Sneakers “At The Gym” and “On The Go”

If you’ve known me for very long, you know that I’ve never been a huge fan of wearing running sneakers with everyday outfits. However, sometimes it just makes sense. Whether it’s because of your lifestyle or due to injury (in my case, I’m currently struggling with some plantar fasciitis) there are times when wearing sneakers is necessary and much more practical than other types of footwear.

Thankfully we live in 2013 and there are some seriously stylish sneakers on the market right now. In case you haven’t noticed, neon is in. It seems like every time I turn around, the sneaker trends get brighter. Soon you’ll have to wear sunglasses to walk through the sporting goods store.

I actually really love this trend. Who says running shoes have to be blue and white? They’re definitely much more fun to wear nowadays, yes, I daresay they can even make a fashion statement. Just don’t wear them with mom jeans, okay?

To my point, the folks at FinishLine sent me a pair of the new Under Armour Spine Lazer Running Shoes to style with two different outfits — one for wearing to the gym and another one for wearing on the go. They really are that versatile.

When I opened the box, I was happy to see that mine were mostly black with neon pink accents. They also make a very preppy green and pink version, if that’s your thang.

Women's Under Armour Spine Lazer Running Shoes

So they’re definitely cute. But my first question always is “how do they feel”?

The verdict? They are stiffer than some of my sneakers, but very lightweight. And the mesh lazer cut upper breathes, which is key because my feet tend to feel claustrophobic in socks and lace-up shoes. There is plenty of room in the foot bed for my toes to wiggle (yes, this is important in a sneaker!) My only complaint is that the tongue of the shoe comes a little too high and presses into the front of my ankle — mostly just on my right foot. I have remedied this by removing my laces from the last hole and tying them back one notch. I also spent some time bending them and folding them, trying to loosen them up a bit. I think they will work out well for gym workouts and training sessions.

I styled this outfit with my toning class at the gym in mind. I’m much more inclined to keep my gym appointment when I have cute athletic gear to wear. This is the kind of outfit I love.


UA Undeniable Wordmark Tank | Athleta Kickbooty Yoga Shorts | UA Spine Lazer Running Shoes | UA Mini Headbands | Garmin Forerunner

They also included in the box with the shoes this Under Armour tank top. I absolutely love these. I have another one in orange that I wear a lot, both to the gym and also to run. It’s so soft and lightweight and it’s cute too. They do tend to shrink in the wash, but they also “grow” when you sweat, so it all evens out in the, um, wash? LOL! Here’s a link to all the Under Armour tanks at FinishLine.

I also styled the shoes with an “On the Go” outfit that is something I typically wear around the house as well as to run errands or to my son’s baseball games. My favorite cut-offs with a cute striped tank top work great with these stylish sneaks.

sporty on-the-go outfit

GAP Essential Striped Rib TankCut-Offs {similar} | UA Spine Lazer Running Shoes | Phillies Ball Cap

I know, I’m such a dork!

How about you? Are sneakers just for exercise or do you wear them when you’re on the go as well?

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9 Responses

  1. Your outfits are always so cute, even with sneakers! I love the bright sneaker trend too. I caught myself getting a bright pink pair when I needed a new running shoe.

  2. Given my sever bunion problem (gross, I know) i’ve had to switch to ugly orthopedic shoes and $$ inserts. i hate sneakers but have found that Converse works for me and sort of fits my personality. i’d much rather wear a cute penny loafer or a slingback though…

  3. Do you love your athleta yoga shorts? I’ve been on the search for shorts that stay in place when I’m doing intense cardio classes or strength training (squats!). You look great in yours!

  4. I wear sneakers all. the. time. I replaced my heels and cute flat obsession with a cute sneaker obesesdion a few years ago. Pumas and Nike are my favorite ‘fun’ sneakers. I wear whatever the running store tells me to for when I run. They are experts, not me.

  5. I used to be so much more fashionable and then I got lazy. Actually, I left my job and went back to school. I tried dressing up but felt awkward because I constantly got “Do you have a presentation today? Why do you look so nice?”. Then I slowly slipped into the jeans and sneakers habit and its been hard getting out of it. Now, I’m done with one school and working from home. Seriously, I don’t need to dress up for only my cats to see.

    And I agree, I used to swear off sneakers for every day fashion and I’ve been doing it regularly now! It also has a lot to do with the ankle problem I had last year. I went from wearing boots constantly to sneakers because it was the only thing that didn’t hurt. Gotta change that around! Subscribing to your blog for that extra kick in the butt!!

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