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So it’s really day 3 of The 21-Day Sugar Detox but I’m recapping day 2. I guess. Something like that. Ha!

Today has been an eventful one. For one thing, I have been diagnosed with a stress fracture in my OTHER foot (not the one with all the plantar fasciitis problems) so I’m back in a boot for two weeks. Good times.

My first thought was, “I deserve a nice, cold glass of white wine tonight,” and then I remembered I’m on a sugar-stinkin-detox. Oh well, I suppose it’s as good a time as any to be depriving myself of all my favorite foods. If I was eating like I normally do AND laid up for two weeks, who knows what I’d weigh by the end of it all!!???

How I Feel

So as far as the detox goes, I’m still doing alright, feeling alright. Not really experiencing any massive cravings or loss of energy. I would say I’m a bit more mellow than normal, but that’s a good thing. Usually I’m going 115 miles an hour and 10 directions at once. I’ve been feeling more focused, which is interesting.

Also, I slept like a baby last night and woke up this morning awake and alert, rather than scuffing downstairs in search of coffee. But that could be because I went to bed at 8:00 last night . . . ha!

What I Ate

Yesterday was Day 2, and I think I already told you in yesterday’s post pretty much what I ate. Writing these posts in the afternoon is throwing me all off!

So picking up where I left off, last night I had planned tacos with lettuce wraps in lieu of tortilla shells, but we ended up just making them into huge taco salads.

And when I say huge, I mean HUGE. I would have taken a picture, but we were both so ravenous that we literally sat down and dug in like pigs. My husband even rushed through his prayer — that’s how desperate we were for food.

It’s not that we hadn’t eaten all day. I thought I’d eaten plenty. But dinner was a bit later than planned, and we are just adjusting to this new way of eating, I guess.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I filled my plate HIGH with lettuce and meat and cheese and sour cream and tomatoes and then I. ATE. IT. ALL.

I was definitely over-full, which made me mad at myself. I knew that I’d feel better if I went for a walk, but hello, stress fracture!

So. I went to bed and listened to my stomach rumble and grumble an churn for the next hour. I learned my lesson. No matter how hungry I think I am, I’m going to take reasonable portions. I mean . . . really! I knew better. What’s wrong with me??

This morning I got up and made a carrot and zucchini quiche from the Practical Paleo cookbook. It was quite good.

carrot zucchini quiche

I was satisfied until lunchtime when I put together a quick beet and goat cheese salad using my favorite lemon vinaigrette and some organic cooked beets I bought at Costco. THOSE are nifty to have around!

beet salad

Interesting how sweet beets taste when you haven’t had sugar for over two days!!!!!!

It was very satisfying and delicious, but I knew I was going to be hungry again in just a couple of hours and I was going to be out and about for most of the afternoon so I grabbed some leftover chicken in the fridge from a few nights ago and ate that. It was worked. I’m writing this at 5:30 and I don’t feel ravenous for dinner.

I already have said dinner simmering on the stove — it’s this paleo chicken tortilla soup. I can’t wait to dive in, but I’m promising myself not to overload my plate this time!

Random thought. I went to the store today to pick up a few things — vegetables mostly. I stopped into my favorite natural foods market. It’s a small local chain that specializes in locally sourced, organic, non-GMO foods. In other words, aside from a farmer’s market, it doesn’t get much more clean eating than this.

I was absolutely overwhelmed with how much they carry that I can NOT have with this current eating. Everywhere I looked were displays for Chips & Snacks! Gluten-Free! Cereals! Izzy Drinks!

There was even organic candy beside the produce case.

And any other time I’d go in and start throwing boxes and bags in my cart, many of them for the kids, but some definitely for me, and I would feel like I was doing pretty well food shopping for our family. Organic! Non-GMO! Gluten-Free! All-Natural!

But in the end, 80% of what even my natural food store carries is junk. Because that’s what sells. That’s what we want.

And I’m not above it. I am sure those boxes and bags will make their way into my cart again some day soon. Hopefully not as many and not as often, but I’m not fool enough to think one 3-week sugar detox is going to break the cycle forever.

You know why? It’s easy and convenient, and we’ve set ourselves up to need easy and convenient. We’re too busy to do it the old-fashioned way.

It’s a sad state of affairs, my friends.

And speaking of busy, I’m too busy to edit this post. So you get all the rant and the typos unfiltered. Ha!

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5 thoughts on “THE 21-DAY SUGAR DETOX RECAP, DAY 2

  1. i feel a little guilty that I read this while drinking wine and eating chocolate. I know sugar is evil, but I love it so much.
    Seriously wish I had your no-sugar will power! I’ll workout extra hard tomorrow instead!

  2. I know I need to do this too, but the very thought makes me cringe! That in itself should tell me something.! Thank you for posting what you eat so that I get an idea just what it actually looks like each day. Think I’ll wait until you are done to decide if I can follow through…ha.

  3. I discovered something that helps my pf ~~ Homedics Rapid Relief Electronic Pain Relief Pad. Good luck with your feet and sugar detox!

  4. The beet salad looks awesome. I love beets. So the natural sugar in these is ok? I’m loving the foods you are sharing. Maybe this will be something to kick start a HUGE change I news to make.

    1. Yes, you are allowed a limited amount of the more sugary veggies on this diet. I think like 1 cup? or maybe 1/2. I’m sure I have no more than 1/4 cup on my salad, though.

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