Schoodic Point, Maine

The weather has taken a turn for the worse, but not to be deterred, we took the two oldest kids on a tour of the Schoodic Penninsula. After a rather underwhelming lunch in Winter Harbor (note to self: stick with the old standby next time), we made our way down to the point where the angry surf pounded the stony coast.

Windy much?

The kids didn’t mind.

kids at schoodic

And who would? For views like this, we didn’t mind braving the elements.

schoodic point


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19 thoughts on “Schoodic Point, Maine

  1. There is something awe inspiring about the rocky coast of Maine when a storm hits. Nothing compares to it.
    I remember that when it rains in Maine it will usually just constantly “drizzle” for days but not really rain. LOL! I hope that doesn’t happen to you.
    Thank you for letting me live through you a little. Can you go say Hi to my parents please? LOL!

  2. Honestly – a day like that at the beach sets my soul in the right direction. There is something very powerful about the wind and the pounding sea coming in and standing in the midst of it!!

  3. Love Schoodic Point! I spent my summers in Maine as a child with my friend and her family. That was always one of our destinations. We always stopped in Rockport, ME on the way to Bar Harbor to visit Andre the Seal too. I really should plan a Maine vacation for my family, I have so many fond memories.

  4. My kids would be right there soaking it all in, too.
    Your pics are making me impatient for our trip to Maine next month.

  5. I grew up in that great state. I hope you are enjoying! I never sleep better than when slicked with salt from the ocean and air, and lulled by the fog horn…

  6. I love the contrast of the bright outfits against the not-so-bright day. And that you got to wear a jacket in July! I love when the weather is just so that you need to wear something cozy. If you were home, you’d positively melt! Enjoy the Maine days!

  7. Those pictures are GREAT! I love the one of your daughter – definitely frame worthy:)

  8. I visited my grandparents in Winter Harbor every summer growing up and still go back as often as I can. In fact I am trying to squeeze in a trip before the kids go back to school. (Difficult task when you live in Florida.) Schoodic always feels like home to me. Did you eat at Chase’s? If not – next time. Unless things have changed significantly in the last year – you won’t be disappointed!

  9. My daughter and I are going to Winter Harbor this weekend. My great grandfather owned the only general store in town and we owned two homes. Haven’t been ‘home’ for many, many years and am so anxious to show my daughter Schoodic Point, Down Dock, Grindstone Neck, Prospect Harbor (where my grandparents were born), etc.
    Thanks for the pictures, I plan on sitting on the rocks, too….

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