Red Suede Pumps For Fall

Hello and happy hump day! Red shoes are a big trend right now, and I styled a pair of red leather ankle boots last week for a casual look. Today I’ve got a classy fall date night look with red suede pumps and a gorgeous black pleated sleeve top.

This is the type of outfit I like to wear when Paul and I go out to dinner on the weekends — a little bit dressier than everyday, but still casual enough to be comfortable.

Jo-Lynne Shane styling red suede pumps for fall.

These are the shoes I never knew I needed. You know how it goes… when you go to the store looking for one thing, you’ll never find it, but naturally you’ll find five other things you decide you need. That’s pretty much what happened with these shoes. I went to Nordstrom looking for a pair of grey loafers, and I came out with black mules, slip-on sneakers, and these red pumps. #ooops

Cole Haan Kinslee red suede pumps + Tory Burch McGraw Chain Shoulder Slouchy Tote

I was first drawn to this gorgeous shade of red and the unique styling across the top of the foot. They call it sundried tomato, and that’s about the perfect description for this color. It has just a hint of rust to it, making it ideal for this time of year, but they’ll certainly carry you right through winter.

Red shoes are a big trend right now, and today I'm styling a classy fall date night look with red suede pumps and a gorgeous black pleated sleeve top.

Besides how pretty they are, these pumps are incredibly comfortable. If you struggle with finding pumps you can walk in as I do, you’ll want to take a look at these. They have the Cole Haan Grand.OS technology for superior cushioning and flexibility, and I can definitely feel the difference. I walked all over town in them on Saturday, and they felt great.

These are the kind of shoes that can take you from the office to dinner and you don’t even feel like you’ve been wearing heels all day. If red suede isn’t your cuppa tea, these pumps also come in a classic black suede and a trendy pewter leather.

Cole Haan Kinslee Pumps in Sundried Tomato

Here are some more red pumps to consider if you want to see some options at different price points and heel heights:

I had this black pleated sleeve sweater from Ann Taylor hanging in my closet waiting to be styled, so I decided to throw it on with jeans and these red suede pumps for a fun date night look. That said, you can easily swap out the jeans for dress pants, and this would be a nice workwear look as well.

I like how the boatneck is flattering without being revealing, and the pleated detail on these sleeves is so pretty. And because they’re 3/4-length sleeves, they don’t get in the way of your daily tasks at all.

Red shoes are a big trend right now, and today I'm styling a classy fall date night look with red suede pumps and a gorgeous black pleated sleeve top.

Yes, I realize I am styling a bell sleeve top two days in a row. #sorrynotsorry

I know I do a lot of black and denim and red or leopard, but it’s just such a fool-proof combination. Speaking of leopard, I should have carried my leopard clutch instead of a black bag. That would really pop against this outfit, and I love red and leopard together.

This top also comes in a winter white and a really pretty blush pink. I was tempted by the pink, but as you may know, I have several blush bell sleeve sweaters already so I ordered this in the black. I also got it on sale. Ann Taylor runs sales a lot, so if you like it but not the price tag, keep an eye on it.

Ann Taylor pleated sleeve top with Stella & Dot lariat necklace

These jeans are the same AG Farrah high rise skinnies I styled on Monday. True confessions: we shot this look at the same time. I changed my top and shoes and accessories in the car. (That’s always fun. Ha!)

For this look, I didn’t want a raw hem or any distressing on my jeans, so these are perfect. Plus the top is on the shorter side at 23″, and the high rise jeans give me a few extra inches so I’m not giving anyone more of a view than they bargained for when I bend over.

Red shoes are a big trend right now, and today I'm styling a classy fall date night look with red suede pumps and a gorgeous black pleated sleeve top.

By the way, today is the last day to take advantage of the latest Buy More, Save More sale at Bloomingdale’s. Both these jeans and my bag are eligible.

SALE ALERT >> Take $25 off a $150-$249.99 order, take $50 off a $250-$399.99 order, take $100 off $400-$699.99, or take $200 off $700+ at Bloomingdale’s on a great selection of items. Discount automatically applied at checkout. Offer valid online only thru September 27, 2017. 

I know I talk a lot about Nordstrom, but I also do a lot of shopping at Bloomingdale’s. I’ve always liked their denim and shoe departments. They don’t carry as many of the lower priced brands that Nordstrom does, but they run really good sales and incentives so it’s a great place to shop for premium denim and designer handbags, shoes, and jewelry.

I’ve been trying to link to them more recently because I know people get sick of seeing Nordstrom. It’s just so easy to search their site that I habitually go there first, but I’m trying to include more retailers in my links, even if I’m talking about the same brands that Nordstrom carries.

Speaking of other retailers, the Shopbop fall sale starts today and goes through Friday, 9/29. It’s another spend more, save more event, but there’s no minimum. This is another retailer I like to shop for designer jeans, bags, and shoes when they run their sales.

SALE ALERT >> Take 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500 with code EOTS17 at Shopbop on a great selection of items. Offer valid thru September 29, 2017. 

If you’d like me to do a post rounding up my favorite picks from the Shopbop sale, let me know. I could do that this morning and post later today if that’s of interest. I’d be focusing on shoes, premium denim, and designer handbags like Tory Burch and Kate Spade.

These jeans have the same comfort and great fit as my AG ankle legging jeans, but they have a higher rise and a 31″ inseam. I actually had mine shortened just a smidge.

I accessorized with gold jewelry. Either gold or silver would work, but I think gold looks especially rich and gorgeous on black. This would also be a great opportunity to wear some fun red jewelry, but I didn’t think far enough ahead to buy any. How fun would these tassel earrings be with this!?!

I realize it’s only September, but I can’t help but think how perfect this outfit will be for holiday time. I can see wearing this to an at-home Christmas party or dinner out.

I realize the cost of this outfit adds up, but each individual piece is good quality and highly versatile. If nothing else, this is a look that can be easily recreated at any price point — black top, blue jeans, red pumps, gold jewelry. Easy!

Red shoes are a big trend right now, and today I'm styling a classy fall date night look with red suede pumps and a gorgeous black pleated sleeve top.

sweater // jeans (option) // pumps // bag // necklace // earrings // bracelets // similar watch // nail polish

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall outfit she’s styling today.

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36 thoughts on “Red Suede Pumps For Fall

  1. Love the shoes! If I didn’t live in Austria where we’re either walking in the mountains or in towns that have cobblestone streets that love to rip heels off shoes, I’d buy those in a heartbeat!

  2. I was just thinking today that I don’t wear my red pumps enough. I love your whole outfit. The high rise jeans, shorter sweater length, and pumps really slim and lengthen you. I don’t usually go for bell sleeves, but I like that these are 3/4, not too voluminous, and has no ties. Oh, and it would be great if you can do a shopbop post. That site is new to me.

  3. A post of your favorite Shopbop picks would be awesome and much appreciated.
    This is a fabulous outfit. Thank you for the kind reminder that it’s an outfit formula that can be copied at any price point….although, at 46, I am really starting to see the wisdom and value in purchasing higher priced, high quality items….

    1. It definitely depends on the article of clothing, but with shoes and jeans and handbags… I would much rather have fewer quality pieces. Tops, dresses, accessories… that’s when I pick and choose. But every once in a while it’s still nice to splurge on a nice piece. Sweaters are my downfall there… now it if would just cool down enough to wear them!

  4. So pretty! I love bell sleeves and tie sleeves, but in the winter…..how do you get them easily under a coat? #struggleisreal

  5. Those really are beautiful shoes. My husband LOVES Cole Haan. I’ve got an old pair of mules from CH that are red. I just pulled them out the other day. They’re really comfy. I love the sleeves on your sweater. Beautiful. Happy Wednesday!

  6. Great choice of shoe color Jo-Lynne !!! I have several red pair…..red flats, red heels and red booties. I like to mix them with animal print as well. Great sweater too and I like the length of the sleeves on it. *Lisa*

  7. Lovely! You totally needed those beautiful shoes! The gold tassel necklace and the gold chain on the handbag really work well together, so I’d vote for the black bag over the leopard. (Even though I love leopard.)

  8. Gah, you’ve made me completely regret getting rid of my red flats! I don’t do pumps, but I could’ve easily recreated this for a similar effect. This is so stunning and classy, and the pop of red keeps is from being too typical. Love.

    1. Holli, I also gave my red flats away. I always felt conspicuous in them. But love this look. I’ll just do my red in handbag. But jolynne it looks great on you.

  9. I just love the detail of the sleeves… There are so many tops and sweaters with statements this season I have to say no once in awhile or I would have more than I’d be able to wear. LOL I hope this style lasts at least a few years. I had red suede flats many years ago, and can’t believe they have made a come back. I find myself second guessing everything I try to get rid of when not wearing for a while for this very reason. I also parted with black mules( kitten heel) end of last years season and now wouldn’t you know they are back in UGGH!!!
    Oh well…. Great look .
    Have not heard of ShopBop so would be interested to see something styled from there:)

    1. LOL, it is funny how things come around. I never regret getting rid of things tho b/c it seems like when they come back around, they’ve changed the styles just slightly – enough so that the old ones still look dated somehow. It’s all a conspiracy by the clothing designers to get people to keep buying, I’m sure!

  10. I just bought must first pair of Cole Haan sued almond toe pumps in the marine blue and I am IN LOVE. I don’t know what they do but these are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. I just love the trend of the lower heel pump right now…my husband says they look like the shoes his Grandma use to wear!!! Not sure that was the look I was going for;). It takes him a while to adjuster to change. You look gorgeous!! Love that shade of red.

    1. Haha, men! I am glad to see some lower heeled options too. I don’t mind wearing 3 1/2″ or 4″ heels but I know a lot of women can’t. And the ones that are over 4″ – forget it!

  11. I love your red pumps and hope to be able to find a sharp pair like yours that’s available in narrow sizes!  Thanks for the inspiration. 

  12. Bell sleeves?  YES!  Can’t get enough of them.  I’ve had the thought about getting them into a coat or sweater too.  I’ve done it though.  They just bunch up or
    fold up and in they go.  Not a problem so far.  Ha.

  13. Love this outfit!  And you look amazing in it!  Those shoes!!  ????  Really like the 3/4 version of a bell sleeve.  Perhaps I could get on board with the trend if I tried this sweater.  Sorry to see the series coming to an end but look forward to what you will do next!

  14. I loved your outfit today! The red shoes caught my eye finally and I bought a pair similar to yours. I enrolled in Adore Your Wardrobe and Thank You Very Much for recommending it! I feel more confident already and think I can shop my closet to put together the black top & high rise straight jeans! I am an “even carrot” !. So much fun!. You are the “Best” Jo Lynne

  15. I don’t even wear heels and I’m drooling over these! And clicking on the link to the top brought about a search of the entire Ann Taylor website. I’m in beginning/middle of Adore Your Wardrobe. You know that point where you realize that NONE of your clothes are working for you and you just want new ones? STAT? I’m taking a breath. “I’m not buying new shoes. I’m not buying new shoes…”:l

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