Saturday Morning Coffee Talk

You guys. This week. I just cannot get in the groove. I’ve been so unproductive. You’d think that between getting away for a week and the nicer spring weather would perk me up, but no. I’m so blah. Although I did get pretty excited when I saw the baby cows on the farm behind us.

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So my foot . . . I hesitate to even say it . . . but it’s been doing better. I still get some weird twinges from time to time, but nothing that lasts too long, so I think it’s all part of the healing process. I’ve even been experimenting with wearing low heels around the house. Both my physical therapist and my personal trainer have told me that I should be able to start easing back into them.

And I’m up to walking a mile. I’m trying to add on a few more minutes every day (not in heels, of course.) It feels good to get outside and move, but I actually had sore calves after I did my first full mile outside earlier this week. (Till that point, all my walking had been on the treadmill.)

How pathetic is that!??? To be sore from walking a mile. Good grief. But everything has a season, does it not?

The main reason I have started practicing wearing heels is because I have a cocktail party to attend next week, and I cannot picture flats with a cocktail dress. I mean, I will wear them if I have to, but I REALLY don’t want to. So I am practicing in my heels and hoping I can build enough strength to wear them for a few hours to this event next week.

I’m debating what dress to wear. The second I got the invitation, I went to my closet to refresh my memory. It’s been so long since I’ve had anything this dressy to attend, I couldn’t even remember what I have. 

I discovered two black dresses in the back of my closet, and one is definitely more “cocktail” than the other. The one I’m leaning towards wearing is a black lace sheath from Ann Taylor. It’s very flattering — sleeveless, V-neck, structured, etc. But it is snug. The other one is a black satin halter-style sheath with ruching that is probably a bit more forgiving, since it is sort of stretchy, but then I have to deal with all the whole strapless bra nonsense.

I am not sure exactly how dressy this shindig is, but it definitely said cocktail attire on the invitation, and it’s being hosted by the Jewish Center in Philadelphia, so I’m thinking the satin halter dress may be more appropriate. What would you do??

Then, of course, the next question is, how to accessorize and what shoes to wear. I have some gorgeous red Stuart Weitzman pumps that I would love to wear, but they are the shoes I was wearing the night my foot flaked and I discovered the torn tendon, so I am sort of scared to wear them again. I know it wasn’t the shoes. The tear had probably been there for a while, and wearing the heels exacerbated the situation. But I still feel like I’m tempting fate by wearing them again.

I will probably end up wearing something from the Payless comfort collection – those nude patent heels perhaps? They’re not too high. Although it seems a shame to wear Payless when I have Stuart Weitzmans in my closet, no? Not that there is anything wrong with Payless. I have been extremely impressed with the shoes I’ve bought there recently, but you get where I’m coming from, don’t you?

Whatever I do, I don’t want to re-injure myself because I have a blogging conference to attend in a few weeks, and I definitely do not want to be back in a boot. HORRORS!

In other news, last night we got an unexpected date night. My husband had put us on the wait list at the Birchrunville Store Cafe, a cozy French-Italian BYOB nestled back into the woods of Chester County. It is a General Store that they’ve converted to a restaurant, and it is attached to the Post Office, which is still operational. You actually have to go into the post office to use the facilities. Cracks me up.

Birchrunville Store Cafe

So anyway, they called us at 5PM last night and said they had a table open up for the 8:00 seating. Now y’all know me. I am usually in my jammies by 8PM, but we love dining here, and we haven’t had a date night in ages. The food is always amazing, and they have cool stuff like alligator stew and octopus and wild boar.

I decided not to pass up the opportunity, so we got dressed up and went. For the fellow foodies among us, my husband had oysters with blue cheese, bacon and shallots. Then he had spinach salad with duck confit. I had a few bites of that, and I wish I’d ordered it! Out. Of. This. World.

I ordered a Romaine heart wrapped in prosciutto with Caesar truffle dressing that was amazing. I wouldn’t usually order such a Caesar salad at a restaurant like this, but the waitress suggested it, and it was outstanding. Then I had the octopus appetizer. It was good, but not as good as the octopus I’ve had a couple times at Majolica, our other favorite splurge restaurant.

For our entrees, I had veal scallopini, and Paul had a fish that neither of us could pronounce, lol. Both were excellent. I passed on dessert, but he had some sort of butterscotch cake with a glaze and a few berries that looked fantastic. I just had a cappuccino because I’m trying to keep my sugar intake down, but it was actually the perfect finishing touch to a lovely dinner.

So this morning is gorgeous here, and I’m planning on taking a walk before I tidy up the house for a baby shower I’m hosting this afternoon. I hope you all have a relaxing and/or productive weekend! Is it possible to have both? I’m going to try.

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee Talk

  1. I always wear the Orthaheel slimfit insoles in all my flats. I’ve never tried them in pumps, but bet they would work. It’s always fun to get dressed up–have fun!!

  2. If you post pictures of the 2 dresses on facebook it might be easier to get some opinions on which one would be better. Even if you don’t try them on. I’m often still at work at 8, so dinner then is more than ok with me, lol.
    At the moment I’m enjoying having the window open while I make breakfast, after we eat it will be time to get outside! Enjoy the shower!

  3. Which dress do you forget you’re wearing after half an hour? That’s the one. You’ll be more confident and have more fun than if you were wearing a dress you have to keep tugging back into place or adjusting your posture. Post photos of the big night out!

  4. Love your fashion posts, love your food posts, love your travel posts, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the outdoor pictures you post! As a former New Englander stuck in California I so enjoy the scenery of your area. I even find myself peeking behind you when you are posing in an outfit outside. As for the cocktail party I would go with the strapless and the nude heels—I don’t blame you for feeling nervous about the red ones.

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