Tassel Trim Tank with Pink Jeans and Comfort Sandals

Hello Tuesday! Today I’m styling this tassel trim embroidered tank I picked up at Nordstrom a few weeks ago. It just went on sale, so I’m expecting sizes to start selling out. If you like it, don’t waste time putting it in your cart!

I think this top is really cute and fun for something different, but I know it’s not the best fit for my body type. I’m styling it anyway because I think it’s a great piece for those of you who are smaller on top.

It’s super lightweight and easy breezy for these hot summer days, and while it’s thin, I don’t feel the need to wear cami under it. It was my natural inclination to pair it with worn-in distressed blue jeans or jean shorts with a flat strappy sandal — think festival look! (That’s a great price on those AG jeans and the shorts, by the way!!!)

But knowing that most of my audience is probably not attending festivals this summer (ha!) I thought I’d dress up this top a bit with these light pink jeans and a pair of embellished comfort sandals.

Happily, these jeans are on sale as well. They’re on an AMAZING markdown at Lord & Taylor, but only a few sizes are left in this color. (They have other colors, though!) They cost a little more at Saks, but they’re still priced really well and fully stocked. Both retailers are eligible for ShopRunner (free 2-day shipping if you’re a member.)

I get my ShopRunner membership free through my AmEx card, and you can also get it with a Paypal account or certain MasterCard accounts as well, so it’s definitely worth checking into.

I’m wearing these jeans in Pink Sunrise, but I also have them in the Primrose and the Agave. Yes, they are THAT good. They are sooo soft and comfortable, and actually fairly thin so not terribly hot for summertime. In fact, they’re not really jean material at all; they have a large percentage of modal, which is a type of rayon, so that’s how they make them so thin and cool and comfortable.

SIZING NOTE >> If you tend to run in between sizes, and even if you usually wear the smaller of your two sizes in 7 for All Mankind jeans, I recommend going with your larger size in these. I am wearing the 29, and I made the mistake of getting the Agave in the 28, and I actually ended up replacing them with the 29 because while they were comfortable, I felt they looked too tight. I do find myself pulling these up occasionally in the size 29, but I prefer the way they look when they’re not as skin-tight.

I really like the combination of the ivory and light pink jeans, but I also think this top would be great with the Agave pair.

As for these shoes, I also think I’d like them better with the Agave jeans, but I already styled those with an ivory top, so I wanted to show a slightly different look for this outfit.

These shoes are INCREDIBLY comfortable, and I like that they’re a little dressier than most comfort sandals. They were gifted to me by The Walking Company right before my Disney trip last spring, and I was so thankful to have them. They have great arch support, and the modest wedge heel is stable but gives you a little extra height.

They fit true to size; I’m wearing my usual size 8. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for supportive but stylish sandals.

I’m wearing CND Offbeat on my nails. I love this color so much, I might actually get it again when I go back tomorrow to get my next mani/pedi. It’s a great mix of pink and red, and it goes either way depending on what I’m wearing. By the way, I don’t do Shellac on my pedicure — just my manicure. They did the same color in Vinylux on my toes but that appears to be sold out on Amazon.

You can’t really see my jewelry in this photo, but I wore a stack of Alex and Ani bangles and white stone with gold chandelier earrings.

I chose my ivory saddle bag both for the color and the slightly boho styling — it works in perfectly with this outfit on both counts.

top // jeans (more sizes) // shoes // similar bag (option) // earrings // bracelets // nails: CND Offbeat

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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33 Responses

  1. This outfit looks so relaxed and comfortable I love the tassle detail! I just wondered if you would consider styling a jump suit? There seem to be loads of nice summer ones around!

  2. This is such a pretty look on you, I love it! The colors are just perfect together. I tried this tank last year and really loved it. I had to return it because one of the tassels fell off, and I was worried how it would hold up. It must have just been a bad one though, because I’m seeing it a lot again this year with no complaints. It really is an adorable top!
    And holy moly AG sale! I grabbed those jeans last week for $10 more and I thought that was as low as I’d see them. Wow.

  3. This is such a cute outfit and I actually bought those shoes in black last year when you styled them and I love them. So comfortable for work. 

  4. This is such a pretty and very versatile outfit that I think you look very nice in!  I have got to keep etching away at my old thinking that my shoes and handbag have to ‘match’ my clothing.  Those wedge sandals are so adorable.  I think summer has definitely arrived.  Our heat index will be in the triple digits today, so we will step outside only when we absolutely have too!  Is it Fall yet!  Have a fabulous day!

  5. I have the exact same top but mine is the blue color. Of course, I didn’t get mine on sale, I am not that lucky. I better post it on the blog before it all sells out. Lol!

  6. Love this outfit!! I’m very interested in the Shoprunner through PayPal. Do you have anymore info about that? I can’t seem to find anything on the PayPal site. Thanks in advance!

  7. Such a cute outfit! I decided to jump on the pink band wagon and just ordered the jeans in Primrose using my ShopRunner account.  These will be my first pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans but I couldn’t pass up that sale price! Thanks Jo-Lynne!

  8. I had loved these jeans when you last styled them but they were a bit above my budget. I did find a pair that I was able to style in the same way from Target and I really like them. I thought I’d share here but if that’s not okay, please feel free to delete my comment. I just love seeing what you style and then taking that idea and finding something similar to meet my needs. Thanks for being so good at planting the idea! https://www.target.com/p/women-s-high-rise-raw-hem-skinny-jeans-universal-thread-153-pink/-/A-53171760?preselect=52809805#lnk=sametab

  9. This is such a nice post.  Wow, I can’t believe the amazing price of the jeans! I know this is probably obvious, but would you size up in the primrose shade as well?  Sometimes shades run different.  Thank you so much!  I absolutely appreciate all that you do !

    1. Yes, I have the Primrose in the 28 and I do wish I had the 29. That said, it’s a little darker than the Agave so I didn’t repurchase them, but I do find myself wearing these lighter pink ones more because they’re a little looser.

  10. Thanks for the tip on the jeans…I’ve been trying on colored jeans but so far they haven’t been compatible with my thighs.    Our L&T doesn’t stock Seven’s…so I ordered two sizes and am looking forward to giving them a try.   Great price point!  Fingers crossed!

  11. Why isn’t that top the best for your body type? I have a shape similar to yours and would wear that top. Are there different styles that would be more flattering? Love your posts,

    1. Hey Eileen. With an hourglass figure, I prefer more structured tops. I think I can get away with this one, but more tailored, structured styles will show my curves better. That said, this one isn’t terribly voluminous, I just think it would look better on a smaller chest. 😊

  12. I ordered these jeans in Primrose. LOVE them! So super comfortable!! And your sizing advice was spot on! One question- the tag says they can be dried. Do you dry them or let them air dry? Thanks in advance!

    1. I hang mine. I’m just in the habit of hanging all my jeans that have any spandex in them b/c I think the heat of the dryer weakens the spandex and makes them bag out with wear.

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