Pink Floral for Fall

Hello and happy Saturday! Loft has 30-50% off storewide this weekend, and this blouse is 50% off! It makes a pretty work wear piece, or a fun date night top.

That’s right, Loft is running another sale, and this one is 30-50% off almost everything in the store!!!

SALE ALERT >> Save 30-50% off almost everything at LOFT; discount taken at checkout (no code needed.)

I love the square neckline and 3/4 blouson sleeves on this blouse, and isn’t this floral pattern so pretty??? It has a soft knit back, which makes it more comfortable than blouse material all around, but it’s rather sheer in front so you may want a cami under it.

They show it on the website dressed down with blue jeans, which is an option, but I thought it would also be pretty paired with black pants and suede mules for a dressier look.

These are my favorite black jeans, and they’re 25% off right now at Bloomingdale’s, plus Nordstrom is price matching!

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These jeans are amazing, if you’re in the market for a good pair of black jeans. They do not fade or bag out with wear, and they provide amazing shape through the legs and rear. I wear a 28, which is my usual size for AG legging ankle jeans. If you tend to run in between sizes, you will probably want to go with the smaller of the two.

These shoes are a newer purchase. I didn’t go for them during the #NSale, but afterwards I decided they would be a nice addition to my fall wardrobe, so I went ahead and purchased them at full price.

They’re pretty comfortable, and I love how they dress up a casual outfit. I actually wore them with a navy floral blouse and jeans to a jewelry party the other night, and they worked out really well. Also, my nail polish is called Married to the Mauve. 🤣

I accessorized with my X cuff, these drop earrings, and a charm necklace (which you really can’t see — I don’t think that does anything for this outfit.)

I get a lot of questions about how to pair neutral shoes and handbags, and also about what color shoes to wear when you don’t want to match your pants. While this outfit may not be a great overall fit for me (the blouse is pretty boxy and needs a front tuck or maybe even tailoring) I think it’s a good illustration of both of these other topics.

I chose the shoes first. Black shoes would work with this outfit just fine, but I chose grey to lighten it up since my top is light, and pink and grey are a great pairing. That said, I think I should have front-tucked the top, making the top shorter and exposing more of the black jeans, to create that that 1/3 to 2/3 body ratio that is so pleasing to the eye.

As it is now, with the blouse on the longer side, and the lighter shoes on the bottom bookending the outfit, I look almost cut in half. A black shoe would create a monochromatic effect on the lower portion of the body, lengthening the leg line, and that would probably look better with the top untucked. Clear as mud? Ha!

Here’s a picture to illustrate what I mean. See how the blouse pretty much cuts my overall body proportion in half?

Unfortunately I’m not clever enough with Photoshop to turn the shoes black or erase part of the top to show you how the proportions would change with black shoes or a front-tuck, but either of those small changes would make the overall body proportions closer to 1/3 and 2/3.

I chose this bag in a blush/beige color because it compliments the top, and since the shoes and bag are both light neutrals in cool tones, they work well together. Grey and black are also fine options, but I like mixing neutrals when I can.

floral blouse // jeans (option) // shoes // my exact bag (other colors here and here) // X cuff // drop earrings // charm necklace

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi to see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

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14 Responses

  1. Cute outfit!  I actually love it paired with the gray shoes, I think it not only adds visual interest but also brings out the gray in the top.  I think one reason you may be feeling “cut in half” is that the top is slightly boxy cut, which is exaggerated by the higher neckline and straight hem.  (It would’ve looked less boxy if they’d made it with a V or scoop neckline!)  But since they didn’t maybe add a long necklace to break up that “square” shape?   Maybe that would fix the chopped up look without having to swap shoes?    Either way, I think it’s a cute outfit! 

    1. I agree, I like the grey shoes. I meant either/or — either black shoes with this OR keep the grey and add a front tuck. 🙂 And yeah, the neckline and hem make it very boxy — thus the front tuck. I should try it again and take mirror selfies to compare.

  2. That is such a pretty blouse!  The black jeans look like dress pants.  Thank you for using a ruler to show us the proportions rule.  I hope y’all have a blast at David’s college football game and watching him at half time.  I so wish they would show the half time performances on tv because all of the kids involved work so hard!   

  3. You look beautiful and I love this whole outfit on you. I have plans to have lunch and spend time with one of my neighbors today. We’ve just recently became friends and she likes thrift stores like I do but I’m going to ask if she wants to pop in to Loft today 😉. I really liked those shoes but when I saw that they have a 4 inch heel I didn’t order them. They don’t look that tall but I’m in a more casual job now so heels just aren’t pactical anymore. Enjoy the game and safe travels. 

  4. Enjoy the football game and your son’s half time band performance!! So glad you will have sunny weather. Love the grey shoes. They lighten the look.

  5. Between you and Cyndi, you have me convinced to buy floral. I think I’ll look for one with a black background. Baby steps, right? 
    I think with a black closed toe bootie you would have had a longer column on the bottom. I’m thinking the square neckline is not the best design for you. It works well on me as I have narrow shoulders and am smaller busted than yourself. I’ll take it off your hands, if you like? Want my mailing address? Lol
    Have a fun weekend JoLynne!

  6. I love these gray shoes!
    I’m glad you don’t consider yourself clever enough to photoshop an outfit. I learn so much from the way you walk your readers through different aspects of an outfit. I also admire your courage to post outfits that act as a teaching guide for readers. I delete every photo of myself that I think has a flaw so I am in awe of your confidence.

  7. Love it all. Thanks for sharing the proportion deal. It’s great to see and read. Very helpful. Love those shoes. 🙂 Have fun at your sons game. Glad weather is going to be good for you. 

  8. Such a pretty blouse:) I love how you explain the portions. I don’t think of that. Also the tips for wearing which shoe with what handbag.. very helpful.

  9. Very pretty outfit.  I agree with your edit ideas and appreciate you explaining them.  It’s funny, I’ve always had the hardest time switching my outfits to skirt bottom instead of pant bottom and didn’t know the 1/3-2/3 rule.  Now I understand why they would not convert!  Outfits would end up dowdy and I knew it was wrong, but didn’t understand the principle behind it.  Thanks!!

    1. Yep, this is why I rarely wear skirts… shirts are so long these days, and front tucking looks weird to me with a skirt, and tucking in all around is hard for those of us who are short waisted. #fashionishard 🙂

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