Spring Fashion Preview: Green Tunic, Leggings & Riding Boots

Spring Fashion for Women Over 40: green tunic, black leggings, brown Frye riding boots

Dolman Sleeve Sweater $39 | FAVORITE leggings $36 | Frye Phillip Riding Boots $358 (worth the investment!) | Twist Lock Shoulder Bag $20 | D Yurman Link Ring $495 | my Stella & Dot New Moon NecklaceAlila Lace Chandeliers & Becker Cuff | Kate Spade Watch $225

There’s still snow on the ground here in Philly, but I have a touch of spring fever. On the one hand, winter weather didn’t actually arrive all that long ago, but I’ve been focusing on fall and winter fashion since the beginning of September, and I’m ready to think spring!

Cyndi and I have decided to start our Spring Fashion Series on March 1st. We will each post a different spring outfit each day of the month, except for Sundays, so that will be a total of 54 outfits for your spring fashion inspiration!!

I will be sharing ideas for shopping your closet to come up with new outfit combinations from basics that many of us already have, and I will also be sharing cute pieces I find at some of my favorite retailers to add variety to our closets.

I’ve been asked if I’m doing a spring capsule. The short answer is no, but I do want to settle on a small collection of quality wardrobe basics that will be the foundation for my spring outfits. Then as I bring in new things to try and share with you, I will determine if they stay or go based on how well they work with my existing wardrobe and if I think they will get enough daily wear.

In case you’re wondering, I do not keep everything I feature on my site. Shopping and sharing new trends and outfit ideas is part of my job, so you may see a lot of clothes cycle through, but that doesn’t mean I keep them all. Some things get returned, some get donated, and some I pass on to friends (lucky ladies!) Sometimes my office looks like the UPS truck threw up in here, but it’s all part of the job. Ha!

Today I’m sharing a spring preview outfit. This green Dolman Sleeve Directional Stitch Sweater came from Trunk Club, and I decided to keep it because it’s an ideal transition piece and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it this spring as well as next fall. I like that it can be worn with leggings and boots if it’s chilly outside, but the 3/4 sleeves and lightweight material will be appropriate for milder weather as well.

Spring Fashion for Women Over 40: green tunic, black leggings, brown Frye riding boots

It is priced well at $39.49 (that’s 50% off the original retail value) and comes in green, grey, and camel. For size reference, I’m wearing a medium. This top is selling fast, so if you’re thinking about it, don’t wait too long.

Spring Fashion for Women Over 40: green tunic, black leggings, brown Frye riding boots

My leggings are only $36, and they are fabulous. They wash and wear easily and hold up well. (I never put mine in the dryer.) And they’re thick enough that you can’t see through them, but I still wear tops that cover my rear view. You are welcome!

These Frye riding boots were an investment, but they’ve become a well-loved wardrobe staple. Quality riding boots like this will never go out of style, and they are sooo gorgeous. They are leather inside and out — no nylon lining. I didn’t even know boots came that way until I tried these on! Ha!

Spring Fashion for Women Over 40: green tunic, black leggings, brown Frye riding boots

This Twist Lock Shoulder Bag is only $20 at SheIn, and if you are a first time customer, you get a code for 40% off. Yes, I realize pairing a $20 designer knockoff shoulder bag with Frye riding boots is a bit incongruous, but that’s how I roll.

Spring Fashion for Women Over 40: green tunic, black leggings, brown Frye riding boots

Most of my jewelry in this outfit is from Stella & Dot. Because I’m a stylist, most of my jewelry comes from them.

I’ve been asked to show jewelry at lower price points, and I do try, but I find that I rarely look elsewhere at jewelry. I recommend checking LOFT for more affordable pieces that are on trend and quite pretty. Kohl’s has a lot too, but almost too much. I get overwhelmed there. And let’s not EVEN talk about Charming Charlie’s. I can’t walk into that store without wanting to curl up in the fetal position, but some ladies love it.

For this outfit, I decided to accessorize with gold.

Spring Fashion for Women Over 40: green tunic, black leggings, brown Frye riding boots

The necklace and earrings are both new this season. I love that delicate looks are on trend this year. The New Moon Necklace can be worn forward (pave showing) or backward (all gold). The Alila Lace Chandeliers are the perfect size and weight. Sometimes I feel like chandeliers are overwhelming, but these are perfect.

Spring Fashion for Women Over 40: green tunic, black leggings, brown Frye riding boots

The Becker Cuff makes a nice stand-alone bracelet and eliminates the need for layering. I love wearing it with 3/4-length sleeves.

My ring and watch are not Stella & Dot. My husband gave me the ring for Christmas, and I’ve worn it almost every day since. I love pieces that have both gold and silver together because they go with everything.

Spring Fashion for Women Over 40: green tunic, black leggings, brown Frye riding boots

I love how this outfit came together, and I can see myself wearing it a lot this spring!

Spring Fashion for Women Over 40: green tunic, black leggings, brown Frye riding boots


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48 Responses

  1. Omg, that’s EXACTLY how I feel about Charming Charlie’s! I have a couple of friends who love that store, but I just get completely overwhelmed in there and I can’t stay in there for more than a few minutes. I want to like it, but I just can’t.

  2. Believe it or not I am just not ready for my spring wardrobe (yet). I guess it goes to what you spoke about in regards to winter starting a bit late. Plus I know, living in Ohio, that I have probably 6 more weeks of coats and boots. Anyway, I love that outfit good call keeping the sweater.

    1. I hear ya. Normally spring clothes wouldn’t be on my radar yet either. 🙂 I have a whole new appreciation for people in the advertising and retail industry now. They are pretty much always thinking a season ahead.

  3. The green looks great on you. With my coloring though, I would probably have to pick at different color. I know how you feel about Charming Charlies, it is over whelming. I usually feel the same way when I walk into a Michaels. There is so much to choose from, I usually leave empty handed. Hahaha

  4. That bag is cute. I usually gravitate towards higher end bags for the quality but this one looks more expensive than it is! Since it looks like more of a going out/fun bag, it maybe wouldn’t be used as frequently. Do you feel like it looks more expensive than a $ 20 bag and is it a true white or more creamy? Thank you!!

    1. It’s definitely more creamy. I wouldn’t have called it white. As you know, I prefer higher quality bags too, and I didn’t know what to expect with the ridiculously low cost of this one, but I’m actually pleased. I haven’t carried it anywhere yet. So far I’ve only used it in my photo shoots, but I might if I am going out to dinner and it works with the outfit. 🙂

  5. I agree with other comments, that is a beautiful color on you. I have a 3/4 sleeve sweater tunic that I wear fall-spring. They’re perfect for down here. And, now that you mention it, I think that’s why I’ve never been much of an accessory person. I get so overwhelmed at the choices. I pretty much have to know exactly what I’m looking for and where to find it.
    By the way, do you remember the specific color of your boots? You’d linked the whiskey ones before, but I swear yours seem so much darker than mine.

  6. Great outfit! I love you’re blog. I have the same body type as you (short waisted and fuller bust) and I appreciate viewing all the items you choose to showcase. You really help me in guiding what styles I will look best in.

  7. The rich color of that green sweater is so appealing but alas no longer available in my size. It looks great on you.

  8. That green top was my favorite piece from your Trunk Club unboxing video on Periscope. I am glad you kept it! Thinking about getting one for myself. I love the color and it looks marvelous on you. Love the way you’ve styled it here!

  9. You made a great choice in keeping this tunic! Love the color on you and the fit is perfect. I really like how you styled it with black leggings and those gorgeous, brown Frye riding boots. Your jewelry and bag is spot on, too. I love a bag that you can use as a crossbody. When I shop, I like being hands free. You look great, chic!!!

  10. I really like this tunic! After selling Stella and Dot for a while and getting Rocksbox c/o it seems silly to buy jewelry that isn’t of good quality, I’m never as happy with it and it looks worn out so quickly.

  11. Really great outfit! I love the color of the sweater. If you can believe it, here in the Phoenix area, we hit 86 degrees yesterday. I may have to pass spring fever and head right into summer. Love Stella and Dot and I feel the same way about Charming Charlie’s. Love looking, but rarely buy because there is just too much. I also get a lot of my jewelry from Lucky Brand when it’s on sale or I find it at TJ Max. Their jewelry is great.

  12. Love that sweater. I have it in my cart, just need to pull the trigger. I also have and love the Hue leggings, but they’re just a hair long on me. Totally fine for wearing with boots, bit a bit long for flats. Any suggestions for a similar legging in a more ankle length?

  13. I love that green top on you! That was a good choice to keep it, especially at that price point and knowing it will be a great pick for fall or spring. I meant to comment on your trunk show post… I thought that grey sleeveless V-neck top looked amazing on you! The price was staggering, but maybe you could find a similar top for a more reasonable cost? I love your blog and I feel like you make yourself very accessible and real. I don’t think you should ever have to justify what you spend or the choices you make. For those grumpy, judgmental sorts who take issue, there are plenty of other blogs to follow! Keep rocking your own sense of style and priorities!

      1. Hi Jo-Lynne:). I received my beautiful green sweater today and absolutely love it!! I think I may order a couple more:) Question for you: the tag says hand wash and roll in a towel to dry; did you wash this way or do you think machine wash gentle cycle /line dry would be ok?Thank you so much:)

  14. I would love to find a tunic made like that! I love Charming Charlie’s, but when I go in there I am usually looking for a particular color, so I’m able to focus. And I do live checking out the clearance.

    I hope you’re having a great day!

  15. What a terrific outfit! The green looks soo great on you, and i never would have thought to put a white purse but it totally works! I
    Ended up getting the sweater in grey and love it!! I was not sure green would be good for my coloring….soo not a fashion risk taker, lol!!

    1. Yeah, it strikes me as more creamy than white, so I thought it worked. 🙂 The grey one is gorgeous. If I had been picking it myself, that’s probably the color I’d have selected too. 🙂

  16. You hit the mark as always! I love, love, love everything about your outfit. You look so chic!
    We had quite a bit of snow yesterday, but I’m still looking for items for spring. I’m going to look at your tunic now!
    Thanks for just being you! 🙂

  17. The only time I go into charming charlie’s is if i can picture the jewelry i want but havent seen it anywhere, or i’m looking for something in a particular color. It’s way too overwhelming to go there and just look around and see what they have.

  18. Jo Lynne, first let me say…that is your color girl! And, I truly appreciate your being open and honest. I received my Anne Taylor sweater in coral yesterday and love it. Will def have to compare after several wears to the ones from Nordstrom. I wore one today for the first time and noticed a bit of pilling under the arm. UGH!!

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