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Hello from Pittsburgh, PA! We arrived around dinnertime last night, just in time to check into our hotel and grab a bite to eat. We ended up at a restaurant that was having an open mic night, and my 14-y/o daughter sang 3 songs with her ukulele. It was her first time singing in public, even though she spends every free moment singing and playing at home. It went really well, considering it was her first time doing anything like that.

Actually, she sang a solo once at a concert her voice teacher hosted, so this was #2. I almost forgot about that. Anyway, it was very cool, and I have a feeling we’re going to be seeking out more open mic nights when we get home.

We’ll be spending the next two days touring colleges in the area before heading down to Virginia for Easter. These are our first college visits for my 17-y/o son, and I’m excited to see how they go and what he thinks.

So the Shopbop Event of the Season Sale starts today!

This is a 3-day sale, and you save 20% on orders under $500 and 25% on orders of $500 or more with code EVENT17.

Shopbop carries a lot of designer brands like AG, DL1961, Paige, Tory Burch, Stuart Weitzman, Clare V, Kate Spade, R Minkoff, Sam Edelman, Hunter Boots, and so many more. Things do go fast, so you definitely don’t want to wait around for long. When you put something in your shopping cart, it is held for you for 30 minutes. After that, it isn’t removed, but they can no longer hold them for you.

I just ordered these cropped straight leg jeans (I’m not a fan of cropped flares, but these might be a happy medium between that and the super skinny styles I normally wear) and these denim pumps. I’m also debating the Yaro sandals in the hot pink. Ahhh… decisions. I really wish I had more occasion to wear heels. I love them, but I spend most of my life in flats. Unfortunately, the popular Tory Burch Miller Sandals are excluded from this sale, or I’d be tempted to order those in the black patent. FYI, this style with the block heel IS included in the sale. Oooh, and the Felicia Flats are also included.

I was also debating this faux suede moto jacket in the cafe au lait. I think it would be perfect for spring, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t wear it much. I tend to go for cardigans when I layer because they’re more comfortable.

Here are some of my top picks that I pulled together. Many of these are things I own and love. As far as I know, these are all included in the sale. The hover price is the full price. Your discount will be taken when you put in the code EVENT17 at checkout.







I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Hello, from Western PA! If your travels take you north of Pittsburgh, don’t forget to stop at the Prime Outlets in Grove City. Lots of bargains to be had. Enjoy your time with your family. I purchased the CND Vinylux polish but have problems applying it in an even coat. So frustrating! It always shows brush marks and lines. Any advice?

  2. Enjoy your visit to Pittsburgh and Western PA! Lots of great universities and colleges out here. Especially my Alma mater, H2P!

  3. Tip for the college trips – When the visits are over make sure to ask “Can you see yourself here at this college or on this campus?” You might be surprised by his answers. My daughter is in her freshman year at college and when we were looking there were a lot of colleges she liked or thought were nice, but not all of them made the ‘Yes, I can see myself here” list. Good Luck!

  4. Welcome to My hometown from another Pittsburgh follower! Hope you enjoy your time here. I went to Duquesne univ and Carlow university, both great schools if they happen to be on your list! Both are near Primanti’s which is a unique to Pittsburgh place to eat. Good luck with the school search. Pittsburgh is a great place to get an education.

  5. Have fun! We live in Oklahoma but our oldest son went to and graduated from Wyotech in Blairsville, PA. I love your beautiful state and hope to visit again soon.
    Can’t wait to see what outfit that you wear on Easter.
    Safe travels to you guys.

  6. I decided to splurge and get the AG jeans I have been looking at for awhile…I have 2 pair of AG jeans but they are the high waisted ones and I have fallen in love with this brand! We will be in Western PA for Easter, but north of Pittsburgh!

  7. I recently purchased a pair of denim pumps and I LOVE them! They go with so many things in my closet…especially loving them with my white jeans. Have fun checking out schools and happy Easter!

  8. Welcome to Penguins Country! You have arrived just in time for the start of Hockey playoff season! You’ll see black and gold everywhere! Even though I now live in South Jersey, I was born and raised near Pittsburgh and my mom and siblings still live there. I’ve traveled that PA Turnpike many times and those curves in the mountains are crazy, especially battling trucks! Enjoy your college visits. Pitt? Carnegie Mellon?

  9. Another welcome from a lifelong Pittsburger! Grove City is an awesome school. I went to Point Park and graduated from Geneva. There’s a Primanti’s near there if you are adventurous with food.

  10. So neat your daughter was brave to sing in front of people. Such a good experience for her. I’d love to hear her voice sometime if she’d sing for a video post for your readers. 🙂 Have fun college shopping. I thought it was a little stressful, as I couldn’t’ relax and enjoy the whole process from always thinking about leaving my kid there and not having them at home. But, you will be okay and it all works out and gets better…….I promise. I was a TERRIBLE empty nester, as I’ve shared with you already.

  11. I love Pittsburgh! I’m an alumni of Duquesne University. I live closer to you now in the West Chester area but look back fondly at the 4 years I spent there.

  12. That was incredibly brave of your daughter! Maybe it broke the ice and is only the start of her playing in public. She will only get more comfortable. Best of luck to her!
    I’m loving those CE jeans you ordered. I’ve actually liked that trend since it started, but I just can’t see it working for me and my shorter legs. I’m anxious to hear how you like them!

    1. I’m curious too. I think if they’re snug enough in the rear and thighs, I’ll like them… but maybe only with wedges. Not sure about flats although the Converse Shoreline on the website seems to work well with them.

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