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Good morning, and happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth. Today I’m styling a gorgeous teal sleeveless sweater outfit for summer, and this sweater is also a great transition piece for fall.

This gorgeous teal sleeveless sweater outfit with white jeans and cognac accessories is perfect for summer, and the sweater is also a great transition piece for fall.

Yes, I actually said it. I am in no way, shape, or form ready to think about fall fashion, but I couldn’t help but think how perfect this sweater would be for those warm fall days when it’s too hot to wear fall clothes but you want to wear fall colors and weightier fabrics. That said, it’s also perfect for pairing with white jeans for summer.

This gorgeous teal sleeveless sweater outfit with cognac accessories is perfect for summer, and the sweater is also a great transition piece for fall.
I picked up this sleeveless sweater at Banana Republic last week. I was first drawn to the color, but I also love how it fits close to the body without being clingy. It is currently on sale for $44 and available in all sizes. I’m wearing the medium. I love the cable detail and the side slits in the hem.

I love teal and cognac together! This foldover crossbody is only $39!

I immediately envisioned this sweater with white jeans, but it would also be nice with black or dark denim. For summer I prefer it with a lighter color.

This gorgeous teal sleeveless sweater outfit with white jeans and cognac accessories is perfect for summer, and the sweater is also a great transition piece for fall.

These are the Steve Madden Emmey wedges in cognac leather. I wanted to show an affordable but versatile wedge sandal, and I really like the braided strap across the toe. These shoes are extremely lightweight and easy to walk in.

Steve Madden Emmey Platform Wedge Sandals

The website advises you to size down in these shoes, but I ordered my usual 8, and they fit perfectly, as you can see. Occasionally I can wear an 8.5, but that’s rare in a sandal, so I would say they are pretty true to size.

White jeans make the perfect neutral palette for this teal sweater and cognac shoes and handbag.

These are my DL1961 Florence skinny jeans, which I had hemmed when I bought them. I’m noticing in these pictures that they’re looking awfully short, especially from behind. I don’t know if they have shrunk over the years, or if the extra 3-5 pounds I’m carrying is causing them to ride up, or if they’ve always been this way and I’m just starting to notice it, but I would recommend hemming your jeans so they almost rest on the back of the shoe (unless, of course, they’re supposed to be an ankle-length jean.)

These jeans are on sale at Bloomingdales for $99, and if they had my size, I’d grab a new pair and have them hemmed properly. I absolutely love these jeans — the style, the fit, and the weight of them is perfect, and I really hate that mine are looking short.

This gorgeous teal sleeveless sweater outfit with white jeans and cognac accessories is perfect for summer, and the sweater is also a great transition piece for fall.

I didn’t want to wear a necklace and distract from the pretty cable pattern in the sweater, so I opted for statement earrings instead. These Havana Chandeliers are my favorites. They’re currently on backorder, but they should be restocked soon.

I also wore my white and gold beaded bangles from Alex and Ani. I always tend to wear these bracelets with these earrings because they compliment each other so nicely.

This gorgeous teal sleeveless sweater outfit with white jeans and cognac accessories is perfect for summer, and the sweater is also a great transition piece for fall.

Finally, this Foldover Crossbody is only $39! It’s also available in grey and black. I know not everyone has the same affinity that I have for designer handbags, and I wanted to show you one that is super cute and on trend and won’t break the bank.

Loving teal and cognac with the white jeans for an easy summer outfit.

I really love how this outfit came together. It’s simple and comfortable, but the colors and textures are really pretty together.

This gorgeous teal sleeveless sweater outfit with white jeans and cognac accessories is perfect for summer, and the sweater is also a great transition piece for fall.

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Banana Republic Sleeveless Cable-Knit Top $44 // DL1961 Florence Skinny Jeans $99 // Steve Madden Emmey Platform Wedge Sandals $78 // BP. Foldover Crossbody $39 // Havana Chandeliers // beaded bangles c/o Alex and Ani // Fitbit Bracelet

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22 Responses

  1. It took me awhile to get used to the idea of sweaters in spring and summer, but now I like them. They’re soft and comfortable, and useful in over-air-conditioned places like restaurants, etc. And as you say, they can move into fall. That’s especially true in the South, where I live.
    The one you’ve chosen is very pretty. Love that color!

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Lovely outfit. Thanks for showing a cheap but pretty bag. I do share your love of designer bags but I don’t have the budget for it right now.
    Great to see a transitioning piece, I love teal. I think a red bag and/or ted shoes would also look good with this outfit. Please don’t mention fall yet-dreading it!!! ????

  3. Jo-Lynne, The color of the sweater is awesome! I love wearing various shades of teal. Sorry, but I’m praying for fall weather. I’ve never liked the heat,but this year GA is having extremely hot weather along with unhealthy air and high heat index.

    Have a blessed day!

  4. This is very pretty…love the colors. However I like sleeves. I also love the purse. The fit on the sweater is nice too. Thank you for sharing

  5. Well, I can see why you liked that sweater so much—the color is perfect on you!
    As someone who does alterations—I see what you’re refering to with the length of the jeans, but I’m not sure you could get them much longer without them scrunching up in the front more?
    Great outfit Jo-Lynne!!

    1. I was wondering that too — they are okay from the front, but even there, I often feel I could use maybe a half inch. They just look really odd to me from behind, especially with these shoes. It’s hard with skinny jeans that aren’t super skinny at the ankle. These almost fit like a straight leg because the ankle opening is wider than most. I’m totally open to your opinion!!! 🙂

      1. I think the hard thing about full length pants is they look different with different shoes. Did you have these shoes on when you went for the alterations? That could be part of the issue?
        But in the big picture….I truly think the length is great. I would never have looked at these pictures and thought the pants were too short.
        Especially from the rear—lets be frank and say people are going to be looking at your great bum—not the length of the jeans!!

  6. Love teal and white. I was in Omaha for my nephew’s college baseball games. Their school colors are predominately teal with white and bronze. The vendor had to print more shirts because they were so popular. It’s a beautiful color and looks great on both men and women. Believe me, I saw all shapes, sizes and shades and it complimented everyone. I feel really good in it and looking for a few more pieces. Can’t wear a sweater in Florida right now but it would be a great Fall piece.

    Anyway, I guess I need a lesson in pant lengths. Your length here looks great to my very ignorant eye. Any info out there to educate me?

    1. Pant length is super tricky, and it really depends on the shoes you’re wearing and how wide the leg opening is at the bottom. Even skinny jeans vary significantly. Some ankles are tight, and they have to be shorter, or they would bunch up. These are a bit wider and they should fall straight and end within a half-inch of the floor (in flats) or the sole of the shoe. These just seem a tiny bit too short to me, but maybe I’m being too picky. It wouldn’t be the first time. Ha!

  7. You look so pretty on the blog today. What a gorgeous color sleeveless sweater on you! This is a great casual but polished outfit. Bummer on the fireworks yesterday!! Boo indeed.

    I like how you had your shopping widget on the homepage with your featured picture. Genius!! How did you do that?!?


  8. That is such a gorgeous sweater. I just love the rich color and detail on it, not to mention how stunning it is on you. I can’t imagine wearing it where I live now, but I agree, it would be a great fall piece.

  9. Love the color of that sweater! It is perfect color for FAL(sorry, I couldn’t even finish that 4 letter word!) Not yet!

  10. The summer sweater has always perplexed me. Sweaters are for winter, but short sleeves are for summer. You really pull off the look in this post and may have converted me. Your style, pics, and posts have a way of doing that.

  11. Love the dark green with the mint– that wouldn’t have occurred to me. I already have the mint green jeans – a great deal at Marshall’s– and several dark green tops. Thanks for sharing, Jo-Lynne. Have a wonderful time in Maine. I’m one week into my family’s 2 week vacay in Maine!

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