Shoe Trends for Spring 2021

Shoe Trends for Spring 2021

When I start to transition my wardrobe for spring, one of the first things I do is start switching out my shoes, so let’s discuss shoe trends for spring 2021.

I realize many of us have a few more weeks or months of transition weather to get through before we’ll be wearing these styles, and I’ll be wearing a lot of loafers and sneakers during 23 Days of Spring Fashion, but hopefully sandal weather isn’t too far off.

In case you missed them, yesterday I posted about the top handbag trends for spring, and last week I rounded up what fashion trends are in and out for 2021.

Okay, let’s talk about spring shoe trends!

Shoe Trends for Spring 2021

A lot of these kind of overlap, as you will see. I tried to include a variety of price points in my shopping widgets, and I also included some more “out there” styles that I think are kind of fun to see. Even if they’re not necessarily something you might want to buy, it’s good to see where the trends are coming from.

Also, each picture is clickable, so you can easily find those styles.

#1. Comfort Sandals

Shoe Trends for Spring 2021: comfort sandals

Comfort sandals are still going strong this year, and almost every brand has their own version, from Gucci to Tory Burch, and of course you can find them at Target as well. I’m a fan of the molded footbed because it’s so comfortable and easy on my feet, so I’m happy that to call it a fashion statement!

#2. Puffy Slides

Spring 2021 Shoe Trends: Puffy Slides

Puffy slides and all sorts of puffy styles are in this year. This is by far one of the biggest trends I’m seeing. I kind of like this look, and it goes along with the slouchy leather handbags we’re seeing this year.

#3. Fancy Flip Flops

Shoe Trends for Spring 2021: Fancy Flip Flops

Fancy flip-flops and slides are trendy again. Didn’t they try to be a thing a few years ago? I don’t feel like they never really took off. We’ll have to see what happens this year. The exaggerated square toe is also a really big trend this season.

#4. Embellishments

Spring Sandal Trends: Embellishments

Embellishments are a big thing, especially pearl embellishments. I’m also seeing a lot of the jelly sandals with embellishments. Even Stuart Weitzman has a pair of these!

#5. Color

Shoe Trends for Spring 2021: Pop of Color

While I realize a lot of the examples I’ve shown so far are neutrals, color is supposedly going to be a big thing in footwear this spring. I will admit, I’m still drawn to the neutrals, but I think it will be nice to incorporate more color into my shoe collection.

#6. Platform & Flatform

Spring Shoe Trends: Platforms and Flatforms

Platform and flatform sandals are coming back around this year. They were really popular just a few years ago, but they took a backseat to comfort sandals and more minimalist styles over the past few years. Now I’m wishing I’d saved some of mine!

#7. Retro Sneakers

Fashion sneakers in general are very trendy at the moment, and the retro styles are definitely taking center stage this year. I still like a good clean while leather sneaker, and the skate styles and court styles are still trending as well. I rounded up a little bit of everything in the widget below.

#8. Menswear-Inspired

Loafers and loafer mules are still going strong this year, as are oxfords and other menswear-inspired styles. You will also see some platform styles and just generally bigger, bulkier styles coming in. That may take off more in the fall, though, than in the spring.

#9. Mules & Clogs

Clogs are making a comeback as well, and they make a nice transition shoe for that in-between season when you’re getting tired of wearing boots but it’s too cold to break out the sandals.

And that’s a wrap! What do you think about the shoe trends for spring 2021?

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  1. Good post! I also enjoyed yesterday’s on handbags. Like you, Im wishing i had kept some of my “out-of-style” shoes thaT have come back around. Lol

  2. A fun list of trends for sure and Interesting that the vast majority of these shoes don’t have a back on them. I struggle to wear shoes without a back so I’ll have to keep an eye for pairs that will work for me.

  3. For feedback, I have always used my phone to read your daily blog, and the new site has not forced me to type in CAPS. It’s a iphone if that makes a difference?

  4. Love these trends, and I see I don’t need to buy anything new this season!!! I have kept my clogs, birks sandals, retro sneaks, and colorful sandals from years ago!! As long as they still fit, they are good to go! I chuckled at the pair of high-end sneaks with velcro closures?? I just helped by7-year-old grandson with his shoes, with velcro closures!
    Thanks for another fun post!

  5. Dr Scholls wood sandals! I had some in high school (a loonnnggg time ago)! Believe it or not those were the most comfortable pair of sandals! I just might have to get those. We will see about some off the other styles. The multi-color Steve Madden sandals are cute – kind of a cross between the color and puffy and comfort all in one. 😉

  6. I love the comfort sandals…so easy on the feet. I’m a flip flop kind of girl and wish I could wear them year round. I’m not much into the fancy flip flops as they are not very comfortable but I like the look.

    I read your blog on my iPad and it seems to work great. Love the update. It looks beautiful.

  7. It is not making me type in caps any more. Not sure about the emailed comment response, I know I didn’t get an email last time, but I never went back and looked to see if you responded.

  8. While I was really excited/pleased about the handbag trends yesterday, I am not really feeling the spring shoes. Of course, a large number of the sandals I can’t wear because of my high arches/plantar fasciitis issues, so there’s that. I am intrigued by the new Tory Burch cushy sandals. I can’t wear the original flat ones. I also bought the Vince platform/flatform in white last year, plus several others I am excited to pull out again.

    As far as typing in capital letters, that stopped on my iPhone after the first day.
    I don’t think you have replied to anything I have written since the new blog style launched, so I can’t answer that.

  9. It’s official, if these past few posts are the trends this year, I’m not going to be trendy. Very few items are flattering or worth incorporating into my personal style. I like the loafers, straighter leg jeans (not wide, boot, or boyfriend), and some of the colors. I am just bummed to not find any fashion that I’m excited about.

    Thank you for curating such lovely posts about it all though! I enjoy reading your work. Your voice as a writer is both entertaining and relatable. I look forward to your posts daily! Sorry for the rant, like you say you don’t pick them you just report them😉

  10. Yes, my iphone types in all caps fOr this comment. I’m not sure about Your replies – but i Haven’t gotten any! Lol!
    I can’t comment on tHIs shoes post as i’m off to work & jUst wanted to respOnd to Your two questions. I’ll read the pOst later!

  11. I’m kind of cracking up that clogs are making a comeback, but I kind of like them too. I remember my one and only pair I had in middle school. Man, I loved those things. LOL

  12. Excited about the comfort sandals. I might be able to wear some now 🙂

    I love the birk clogs. Might have to try those too.

  13. Love the new web design. THank you for all you do to help us look great and feel great. Question on the Madewell frances skimmer mule. im’m trying to decide between the silver ashen and vintage canvas. Any opinions? the silver ashen looks beige on my screen. Think it is or more grey? Have you tried these mules? How’s the sizing? Thank you.

  14. This was a fun post! Really like your new blog design. Would love to see other comments as they are often helpful and inspiring.

  15. To first answer your questions… no and no. I am however still getting the block to subscribe which takes some maneuvering to get rid of and I’m using apple I phone. I like the trends and glad to know I’ve already got some.. I bought a platform Steve Madden sandal end of season last year which I never got to wear so I already have those plus I have been a fan of mules and l love the retro sneaker look!!! Especially for transition time. Glad to see the embellished look coming back I’ve had a few pairs of embellished sandals for years but haven’t worn them much over the past several summers as I wasn’t seeing the trend out there. Can’t wait to pack away the boots! I grab my sneakers any chance I get right now 😀

    1. Yes, I will get them to take the subscribe box down. I’m sure it’s an easy fix, I just keep forgetting to ask. I am ready to pack away boots too but we may need them for a while yet, here in Philly.

  16. So happy no caps on iPad! Not sure if I got a reply to last comment though.

    As for shoes. I found an adorable pair of red wedge heeled flip flops at TJMaxx a few yrs ago. I put them in the purge pile last week, yikes. Back in the closet. Incidentally I don’t wear red…but I did wear them with a white top and a red necklace!

    Slides. How I love to hate you! I can’t keep them on my feet. I bought some at Target online last spring and they are way too wide. So here’s my cautionary tale — try them on not order online or be prepared to return them. I also saw some ‘half socks’ that leave the back half of the foot exposed but did not buy.

    I’m also moving toward sandals with a strap in the back instead of traditional flip flops. They stay on better and furthermore are more likely to not end up in a huge pile in front of my sofa since they don’t just kick off. I really like the pearl ones you put in this post.

  17. I’m on thE search for a pair of espedrilles that are not high. Any ideas?

    Still types in all caps and if you haVe responded to any comments I haven’t received any emails. On an ipad.

  18. Jo-Lynne, your new site is beautiful. It works great for me on a Apple laptop. I love shoes, and I am excited to see all the square toes – that must be a thing too? I am also intrigued with the puffy slides – so much fun stuff for when it warms up past 40 degrees 😂. Oh, and fashion sneakers, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Looking at your new site for the first time. It is gorgeous!!! I’m on the mobile version and don’t have to type in all caps. Will let you know if I don’t get your reply in my email.

  20. Hello! I noticed a few of the foot models did not have color on their toenails. Is this a Spring-Summer trend or just a thing for foot models? I stopped wear toenail polish with the pandemic and have been doing my own pedicures and I noticed my toenails look better than ever. Seeing these natural looking feet made me wonder if that will be a trend?

  21. Great post! I was excited to see the comfort sandals and saw the pair of A New Day Joelle from Target were in my size! I ordered them! I have a hard time finding size 5’s. I won’t need them for a few months, but I’ve learned when I wait, things get snapped up. As for the blog – I have read it both on my ipad and my desktop. I tried to reply on my ipad and it was in all caps. So, I switched over to my desktop. I have noticed the font is smaller on both and a little harder to read on my ipad when I’m on the treadmill, but otherwise the whole new design is great! Although, as I was writing this, an ad popped up on top of the box and I couldn’t see what I was writing on the right side. The whole page jumps around and the ad was finally in a different spot. Ha ha…but now it’s back! I think the size of it is the issue. I don’t know when I last commented, so I don’t know if I didn’t get an email, but I haven’t received one from you in awhile. Hang in there with the tweaks! It’s looking great!

  22. I’m loving a lot of the shoe trends, and I’m very happy mules are still in because I bought two pair last October and haven’t worn either of them. 🤪 clogs make me laugh because I’m pretty sure I had a pair (or two) when I was in Junior high!!
    Thanks again for a very informative post, I really appreciate all of the time and work you put into these!!

  23. Hi There,
    I’m on an i-pad. I did re-start it to See if the all caps would go away, bUt they didn’t for me. (Checked To make sure i DIDN’T have the “cap” button enabled, etc. this is just fyi.) I loved thEse posts- the purse and shoe trends posts are great. I agree with another reader abOut keeping backless shoes on- plus, the time of year when We would wear backless shoes seems like the same time of year that we might be having pedicures and keep polish on toes, etc. (i have trouble keeping my Heels moiSturIzed!) A lot of these styles do seem very wearable- especially the retro sneakErs for actually “doing regular life” activities- glad they are sylish, too! Thanks for another great one!

  24. OopS!
    Well, as i type, all caps show- when it posts, the caps DISAPPEARED- so neVer mind ! ☺️Thanks again for your hard work!

  25. Thanks for this timely post as we are back in the 70’s this week in South Texas. I am totally ready for spring shoes and ordered some Steve Madden mules. I don’t see much change from last spring, which is good because I didn’t get to wear my spring shoes last year because of the covid lockdown.
    Are we going to be able to view other comments? Don’t see them now?

  26. Funny about Dr. School’s being in Style– I don’t mean to SoUND like I’m 110 years-old, but I remember the first pair I bought in the 1980’s was for $15 from the local Walgreens store! They were advertised as being “the exercise saNdal”!

  27. I think I’m set on shoes and handbags with what I have in closet now. Mine does caps on android. Is that a problem.

  28. I came back to check on something in your post and decided to see if you had replied because I hadn’t gotten an email. You did reply and when I tried to reply back to you, it threw me back up here to what looks like a new post. Won’t know if it is until I hit submit! Ads don’t bother me, because I know why they are here, but yeah, those big ones that cover up the post box are a little hard to work around. I was typing blindly. Ha.

    1. Ugh, so annoying. Your comment did post, so there’s that. I did notice the Reply button wasn’t working right, and I’ve mentioned that to them. I can reply on my back end, which is why my replies show up under the comment I’m replying to, but I don’t think you guys have that functionality on your end. So frustrating. Hoping to get it fixed soon.

  29. I really enjoyed this post! I am all in for the Puffy Slides, if I can find any in narrow. While colored footwear can be fun, do you think it’s better to add color in a handbag instead of footwear? As much as I like the platform shoes, my ankles do not like them, so I don’t need to add them to my closet. I have some platform sneakers that I can’t even wear now 😢. I really like the black and pink NB sneakers you pictured. We are in the upper 70’s today, with sun, so I spent a couple of hours doing physical labor outside. I hope that you’ve had a good day!

    1. I would rather add color in my footwear, personally. I spend a lot on my bags so I tend to stick to neutrals because they’re most versatile. Bold colors in shoes are kind of fun, and it’s easy to find trendy ones that aren’t super expensive but still look nice.

  30. Gotta be honest, not really loving any of these trends accept the Retro sneakers and comfort sandals. I’m feeling early 90’s vibes with a lot of the other styles. The Everlane loafers look like great quality, but alas, I have nowhere to wear them and struggle with that style aesthetic. Thanks for the roundup!

  31. JoLynne, i wasn’t able To respond to your reply.

    Either open or closed toe espedrilles. I love the look but can not wear heeled footwear at all anymore. I guess it’s a result of wearing heels for nine Hours a day while working.

  32. I’M liking them. I already ordered one pair of puffy slides! Can You tell me what the white loafers are in the initial graphic under menswear -Inspired. I don’t see them in the links (but I could be missing it)

  33. Love these! You showed a great range in each category which I appreciate, as I am often looking for both myself and to see how these trends translate for my college-age daughter. Maybe the Seychelles puffy slides for me, and the rainbow Steve Madden’s in my daughter’s Easter basket. Did you see the pink Seychelles? If yes, what do you think of that color?

  34. I tried to reply to Gina D from Texas about wearing Dr Scholls as a tweenager but the site didn’t allow me to reply with my iPhone. As to the Dr Scholl’s, I wore them because everyone else did and they made your legs look like they went on for miles. But can’t tell you how many times I “walked out of them” and stepped down on the back wooden ridge of the shoe with my arch. So painful! I must walk weird because I don’t know anyone else who did that!

  35. I did not get your email in response to my comment. I know this is a big pain for you but once you get all the kinks out, it will be great 😊

  36. I love your blog! You are my go to for fashion ideas. I am looking at it on my laptop and it won’t let me X out of the ad at the bottom anymore and that ad is really in the way of looking at your blog. It takes up too much space and is annoying. Can you make it where we can hide that like we used to could or am I just not seeing the x anymore

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