Spring Cleaning My Closet with eBay

Spring Cleaning with eBay

It’s that time of year! I’m itching to throw open the windows and get everything cleaned out and in order for a new season. There is no time of year that inspires me to clean up and clean out more than springtime, so it was perfect timing when I was invited to partner with eBay to talk about spring cleaning. They provided me with an eBay gift card to get started on my own spring cleaning project.

Spring Cleaning with the eBay Gift Card

I clicked over to check out their Spring store, and they have everything from patio sets to grills, from hot tubs to bicycles. They also have a whole section for home organization.

The nice thing about the eBay gift card is it’s one card, but it gives you so many options. You can find just about anything you could possibly need or want on eBay these days, so it’s an easy one-stop shop, and generally you’re going to get a better value than at a brick and mortar retailer. It’s definitely something to keep it in mind for your gift giving needs this spring.

With my job, clothes and shoes and accessories are constantly cycling through my house, and I have to keep up with the organization or it gets out of hand quickly. We don’t have a spare bedroom for stashing stuff, and my office is in the front of the house so that can’t really be a catch-all either, so I work very hard to keep everything in its place in my bedroom and move stuff out as soon as I’m done with it.

We have a custom walk-in closet with a lot of built-in organization, but I’m always looking for new solutions to make that space as efficient as possible.

The first step to switching over my closet for spring is to move out the winter clothes and shoes to make room for the new spring fashions. I keep my out-of-season clothes in plastic storage bins in the attic. Over time, they get cruddy and need replacing, so I was happy to use my eBay gift card to freshen up my collection.

Once I bring down all the spring and summer clothes from the last season, I go through everything and reevaluate if I want to keep it or not. Anything I’m not going to keep goes right downstairs and out into a storage bin of things to be donated that we keep in my office. When it gets full, my friends and family are invited to shop my closet, and anything that’s left goes to our local thrift store.

Of the things I keep, most things need to be washed or freshened up before I hang them in my closet. Then it’s time to reorganize and figure out how to make everything fit for the new season.

Most of my clothes fit in my hanging area or the shelves and drawers in our walk-in closet. I love wood clothes hangers because they look nice, and I feel like they are more gentle on my clothing than other types of hangers. I keep workout clothes, loungewear, pajamas, and bathing suits in my dresser drawers. My biggest challenge is handbags, shoes, and jewelry.

I have shoe shelves in our closet, but they tend to fill up. For the past several years, I’ve kept the overflow of shoes on a bookshelf in our bedroom. I like it because it matches our bedroom furniture, but it has some limitations.

I can adjust the placement of the shelves (and make room for boots in the colder months) but it only has so many shelves so there’s a lot of wasted space. I’d like to be able to fit more shoes on it — especially at this time of year when I don’t have boots taking up a lot of vertical space.

Um, I think I might have a slight obsession with neutral shoes.

I ordered this free standing tower rack as a possible replacement. It seems like a great value at $20. I like that it has non-slip shelves (as opposed to bars as most shoe racks do) and that you can take out certain layers to make room for taller shoes and boots. I can’t wait for it to come in so I can get it all set up.

The other area I could use some help with is my jewelry. I have a jewelry armoire, but I find that I rarely use it because it’s too hard to see what I have. Instead, I keep most of my jewelry on top of my dresser or in the top drawers, but it’s hard to keep it organized, and sometimes I still forget what I have.

I started perusing the jewelry organizers on eBay, and I came across this earring stand. It will be the perfect addition to my dresser top.

Spring Cleaning with Ebay: Earring Display Rack

I can’t wait to get everything squared away and in order for spring. The key is to have workable organization solutions that help rather than hinder my efforts.

If you haven’t done a thorough closet clean-out in a while, this is a great time of year to tackle it! See my post on How to Purge Your Closet for tips.

I’m always reevaluating my closet organization and trying new things so I can stay on top of it all. It’s an ongoing process, but I try to keep up with it so I can enjoy getting ready and putting outfits together. It’s so much more pleasant to get ready in the morning when my space is organized and efficient.

As you start your spring cleaning projects, don’t forget to check out the eBay Spring store, and keep that eBay gift card in mind for your gift giving needs!

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3 Responses

  1. Jolynne!!! Thank you so much for your organization ideas! I can always benefit from that information! I wanted to share with you that my life changed forever when I converted the top dresser drawer for my jewelry. It was a game changer for me. purchased a few jewelry trays and I arranged them in the drawer. I really like the earring carousel you featured! That would allow me some more room in my trays for just bracelets and necklaces. What do you use for your scarves? I have mine folded and stored in a dresser drawer.

    1. I actually do have jewelry in my two top dresser drawers. I should have photographed that. I keep most of my bigger earrings in there, but I’m hoping the carousel will help display my dangly earrings better and leave more room for the studs and hoops in my drawers. 🙂

      I have no great solution for scarves. I had my blanket scarves folded and stacked on one of those shelves in my closet, and I hung the others on pants hangers. I saw that another blogger rolls her blanket scarves on a shelf in her closet, and that made them easier to see. I might try that next year. I have my square neck scarves thrown in with my underwear, lol. Not a good longterm solution at all! 🙂

  2. I loved organizational posts! I have the same closet organer as you I had to give up one of my shelves for my jewelry I’d love to attach a picture but not sure how to attach it in the comments.

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