request that I style it. I like that the straps are adjustable (I think I could have let them down just a bit; the hem is maybe an inch too short) and the lace detail is pretty and feminine. For size reference, I’m wearing the medium.

I’m wearing a strapless bra, of course — I highly recommend this Wacoal strapless bra if you’re looking for one that is comfortable and flattering.

In addition to the three layer necklace, I wore these filigree drop earrings and a silver cuff bracelet. I feel like they all work together well and dress up the look without being too much.

I’m a big fan of Coco Chanel’s less-is-more philosophy of accessorizing — you’ve probably heard her famous quote: Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off. I don’t usually wear three pieces of jewelry that are fairly equal in weight, but since these are all on the delicate side of the spectrum, I think it works.

Paystub jacket // bootcut jeans // lace trim camisole // VC Kenvi sandals // bag // necklace // cuff // earrings // sunnies c/o Maui Jim

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi to see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

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  1. I noticed you are now not blogging in the body of your post where an item came from and instead we have to click the link to find out where it is sold… has me wondering if this is purposeful so that you can get a small commission each time one of us clicks on it? While I understand that there is a lot of work that goes into your posts, this change in your blog seems a little “sneaky.”

    1. Hi Gretchen. I actually do not get “a small commission” – or any commission – when my links are clicked. I do get commission when someone purchases from my links, and I am very up front about this. I didn’t even notice that I had changed my approach, so if it seems “a little sneaky”, that was certainly not intentional. I have always been very forthright about how I make money on this blog, and if anyone has any questions at any time, they are free to ask. But to accuse me of being “sneaky” is really quite presumptuous.

      Edited to add: I have been experimenting with a new affiliate network, but ShopStyle is a commission-based model now, so nothing has changed about the way I run my business. This post explains, for anyone following along who may be interested: httpss://jolynneshane.com/how-do-you-make-money-on-your-blog.html

    2. Wow, Gretchen…….I can’t believe you’d even think of accusing Jo-Lynne of being sneaky. If you have followed her, you’d know in a minute how upfront and honest and how much integrity she has.  I think you owe her an apology or at the least keep your future comments to yourself.  Just not right to make these type of comments.  

    3. Gretchen – I agree with Kathy. Keep your rude comments to yourself. If you have been any follower of Jo-Lynne you would know by now that she is the most upfront and honest blogger out there. Jo-Lynne – keep doing what you do! We all appreciate you! 🙂

  2. I do love the jeans on you! I’m pretty hooked on skinny jeans but after seeing your post, I may have to broaden my horizons.
    Have a great time with your family and enjoy Maine. I’m headed up there in a few weeks, and living in Florida, I’m so excited for cool crisp weather.  
    I look forward to your posts everyday!

  3. Do you have any suggestions for pairing necklaces and earrings?  I don’t want to be matchy/matchy.  I end up wearing some type of stud earrings most of the time.  

    1. I usually choose one larger statement piece, and then the other pieces to be smaller and more supplementary. Like a statement necklace with studs for earrings or statement earrings and no necklace or a small pendant.

  4. Jo-Lynne, you look absolutely fabulous in bootcut jeans! I love how you look in skinnies, but the bootcuts you’ve been styling in this series have also been so flattering on you! Thanks for sharing these with us. Also, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years and I would never call you “sneaky!” One of the things I have loved about you is how totally honest you are with us – from your style, to the cost of the outfits, to your affiliate links. I always feel as if you are being completely straight up with us without any hidden agendas. Keep up the excellent work – you have many fans!

  5. This outfit looks great! Not my style but you wear it very well! I love the necklace. Is there a tip to wearing them without getting all tangled within an hour of having them on? Enjoy beautiful Maine! 

  6. love the jacket such a cute look I am actually looking forward to wearing jeans this winter the styles you are wearing are to cute. Here in FLA it’s still to hot for jeans.

      1. I actually have been thinking about going up in Oct and visiting a friend of mine that lives in Bangor Maine just to have a few days of cooler weather so tired of the heat

  7. 58 degrees sounds divine! ENJOY your time with your Mom! My leopard loafers came yesterday, the Sam Eddelmans. They are tight through the width. I’m thinking of exchanging for the wide. I think it’s because of the pointy toe. I love them, so I sure hope it works out.

  8. I love your blog and have never felt you being “sneaky”! Your up frontness with us is obvious to me. Keep doing you! 

  9. Cute outfit! I love the bag! The bootcut jeans seem like a really nice medium wash. I have two pairs and both are a relatively dark wash, but I just don’t wear bootcut jeans that often. I know they’re universally flattering, but they just feel so heavy on me by the end of the day.

  10. I agree with Cathy, I have never found anything about your blog to be “sneaky”!  And it seems like you often do include in your text where items can be purchased such as mentioning that your RM bag is on sale at Bloomingdales.  Anyhoo…we are having some beautiful early fall/”indian summer” weather out here in the Rocky Mountain West so I am enjoying your transition piece styling!  Thank you for all your hard work 🙂

  11. I really love the suede moto jackets…. softens the look. Have a great weekend and thanks for the link-up.

  12. A morning temp in the 50’s sounds so awesome!  How warm could it get there today?  For the next 7 days our lows will remain in the 70’s and highs in the 90’s which = HOT!  I am thrilled you and your mom get to spend some time together.  I know you treasure these times.  This is a really nice outfit.  I do have a question: When did the fashion world decide that it’s acceptable to wear a lacy cami or bralette as a top?  Thankfully, it’s an each to their own kind of world, since I will not participate in that trend. I am super self conscious when I show a tiny valley or an itsy bitsy amount of cleavage outside of our home.  We watched a CMT Crossroads show the other night with Brett Eldridge and Meghan Trainor.  She might as well not had a jacket on due to how visible her very lacy and revealing bra was.  Have a fabulous day!

    1. It was 75 yesterday but today it’s only getting up to 68. It’s also gorgeous and sunny with no humidity.

      You crack me up – you sound like my mom. 😉 I honestly don’t mind the cami trend – I can see how it was inspired by underwear so it may seem kind of slinky, but it doesn’t really show any cleavage, and it’s looser fitting than most of my wider strap cotton tank tops, so I don’t feel too immodest wearing it. That said, I don’t usually wear one without a jacket. I will take the jacket off if I get hot — in a concert last year I took my jacket off, but it was dark and I knew no one except my husband. Honestly I usually wear a regular bra because I don’t expect to take my jacket off and it’s more comfortable than a strapless. 🙂

  13. I’m really interested in what you said about the jewelry–that you try to not usually wear pieces that are fairly equal in weight. I’m wondering if maybe there could be a future blog post to help us learn more about how to put our jewelry together? I see what you mean about these three pieces being fairly delicate, and working, and it looks great here. I feel like I have trouble with my jewelry because either it looks like too much, or else too little, and I feel like I could do better. For me it’s like the classic closet full but nothing to wear feeling, only with jewelry.

  14. Gorgeous! I’ve been really trying not to spend money lately but I may have to order this jacket immediately. I’m very hot natured and the idea of something that looks like a moto, but in a lighter weight is super appealing. I’m not a cami person but I have a hot pink silk blouse and trouser jeans I could totally see styling this look with! Cheers! 

  15. Wow, sounds like a great trip! Have fun with your mom!! Lobster sounds amazing! BTW, you look amazing in your jeans with the cami all by itself. I’m sure your hubby loves the look!! 

  16. Need that necklace! Sad to find that it’s already sold out! (And, LOL, I don’t care if you get a small commission from our purchases, doesn’t change my cost, and seems fair for the work you do to bring these ideas to us)

  17. I have been wanting to check out the Miss Fisher’s Murder series, so thanks for the recommendation! I love your outfit. Enjoy Maine with your mother.

  18. I can’t believe that anyone would think you are “sneaky”! You are the most upfront blogger in explaining how the process works. I think that the small commission you receive is more than fair for the amount of work put into creating the posts. Where else could we go to learn so much? Thanks for all the knowledge you pass along! It has certainly helped me to make better choices in what I buy!

  19. Great look today JoLynne! I enjoy your posts and read them every day. You are never “sneaky” (what an awful word) and always upfront about your business that we all benefit from. You obviously put tons of time into bringing us the latest and greatest and always being so transparent. Keep up your GREAT work! Enjoy your mom and Maine, sounds divine. Happy Friday!

    1. And, I look forward to your posts every morning before I start my day at work (on the West Coast). I have to hold myself back many times to not purchase items you showcase but when I do, I always make sure it’s from your link so you get a commission for all the hard work you do. Thank you!

  20. Cute casual fall outfit. I hear you about social life & food. Me too. I think that’s majority of people though. Even my volunteer work involves food. Ha. Enjoy your time at lake. Looks fabulous.

  21. Cute outfit!  I love a fun jacket. I’m ready  to pull out my bootcut jeans and boots, now!  I would also like to add to the others in saying that I would never call you sneaky” and have never ever felt that way.   I follow you because you are real and honest – in the way you do business and in the way you present your posts.  Thank you for that!  I hope you have a wonderful time in Maine with your mom!

  22. Thank you for the wealth of information you squeeze into each post. You are the only fashion blogger I follow. Cute outfit today!

  23. I rarely post, but just couldn’t help myself today. I really enjoy you blog and love how totally transparent you are. There is nothing ”sneaky” about you at all. I love that you are real, and share your thoughts about your hits and misses, and why something works or doesn’t! You put a lot of thought into every post, and it shows! Please disregard that snarky remark!

  24. Thank you, Jolynne for all the great tips and for your hard work. You made a good point with the your jewelry being delicate, so you wore three pieces together. Your choices look great together! I, for one, would really appreciate more tips on how to coordinate jewelry without being too matchy. Also, how to strike the balance between too little and too much jewelry. If you feel like sharing more on this subject, it sounds like some of your readers would be interested. 😊

  25. Boot cut jeans give the allusion of long legs. I love my skinnies for wearing boots/booties but other times I pull on my boot cuts.  That jacket is certainly you. And, the lace top lends a feminine vibe to the rocker look. Win! 
    A post on accessorizing would be useful to those of us not so savvy. 

  26. I really don’t care how she gets paid because I enjoy the blog and she works hard to keep the content new and interesting. I assume Gretchen gets paid or someone in her family does so why complain about how Jo-Lynne might get paid!

    1. Thanks, Deb. I will never quite understand why people resent fashion bloggers making money from sharing our outfits and style ideas. Fortunately I have so many lovely readers and negative comments are few and far between. I appreciate you! xo

  27. Dear Jolynne, your classy reply to Grethen is one of the many reasons you are my favorite blogger! You are loved and admired by many!Keep on being being you and ENJOY your time with your mom!

  28. I love Miss Fisher she can be racey at time. But the outfits are wonderful and what happens in other episodes is worth watching. Stay tune i read there are a few tv movies coming usually on PBS   Miss Fisher should hold you over till the Crown starts in January. I cant wait to see the new cast  members.  Have a wonderful time w your mom 

  29. You look gorgeous in your raspberry red cami Jo-Lynne! Love the flared jeans – such a fashionable cut right now and flattering too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  30. Sorry for the late post. First of all, enjoy the beauty of Maine, some well deserved R&R and have some lobster for us!

    Secondly, many, many of us LOVE your blog and are fans. You keep it real, are very authentic and transparent. Of course you need to be compensated for your hard work – who doesn’t? That comment about being sneaky made me roll my eyes. C’mon on!! There isn’t a sneaky bone in your body. Your blog is a highlight in my morning get up and go routine. Let that comment roll off you like duck in water.

    You may enjoy the upcoming PBS drama series Jamestown premiering September 27. Its made by the Dowton Abbey producers. The storyline is set in 1619 colonial Virginia.

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