Spring Pajamas Roundup

I don’t know about you, but I love a new pair of PJs. I think I’d rather have a new pair of pajamas than a new sweater. I rounded up some stylish spring/summer pajamas this time last year, and you all seemed to love it, so I decided to update the post for 2019.

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I think some women have a hard time spending money on pajamas because they figure no one that matters sees them, and I get that. I used to wear my pajamas forever, and they were all old and worn and baggy. But a few years ago I decided that even if I’m just at home with my husband and kids, I don’t want to look like a total schlumpadink. They deserve better than that, and so do I!

So I started updating my pajama wardrobe, and now I usually treat myself to a new pair of pajamas each season to keep them fresh. I also make sure to weed out the old worn-out stuff, and I try to keep my PJs contained to one drawer in my closet. I fold them the Marie Kondo way to maximize space. When that drawer gets too full, it’s time to weed out a pair.

I like practical PJs for the most part, so I can wear them around the house with the kids present, but I do want them to be cute and flattering. Here’s a roundup of some of my favorites so far this season.

Where I Buy Pajamas

SOMA // I’m a big fan of Soma pajamas, in particular their $68 sleep setsI love that you can choose your inseam length. They have a lot of cute options right now, and some are on sale.

For size reference, I always buy medium in pajamas because I like them to be roomy, and I want to be able to throw them in the dryer. All the images below are clickable, and they should take you to the corresponding pair of pajamas on the retailer’s website.

Soma has good short sets as well. This one is really cute, and I like that the top is bra friendly. I wear my bra with my pajamas until I go to bed, and I really should put it on first thing in the morning, but I’m usually alone for a few hours. At any rate, bra-friendly PJ tops are always appreciated!

I love the idea of the coordinating robe on top. These make great gifts too, if you’re looking for something for your mom/sister/daughter/bestie… anyone, really!

OLD NAVY // For more budget-friendly styles, Old Navy is a good place to look.

How cute is this relaxed button front sleep shirt and shorts set?

GAP BODY // And don’t forget about Gap Body.

Their forever favorite t-shirt is super soft and comes in a ton of colors and designs.

Like Old Navy, Gap has a lot of different styles for pajama bottoms. I also like their selection of sleep shirts, although I personally never wear those. With the kids around, I feel more modest in pajamas.

And for those who are cold natured, like me, this graphic pullover sweatshirt is really cute and would be adorable with pants now and shorts later.

KOHL’S // Sometimes I find cute pajamas at Kohl’s too. 

I did a whole roundup at Christmastime, but they also have some fun spring styles coming in for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. This SONOMA Goods for Life Mother’s Day 3-Piece Pajama Set comes in a bunch of different color ways.

NORDSTROM // The other place I often shop for pajamas is… wait for it… Nordstrom!

They have a nice selection, and not all are super pricey. These Moonlight Pajamas by Nordstrom Lingerie have over 500 5 star reviews, they’re $55 for the set, and they come in 6 different color ways.

They have a long version as well with over 1000 5 star reviews.

The Make + Model Gotta Have It Tee goes with any of the pajama bottoms in your collection, and they’re just 2 for $39.

I have both these jogger pants and these lounge pants, and I love them both equally. I wear them to sleep sometimes and also to hang out at home when I want to be comfy. Oh, and these lounge pants are great too — a little thicker than the Make + Model ones, and oh-so-soft and cozy.

And of course everyone loves a Barefoot Dreams cardigan. I finally got one after listening to all the hype for several years, and I can’t believe I waited so long to jump on this bandwagon.

I also like to check out Nordstrom Rack for good prices on these Nordstrom brands. Sometimes I get lucky and find a bargain.

AMAZON // And finally, I recently ordered some loungewear from the Amazon Essentials brand, and I was quite pleased.

This lightweight cardigan is a great substitute for a robe and a little more appropriate for wearing around in front of the kids and their friends. I also love these terry lounge pants and this tie waist top.

What would you add to this list?

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28 thoughts on “Spring Pajamas Roundup

  1. Cute options, all!  
    Ditto on the schlumperdink thing and keeping the girls “harnessed” while I’m with the fam.  BUT….  I WISH someone made a tunic-length sleep tee with Old Navy-style thermal PJ leggings as a set.  Want the comfy pants for family time but not a fan of sleeping in them (TMI, right?).   I get the job done with separates…but something cute and coordinated in that style doesn’t seem to exist. 
    Am I really that weirdly particular?  (That’s rhetorical…I know I am.)  But really…if so many women wear a legging/jegging/tunic-y combo in the day, why not at night???   (End rant, lol) 

  2. I have had a lot of jammies over the years…I too love a good pair…expensive and cheap. I swear Kohl’s Vera Wang are best I’ve ever owned – at least to this stage of life. I absolutely love them and they’re cute and stylish. And the Barefoot Dreams cardigan is the best robe! ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day! 

  3. My favorites are the gapbody sleep joggers and tee. I bought that pink Gap nap tee you posted last year.  They are so light and comfy.  I don’t care for wide leg pants because they ride up when I sleep. I also avoid button down tops since I dont like buttons poking me in the chest when sleeping on my side or stomache. I guess I have gotten picky with age.😊 Have a wonderful Valentines day!

  4. I really need to amp up my PJ drawer.. I cleaned it out awhile ago but can’t seem to replace with anything I find comfortable enough. I don’t like a long leg that I feel I’m tripping over so usually I try to find a band or cuff bottom. Not always easy.. Summers better I can by crop and it’s a nice above the ankle. I’ll have to start my search.. still wearing my Christmas ones .

  5. I love your take on preparing to travel! I get such packing anxiety that I won’t have the right clothes or I’ll forget something. I make myself miserable over something that is supposed to be fun.

  6. Thank you love the ideas…I actually got
    One of the sets you shared at Christmas and the
    Barefoot dreams cardigan. You are so right
    Love them both on our cold mornings!
    Enjoy your trip just got back from San Diego.
    I wore all myJolynne wardrobe there!
    Of course skinnies and suede pumps were included!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family.  I love this post!  For at least 15 years, my preference has been to take my shower early, before 4p, and get into my pajamas.  When I worked, I was up at 3:15 and didn’t get home before 4p, so the first thing I wanted to do was get out of my work clothes, unwind in the shower, and get comfy.  (My commute usually invloved accidents or headaches, and took a minimum of 45 minutes).  Now, the way we all are in the country, you never know when some of the neighbors (mostly widowed or single men) will stop by to sit and chat for a while, so I definitely need to have a bra on and be presentable.  I really like the various options you shared.  I too, have my ‘must haves,’ and I have started wanting to look more put together.  The one thing I would add to this post is slippers!  Since I cannot go barefooted, I need to have slippers with arch support that are comfy, but look cute.  Have a fabulous day!

  8. I loved your post on Pajamas.  Thank you   There are so many cute options. It’s hard to choose.    I just cleaned out my pajama drawer too.  It’s a good feeling      I hope you have a wonderful trip to Arizona and looking forward to seeing the fashions.   

  9. I got a new pair of pj’s for Christmas and am loving them! My issue with the sets is that I am a medium on top and an XL on the bottom. 🙁 I just buy a lot of seperates – but love the short sets for the summer. Nothing better than new pj’s for a great sleep! 🙂

    1. Yeah, that does present an issue with sets! I sometimes buy separates, sometimes sets. You can get different sizes with shorts and tops at Gap and Old Navy. I think Nordstrom sells some shorts and tops separately too. I guess they’re not quite as matchy as the sets, but they go together ok.

  10. Thanks for the cute PJ sleep wear options! You are so right: gotta get out of my own schlumpadinka mode wearing tatty PJs. I cleaned out my sleepwear drawer and it feels good to have nice things to choose from. Also packing for our winter get away vacay. I echo the comments about feeling anxious with packing and would love to hear of your packing tips. I have my suitcase laying in spare bedroom and have been throwing in stuff as I remember before I finalize the packing and check off my master packing list. I am looking forward to getting away and escaping the cold but do get anxious with packing….. Silly, I know. #firstworldproblems.😂

    1. I used to get over anxious when packing too then I started laying all the outfits I was planning on wearing (based on what we were planning on doing ) on the bed to see it all first and what items could be worn multiple times.. once that was all decided on and yes some things actually went back in the closet ( to avoid over packing) then they were all rolled and placed in the suitcase. Packing cubes help too.. hope this helps:)

  11. Welp – I’m a schlumperdink.. lol. I wear my husbands t-shirts to bed. They’re just so comfy. BUT.. these are all great options and I will have to look into them 🙂

  12. Wondering if you have some favorite luggage you could share? My college age daughter is far enough away that she flies home and we’ve had several large suitcase that were damaged the first time she checked them. Looking for recommendations for 24” size, not carry on size

    1. Well, I can share what I have, but I’d love to try something different next time I need something new. It is nice and has held up well (all except one piece, that the leather detail started coming off and I never was able to get it replaced. That one seems to be an anomaly, though. The others have all held up great.) The reason I’d try something different next time is this is really heavy. I have a 21″ and a 28″ and two 24″ ones. Here is the 24″ –

      I don’t think I paid that much for mine, though. I just looked it up and I paid $215 for my 24″ at Bed Bath & Beyond and $329 for my 28″ at Zappo’s. All that to say, I wouldn’t recommend this one at this time, honestly. You can get luggage that is as good for less. I recently saw a blogger recommend this, and I was thinking of trying it, but I really don’t need anything new right now:

  13. Jolynne, I enjoy your blog SO much. Even when a title doesn’t sound like it would apply to me I end up learning something or gaining new insight! Your intelligence and teaching experience shines through. I’m not much help with placing orders and making you a little money; I do most of my shopping from Good Will. However you and your readers might get a kick out of this little story. I told my husband all I wanted for Valentines was to try those Hanky Panky thongs from Nordstrom. He was thrilled and more than happy to place the order. We are in our fifties. He probably thinks not many of his peers have wives asking for thongs for Valentines. They might be if their wives follow your blog. God bless you! Btw I’m a preachers wife. I hope that wasn’t too racy for your blog. Lol

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