Spring Fashion Trends: What’s In and What’s Out for 2021

Well, friends. It’s here! The much-anticipated spring fashion trends post!

This is probably my most requested post every year. Everyone wants to know what styles will be trending this season, and which ones are on their way out.

It remains to be seen how those trends will trickle down into the styles we see on the streets where we live. And of course, how quickly these trends take hold in your area depends on how fashion-forward it is there, but this is the direction things are going.

Also realize that there will be more modified versions of these trends as they reach the high street brands. It’s not all or nothing. Some may sound extreme, but sometimes just tweaking the shape or silhouette of a piece can make it look more modern without going whole hog into the trend.

And always remember, just because it’s in style doesn’t mean you have to wear it!

Pick and choose which trends to incorporate into your wardrobe based on what works for your personal style aesthetic, body type, lifestyle, budget, etc.

Okay, then. Let’s get to it!

What’s In For 2021

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#1. oversized jackets and blazers

Menswear-inspired styles are definitely having a moment this spring, and fitted jackets will be giving way to more oversized, boxy styles. Shackets will still be going strong, and I’m seeing more bomber jackets and cropped layers as well.

I’m not sure how much I will be wearing this trend because I like the way a fitted jacket flatters my curves, but maybe I can figure out how to style them in a way that works for me.

#2. polo neck sweaters

Almost every trend report I read mentioned the polo neck sweater, and I have a feeling these are going to be everywhere this spring because they’re so wearable.

I love knitwear, and the polo neck is very flattering because it opens up the neck area, like a narrow v-neck. The trick is finding one that isn’t too low-cut, and I didn’t find many at the more accessible price points, but I think it’s just a matter of time.

#3. second skin tops

I don’t make the trends, people. I just report on them! These came up in almost every list I read.

While this not a style I see working for every woman’s body, it’s a nice option for layering under jackets and blazers — especially the oversized ones.

STYLE TIP: If your base layer is more fitted, an oversized or boxy jacket will frame your body, and the eye will still go to your shape underneath.

#4. straight denim styles and more relaxed fits

We’ve already talked about denim trends for 2021, so it will be no surprise to you that straighter styles are trending, along with higher rises and more relaxed cuts.

If you’re not a fan of the cropped look, don’t worry, the full-length straights are coming in as well!

#5. sweater tees and shorter cardigans

Along with the high rise jeans come shorter sweater styles, especially short cardigans and sweater tees. I think we will start seeing these being worn together in sets. What goes around, comes around, am I right???

#6. puffed sleeves

Puffed sleeves and other statement sleeves are in again this year.

This is not the best look for those of us who are curvy or carrot-shaped; but if you’re a pear, a puffed sleeve will help balance out larger hips.

#7. elevated hoodies

Comfort wear is still going strong, and you should expect to see a lot of hoodies, especially more elevated styles in knit fabrics such as cashmere.

It’s also very much on trend to layer your hoodie under a denim jacket, a blazer, leather jackets, trench coat, shirt jacket… you name it!

#8. cozy sets

Elevate your loungewear by wearing a matching set. Lighter shades give a nod to spring while still keeping you warm and cozy.

I love my Quince cashmere hoodie (pictured above) and I still have cashmere joggers on my wish list, but even wearing a matching sweatsuit in more looks more elevated than separates. I still love my Lou & Grey set from last spring (linked below).

Evereve also has tons of cute sets, but I can’t include them in the shopping widget because they’re not with ShopStyle.

#9. cactus

Bubble gum pink is supposedly going to be a hot color this year, and it was in all the trend reports, but the color I’m seeing everywhere is cactus. It’s such a pretty shade of green that pairs well with white for spring, as well as grey and denim.

#10. oversized button-downs

This is another look that isn’t for me, but it’s fun for a change, and a lot of ladies like a good button-down. You don’t have to wear it quite this oversized to participate in the trend, but these are definitely going to be hot this season.

#11. chain and layered necklaces

Layering delicate necklaces has been in style for a while, and this year we are seeing this trend get a little bit bolder. I’m seeing a lot of the shorter chain with a longer pendant — and by longer, I don’t mean long. I mean, longer than the chain.

Gold is also very popular right now, but I recommend wearing the metal color you like best on you — especially if investing in more expensive pieces that you plan to have for years.

#12. belts

Yes, belts are back! As is tucking your shirt into you pants all the way around… oy!

I can get on board with the belts, but the full tuck is no bueno for us busty, short-waisted ladies.

Not only are we belting our pants, but adding belts to dresses and shirts is going to be very popular again over the next few seasons. This can be very flattering for certain body types, so experiment a bit, and see what works best for you.

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So, as far as what’s out…

What’s Out For 2021

Remember that trends exist on a spectrum. They will gradually increase in popularity until they eventually peak, and then slowly decrease in popularity as they phase out; and where you live has a lot to do with when these trends rise and fall.

It’s okay to wear a variety of styles, and slowly phase them in and out of your closet over time, as your budget allows and your eyes adjust to new silhouettes.

In other words, I’m not saying you should necessarily stop wearing the trends on this list, or that you won’t see them around.

I’m just saying that I wouldn’t recommend investing in more of these this season, unless it is something that defines your personal style.

#1. bike shorts

I doubt many of us over-40 gals wore bike shorts as street clothes, but it was very trendy among the younger set the last couple of seasons. It was pretty short-lived, as far as fashion trends go, and for good reason. If you like bike shorts, I recommend reserving them for workout purposes.

#2. tiny handbags

I thought these went out last year, but I saw them on a list and thought it was worth mentioning.

When it comes to handbags, I pay less attention to trends and more attention to what styles are most practical and what size looks best in proportion to my frame. It’s more sophisticated to carry a classic, quality bag that works for your body and your lifestyle than to buy a bunch of trendy bags every year.

I do plan to update my Spring Handbag Guide in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that!

#3. cold shoulder tops

I would say these have been “out” for a couple of years, now, but I get asked about them occasionally, so I thought I’d include them. If you have some and love to wear them, by all means, enjoy them! But I would not invest in any new ones at this point.

#4. off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder tops

This isn’t really a trend so much as it is a classic style that tends to go in and of popularity every few years.

Off-the-shoulder tops got super popular a few years ago, and as tends to happen when a certain style gets over-saturated, they suddenly disappear from circulation for a while.

Right now, it’s on the downswing, and I wouldn’t invest in any more this year. However, if I had one that I loved, I’d wear it, or at least hold onto it and see if it comes back around.

#5. wedge sneakers

This is also a style that waxes and wanes in popularity, and right now, I would say they’re on their way out. I actually did recently purchase a pair, and I like them and wear them, but I don’t see myself buying any new wedge sneakers this spring. There are other sneaker styles that are more fashion forward.

You may notice I didn’t mention any shoe trends in this post; I’m planning a dedicated post on Shoe Trends for 2021, so stay tuned!

#6. neon

Neon was a big trend the past few years, but it’s nowhere to be seen at the moment.

Again, if you have a neon item that you love and want to wear, go for it; but if it’s hanging out in the back of your closet, and you’re wondering whether to keep or donate… it might be time to let it go.

#7. logos

Large in-your-face logos have had a good run, but they are definitely out for 2021. Minimalist styles with clean lines and understated details are much classier anyway, so I’m happy to see this shift. Some logos will always be classic (think Chanel) but we will start to see a more minimalist approach to our favorite branded pieces.

I think a good example of that is the Tory Burch Miller sandals. The newer styles still carry her logo, but it is much smaller. (No, I’m not saying to toss your Millers, but I probably won’t be adding any to my closet this summer.)

#8. boilersuits

This one wasn’t around long, and supposedly it’s not coming back. I never got on this train, so it’s neither here nor there to me, but if you were wondering, I wouldn’t recommend investing in one this season.

#9. skinny jeans

Don’t hate me, but I had to put them on this list. I do think there is still a place for skinny jeans, but I don’t see myself buying any new ones this spring.

I’m going to focus on straighter styles this spring, and then see how I feel about skinny jeans when fall rolls around. They really do make sense with some boot styles, so I think they’ll be around for a good while longer. I hope to see them continue to be part of a well-rounded wardrobe, even if straighter, more relaxed style take center stage.

#10. tie dye?

I saw this on a list, and I had to laugh, because I’m seeing tie dye EVERYWHERE this season. I know it came back strong last year, but I see it sticking around for a little while longer. Still, that’s what they’re saying, so!

As with all of these recommendations, take it with a grain of salt.

And that’s a wrap! 

I always like to hear your thoughts on these posts. Just remember, none of this is a personal affront to your wardrobe choices. This is just what “they say” is going to be happening in the world of fashion this year.

Feel free to take it, or leave it; and as always, wear what makes you happy!

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  1. Good morning from the Texas tundra .. also known as snowmaggedon … but seriously, people are freezing, literally, to death here … so so sad … we have taken power and water for granted … two more days of this, and yet, next Thursday, 76 degrees is predicted.. just ridiculous … if it’s not floods and hurricanes here, it’s arctic antics… trying to stay thawed out here and indoors, off the roads… be safe everyone … 

    1. You guys really have had it bad with the natural disasters… I still remember that terrible flood a few years ago. I have a lot of friends in Texas, and my FB feed is full of terrible stories. Stay safe!

  2. Gray. Cashmere. Hoodie.  YAY!  I have bookmarked this page, and I look forward to your piece on shoe trends.  You make this look so simple, but I know how much work goes into this post.

  3. Under #11 I thought it funny…..you said God (instead of gold) is popular right now. I had to laugh…..to see what’s going on in this world, I’m not so sure! 😉

  4. While I do look forward to some trends in the jeans department, I hate that I just invested in 4 new pair of – dare I say – skinny jeans during the first week of January! 🙁 They each have a different wash and some have distressing, etc. but I don’t want to be So out of style! I know other readers have commented that they aren’t giving up their skinnies just yet so I’m going to hold out hope that they have some staying power. I know you say to wear what we like and what looks best on us so that’s what I’m going with! Lol! Stay warm and have a great day! Oh, and I’m with Linda, who can’t wait for the shoe trend report! 🙂

  5. Great post! I always enjoy seeing the trends whether I choose to indulge or not. I love the polo neck sweaters. The cactus color is divine. Green is my favorite color. I’m liking the big buttons on the shorter cardigans too. Thanks Jo-Lynne! 

  6. You’re right, when you live in an area where snowfall is expected, it’s jarring to see areas paralyzed with snow/ice; I feel helpless. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we have a LOT of gear. I take for granted that not everyone has warm clothes, snow tires, shoe cleats and more. I hope a warm up is coming for the southern states. Speaking of change,  I am excited about all these trends – I won’t necessarily wear some of them, but I like the evolution. Which of these trends are worth splurging on and which should we look to Target for? What about wide leg pants? Did that trend come up much in your search? Have you ever bought from Zara? Ok, no more questions….for now 😉 Cheers! 

  7. As the saying goes, DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!  Thanks for doing all of the research for us!!  Well, for me I will not partake in most of the spring trends.  I have already purchased a couple of pair of straight legged jeans that I will wear.  As much as I like my skinny jeans, the legs also aggravate the stew out of me when transitioning from sitting to standing.  If I wore blazers, I would purchase an oversized one because it can hide the unwanted bulges.  Regarding the skin tight tops, if my body was as toned and tiny as the models, I would wear them, but it’s not and I’m not.  I’m just not into showing my flaws to the world.  There are tie dyed pieces in my closet that I love and will continue to wear.  I hope you will share outfits with us on how to be modern without a belt since a belt is something I can’t wear too often.  Question:  When wearing a hoodie with a Jean jacket, etc., do you let the hood hang on the outside or do you keep it underneath the jacket?  I can’t wait to see what’s trending in regards to shoes, handbags, etc.

  8. Oh boy, not sure I like the boxy jacket style. My kids and I giggle when we watch an 80’s/90’s movie and see all the oversized clothing. Hate to think the look is coming back! I feel like tailored styles look better on every body type.

  9. I always enjoy these trend reports of yours. It’s obvious you put so much research and time on them, and that’s why many of us say you are our favorite blogger. 
    Of the trends, I would say for me, I like the polo style neck (but I have never worn or liked actual polo shirts).  I liked the camel colored one you tried on recently. I also like the shorter tops, since I am only 5’1” and short waisted. I am also coming around to the straight leg and am experimenting with them. At my height, crop legs tend to be ankle length, and ankle length tends to be full length, which look fine with flats and will work with sandals later. Even though I like the crop flare, I look terrible in them. I tried one last year and they were ankle length on me and pretty cute. We all need to experiment with them and can usually find something that works!

  10. I really enjoyed reading the trend list, although I don’t think I’ll be buying too many of them. I have purchased a few tie dye tops lately, though. Even though skinny jeans aren’t trending anymore, I ordered two mid-rise pairs yesterday just in case I can’t find any for awhile (hoarder??). They are my favorite style to wear, but I will probably try a few straights sometime. Thanks for all your hard work!

  11. I think we will see more bold gold coin necklaces this season. I seem to be seeing them everywhere. Or maybe I’m just drawn to them…

  12. Looking forward to a couple of the spring trends, straight leg jeans, yesterdy I wore a pair of Calvin Klein’s that I had for years! So like they wait awhile it will come back. Love the polo v-neck style.

    A quick weather update, finally have power as of 3 A.M this morning after 22 hours without and with Temps. of 14 which is unheard of in Southeast Texas, but sadly many are still without.

    Thank you for thinking of us and for all of your hard work really enjoy reading your posts.

    Stay safe and warm with the weather headed your way.

  13. Thank you very much. You’re right, I look forward to this report every year. It helps guide how I clean out my closet for spring/summer and shop in the coming months. I also appreciate the remind to wear what we feel most comfortable. Thank you for all you do in this blog all year. 

  14. Thanks so much for thinking of us Texans or wannabes — our new house isn’t built yet so we are still in locked down crime ridden SF Bay Area.  

    Something that really struck me about the situation there is this obsessive infatuation with wind power rather than relying on other means of producing energy — all those poor people forced into all-electric homes who are now without a means to heat their homes because the windmill generators froze…

    Today is major closet purge part two. So glad to see that the trends I have avoided like cold shoulder, off shoulder and tie dye are over. But my skinny jeans – you’ll have to pry them off my cold dead body. 

    1. You read my mind Liane: green energy works well in some parts of the world where it is mild weather, but it all goes to hell in a hand basket in extreme cold weather.  There is no way we could survive strictly on green energy (wind/ solar) in -20F….. it is unrealistic and dangerous. Very grateful for our natural gas heating.  

  15. Ok what is a boiler suit? I’m not cringing about too many of the new trends, in fact I have a few I’ve purchased and don’t seem to mind.. I’m still not sure about the tucking of the top in all around and will probably pass on that one… I’d like to see a post on a nice white button down that’s not see through? I also have a top like number 3 which I’ve had for years but haven’t worn much …crazy that’s still in 🤷‍♀️. As far as what’s going out I’m not sad about too many except I’ll keep my wedge sneakers as a wedge heel helps keep away plantar fasciitis… I’ll also keep my skinny jeans too but will add in the newer trends which I think is easier during the summer months because of crop lengths and no boots.   Keeping all those in the path of the snow and ice storm in my prayers ..stay safe❤️We will be seeing some of that system today but living in Canada we are used to those conditions… Stay safe and be warm❤️

  16. The poor people in Texas; they sure do encounter extreme weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disasters.  We take for granted that everyone knows how to drive in the winter, has winter tires, winter clothes and gear,  buildings are built for extreme cold, etc….. Saw the 500 car pile up accident on a Texas hwy. Praying for their safety. Thanks for the spring trends.  As you say, take them with a grain of salt.  I, for one, will be happy to see tie dye in the rear view mirror.  Didn’t love it in the ’80s or today. Like the idea of wearing hoodies under jackets.  One of my fav leather moto jackets has a built in, zipped in hoodie for a more casual look.  Will dig out the hoodie part. It is warming up to the 30sF  today……. Yay for that!  That polar vortex extreme cold -20F was too much for too long.  Feel like we have cabin fever. 

  17. I always enjoy reading about trends and I thank you for all of the work you put into this list, Jo-Lynne. I will be keeping my skinny jeans but I look forward to styling straight jeans, especially cropped ones once I can wear something besides boots. I woke up this morning to 8 inches of freshly fallen snow which makes my backyard absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention that I love going for my daily walk in the snow. As Karen has said, I pray for those who are living in areas where snow and cold are not normal. Here in Canada I am blessed that my area is well-equipped with snow removal machines. Stay safe and warm everyone!

  18. I’m open to the polo tops, sweater tops, and the color Cactus. I don’t wear green but this soft shade might find a spot in my closet. I like the multi string gold necklace trend and belts. I’ve never stopping wearing belts. I just feel they finish an outfit #oldschool  I’ve gravitated to straight leg jeans this winter. I think I only wore my skinnies a hand full of times. We rarely get snow so there is not much of a need for tall boots. I’ll relegate them to the back of my closet for those old times when needed. As to oversized anything…no. I know an oversized jacket or top would just hang off me and not be flattering.

    As to what’s out – I never bought neon, bike shorts, tie dye, boiler suits, wedge sneakers (5’8” so no need), cold shoulder, off shoulder, or tiny purses. And, I don’t like clothes with logos anyhow. All that to say I won’t miss what I never had. 

    I am looking forward to your purse trends. I’m tired of what I have and want a new versatile one for spring, 

  19. No skin tight tops over here 🙂 I am sad about the small handbags, with COVID all I want to carry are my small crossbody bags, seems odd to lug a large tote around when I don’t really want to set it anywhere when I am out and about. I am excited about skinny jeans going away, I know I am the minority in this area, but I have never liked them on me personally. I’ve worn my cropped flares all winter, when I am out and about I just wear a bootie or tall shaft sneaker. If there is no snow, I just wear a flat or a sneaker (I can take the cold). We got about 8 inches of snow last night….I feel bad for the folks in Texas, hoping everyone has their power restored !

    1. Crossbody bags are classic and still in style as well. It’s the teeny mini bags that were trendy for a while that are supposedly out. 🙂 I never was really into those anyway.

  20. Jeans…So my finding is that none of the straight leg jeans have enough “give” in them. I think that’s one thing I really like about skinny jeans is that they are easy to move in and sit in.

  21. I always enjoy seeing what is trending for fashion. This was a great post. I would also like to hear what colors other than cactus are big this year. Maybe another post?

  22. I bought two pairs of the Miller sandals last year with the larger logo (on sale), but they are not the most comfortable, and I prefer wearing my Birks anyway. I’ll probably wear them a little here and there, and then donate after the summer season. I’m actually taking a liking to the new straighter jean styles. Thanks for all the work that you provide! I find it very helpful.

  23. Love this post. So much info to absorb.  I’ve purchased 3 elevated hoodies this season. A classy touch to otherwise common item 👍. I like a crisp cotton slightly oversize button down in warmer months to/from the gym. Looks classic paired with black leggings for errands. I feel so Audrey H pushing the grocery cart.  I’m going to cry over the phasing out of skinny jeans. No loss on cold shoulder, so pointless to me.  Tie-die seems to be everywhere, just as you said. Email from Tory Burch this AM shows updated “comfy padded” Miller’s with same large logo. Guess she didn’t get memo. I do love my Miller’s but thought same as I’ve the make-up and rose gold metallic which I enjoy and will continue to wear but – enough. Mini handbag, buh-bye. If I want to carry DL & lipstick, I have pockets. JMO. Thanks for the informative post to keep us “in the know and not the NO”. You’re awesome, Jo-Lynne. 

  24. Smiled a whole lot as I read this post. When I was a teen, we wore the skin-tight body shirts that snapped at the crotch with our bell bottoms. In the 80s and 90s, I wore the boxy oversized clothing that was in! Fashion really does come back full swing sometimes with new names. Fun! Don’t think I’ll be following either of those trends this time around! Well, maybe a slightly oversized blazer? 😂😅😁

  25. Great post! I love the Madewell sweater polo – it is in my cart… I remember belting oversized shirts with a low slung belt back in the day – wow. I’d be comfortable doing that again, to a certain degree! Dont love oversized generally but maybe the oversized jacket would modernize the skinny jean… Finally the second skin tops – also remember that from early 2000’s maybe? I had several, and there was a brand I loved sold at Nordstrom – wracking my brain to remember. Thanks for this!

  26. That was fun to read!  I love the oversized blazer trend and the oversized collared shirts, as well!  Straighter jeans … yay!  The collared polos and elevated hoodies look great, too! 🤗

  27. Since I love jeans I think I have every style from skinny to straight and cropped. So I’m set except for distressed and not going there. Maybe I’ll just add tops for spring. I gave my belts away couple years ago. Not sorry cause when I go to bathroom its a pain. 😁

  28. I enjoyed this post very much and while I will embrace some new trends, other I will leave for the youngsters with their youthful bodies.
    Not a fan of the shorter tops as I have a long waist. I do like the polo collar (but I don’t wear Polo shirts). I’ve never cared for button downs, but last year I started wearing them mostly as a layering piece. Second skin tops…nope. Tie-dye…I’m seeing it everywhere. (In the South we wear what you call “Spring” clothing as our winter clothing. I have bought a few pairs of lighter washed Jeans and straight leg, high waist jeans. Boxy jackets…loved them in the 80’s when I weight 110 lbs dripping wet, but at my healthier weight … not so sure I will love them again. PINK is one of my most favorite colors to wear and I look forward to finding pink more readily available.

  29. Oooh I love the cactus green color! It’s a universally flattering color and I think it probably looks good on all skin types. It’s a pretty popular color in home decorating trends right now too. 
    I also love the oversized blazer look and have already bought one recently and I have one from over 10 years ago (don’t laugh) but it is in perfect condition and I wore it recently over a tee and with straight leg jeans and got SO many compliments. I bought it from Bloomingdales and it’s a great copper brown color. It was one of those investment purchases that I told myself I’d have for a long time and …here we are. 😊
    Speaking of the weather… I told my students this morning that they are so lucky to live where we do because in most every other state right now the weather is freezing and kids are not able to wear shorts and flip flops like “you California kids” are doing today. They all kind of just stared at me and had no comments…..but they’re  9 and 10. 🤷‍♀️ 

  30. Thanks for all your hard work.  This was a fun read!  I have skinnies, “straighter” leg, boot cut and several in between.   My favorites are my skinnies and my slim straight legs because I can wear just about any kind of shoe with them. Roll them up and I have crops, too!  I absolutely love the Cactus color!  I will be looking for some tops in that color.  Praying for all the people in those really hard hit areas.  We are just digging out from 14 inches of snow here.  They keep promising rain, but it hasn’t come.  Thankfully, the temps have risen and it’s starting to melt.

  31. Thank you so much for your concern for us Texans. It’s been miserable and we still don’t have power today. Thank goodness for family that live close with power, letting my husband, daughter and I, hang out and charge our devices. 
    Spring trends; first you did a fantastic job on this post. It helped me focus on something other than the weather today. 
    But I can’t help to feel that some of these trends aren’t going to be petite friendly. I have a few crop flare jeans and just going to start trying to style this spring. It would be very helpful to know what shoes work best with them? I know you’re planning a shoe review later so that will be great! 

  32. I am so curious what will come to my city as a new trend. There are definitely a few my body shape should skip. I appreciated your heads up about that.

  33. As I always, love your post and I really really appreciate the time and effort you put into these!! I have one cold shoulder top that I love and I’m not quit ready to part with it. I’ve purchased a couple of straighter style jeans but I’m not even close to being ready to ditch my skinny jeans….those are staying in my closet!! 🤪🥰
    Thanks again Jolynne!! 

  34. Belts are not a good look for me. I am so short waisted that the belt ends up under my boobs not a good look. But I love the oversized button down. I might have to try that one.

  35. Hey Jo-lynne, what about rompers and jumpsuits? I am still seeing a lot of them and I saw Athleta has a cute one just out for spring.

  36. Thanks for all your work putting this post together-it was a fun one! Several of these Spring trends look like items I can add to my wardrobe for an updated look. I like the cactus green, the oversized blazer and I love belts even though my waist has expanded over the years.😩
    I won’t get rid of my skinny jeans but have several pair of straight legs jeans to mix it up.
    Looking forward to the purse and shoes post!

  37. Bye bye neon, did you with gusto in the 80s but i decided to skip it this time round! I am loving the wider legs, I find straight balances out my hourglass figure beautifully.  I will not likely be doing much oversized on top unless it has a belt. Large breast can lead to no waists so easily.  I would love to have another post on colours for spring. 

    I am going to out my 24 yr old son with my comments today. Son “they don’t pay me to advertise” anytime I showed him a clothing item with a big logo.  He started saying that at about age 10 which made clothing shopping a challenge He has now graduated and has started a career in marketing and still won’t wear anything with a significant logo.  He will be happy to see this trend end almost as happy as I was when he got his first “real job” and I could stop clothing shopping for him. 

  38. Great post! Thank you for all of the work you put into these to keep us looking our best. I’m excited for many of the spring trends…especially the new jeans, belts, and second skin tops. I just ordered the Madewell polo. It looked so cute!

  39. Thanks for all the information, Jo-Lynne
    We appreciate all the research and work you put in to your posts. I’m late to the party but a lot of these trends remind me of the 80s and early 90s!  Some I’ll try but others can go buh bye!  One question I do have is what about the wide leg jeans? I’ve been seeing these in full length and cropped (not Capri) length.  To me they are ‘culottes’ and seemed to be popular 10-12 years ago. Are these making a comeback too? I’m hanging on to my skinnies too!!

  40. Hi there! What straight styles of jean would you suggest that are roughly or below $100? I am short waisted, so too much of a high rise isn’t good for me, and jeans tend to shimmy down on me while I move and bend, which is frustrating. I’m used to wearing Democracy as well as Gap and I’m thinking I am buying in too low a price point for the quality I am looking for. Any suggestions? I Literally just ordered Good American black skinnies yesterday!! LOL 

  41. Talk about cold weather in Texas – it’s been horrible cold for us.  We’ve had almost 10 days of single digit highs, with low temps below zero. We’ve not lost power where I’ve lived, but the Dallas/Ft Worth area has. The gulf of Texas had snow as well. 

    I say all this to say that Spring will be most welcome – heck, temps above freezing sound balmy right now. 

    Have a great day. 

  42. Love these kinds of blog posts…..i don’t really think of myself as a trendy person per say – i wear what i like and what i think looks good on me – as far as cold shoulder and off the shoulder tops…..i have LOTS but i know I SOME of the styles feel out of style to me but i do have several of each that i still enjoy wearing. i can’t wait for the shoe/purse post to come out although i will ALWAYS be a bigger is better purse person and the more pockets the merrier 🙂

  43. Thank you so much for this great post..I will keep this short as I’m not sure how much time I have before we lose power/internet..we live in the Dallas area and it has been a rough patch to say the least…one or two hours of power/heat about every 12 hours since Sunday..the temperature in our bedroom has been about 35 degrees…luckily we can sleep upstairs or in front of our only working fireplace..so thankful to have what we do. This post has been a bright spot and I plan to forward to several friends to enjoy.  I love a lot of the trends and can’t wait to have some warm weather to enjoy.  Thanks again for all of your hard work.. signing off for now from frigid Dallas🥶

  44. Yes, I feel like tie dye is still everywhere. Some of these I’m not mad about…some, not excited either. HA! Great round-up!

  45. I’m a new follower from Vancouver, Canada. I love your style, especially classic pieces with new colours and fabrics. I only wish we could buy more of these pieces in Canada.

  46. I’m so glad that skinny jeans are on their way out. They never really suited me as I have short legs and am petite. I would only wear with long boots and a longer top. I don’t think they suit most people either.
    I much prefer classic straight legs.

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