Red Espadrille Wedges

Everyone probably has one teacher that they remember more clearly than the rest — one they idolized a bit, perhaps? Or someone that made an impact on them in some way. Mine was my third grade teacher.

I always wanted to be a teacher. I played school from the time I was in preschool all the way into middle school; it was my favorite childhood pastime. But it was my third grade teacher who I remember most clearly — not because she was a fantastic teacher, although maybe she was… but what I remember is how pretty she was and how she always dressed so stylishly. For 1985, that is.

She had shoulder-length brown hair that she would either wear in a low ponytail or with the top and sides pulled back into a bow. I couldn’t wait to get to school each morning and see how she was wearing it that day. And she was always dressed impeccably in the preppy styles that were in vogue at the time.

What I remember most distinctly is that she had those 80s canvas espadrille wedge pumps that she wore several days a week.

I loved those shoes. I thought they were so sophisticated and lovely. I was too young to want a pair for myself, but I always admired the on her.

Funny thing — I ended up going to college for elementary education and teaching third grade for several years before I “retired” to be at home with my kids.

You can only imagine my delight when I discovered these throwback canvas espadrille wedges selling in J.Crew stores this season!

I wasted no time ordering a pair. The only question in my mind was, red or black??? Or gold??? I love all three.

I decided to go big or go home, and I ordered the red ones. The vast majority of shoes in my closet are shades of neutrals, so I decided these shoes needed to be a fun color.

I was afraid I wouldn’t find anything to wear them with, but happily, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve already worn them several times, and I’ve only had them for a couple weeks.

I was also afraid they wouldn’t be comfortable, or I’d have a hard time walking in them, so I was thrilled to discover how comfortable they are.

For today’s post, I wore my red espadrille wedges with black jeans and a black and white striped top.

This top is from White House Black Market, and it’s on sale for over 50% off. It makes such a nice closet basic for spring and summer because you can layer it under a cardigan or denim jacket, but it’s also special enough to stand alone.

I love the fit of this top, the way it skims the body without clinging, and the jersey material is a really nice quality. It’s thin enough that you don’t need to wear a tank underneath, but it’s super soft and comfortable.

The neckline is perfect too — low and wide enough to be flattering, but not enough to cause modesty issues. Plus the rivets on the sleeves are a fun detail.

In yesterday’s newsletter, I talked about what makes one piece of clothing higher quality than another less expensive option. This top is a good example of a higher quality tee. The material feels luxe, the fit is fantastic, and the extra details dress it up a bit. It’s well worth the price — especially this sale price!

The only thing I don’t love about it is the curved hemline, but I did a front-tuck and it works out just fine. For size reference, I have the small.

I wore red earrings to coordinate with my shoes. When I wear a neutral outfit with a pop of color, I like to repeat the color somewhere else if I have a piece that works, and in this case, these earrings were perfect.

Unfortunately they’re sold out, but I like this pair a lot or maybe even more. I keep meaning to order a pair.

This is an outfit I’ll wear to church, to lunch with friends, or to a school event for the kids. I love how it’s understated and classic but modern, and the pops of red keep it fun.

See other ways I’ve worn black jeans for summer.

espadrille wedges (40% off with code GETAWAY) // striped top (55% off!) // black jeans (option) // black tote // drop earrings (sold out; I also like these) // bracelets // sunnies

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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17 Responses

  1. I absolutely love the punch of red with this outfit, Jo-Lynne!! It’s so fresh and modern!! My stepmom (the 60+ model on my blog) has a pair of these and wears them constantly. They really go with everything!!
    I always wanted to be a teacher too. In fact, I had a chalkboard in my room growing up and used to pretend…ha ha!! My mom basically talked me out of it since she was a teacher…

  2. Love this outfit, and especially the shoes! Your memory about your teacher’s shoes reminded me of my love for those Dr. Scholl’s wooden clogs that were popular in the 70s/80s. I always wanted a pair but never got them. When clogs were in once I was an adult (who knows how many years ago) I got a pair at Bass that look like they have a wooden sole. Even though they aren’t “in” anymore, I still have them, since I figure they’ll come back eventually. Ha!

  3. This is the perfect Memorial Day weekend outfit. I’m like you an normal stick to buying netural colored shoes but you have inspired me to go outside the box., as the red is a nice pop of color. I loved your answer to the question about quality and It’s so true. As I get older I now shop for better brands and I see the difference on how my clothes hold up over time vs the inexpensive clothes I use to buy. But I still look for sales on the better brands and although I like WHBM I always thought it was pricey but I took my girlfriend from Switzerland there and she thought the prices were great and bought a few items to take back. I am loving this striped tshirt and the sale price is right on point. 

  4. Just ordered the shoes! The story about your 3rd grade teacher reminded me of my 4th grade teacher. Like you, I loved going to school to see what she would be wearing the next day. Such a fun memory to start my day. I also think these shoes would look adorable with black gingham pants or skirt.

  5. Such a nice outfit, and the pop of red is perfect!  I love the scenery as well.  Looks like a really cool place.  I placed an order with Nordstrom Rack yesterday.  I found the layered tee that you have in the short & long sleeves, in a color that I think will go with the bright striped palazzo pants I just bought.  Everything I ordered was at least 50% off.  🤞🏻that everything fits!  Have an awesome day!

  6. Love those shoes! That pop of color is so perfect. I tend to have problems w/shoes slipping off the back of my heels–how do you find that they fit? I think that you are so right on spending more for quality basics–they hold up better and look better. Price per wash/wear just makes more sense. Great post!

  7. I love this outfit!! I just ordered the tee – because I needed more stripes. Ha lol! 

    I really like when you wear larger and/or colored earrings. They help elevate the look a lot (in my opinion:)) 

  8. You look very patriotic and loving the outfit and the location of your photo shoot, with the Flag behind you

  9. Shoe question what is your thoughts on nude sandals with a block heel with black dress pants and light brown top for an evening out ? or would I be better off with black pumps?

  10. Adorable! I love your style. These are so comfy, cute, and stylish outfits. They are perfect for the weekend outing. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love the red shoes and ended up ordering myself a pair! Do they slip on your heel? I’m normally a 7 but these are a little snug. A bit nervous to go up a half size in case they slip. Thank you!

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