Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style 04.15.15

Welcome back to my weekly Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style post where I share what I wore this week. As I always say, I’m no fashionista. I’m just a mom trying to stay fabulous after 40 and sharing how I translate the current trends to work for a typical suburban mom. I hope you find some fashion inspiration here.

This week has been a bit of a bummer. The weather wasn’t feeling very spring-like, so I wasn’t feeling very motivated to get dressed in anything cute, but I tried.

I wore this first outfit two days in a row. Well, really, I just wore it on Friday evening, so I got up on Saturday and put it on again. Hey, just keeping it real.


I ordered the tunic sweater after seeing Lindsey feature a similar one from Forever 21. She always seems to find such cute stuff there, but I’ve never had much luck. This, however, I love. It is from their Contemporary collection, which I gather is geared a bit to more, ahem, mature shoppers?

I just wore it with blue jeans because I was feeling casual. Typically I would pair this with something that created a bit more contrast, like khaki-colored pants, but blue on blue works. I wore my Sperry Angelfish Boat Shoes and carried my brown Tory crossbody when I went to see my son’s band performance later in the day.

I added the orange bracelet for a pop of color. Pardon the wind-blown hair. Saturday was a sunny but blustery day. And that is my favorite coffee mug from Dayspring. I saw no need to put it down for my picture.


We had a couple of warmer days, but I didn’t have a reason to get dressed so I didn’t. I’m feeling pretty lazy this week. Yesterday it was chilly again, but I rallied to get together with some ladies from church. I wanted to break out a dress, but it was just too damp and cold so I resorted to another pair of pants.


The olive green cargos are from Stitch Fix, and the tank top is new. I thought the two colors were nice together. The jean jacket is for warmth, and I love denim with olive green.


I layered two necklaces — a short one to fill the neckline and a long pendant to draw the eye to the vertical line created by the open jacket. This is supposedly slimming, according to Stacy and Clinton.


I added the Renegade Bracelet, and my oh-so-comfy ballet flats from Cobb Hill.


I feel like this outfit looks more fall than spring, but I really like the color combination. It’s a keeper!


And that’s a wrap. Hopefully next week I can put together some more spring-like outfits. I keep thinking our weather is going to turn around. It has to eventually, right??

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13 thoughts on “Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style 04.15.15

  1. These are definitely cute casual looks. However, the asymmetrical top is not flattering. It looks like a maternity top. It must be the direction of the stripes. As a 40+ year old woman, I don’t want the shocked look of people thinking I am pregnant.

  2. I feel so “dumpy” when I don’t wear heels, preferably wedges, with my boyfriend jeans. And to be honest, I do wear them with Chucks, it looks super cute but I still felt like a slug…sigh 😉

  3. I have to comment on each thing because really, you just crack me up!!
    First- I totally rewear something that looked good from the day/night before if I only had it on for like 2 hours! Love that you admit it too!
    second-great tunic sweater and I think the coffee cup is a great accessory!
    third-the black/white outfit IS cute & flattering….I don’t see what you see, but it could just be the angle of the pic. I’m always telling mom & nancy that 2-D is different than 3-D
    fourth–I agree with you on the boyfriend jeans…not that they’re baaad, they just don’t make you look as great as you do with those cargo pants!
    and lastly—stacy & clinton are always right!! jodie

  4. I love the cargo pants outfit. I wish I could get some of those pants! Would you call them “skinny”?

    Also, just an aside here, I found a great camisole at a store I never went into before last Saturday. The store is Uniqlo, and the find was a camisole with a really nice bra inside. The large fits me comfortably! I am a 38 B at Victoria’s Secret. I mean this bra hides all the bumps. It is substantial yet comfy and cute. Nice! I also got a pair of their cropped leggings I am loving.

    1. Hey Sara, yes, the cargos are definitely skinny. I love them, but they are really big in the waist, so I always have to belt them. They’re great for when I’m feeling heavier than I’d like, ha!

      I’ll check out Uniqlo!

  5. As always you look great. I was admiring your blue on blue in the top photo. I agonise over what blues goes with what blue jeans. So difficult. And I find that I often come home with a blue top that looks horrible with ALL my blue jeans. ugghhh…I guess I need to find a cute pair of khaki pants…somewhere….in my price range…. Maybe when I’m in the States next year.

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