Frayed Hem Crop Jeans + Floral Tank

Hello, friends. Happy Friday! Today I’ve got a couple of variations on an outfit that I think is really cute and perfect for spring. Best of all, LOFT is running a 30% off sale this weekend (40% off with a LOVELOFT card) so both the top and jeans are on sale. Use code LOVEMOM at checkout.

LOFT Tapestry Print Mixed Media Shell with Frayed Crop Light Wash Jeans

I’ve been really impressed with these frayed hem crop jeans. With the current sale, they are less than $50, and they have a very flattering fit. Plus they’re right on trend with the light wash denim and frayed crop hem.

The Best Frayed Hem Crop Jeans Under $50

They aren’t as soft as the premium brands I typically recommend, but I hear they do soften up some with wear, and they didn’t bag out after I wore them for several hours. They run true to size. I have the 28, and I usually wear size 6 in LOFT pants.

Printed Shell + Frayed Crop Jeans + Cognac Lace Up Sandals = Casual Spring Outfit

They even have a flattering rear view, which is hard to find in jeans at this price point. They’re nice and thick, which helps them not show through any jiggly parts, ifyouknowwhatImean…

Printed Shell + Frayed Crop Jeans + Cognac Lace Up Sandals = Casual Spring Outfit

This top is also from LOFT. I got a ton of compliments the day I wore this. It really is a pretty print. For size reference, I have a small in the top, and it is plenty big.

I generally prefer more fitted styles that create more definition in the waist area, but sometimes it’s nice to wear something loose and flowy and not have to worry about any lumps and bumps showing through.

Yikes, first jiggly parts and now lumps and bumps… such pretty talk! But that’s the way it is for most of us, I’m sure. Just keeping it real.

LOFT Tapestry Print Mixed Media Shell

Okay, so let’s discuss these sandals. These are Lucky Brand, and I think they are so cute. I really like this light brown with the light wash bluejeans. The studs and fringe trim details are pretty, and they’re easy to walk in. I will say, they tend to come untied, so you have to be willing to put up with that, but they’re good for when you won’t be doing a ton of walking.

I got mine when they were on sale a few weeks back. At $79, they’re not a bad price for leather sandals, but if you want a pair, I would recommend holding off and waiting for their next sale. (Lucky Brand does have an extra 50% off sale styles this weekend, if you want to take a look. There are some cute pieces, including some sandals, and the markdowns are significant.

Lucky Brand Toree Lace-Up Sandals

I also wanted to show this outfit with a wedge heel. I love these blush espadrille sandals with the light wash jeans, and the print in the top has that same shade of pink.

Printed Shell + Frayed Crop Jeans + Marc Fisher Annie Espadrilles = Cute Spring Outfit

These shoes are actually very comfortable and easy to walk in. Because of the platform sole, they give you a lot of added height without a dramatic heel drop, which is always nice.

They come in other colors too, but I think this blush is so pretty. It coordinates nicely with my Kate Spade hobo in the Rose Cloud. A nice budget-friendly option is this Sole Society tote in the Latte.

Frayed Crop Jeans + Marc Fisher Annie Espadrilles

This time I’m showing the top with a front-tuck so you can see another option.

Printed Shell + Frayed Crop Jeans + Marc Fisher Annie Espadrilles = Cute Spring Outfit

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I can’t wait for this front tuck trend to fizzle out. I really think it looks awkward from any angle but directly front-on. As you can see here, from the side the blouse balloons out in a funny way and adds visual weight.

How to Style Light Wash Jeans

I actually think this top adds some visual weight tucked and untucked. A good way to create a more flattering silhouette with a flowy blouse like this is to top it off with a structured jacket.

White Denim Jacket Spring Outfit

I actually wore a variation of this outfit earlier this week to a blogging event with my white denim jacket on top. Suddenly this outfit has a lot more structure, and I feel like it is more flattering. Plus the jacket adds another element of interest to the entire outfit.

I also added a necklace for this look. It is barely noticeable against the busy patterned blouse, but I do think that it makes a nice addition to the outfit.

Overall, I think this top and the jeans are both great purchases at a great price point. There is black trim in this top so I can also see it paired with black jeans and a blue jean jacket for a different look. I also plan to pair it with my light pink jeans sometime soon! I love it when a top has so many options.

How to Style Light Wash Jeans

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tapestry print blouse // frayed crop jeans // lace-up sandals // similar cognac hobo // blush wedge espadrilles // blush hobo (budget-friendly tote option) // white denim jacket (similar for less) // faux pearl earrings // Living Water Charm Bangle and Arrow Cuff c/o Alex and Ani // Moonbow sunnies c/o

And it’s Friday, so that means linkup day! If you have a fashion blog, I’d love for you to join us. If you’re here for your weekly dose of style inspiration, you’ll find plenty of that here. Have a beautiful weekend!

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34 Responses

  1. Loving every piece here. The jeans look fantastic on you and the wash is so perfect. It did take me awhile to embrace and try the lighter wash though. I’ve always been one to prefer a darker wash, so I wasn’t sure how I liked this lighter trend. But after finally get a chance to play around with mine, I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing them a ton. I kinda wish I would’ve seen yours first though! 😉

  2. Love those jeans! They look so cute with the wedges. I have the darker tan version I bought last year, but I am really loving the lighter pair on you.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. I love those jeans! As for the half-tucked shirt trend, I’ve done it a few times but now leave my shirts permanently untucked. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  4. I ordered this outfit the other day and the top arrived yesterday and I LOVE it! I do not have a white jacket but may just need to order one now! LOL I can’t wait for the jeans to arrive, hopefully today!

  5. Great outfit’s Jo-Lynne! I have a couple of questions. 1) Are the jeans high rise? I hope so because that is the fit I find more comfortable.
    2) Are there other ways to make the outfit more structured without a jacket? I am very hot natured, and in South GA it is hot like FL, so wearing a jacket, even with the sleeves rolled up is a very rare occurrence for me during the warm months.
    Thank you!

    I can’t wait to hear where in FL, you & Cyndi will be in next week.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. This is a great post! Love your outfit! I agree with you how a jacket can give you shape and really improve a look. I basically think of a jacket and my third piece must have! Peace!

  7. I love the platform wedge shoes and the hobo bag (melting over them!) I am shopping for some shoes like that, and I am hooked on hobo bags right now! And I do love the top especially when you add the white denim… super cute!

  8. I love this look!!!, and you look so cute and good on it!!! You inspire me everyday to dig in my closet and put different pieces together to look more fashion!!!
    I really like the top and it will be a great idea for MOTHER’S DAY.
    I will mention that to my kids!!!????Maybe. I got like this weekend????
    I will read you tomorrow!!
    Georgina from California

  9. This outfit is super cute as is, but is completely elevated by the jacket and wedges! Love the price points! Thank you 🙂

  10. I love these wedges! It’s amazing the difference a jacket makes. It gives the outfit a totally different look but still covers the jiggly parts and the lumps and bumps. Lol ???? Thanks for the laugh!

  11. I ordered this outfit the other day and it should be here tomorrow! Thanks for the great suggestions. I have a white jean jacket and different colored wedges. I can’t wait to try out these variations. GreT post!

  12. Wonderful outfit Jo-Lynne! Looks just like something I would wear! Is it still cool where you are? We are having terrible Spring weather in Indiana so you certainly need a jacket! I will be so glad when it warms up for good.


  13. Jo-Lynne, this is such a great look! I love the cropped frayed jeans and the print on your top is adorable! Both pairs of sandals look great, too. By the way, I love the front tuck for me because it can hide the muffin top, but you are right…when taking pictures it never looks right.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  14. I love all the variations of this outfit, but I have to disagree with you about the untucked an front tuck looks. I think they both look good on you and I’m not seeing a whole lot of extra “visual weight”! Enjoy your Mother’s Day!

  15. I wore this top to my son’s communion and while I love it, I feel like it made me look pregnant. A jacket would have def helped. Still cute and still going to wear it.

  16. Super cute outfit and I can order it in petite too ☺️
    I was just at loft last week and didn’t notice this top? The sale wasn’t running so I didn’t try any jeans on but this is an outfit I definitely want ~thanks to you and your great style suggestions. Plus you made me laugh with all your funny comments. Enjoy your weekend with your kids and Happy Mothers Day ????

  17. Hi! I’ve been wondering if you have lost weight over the past few years? lol you know we all work on our weight. I bought that top last weekend at Loft and the same jeans, but in a yellow mustard color.

    1. Hi Lisa, I sort of did Whole30 at the end of last summer. I made a few modifications (like cream in my coffee, lol) but I pretty much cut out simple carbs and added sugar, and I lost 10 lbs. I kept it off for a while, but I put 5 lbs back on after the holidays, and I’m working on getting that back off. It’s a constant battle, isn’t it? 🙂 I definitely recommend Whole30 and the Paleo way of eating. I feel much better when I stick to it.

  18. JoLynn, the reality of life is jiggly and lumps and bumps! Ha, ha. So no worries in mentioning that on your blog! It actually makes me feel better! I love this top. The print is very pretty and with it being somewhat unstructured you do have all the options you mentioned….leaving it out, front tuck and wearing it with a jacket. It looks great on you all three ways. Great look. Thanks for hosting the link up. – Amy

  19. I love the jeans! I usually wear a dark wash but the lighter wash is perfect for summer. The top is really pretty. I don’t get the tuck trend at all – it looks ok on other people but when I tried it my husband said it looked like I got dressed in a hurry!

    Emma xxx

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