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It’s Day 17 of The 21-Day Sugar Detox and I suppose it’s still going. I’m definitely not sticking to the program quite as religiously as I’d planned, but I’m definitely not giving up either.

Truth be told, I’m kind of frustrated with myself. I keep making exceptions . . . only with things I know I will be fine with eating when I’m done the detox (like a few berries here and there, a glass of wine with my dinner, or a protein bar sweetened with dates and figs – I didn’t realize that had 21 grams of sugar till I’d eaten half!!) . . . but stuff I should not be eating yet. I really wanted to do this 100% and I thought I would.

But I think once I got over the worst of the withdrawal symptoms and started feeling like myself again with more energy than ever before, I just wanted to get to my “new normal” as I keep calling it — whatever version of paleo/primal living I end up adopting for myself. I discussed in this post what I want that to look like. (If you missed it, it is suuuuuuper long. Scroll to the bottom, the last section that I titled What The Heck Is Paleo/Primal, Anyway? And What’s The Difference?)

My weight loss is holding steady, which is good. I’m happy with that. I’m still more bloated than I’d like to be. I need to work on getting more greens and fiber so I can be, ahem, more regular. (Sorry, TMI, but something to be aware of when doing a diet like this.)

What I Ate

Okay, I will try to make this brief since I have TWO days to recap. I may not recall quite everything I put in my mouth (like I said, I’ve been indulging in a berry here and there, lol) but this is the gist.

Tuesday morning was the first day of school for my kiddos and I went out to breakfast with some of my friends from the neighborhood. I ordered an omelette with bacon, roasted red peppers, provolone and spinach. It was delicious, but HUGE. I only ate half. And I drank water and coffee. That’s in addition to my usual 2 cups with heavy cream here at home.

I wasn’t hungry for lunch until mid-afternoon, and I grabbed leftover zucchini ribbon salad. Remember how my stomach hurt after dinner on Monday night? And I thought it was the bean salad with the avocado? Evidently the zucchini ribbon salad didn’t agree with me either because after eating the leftovers on Tuesday, my stomach threw a fit.

I have no idea WHAT it was that aggravated me. The almond slivers are my best guess. But there were almonds in my chicken salad on Sunday and I was fine. I hate my stomach, can I just say that? It is so fickle. STILL. After changing my eating habits so drastically. I just have to remember how much worse it was before all this. Sigh . . . I mean, I used to be incapacitated for an entire afternoon when my gastritis was at its worst several years ago. So I’ve come a long way. I just have to keep tweaking, I suppose.

For dinner, we had brisket and the cauliflower mash that were on my menu plan for this Saturday. (I use that as a loose guide, I don’t follow it precisely.) That was delicious! Also, I steamed some green beans from our CSA. I had tea with a friend after dinner, and probably another coffee there in the afternoon somewhere. Oh, and some cheese and Mary’s Gone Crackers before dinner.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up SUPER early, like 4:15 am and came downstairs and got to work. I had three coffees instead of my usual two, and for breakfast I had two fried eggs. I made myself a salad in a jar for lunch. I packed it when I packed my kids’ lunches in the morning and stuck it in the fridge. BRILLIANT! It was so nice to have lunch already ready when I wanted it.

salad in a jar


That afternoon, I had another cup of coffee (yes, FOUR – that is a record for me, I think!) and one of these little Coco-Roons I impulsively bought at the grocery store that morning. See, this is what I mean. For a paleo/primal lifestyle, these are a great snack to have around, but I feel like I should see the detox through before incorporating this type of thing back into my life.

While I’m not craving sweets, the idea of a treat is still really compelling. It did hit the spot along with my afternoon coffee. It has 4.5 grams of sugar.


Before dinner I snacked on Mary’s Gone Crackers and cheese. I have to stop doing this. I’m falling back on my old bad habits of snacking before dinner.

For dinner we had a pork tenderloin cooked in leeks and wine sauce. I need to post this recipe. It’s an oldie but goodie. I took some photos, so I hope they turned out. With it we had my brussels sprouts with bacon and caramelized onions, and I also made this ratatouille casserole since I had tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini from the CSA. It was alright. We ate it, but I probably won’t make it again. It was pretty, though!

ratatouille casserole

After dinner, I went right to bed! LOL. I was tired — two mornings in a row getting up at 4:30 caught up with me.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but that’s pretty much it. I’m super psyched because right this minute I have a vanilla almond sponge bread in the oven for breakfast. It’s from Diane’s Practical Paleo cookbook and it’s sugar-detox friendly. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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