I feel like I’m in the home stretch! I really want to finish strong but I keep making “exceptions”. Still, in the grand scheme, I’ve come a looong way in 17 days.

I woke up early again yesterday and made my usual 2 cups of coffee. Then I made this paleo bread from the Practical Paleo cookbook.


Once again, I was pining for something besides eggs for breakfast so I thought I’d try this. It was okay but not the least bit sweet. If you’re expecting sweet, you will be sorely disappointed. She does tout this as a bread replacement, not a treat, but I still expected it to have more flavor or something. I think the almonds threw me off. While they make it look pretty, I don’t like the texture they give the bread (they’re only sprinkled on top). Anyway, I might try it again this morning WITH my eggs. I think it would be better with something. Also it could be nice with soup for dinner.

Long about 10am I had 2 of those little Coco-Roons with my 3rd cup of coffee. I shouldn’t have. They’re not part of the plan. But I was hankering for a treat. Again, for a paleo lifestyle, they’re a great treat option. For this sugar detox, I really should be steering clear of anything with that much sugar. Two of them totaled 9 grams of sugar. But what’s done is done.

Lunch was leftover pork and brussels sprouts. It hit the spot, and I felt quite virtuous afterwards! LOL.

marinated pork loin

Late in the afternoon, I snacked on roasted seasoned seaweed. It does contain corn oil, but otherwise it’s a good snack. It is salty and crunchy, which is exactly what I need sometimes.

Then we had a potpourri/leftover night for dinner. I ate brisket, cauliflower mash and a beet salad and drank water.

After dinner, I had a cup of kombucha/green tea.

Oddly, I’ve been having gastritis stomach aches almost daily. I can’t pinpoint what is causing them, and it’s concerning me just a bit. I’ve started taking digestive enzymes again, before I eat and that seems to help.

I think that’s it.

Oh wait. That’s not it.

So after school, my son decided to make a pan of brownies. He used my Krusteaz gluten-free baking mix, which, as I’ve told you, is really about as good as it gets for brownie mixes, gluten-free or not. Man, oh man, did they ever smell good.

I considered having JUST A BITE. A morsel, even.

But I did not.

The Coco-Roons are one thing. They fit into a paleo diet. But the brownie so does not. It’s one thing to make “exceptions” to the sugar detox, but to go all out and cheat on a conventional brownie is quite another, morsel or no. So I stayed strong.

SOME OTHER MEMBERS of the family, ahem, did not stay so strong. Not to mention names, Paul Shane. Yes, evidently after I went to bed, my husband raided the brownies.

I got up this morning and there were a few left. They will go directly into lunchboxes with my kids so they’re not sitting around to tempt me.

Also, this morning is my first strength training workout since I started this detox. We’re going to work around the boot, evidently. I am DREADING it. I hate getting back into the swing of things with exercise, but I know I need to.

So that’s a wrap. THREE MORE DAYS!

For those just tuning in, the program I’m doing is The 21-Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo and you can see all my updates here.