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Greetings, friends. I hope Friday is treating you well. I went to the mall this morning to return a few things, so I decided to do a try-on sesh to share with you.

I had big goals. BIG goals, y’all. I wanted to hit a bunch of stores and show a bunch of variety… but I didn’t make it out of Nordstrom.

You would think trying on clothes and taking pictures should be a pretty cushy job, but it wears me out. Seriously, I just don’t have the stamina for more than one store. I always park outside of Nordstrom so that’s where I started, and that’s as far as I got. I apologize because I know some people get tired of Nordstrom, but they really do make a pleasant shopping experience. I left to go into the rest of the mall, and I suddenly felt overwhelmed and tired so I turned around and went home. Ha!

It’s probably a good thing because if I’d kept shopping, I wouldn’t have had time to put this post together this afternoon. We’re headed out in a bit to shoot a holiday outfit and grab an early dinner, and then I hope to come home and put my feet up and watch the latest Fixer Upper. Does that not sound like the perfect Friday night?

Any-who. Let’s get started! I figured I should start by showing you what I actually wore to the mall. This sweater is really soft and stretchy, and it comes in a ton of colors. I like that it’s short but not cropped, and it fits close to the body without being clingy. This is the burgundy heather, and for size reference, I’m wearing a small. You’ve seen everything else a gazillion times before. I try not to wear a heavy coat to the mall so my leather jacket works perfectly.

madewell inland turtleneck (get up to 30% off with code OHWHATFUN) // leather moto // AG raw hem legging ankle jeans // similar booties

I was having major static electricity so pardon my hair! I didn’t realize this cozy pointelle-knit sweater had the open back when I pulled it off the rack. It’s really soft and cozy, but you would definitely want a tank top underneath — both because of the open back and because it’s sort of see-through. It also comes in ivory and grey, and I’m wearing a small.

This off-the-shoulder sweater is cute in theory, but not so much in reality. I am wearing the medium, and it’s still super skin-tight and shows every lump and bump. I love the colors and the stripe pattern, but it stayed at the mall.

I really wanted to love this Free People lace-up tee. I love the lace-up detail and the raw seams, but it’s not terribly flattering. Even so, I was *this close* to bringing it home, but then I decided to hold off. I think I’d wear it twice and then decide it makes me look dumpy and toss it in my donate pile. These flowy styles look better on women who are smaller on top. One of you should snap it up! Or buy it for your young adult daughter. It’s really a younger look.

Good grief, the static! Is there a solution for that? It drives me nuts this time of year.

Pardon the blurry picture, but I wanted to show you how cute the back is.

Can you believe these sleeves are back!?! It reminds me of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. They’re not for me, but if you’re trying to balance out a bigger bottom half, you might find this style flattering. This sweater is a nice quality and super soft. I think I was wearing a small, but I forgot to take a picture of this one so I’m not sure. (I usually take pix of all the tags so I can find them and remember my size.)

I couldn’t resist trying this Topshop oversize turtleneck. It’s soft and cozy, and I like the drapey turtleneck and ribbed sleeves, but it’s sort of see-through and not particularly figure-flattering. Still, for an oversized cozy look, I like it. I would definitely wear a nude cami underneath. I’m wearing the US6.

How cute is this floral blouson top??? I love the blouson sleeves for a change from the bell sleeves. These are much more practical. I think this would be cute with black velvet jeans for the holidays, or regular black jeans for anytime. I’d also love to try it with light pink jeans or cords. I don’t see this color online, but I really like the ivy birch floral — it would be amazing with burgundy jeans.

This Sundry Cheers sweatshirt is more grey than green — they call it vintage black on the website. Not sure why it photographed so green here; the picture on the website is more accurate. It’s a ridiculous price for a sweatshirt, but it is super soft and cozy, it has a flattering fit, and it is just fun. I think it would be perfect for a casual NYE party. I’m wearing the 3 here.

It’s doing something funky on that shoulder in the back from the hanger. It actually fits great. I know they have to hang stuff in the stores, but it really isn’t good for the garments. So annoying.

I’m kind of over the off-the-shoulder sweater trend. I have two, and I definitely don’t have the occasions to wear more than that, but I tried on this Chelsea28 off-the-shoulder sweater to show you because I think it would be fun with white jeans or ivory velvet jeans for holiday parties. I’m wearing the small, for reference, and it also comes in a white version. This is the ivory vanilla champagne.

Okay, here is me stepping out of my comfort zone to try something new. I love the *idea* of a sequin skirt and a sweater, but this combo definitely wasn’t working for me.

This Halogen sequin pencil skirt is more of a midi-length, and I don’t love that on me. Obviously it needs heels, but still, I’m not sure what I’d wear on top. For size reference, this is the medium and it fits okay or maybe a little big. I couldn’t wear the small right now, though, which is pretty typical of me with the Halogen brand. I’m always in between their small and medium in skirts and dresses, so I’d say it runs true to size.

The side tie wool and cashmere sweater is cute, though. Here’s how it looks with jeans.

I also really like this lace-up bell sleeve sweater. It’s 40% off right now, and I’m wearing the small. It’s longer than the tops I normally wear, but it has some shape through the waist and I feel like it’s flattering. I would probably only wear it with heels to help balance out my proportions. It also comes in grey, light pink, and a pretty peacock blue.

This mock neck cable knit sweater is really cozy and warm, and it’s cute for more of a chunky look. I like the length and the straight hem, although the sleeves are almost too long. If you have long arms, you will love this.

Finally, this funnel neck cashmere sweater is gorgeous!!! I don’t think I’m a fan of the stripes on me personally, but it also comes in solid colors. I showed it with my black leather jacket to show you how well it layers under a structured jacket. For size reference, this is the small.

Phew! I did it! And I still have time to primp a little bit before I head out for the evening!

Weekend Sale Roundup

If you’re shopping this weekend, hopefully this little roundup of weekend sales will be helpful!

Bloomingdales // Take 25% off a large selection. Look for the promo code “FRIENDS” as you shop.

LOFT // 40% off your purchase with the code “NEWNOW”. I will try to update my LOFT Favorites page later today.

Anthropologie // 30% off all clothing and winter accessories.

Macy’s // Extra 30% off select styles with code FRIEND.

J.Crew // 30% off full price styles and 40% off on orders over $200. Use code HOLIDAYFUN.

Nordstrom // Tons of NEW MARKDOWNS including this Leith bell sleeve sweater I’ve featured several times and this popular Barefoot Dreams essential cardigan. Updating my Nordstrom Favorites page is also on my agenda for today, as well as my SHOP page. These can all be accessed at anytime thru the link in my menu bar.

Madewell // 20% off on orders of $100+ and 30% off on orders of $200+. Exclusions apply. Use code OHWHATFUN. I love this funnel neck sweater (I have burgundy hthr – wearing in the top picture in this post) and this mockneck sweater (I have hthr cactus.) I also wear this v-neck sweater a ton (I have the antique cream.)

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48 thoughts on “Shop With Me & Weekend Sales

  1. Kudos to you Jo Lynne for being willing to try on clothes in the middle of the Christmas shoppers! Love so many of these looks. Thanks for the continued ideas. May have to have one of the cute sweaters! Julie L 

  2. The look on your face when trying on the silver sequin skirt is hilarious! I agree that the length isn’t quite right on you. I’m actually a huge fan of midi skirts though  (I’m 5’9 so they usually hit me in a good spot but done tins they’re too short & hit right below the knee which looks weird. 

    I really wish I had a need for new sweaters but it’s been so unseasonably warm in CA this fall…..I’m sure you’ve heard about the devastating wildfires out west due to warm gusty winds. We have friends who were evacuated from their home and many of their neighbors lost their homes; it’s so sad. It was in the high 70s this week in So CA and this weekend it’ll be in the mid-80s. When we went to get our Christmas tree last weekend it was funny to see people in flip flops and tank tops carrying trees to their cars! 

    So….. I actually needed outfit inspiration for our warm fall weather and I went back to your “27 days of spring fashion” from earlier this year! ????☀️ It helped me create a few new outfits for work this week. Thank you! 

    1. I do think that skirt would be nice on someone taller. Just doesn’t quite do it for me.

      I cannot BELIEVE it is 80 out there! I think I would hate that. Glad the spring fashion posts help!

      1. I popped into Nordstrom today to look for a statement necklace to wear for a holiday party coming up. The air conditioning was on so high….super cold! I wondered if it encourages people to buy sweaters if they feel cold while shopping. ???? 

        1. Ha! I think they only do that in warm climates. Whenever I’m in the south, places have their A/C blasting. It’s annoying. Up here I’m always roasting in our Nordstrom, but maybe that’s b/c trying on clothes is a workout. 🙂

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne! It’s fun to shop with you! HA!! I like the black lace-up bell sweater and the cream Topshop oversized sweater. I also love the striped turtleneck to wear under cardigans. You should wear more stripes!! I was at Nordstroms (Cherry Hill Mall) 2 days ago and it was pleasantly NOT crowded. I went at 10am, so the earlier the better. AND, what’s up with all the static electricity? My hair is crazy, I heard someone say once to rub a dryer sheet on your hair to tame it. Unfortunately I didn’t have one in the dressing room with me! I guess it’s worth trying!!!!

    1. I love stripes! I’ve heard that dryer sheet trick but I don’t like the idea of rubbing those chemicals in my hair. Of course, I guess those chemicals are on all my clothes. Sigh… I tried vinegar in the wash to replace fabric softener, but it does not work well for static. But I digress. LOL!

  4. So much fun! I love the floral blouse, the gray sweater (with jeans) and the striped sweater with the leather jacket. Thanks for taking us shopping with you. We don’t have a Nordstrom and frankly when I’ve been to one in bigger cities I get overwhelmed. So much better to shop online and get ideas from bloggers and you are one of my favs! Enjoy your weekend. 

  5. To solve the static I’ve started keeping a mini spray bottle of water in my purse. My daughter’s hair gets so staticy! And dressing rooms are horrible! Just a spritz or two usually does the trick!

  6. I hear you with the puffy shoulders!  I’m even starting to see sweaters with shoulder pads in some of the trendy boutiques!

    I really love that last striped sweater!  Have a great weekend!

  7. I appreciate you braving the Christmas shoppers to try on various tops and the sequin skirt for us.  Your facial expressions in some of the pictures are priceless.  I know where I would be shopping if I needed sweaters or gifts for others.  I am contemplating the Free People Laceup top for our 18 year old granddaughter and the floral top for me.  Here in south central GA we did not get any snow, just 3+” of rain, but the snow that did fall in GA is a very rare occurrence.  Have a beautiful Saturday!

  8. I think the purple sweater really is a great color for you – really brightened up your face! You should look for something else in that color that fits like you like!

  9. I like all the things you like in post. I think I am set with shopping for the season but still fun to see what you post. Can still get ideas on how to put what I have together. I just love your easy casual style. As for snow it messed up my weekend in Atlanta. I live in Savannah and can’t get there today as planned. But hoping I can go tomorrow and spend a few days. Atlanta traffic is bad enough without also dealing with snow and ice. Wish I had gotten there in time for the snow though.

  10. I just love your try on sessions for your facial expressions alone!  You always have great tips/suggestions for whatever article of clothing you’re trying on.  I’ve just noticed the static starting to show up in my hair when drying it now. A sure sign our house is on the dry side. I’m done purchasing any clothing for myself until spring, but love following your blog/Instagram for ideas on wearing what I already have!  Enjoy that ❄️! 

    1. So glad it’s helpful! Snow is really coming down now. We did a photo shoot when it was just starting. Can’t wait to upload the pix and see how they turned out.

      Came back home, put on jeans and a sweatshirt, and we have totally cleaned out and organized the attic. It feels great! I think I earned a cup of hot chocolate. 🙂

  11. I know what you mean about getting lost in everything Nordstrom has to offer. Any time I stop there, when at the mall, that is it for me. I have usually spent more than I should have, and I’m totally spent. I never make it to the other stores. My brain just says “home and coffeeeee”. ????
    My fave was the striped turtleneck. I liked it on you and it looked really nice under your leather jacket. A little print to break up the solidness of it. As for the exaggerated shoulders – NO! I saw a news women last night with a blazer that had those shoulders. Thought “ What?!” Another trend I’ll probably pass on. 
    I saw the crazy snow the southern states are getting. They are totally unprepared for driving in those conditions. Must be a nightmare! 

      1. For some reason, I thought you grew up in Maine. Huh! 
        I’m glad I’m not RVing down that way this year. Imagine the surprise waking up to snow when all you have are your shorts. I guess you would call it a snow day and hunker down with another coffee. 

  12. SNOW in HOUSTON (of all places !!!!!) Thursday evening/Friday morning made for a gorgeous winter wonderland, although short-lived … VERY exciting for us Texans !!!! first Harvey, followed by our world series win, and now snow !!!!!!! this is one crazy city !!!!!  

  13. I love these posts! Several of the sweaters you tried on are ones I would love…but I am so lazy lol, not into hand washing or dry cleaning clothes. I did have a good giggle at the sequin skirt, can tell you were not a fan for sure! 

  14. I forgot to mention blouson sleeves are my favorite! I can add a cardigan or blazer if I need an extra layer, not something I can do with bell sleeves!

  15. I actually agree – trying on clothes is fun but tiring!  

    I do like the sequin skirt, but I agree not with the sweater.  Like you, I’m not sure what I would wear with the skirt either.  Something more fitted and darker maybe but not sure what exactly.  

    Anyway, have a good weekend – cheers!

  16. I was so looking forward to this post because I love when you do a try on sesh. However, only a few of your pics uploaded.  Maybe it was on my end, but I’ve never had these problems before on my iPad. Btw the few pics I saw were great!

  17. Tthank you for the “shopping trip” love all the outfits and like you i didn’t care much for the silver sequin skirt i do like how you paired the side tie wool and cashmere sweater with the jeans that looked a lot better

  18. Thanks so much for the try on sesh. My hubby and I hit the mall today and I came home with a new sweater, and 2 skirts. I found some cute jeans but even on clearance were more than I wanted to spend on jeans with rips. I think I’m going to hunt them online.

  19. I love so many of these! I even love the blouson sleeve blouse and that’s not typically my thing. My favorites on you are definitely the striped turtleneck and purple cable neck sweaters. Both of those look fantastic on you. I love the Topshop turtleneck too. If I only needed another sweater, lol!

    1. Yes, I always keep one in my jacket pocket. I usually just rub it on my hands or my hair brush. I’ve also heard pinning a safety pin somewhere on your clothes helps, but I’ve never actually tried it. I think that’s more for cling, but I’m sure it would help with your hair if your clothing isn’t full of static. 😉

  20. Fun post.  I think this time of year is dangerous for shopping.  I’m usually done with Christmas gifts for others, but want to be at the mall with the festive feel etc. so end up buying myself stuff I don’t really need and the sales are great.  At least at the LOFT. I usually end up at the LOFT and don’t leave.  I just think their prices and quality are better for me than Nordstrom.  I had to laugh at the sequin skirt also. We’ve talked skirts before. I really think with skirts everyone should just wear their shirt tucked in. I don’t wear a lot of skirts because its SOOOO hard to find the right top, the right length.  Dresses so much easier.  But, I did love the tie grey sweater.  You looked great in the striped turtle neck with your leather jacket too.  I liked a lot of what you tried and agreed on all you posted with them.  I wish we had snow.  I LOVE snow and especially at this time of year but we really only get 1, maybe 2 snow falls a year and not much or doesn’t last long. Last year was fun, as we got more and it lasted.  🙂  

    1. I hear ya about it being dangerous. I’m the same – done Christmas shopping for the most part but sales are so good… sigh! 🙂

      I can’t tuck tops in — too short waisted, too much chest, so I really struggle with skirts.

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