I’m a sucker for stripes lately so when I saw this linen stripe tee with the flattering v-neck and button sleeve detail, I was smitten. It’s such a nice little transition piece for this in-between season.

The background is off-white and the stripes are black, so I paired this top with black jeans to go out to breakfast with friends last week, and I kept it simple with black flats.

I get a lot of questions about accessories. This Luna pendant is a nice piece to wear with a casual v-neck top because it’s visible without being overwhelming. Sometimes a bigger necklace looks fussy, but if it’s too delicate, it can look young. I also wore a stack of Alex and Ani bangles.

These black jeans came from Trunk Club last winter. I like how they look on, but they slide down and I’m always hitching them up, which is annoying. I’m on the look-out for a new pair, but I don’t want to pay full price so I’m waiting.

I like this length with ballet flats, but they can be a little long for pairing with ankle boots. (The inseam is 29″.) Black jeans don’t always look right cuffed, so again, I’m looking for a replacement, but I keep wearing these in the meantime.

I picked up these Tory Burch flats for 40% off during the Anniversary Sale, and they’re actually on sale right now for 33% off but most sizes are gone. I like gold medallion and the pebbled leather, but they’re not as comfortable as my Minnie travel flats. I decided to keep them, though, because I got a good price on them and I don’t need to wear them for too many hours at a time.

I carried a black shoulder bag from last winter that coordinates nicely with my shoes. I like the combination of the black leather and gold hardware.

This is a simple outfit, but then again, I’m a simple girl! LOL! I could have jazzed it up with leopard flats or a more trendy loafer, but overall, I was comfortable and felt cute and put together for what turned out to be a long day. I wore this outfit out to breakfast with friends in the morning, then working from home the rest of the day, and that evening to host a meeting at my house.

The best part is, it looked just as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning. This top wore well and didn’t get wrinkled, which isn’t always the case with linen, and while the jeans do slide down, they don’t bag out throughout the day, so at least there’s that.

top // jeans (option) // ballet flats (leopard option) // luna pendant // similar watch // sunnies // bangles

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42 thoughts on “Stripes

  1. I love reading your posts and have found a lot of outfit inspiration from you. Your recent changes to your website however have impacted how I read it in my Feedly reader app. I now have to click through several times just to get to your content. Is there something on your end that will change that? Thanks ????

  2. For those pants that just have to continually be hitched up, I’ve been sewing two pieces of 1″ wide elastic to the back of the band inside on either side of the middle belt loop. I wear my tops out, so this has worked great. It doesn’t cause the pants band to pucker, just fit better. 

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I have jeans that constantly need to be hitched up, too. And I find that those are the pairs I tend to leave in the drawer. I’m not handy in the sewing  department either, though. I bought an elastic “invisible” belt which works, but honestly it’s a pain.  Anyone else have any suggestions? 

      1. You can purchase “half” belts. I forget the name of them but you only attach the back loops going across the back. It tightens the amount you want since they’re adjustable. Only drawback is you can’t tuck top in all the way around or it will be seen. I usually front tuck anyway.

  3. Great fall transition top!  I’d love a leopard flat after seeing the many different looks you show with them. I wear an 8 wide shoe & often have a hard time finding a stylish flat. Last year I found the Liz Clairborne Iris flat in 8 wide.  They have a gold medallion over the toes.  And yours truly bought 6 pairs!  I’m one of those people that of I find a shoe that fits, I tend to buy one in very color.  Although with black, navy, pewter, & cognac colors, I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of them.  New website looks great!!  

    1. Thanks, Amy! Sometimes when I post outfits like this I’m afraid they’re too plain and someone is going to revoke my fashion blogger crown. Haha!

      I guess I haven’t tried anything with vertical stripes. For some reason, I’m not drawn to them the same way as I am to horizontal.

  4. Love the simplicity of the top and how it makes a HUGE statement. Irma is definitely scary. Hubby has to fly down to St. Kitt’s Friday to help with the plant clean-up, and then head to Puerto Rico to help there as much as he can. Personally, I wish he wouldn’t be going, but they will need help.

  5. Love it, especially the cute details on your sleeves! I bought my Luna pendant after seeing you wear it on your blog and its now my favorite necklace! I wanted to ask, are you satisfied with your watch? I’m looking to purchase a watch with mixed color metals, just wondered if you have some advice in that area. Thanks for being such a bright spot in the day!

    1. I love my watch. However, the size I have sold out and the one I am linking to is smaller. That may be ok – it looks the same otherwise, I think. But I wanted to be sure you knew that. I like the larger size, personally. 🙂

  6. As usual another great outfit! You always look so classy! I have a question, I was wondering about wearing a denim jacket with denim jeans. I tend to like the dark denim jeans, but I have a lighter denim jacket. I have never paired them as I am afraid of the dreaded denim tuxedo (yikes). I usually wear the jacket with black jeans/pants or a skirt/dress. What are your thoughts?

    1. Pairing denim with denim is fine as long as there is enough of a contrast. In fact, it’s kind of a trend at the moment. I prefer to play it safe, and I only pair blue denim with white or black denim, but you can do blue and blue as long as they are different shades of blue.

  7. The top is sheer enough to see the black jeans through it. I don’t mind sheer tops, but I would have to wear a cami that matched the pants with it to avoid that line. Cute concept though!

  8. You could also just find a seamstress who could put a couple of darts in the back of your jeans and shorten them a bit.  The darts work too. Easy fix!

  9. Sorry this is so late Jo-lynne, but i bought my “half” belt at SteinMart a few yrs back. Bed, Bath, and Beyond sells a belt that is the same called Hip Hugger for $8.99. It really works well for gaping issues and when you just don’t want to be bothered with the bulk of a regular belt.

  10. Sorry this response is so late, but I bought my “half” belt a few years ago at SteinMart. Think it was called a continental belt. Anyway, I looked online and found them at Bed Bath and Beyond. They’re 8.99 ea and they are called hip hugger. They really do the trick for gaping problems and for when you just don”t want the added bulk from a regular belt. Hope this is useful for you and readers!

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