Laundry Room Makeover

laundry room organization project

Okay, so maybe I am the only one who was waiting anxiously for this project to wrap itself up! But anyway. Here it is. I know I’ve been talking about it for a while, but it is FINALLY ready to unveil.

This is the third of a series of posts on Taming Mom’s Hotspots sponsored in part by Target. As a Target Inner Circle Member, I received a gift card to assist me with this project. Don’t miss my posts about how we organized The Command Center and The Pantry!!!

And stay tuned for a giveaway at the end of this post!!!

Taming Mom’s Hot Spots | The Laundry Room

First, you have to understand how much I have DETESTED this room for the past few years.

When we moved into this house eight years ago, I was so thrilled to HAVE a laundry room that I didn’t much care that it was bare bones. It came equipped with ONE wire rack that was really hard to reach. Take a look.


I KNOW! We are slobs. (Also note the “system” — the laundry sorter that was clearly NOT being used, the drying rack that was overflowing, and the shoe shelves that were empty. Are you sensing a pattern here?)

When we bought a set of front loaders a few years ago, which naturally spawned a series of blog posts, we removed the shelf and never put it back. I had a portable laundry hamper/hanging rack in there and that was IT. Take a look at these BEFORE photos.

laundry room before-3

I’m dead serious. We lived this way for four years!

laundry before

In a wild attempt at organization, my husband hung hooks along one wall for backpacks and jackets, and we hung bins that were supposed to hold important papers that need attention, but those ended up gathering more and more stuff until they were literally overflowing and not at all useful.

I’m not sure WHY I ever thought that bright orange paint was a good idea. I was trying to pick something fun, but that color just sucked all the light out of the room. Also, we only had one light, and it didn’t provide much illumination. With no natural light source in the room, it was a dungeon.

We have 9-foot ceilings in my house, so I knew there was a ton of wasted space, but we just used it as-is because we weren’t sure what to do with it. Because the washer and dryer were on pedestals, hanging shelves or cabinets seemed almost worthless because we’d barely be able to reach them.

It wasn’t until I hired an organizer to help me configure the space that we were able to come up with a workable plan.


Darla DeMorrow of Heartwork Organizing stepped in and breathed new life into this space. In full disclosure, I paid her a reduced rate in exchange for social media promotion, but she gave me the same treatment she gives all her clients. She truly will go shopping with you, come to your house and hang shelving units, and give you advice based on your habits and needs. Here is how she describes her business: “Part service, part coach, part miracle worker, with a designer’s eye, we can work with you to improve your situation.”

She is fantastic, and I am not done with her yet!!! If you’re local and looking for professional help organizing or staging your home, contact Darla TODAY and get on her calendar. You won’t regret it.

The Plan

After assessing the situation and asking me about our families habits and current systems, Darla determined that we needed:

  1. better lighting
  2. lighter paint color
  3. shelving
  4. a better system for organizing papers
  5. shoe storage

For starters.

My only request was a nice sturdy hanging rack for line drying clothes and a system for storing all our stuff. Beyond that, I had no vision for the room.

As we discussed the project further, we decided we needed to do something about the ugly green linoleum floor. Darla wanted to paint it, but my husband wasn’t hearing any of that. He was convinced it would end up getting scratched and dinged and looking like crap, so he offered to lay wood floor.

Neither one of us was about to argue with that!!

Then we discussed paint colors. Darla thought we should go with something light in cooler tones that would make the small room feel larger. We looked through her paint palette and picked two coordinating shades of teal that we thought would be soothing in the space. 

Finally we discussed what to do with all that open wall space. Darla recommended an open shelving system on the right wall over the washer and dryer, rather than cabinets. It’s by far the less expensive option, and she promised we could make it look pretty with proper containers. As for the hooks on the left wall, she liked the idea, but gave me tips on making them more effective — such as assigning certain hooks to certain kids so they weren’t constantly hanging coats and backpacks on top of each other’s and knocking stuff onto the floor when they wanted to get to something under the pile.

She also suggested that I remove the pedestals from under the washer and dryer so we could bring the shelving down to a more accessible height. I was nervous about getting rid of that storage space. I use those drawers for beach towels and bathing suits and winter hats/gloves/mittens, etc. But she promised the space could be used more efficiently if we got rid of them.

Clearly this was no small task we were undertaking!!

She took measurements and jotted down ideas and later on the week got back to me with a plan of action. Here’s how our project unfolded.

Laundry Room Organization At Last!

The first thing I did after Darla’s initial assessment was clear out the room and take everything off the hooks. I hung back only the most essential coats and backpacks. Those hooks were never intended to hold Paul’s and my things, so I went through the coat closet in the foyer and got all of our coats and jackets hanging neatly in there. I got rid of all the other assorted junk that had accumulated on the hooks and spread out the kids’ jackets and backpacks so that each had their own hooks. I cannot BELIEVE I never thought of doing that before.

That night, Paul removed the pedestals from under the washer and dryer. Already the room seemed more manageable, but we had a LONG way to go!

look ma no pedestalsPaint

Darla tipped me off that Sherwin Williams was having a 40% off sale on paint that weekend, so I headed right over the next day to buy a couple of gallons. Paul loves Sherwin Williams paint, and it is the brand Darla recommends as well. We decided to paint a darker shade on the back wall and a lighter shade on the side walls.

We went with SW 6191 Contented for the lighter one and SW6472 Composed for the darker one. Aren’t the color names PERFECT???!!!

The next night, Paul went to work.

bye bye orange

When I woke up the next morning, I had fresh paint!

new paint


We chose wood rather than ceramic tile or sheet vinyl because we have wood in the foyer and thought it would flow nicely into the laundry room. It’s not very expensive if you do it yourself. I think we spent around $300 at Lowes on the wood flooring. Paul installed it in a weekend.

wood floor1

Color & Design

Meanwhile, Darla and I met at Target to look for design inspiration. The folks at Target wanted me to check out the new limited edition Method line of products in Beach Sage. I fell in love with the color palette, and it went perfectly with our paint colors!

method beach sage

Darla recommended using fabric bins for organizing my stuff on the shelves. I liked these Itso Fabric Bins, and the colors worked so we picked up a bunch. Later we returned the ones we didn’t use. When shopping at Target for things like this, it’s a good idea to pick up extras just in case because they don’t stay on the shelves for long.

itso fabric bins

Installing freedomRail

Once the room was painted and the floor was in, we could start hanging the shelves.


Darla recommends the freedomRail shelving system. I discussed why at great length in my Pantry Organization post. Basically it’s very good quality, sturdy, and it is easy to adjust to your space.

hanging freedomRail

We are not affiliated with freedomRail at all. I purchased all the shelving at full price; we just both think it’s a great product!

It was Darla’s idea to put the shoe cubbies in the open space between the dryer and the closet to contain the shoes that are always scattered about our house. She hung it high enough off the floor that I can fit laundry baskets underneath it. BRILLIANT, right?????


You can see how the freedomRail works, I hope, from this succession of photos.

installing freedomRail

AND I got my hanging rack!!! We actually designed the system so it is at the PERFECT height for me to reach.

almost done

Then it was time to start organizing the shelves!!!!! All of the stuff we had removed from the laundry room plus our new storage bins were lined up in the halllway.

laundry room stuff

Darla went through and helped me place it on the shelves in an organized manner.

laundry room organization

Clearly I have an unnatural fear of running out of paper towels. HA!!

The cool thing about the fabric bins is, you can move them around depending on the time of year. We used several to house the kids gloves/mittens/hats/etc. Those can go way up high in the summer months and on a lower shelf in the winter months. Same with the basket of beach towels you see there. They will soon go up on a high shelf since we rarely use them in the wintertime.

Expanding the Closet

Now it’s time to discuss the closet. This teeny tiny closet that is located to on the right wall when you enter the laundry room is almost worthless, and unfortunately the door is cut smaller than the actual space inside. I don’t have a before-before photo, but I grabbed this after Paul removed the molding and before we expanded it.

closet before

Not only does it have an extra few inches of storage space on either side of the doorway, but it extends ALL THE WAY to the ceiling inside. Of course, you can’t access that space with the standard door height. It was Darla’s idea to remove the door entirely so I have better access, and then Paul suggested cutting the doorframe all the way up to the top so we could hang shelves and access all that storage space. Darla loved that idea, so that is what we did.

We also ordered more freedomRail shelving so I had solid, adjustable shelves like in my pantry. We painted the inside coral for fun.

closet expansion

We used some Itso Plastic Bins from Target to contain similar products and keep the closet looking tidy. Darla used her label maker to label our containers so even the kids can put things back where they go!


I didn’t realize how crucial good lighting is to a space like this. Darla has a whole mathematical equation for determining how much light one needs in a space, but you know how well math and I get along, right? Here is her post explaining How to Calculate LightingNeeds.

Suffice it to say, we needed a second light.

two lights

(Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of lights? LOL!!)

It is AMAZING what a difference the extra light makes in that space. It’s like a different room.

Laundry Room Decor

Our top priority was making this space functional, but we added a few decorative touches to keep the project fun and help make the room a more pleasant place to be. Might as well make the more mundane household tasks as pleasant as possible, right?

Early on in the project, I started keeping a Pinterest board of laundry room design ideas that I found appealing. I found these safety pin plaques at Ballard Designs, and we decided they would go perfectly on the back wall.


It was also Darla’s idea to hang a piece of artwork for each of the kids to help designate their space on the wall of hooks. We went through a box of their best work that I’ve kept and selected one piece of artwork for each of them. We hung them on wooden pants hangers that we found at Target.

She also picked up a wood letter in the initial of each of their first names, and I decorated them with washi tape. Yes, I actually did a craft! Take a look!!!!!


Finally, she bought a shelf and some frames and we hung more of the kids’ artwork above the doorway to the rest of the house.

kids artwork

Because I have three doorways that converge in that corner, when we elevated the closet door, it looked a bit out of place . . . until we hung this shelf. By placing the artwork over the shorter door, it makes the space look more intentional.


The Big Reveal!!!!

Welcome to my NEW AND MUCH IMPROVED laundry room!!


That’s the view from the doorway into the laundry room from the house. We rarely enter the laundry room from our garage (which is where the 3rd door leads) because we don’t park in the garage. Don’t ask. It’s a sore subject.

I’ve been living with my new laundry room organization for a week or two (we were waiting to finish the closet before the big reveal) and it’s working out nicely. The fabric bins on the shelves are labeled so we know what’s inside. We have bins for our winter gloves/mittens/hats, one for napkins, one for extra dish towels, and that big box on the top-right holds all my placemats and cloth napkins.

laundry room organized shelving

I love having the washer and dryer off the pedestals. I tend to stand and fold clothes as I remove them from the dryer, and it’s much easier to stack things on top at this lower height. Plus, having the shelves gets all my detergents off the appliances and allows me more folding room. The tops of the washer and dryer also stay cleaner now.

organized laundry room

I’ve been using the Method Beach Sage Laundry Detergent, and I really like it. The scent is lovely, and I love knowing that I’m using a cleaning product that is non-toxic and biodegradable. Plus it cleans well, and it’s so easy to pick up and squirt into my washing dispenser.

Method Beach Sage Laundry Detergent

The shoe cubbies have been a life saver. No more shoes on the floor! The basket is for batteries. I’ve since moved it into the closet.

The bins on top are for odds and ends that tend to accumulate in a laundry room and mudroom area. When they get full, we are supposed to go through them and put things away. I’ll let you know how that works out for us! HA!

shoe cubbies

It was Darla’s suggestion to replace my odds and ends of laundry baskets with matching ones that I can switch around as needed. The teal laundry baskets were just $3.99 at Target! I bought 6 of them. Three live in the laundry room to sort the dirty clothes into whites, darks and towels. Two live in our bedroom closet to collect our dirty clothes, and one is extra for holding clean, folded clothes. Or something like that. (The kids have one of these collapsable hampers upstairs.) So far, the system seems to be working. I might pick up another laundry basket or two next time I’m at Target because we tend to leave our clean, folded clothes in baskets for . . . longer than I’d like. *grin*

The curled wood floral arrangement is from Target. It adds a touch of pretty to the array of cleaning products.


And this wreath is from the same Smith & Hawken for Target collection, but I couldn’t find a link online.


I love my sturdy hanging rack! It’s such an improvement over the wobbly one that was attached to the laundry sorter that I never used. Well, I used it. It gathered outgrown clothes, extra paper towels, and all manner of clutter — anything BUT dirty laundry (and certainly not sorted into workable categories. The problem was the location — it was not convenient to the washer and dryer, the way my doors opened.)

The multiple laundry baskets work much better for me.

hanging rack1

And with the kids’ hooks clearly delineated by their artwork and first initials, they are learning to use their own hooks and keep their things hung up neatly.

kids coat hooks

Overall this project has made a HUGE improvement in our home life. Not only do I have a pleasant, functional space to do laundry, but we have more storage space for all the gear and household products that tend to accumulate in a home with young kids AND a workable system for keeping it all organized.

I could NEVER have accomplished this without the guidance from Heartwork Organizing and the help of my Handyguy husband. It was definitely a group effort.

As a Target Inner Circle member, Target provided a gift card to assist me with this project as well as one to give away, but I still contributed much of my own time and materials. As always, all thoughts and opinions shared in this post are very much my own.

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  1. Wow! That looks amazing! So nice, neat and organized. It almost makes doing laundry pleasurable:) I use and enjoy those baskets from Target in several areas of our home, $50 would buy me a few more. Thanks for the offer and enjoy your new space!

  2. I have never done anything to a laundry room other than pile it full of dirty laundry, yet would you believe that we’re redoing our laundry room right now as well….and just painted the walls a very similar teal….and just got our Ballard Designs safety pins delivered on Friday? I can’t wait to compare before and after pics – love this!

  3. Our biggest organization challenge is hands-down the MAIL. Go figure. We literally get it from the mailbox and stack it on our hutch until it practically falls over. I’d love some sort of organization system that WORKS for us, but have yet to find it!

    1. Danielle, that’s the biggest challenge in most households. Check out Jo-Lynne’s command center post and my site for solutions that might work for you. Stopping junk mail, opening mail more frequently, and improving your home filing systems are all good bets.

  4. That is beautiful. I am now very jealous and also quite motivated to do something with my own laundry area. I think the playroom/sunroom comes first, but it’s going to be a hard call. 🙂

  5. Wow…what a change. I loved your 3 series posts. For me my laundry space is a challenge as we have it in the basement and it has to get organized with so many other things in the basement.

  6. My organizational challenge is always my sewing supplies…I tend to do a ’10-second tidy’ and shove everything into drawers and then have to drag it all back out to find the single thing I need for the next project!
    I love your laundry room; especially the serene color palette!

  7. Oh wow! Such an awesome makeover. I wish she’s here so she can help me organize my kid’s bedroom. They have so many books and toys all over their bedroom, I just don’t know how to organize yet.

    1. Aisha, are you someplace tropical? I do travel. LOL. Seriously, be sure to visit my site and sign up for tips. We showcase kid spaces all the time, and have one coming up soon to show you that you will LOVE, I promise. Also, I run virtual classes from time to time, so you can get real-time help wherever you live. Just hop on my mailing list.

  8. I would say my biggest organizational challenge is my laundry area. It’s basically just a large laundry “closet” so space is very limited. We are a family of six – three of which are teens – so I always have a ton of laundry but really lack the space to keep it hidden and organized.

  9. I need this to get me started on re-doing my own laundry room…which isn’t even a laundry room…laundry closet is more like it. It looks like a tornado hit it!

  10. Love your new Laundry room!! My washer and dryer are in a closet which has very limited space to start off with. However; your laundry room makeover gave me a couple of ideas to organize my laundry “closet” and for that I would like to say thank your for taking the time to share with all of use your new laundry room makeover!!

  11. your laundry room looks fantastic! my biggest organizational challenge? where to start…every single closet in my house! i guess the one i want to start with is my pantry. i have a huge pantry and it gets filled with junk and makes me very nervous! that is definitely next on my list to organize.

  12. Jo-Lynne I read this whole dang post because you had me so entranced… and surprise at the end, a giveaway! 🙂 Love the new laundry room. I adore the honeymoon time after a fresh organizational system is put into place. Using it makes me feel so happy!

  13. My biggest organizational challenge right now is our laundry room. It shares a space with our downstairs half-bath. We thought it was a good idea when we were building the house…but I have since changed my mind :).

  14. That is so cheery! I need to organize my closet – wouldn’t take much just need some shelving and maybe a few cute hooks for hanging things!

  15. Love the transformed laundry room! Organization is so freeing to the mind–I just need a kick in the back end to get things to that point!!!

  16. Love it! I’m going to redo my laundry room and I’m going to have to use the freedom rail system- we have the same one wire shelf in there now. It almost fell off the wall on me the other day (managed to break both my Tide and Bleach bottles that day…) so I am dying for a better shelf system.

  17. Great job! Love the new laundry room. I hate mine in this house, it’s in with the heater! We also have a 90 year old house so the heater is HUGE. I’d love to have the shelving system, it would be a huge help.

  18. I really like that shoe cubbie. It would probably work better than my current show shelves that are always messy and don’t keep like shoes together. I think I’m also going to try out the method laundry detergent next time I’m at target.

  19. There are simply TOO many things in your new laundry room that I love, to name them all! I really love the floor, and I agree that too many laundry rooms have no hang-up space, which is an absolute must! Love it all 🙂

  20. It looks beautiful! I never think of the laundry room as anything but functional. But you and Darla have made yours BEAUTIFUL! I am going to rethink my own laundry room now… maybe if it were beautiful, I wouldn’t mind doing the laundry so much!

  21. Wow! I wish my laundry area looked this great. I’m so jealous. Maybe this will be motivation to get mine more organized. Great job!

  22. I am green with envy! My laundry area is always a mess and not very visually pleasing. It is our way in from the garage so I would love to do something pretty and functional in there. You did a great job with yours!!

  23. My biggest challenge right now is my kitchen. Things have just plain gotten out of hand. Oh, and my master bedroom closet…due for a makeover too.

  24. It looks so good! I would say my laundry room could use some work such as paint and organization. Our master closet also gets challenging during the changing out of seasonal clothes.

  25. Gosh, that’s cute! Wish I had an actual laundry room that isn’t in a cellar. Oh well. Someday. *sigh*

    I’m on my way down to my basement to do some organizing now! 🙂

  26. With our Darla graduating this year, our goal is to declutter much of the house for her graduation party. A lofty goal as our whole house is in worse condition than your “Before” laundry pics…lol! Darla D. will also be a great help in creating a plan of attack!

  27. What a pretty room! I am jealous of all that storage! Clothes is my biggest organizational challenge as well. Clothes everywhere! Our washer and dryer are in our hallway and I feel like I can never keep it organized and get all of our clothes clean at the same time.

  28. What a gorgeous space you’ve created. I LOVE it! You did a wonderful job. I’m sure you’re head-over-heels in love with your laundry room now. The only thing that could make it better would be if the washing fairies came and washed your clothes every night. 😉

    Enjoy your beautiful space.

  29. I love it. Pretty and functional. The only thing I would add is a counter over the washer and dryer so you can fold there and not loose anything down the cracks/back.

    1. we debated that, and might still add it. for now it’s not been a problem. we’d also like to come up with a creative way to cover up those ugly water switches behind the dryer. ugh!!

      1. For the switches etc, I would probably just build a box with no bottom and place it over them. Then make it cute.

  30. I have many organizational problems- one being my laundry room too. I plan on taking some of your ideas and implementing them at home and this $50.00 GC would help. I also followed some of your pantry advice and reorganized a bit. Thanks!

  31. Your laundry room looks great now. I really like the colors and accessories y’all chose. Now the challenge is on…can you keep it that way? 🙂 I’m smiling because that is the hardest part.

  32. You’ve inspired me again. It came out great and so much more functional. I am really liking the method detergent. So much better than the gigantic, heavy bottles from Costco.

  33. I’m jealous! Such a pretty and functional laundry room. You and Darla do great work! It makes me think more about my laundry room. I made some organizational improvements in the cabinets, but we still have a full closet in there that we aren’t using to its fullest potential. Hmmm.

  34. I love it! And I love the colors! Ready to have your mind blown…wait for it….If Sherwin Williams is having a sale, you can buy plain white paint and then take it back anytime to have it tinted! Amazing right? I heart SW and your laundry room!

  35. So many great ideas in this post! I adore those huge safety pins. But also really love how she put the shoe cubby up a little so the laundry baskets can slide below. Great! Books are my greatest organizational challenge, my hubby doesn’t want to part with many and I want a lovely way to display what we do have. It’s ongoing that’s for sure!

  36. I can honestly say that you’ve inspired me to redo my laundry room! I’d love to pick up some of those products at Target (I already have the shoe bins, LOVE them!) and also use the gift card for the upcoming holidays. Thanks for the chance!

  37. I would love to makeover my laundry room – yours looks fabulous. And I love your about page…that’s what I came over to look at from SITS but I couldn’t leave a comment there…so here I am!

  38. What a fabulous makeover! I am very Impressed and pleasantly surprised at the practicality of the organization and decorating of this laundry room. I see some makeovers where it looks like the laundry room is just for show, and others where it doesn’t have any real changes. Well done, Darla and Jo-Lynne you make a great team!

  39. We really need to organize our garage. Some new shelving would be first and then clear bins to store everything. That place is a mess and we have our laundry out there so I hate doing laundry with the dust and dirt.

  40. I’d love to have a laundry room even if it was a mess! Our own washer and dryer would be awesome. Our entire apartment is in serious need of organization. We make it work for now but once the baby starts being able to crawl around we’re going to be in trouble! We should probably start with the kitchen, her bedroom, or our living room closet, that’s only half the places we have, ha!

  41. My biggest organizational challenge is my closet. I have everything from purses and shoes to Christmas decorations in my master bedroom closet. I would love to get an organization system for that.

  42. My biggest organizational challenge is that, after I organize and clean up, 5 minutes later my husband and kids are making a mess again!

  43. My laundry room currently looks like your before pictures – pathetic. I have more shelves than you did, but way too much stuff on them that needs to be thrown out. Thank you for the inspiration – I may need to clear it all out and start again with the organization.

  44. very lovely!!! great job everyone. I love the new organization and bins for storage.
    we re-did the laundry room last year, but I still have some clutter to deal with and of course new machines would be nice. Method is a great brand and I use a lot of their products.
    I might just have to go to Target tomorrow and get some bins, yeah I think I will.

  45. Your laundry room looks great! Mine is a major dumping ground for everything that comes in the door. Winter is worse with wet coats, boots, gloves. Ugh!

  46. We used the same color in our laundry room! I love how bright and cheerful it is. (The organization in mine isn’t quite there yet, though!) I think I need to get back in there and get things organized. Love the shoe cubbies and bright storage bins.

  47. Without a doubt, my garage is my biggest organizational challenge. It’s a one car garage, so everything really needs a spot. Right now, it’s just strewn about.

  48. My biggest organizational challenge is the coat, backpack, and SHOES for my six children. I have two teenage daughters, need I say more?

  49. I would like to win the gift card so that I can stock up on cleaning supplies! I love your new laundry room. I have more of a laundry closet but there is more I can do with it, I just have to decide what! 🙂

  50. I spend so, so much time in the laundry room, I think it should be pretty. (and organized). Thanks for the inspiration!

  51. Looks great. Seeing someone do this in the real world, instead of a magazine makes it seem so much more realistic. I waste so much time being not organized!!

  52. Love the room! I would love to organize MY laundry “closet” better. LOVE the bin idea. I’m a bin girl! LOL

  53. Loved the change in color. I too have had a hard time balancing “fun and interesting” with practical with paint colors. And how nice it is to do laundry when it is in such a lovely setting. Congratulations!

    Biggest organizational challenge: I have learned that the best way to stay organized is to have a designated space for everything. I find it hard to keep up with creating those “spaces” so that as new things come into our lives we have a space to put them…and also clearing out the old…

  54. I love what you did to organize your laundry room. My biggest challenge is our mud room coming in from the garage. My kids leave shoes, boots, coats and a genuine mess in this room all the time. I’d really love to get it organized.
    Thanks so much.

  55. i like your laundry room redo. you have really inspired me to go in and tackle my space, which is a little closer to your before than your after. 😉

  56. my biggest organizational problem is my pantry. not matter how I rearrange it, I always gets messy! I need to buy bins (like you did in your laundry room makeover) ! the gift card will help me do just that!

  57. I love posts like this because it really motivates me to get off my butt and get busy. There are so many disorganized places in my house that in reality would only take a few minutes to fix, but I can never seem to get in a place in my mind to actually tackle those projects. Thanks for the motivation AND the giveaway!

  58. What an amazing transformation! I feel inspired to transform my chaotic laundry room and, hopefully winning this giveaway could make it a reality!

  59. I am organizationally challenged in all areas of home life (and my work desk) but as far as meeting deadlines – I rock! Target our fave place to shop
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  60. Our kitchen is the hub of our house. especially the big chopping block table island. No matter what it always ends up with a mountain of paper on it.

  61. I absolutely love the makeover. I am inspired and need to make some changes. Heartwork Organizing did a phenomenal job. I applaud you for being brave enough to show your before pics.

  62. My biggest organizational challenge is the garage mainly because most of the stuff in the garage belongs to the man in the house who doesn’t care much about organization and doesn’t want others moving his things.

  63. Our biggest organizational challenge is the closets – we just have too much stuff! I’d like to win the gift card to help buy some things to organize the kitchen, including a couple spice racks

  64. My laundry room in the basement is a dark dungeon (spooky!) in contrast to your bright happy- to -be- clean area.

  65. My biggest organizational challenge is my kitchen! All of the things in my kitchen cabinets don’t get put back in the proper places and I definitely don’t have enough space for everything I own!

  66. I would have to say my desk! I get it all nice and neat then throw something on it, or the kids bring home things from school and it just becomes a big mess all over again

  67. My current organizing challenge would be switching out summer clothing for winter clothing without just throwing them in a bag to go in the basement.

  68. I just first have to say, you have an amazing beautiful laundry room! I’d want to spend hours in there, just WOW!!

    Now I’d probably use the Target gift card towards some more totes to organize our attic the rest of the way!

  69. Storing linens is my biggest problem. I’ve got a small, one-bedroom apartment and no closet designed for that.

  70. Your laundry room looks awesome! My whole apartment is a challenge, and I would love to win this card to get some shelving for my living room!

  71. My biggest organizing challenge is that we have 3 (soon to be 4!) kids and I have a home-based sewing business all crammed into a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with no storage space. It’s had to be organized when you have no where to put things!

  72. I really need to get all the craft/children’s school supplies organized. There’s so much of it.
    Ps. I really like your laundry room and the colours are lovely.

  73. I love what you did with that room!!! Right now our biggest challenge is organizing books and magazines into a spare room that doesn’t have a lot of ROOM – and on a budget.

  74. $50 for cleaning supplies at Target would be great. My biggest organizational challenge is my tendency to create too many work areas (dining room, living room, and office), resulting in clutter.

  75. My biggest organizational challenge would be my home office. Everything seems to end up in there and I don’t know where to put it all.

  76. My biggest challenge is my whole house! If I had to pick one it would be either be our hallway upstairs – with our 2 daughters things – or our laundry/pantry room.

  77. I would love to win this for my art room – which is in dire need of some organization! Just yesterday I got paint all over the ground because I didn’t see a tube on the floor and stepped on it, yikes.

  78. I biggest organizational challenge is my son’s toys….I would like the $50 to find something at Target to help with that.

  79. My biggest challenges are all over my house, lol, but one step at a time. I love what you done with your laundry room. Looks really awesome! I would love to expand my food pantry. It is small to begin with but the shelves, I think if I bought a better system I could get more use of my space.

  80. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful laundry room! We need to redo our laundry room too, but that isn’t top priority. The reason I want to win the gift card is….shoes. Shoes have completely taken over our entryway and bedrooms! I need help! I’m drowning in shoes and need to organize them!

  81. Your new laundry rooms look fantastic! I would want to redo our “study/office”. It’s a disaster right now, but a nice desk, rug and filing cabinets would be a great start. 🙂

  82. We need new furnace filters and window insulation kits before winter sets in this would come in handy.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  83. We need to organize our garage right now, and we need to purchase shelves to put things up on the wall and off of the floor.

  84. Looks great! Am inclined to try out the method laundry detergent – it sounds like it works well and the small bottles look like space savers! Thanks!

  85. I have a 100 year old house and back then , they had only sm closets and no storage. I have been very creative but there comes a time when you can’t. This would be perfect!

  86. My biggest organizational problem is my husband. He is a gadget man and the kitchen just cant hold another thing.

  87. i want the target GC so I can buy something to help with my lack of organization skills

  88. I think our biggest organizational problem is our kitchen. We have been trying to redo it ourselves and with many set backs it still isn’t done. If I was to win the gift card it would go towards buying some things that would help us get organized.

  89. My biggest problem is my bathroom! We just bought this house and we have a tiny sink cabinet and no drawers and no storage it is so frustrating. I would love to buy some shelving for there!

  90. My daughter’s closet is an organization nightmare. I have tried all kinds of bins and put in a couple different types of organization systems and I haven’t found a system that works yet.

  91. My fiance and i just bought our first home EEEEK! 🙂 My laundry room is laid out exactly like yours! $50 would go a long way to organizing our new home and to use some of your FABULOUS ideas!

  92. My children’s playroom could definitely use som organization. Some shelving and baskets would make a huge difference.


  93. Our biggest challenge is the coatroom…there simply isn’t any way to get the boots, shoes, and coats organized without shelves and enough hanger room.

  94. The pantry. No matter how much i try to get that organized, it never looks it. I would use the target git card for baskets.

  95. Right now, our biggest organizational challenge is related to all the stuff that comes along with a newborn. We just keep acquiring more hand-me-downs of clothes (our first was a boy, now we have a girl… girls come with a lot more clothes!) and other items. We can’t keep up with everything that comes in! We need more bins and other storage solutions (from Target) to corral everything!

  96. The organization in my closet. It’s a walk in closet, and I have racks to store all of my beauty items, craft projects, and it also acts as a game closet with the family’s board games.

  97. My kids playroom it also has my desk in it it is a nightmare. No organization anywhere just tons of stuff tossed more or less anywhere. thanks for the chance.

  98. Wow! It looks great! I’d love to paint my (tiny) laundry room. Right now my biggest organizational challenge is our closet! I’ve got to do something with it soon!

    P.S. You should park in your garage! It will change your life! LOL! 🙂

  99. My organizational challenge is my craft room. I have so much stuff in there I can’t see anything I have. I’d love to get those shoe holders to put stuff in, and organize it up a bit more than it is. Your laundry space is sort of an inspiration. It looks good.

  100. I would love to win the Target Gift Card so that I can buy some organizing products to get started with my laundry room organizing, plus Target has really cute home decor and organizing stuff.

  101. My biggest organizational challenge has to be our laundry room, I need to put up some shelves so i can organize the area.

  102. My biggest organizational challenge is my library or my collection of books… I have over 3000 books and I am always struggling to find space or get a system for them in my home.

  103. The pantry is the biggest organizational challenge I have. I would use the Target GC for improving the organization in the pantry. Love the laundry room makeover. Thanks

  104. I love your laundry room! My biggest organizational challenge is the kids room. They have so many toys and I just don’t know where to put them all

  105. I’m in dire need of organization in my main closet that holds all of my ‘creative’ things…it’s such a mess and getting really hard to find things …and to close it.

  106. I recently moved into a new house and it has a lot less storage in the bathroom than my old house, so I could really use the Target GC to pick up some organizers!!

  107. This is great.Every week i spend one of my days off work,re-organizing what my sister disorganized in the garage/laundry room.

  108. My biggest organizational challenges are my laundry room and my pantry. Most of the shelves are out of my reach (yep, I’m a shortie!) and things just look cluttered when they are all put where I can reach.

  109. My biggest organizational challenge is my small condo, I just don’t have enough space for anything extra and it’s a challenge to store what I do have and need.

  110. Wow, I love your laundry room. I really would love to accomplish this in ours, right now it looks a lot like your before pictures. Maybe the Target gift card could help me organize our laundry room a little.

  111. Target is my favorite store and I love to look through their sale and clearance displays as I always find good stuff so $50 GC would be super for me to stock up on sale items.

  112. Oh I LOVE how this turned out! Wish I could do this with my laundry room. Need to invest in a professional organizer I think!

  113. My biggest organizing challenge is all of my sewing supplies, I have a closet and a half of sewing stuff, and not enough space to organize it.

  114. I am really organized already. The reason I want the Target is because I was recently homeless and need clothes.

  115. I am so envious of your laundry room. Great job! My most vexing organizational problem is my husband’s jackets, vests and shoes/boots. He has clothes all over the house and it is driving me crazy!!!

  116. Our youngest sons’ bedroom. We still haven’t figured out a good system for his legos and they end up everywhere! One of these days it will come to us!

  117. By biggest organization challenge is organizing my kitchen – there aren’t enough cabinets to store everything – I would use the gift card for Christmas
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  118. My biggest organization challenge is my craft room. I need to have space for my 4H kids to work on all their different projects.

  119. I just moved and when you walk in from the garage, it is in the utility room and so far, it seems to be a room for shoes and everyone to throw their things. What a nice job you did, I need to do something like this and find a place for shoes as well

  120. I would love to win this gift card to shop for clearance items for Christmas–all for family..thanks!

  121. First of all, I LOVE those safety pins on the wall! Awesome! My biggest organizational challenge is the closet in our bedroom – too small for all of our stuff!

  122. What awesome ideas on organization! I too start out with good intentions but end up failing in execution. I would love to win so I can apply that money to finally finishing up my bathroom redo!

  123. I need organization in our dining/ school room.I need more shelving and storage and just a better way for it to all flow.

  124. I love your laundry room. I wish mine looked like that. I need to organize my desk that holds all my crafting supplies. I can never find what I am looking for.

  125. Right now we live in a really small 2 bedroom apt. We are moving in the next 3 weeks to a bigger…HOUSE (yay!). In the apt where we live now, the biggest challenge is pretty much everything. With all of the cramped space we just have nowhere to put anything. Everything is in totes so we have to always dig around to find stuff we don’t use everyday, and the stuff we do use is just all over the place. I cannot wait to move into our house and get everything organized! I know I would use this gift card to buy things for our house.

  126. That is an amazing transformation! My biggest challenge area is the living room. We have a very small house and our living room doubles as play room/family room, so it is filled with kid toys as well as books!

  127. I would have to say backpacks, coats and shoes. There’s four of us in a 2 bedroom apartment. There’s just not enough room for all of us and our stuff. Half of the couch ends up covered in coats and backpacks. I love you little hook idea and my have to use it. Thank you!

  128. The transformation looks great! I need to transform all my kids toys into something appealing…Too many toys, and they take up too much space!

  129. Love what you did- great color, too. I’d use the GC for my grandson, he wants some Skylander thingies.

  130. The transformation looks great! I need to transform all my kids toys in something eye appealing…Way too many toys take up too much room!

  131. We currently live in a very small house (hoping to buy a larger one soon) so we have very little storage space. It is so difficult to organzie everything nice and neat.

  132. This is a great post with a lot of ideas that would work for our laundry room that I have never thought of. Thanks!

  133. My greatest organizational challenge is the office. It seems like an impossible, futile task trying to stay organized.

  134. Wow, what a great transformation you did on your laundry room! I love it!!

    My whole house needs a huge overhaul and organization. When I bought the house, there was 2 of us. Now there are 4 in a 1100 sq. ft. house and it’s hard to have room for everything. I seriously would love to use a target gift card to help get me started on some organization pieces.

  135. Wow, that’s gorgeous! I’m in the process of doing my whole apartment, but I am on a super low budget, so the gift card would really help. I love seeing posts like this. It really inspires me to work harder at my place.

  136. My biggest organizational challenge is keeping all of our books, movies, and CDs in some kind of order – and preventing them from spilling out to all corners of the house! I’d love to get some new shelving or cases to store our media!

  137. My biggest organizational challenge are all my books. I have three bookshelves currently, and it’s still overflowing. It’s hard to find places to put everything without it being too cluttered.

  138. I have 5 very unorganized kids and a messy husband. I feel like all I do is straighten, clean, organize and then reorganize. This would really help me buy some things to help clear the clutter.

  139. I have a nonfunctional laundry room- all the walls were gutted and never put back up so there sits my washer and dryer with everything on the floor. Sigh.

  140. My biggest organization challenge is our important documents and bills. Since we married just a couple of years ago, our bills and paperwork is out of control! I had a little system for my stuff, but it just doesn’t apply anymore for our stuff.

    Diana C

  141. My closet is my biggest challenge. I would love to win because I can use it to get a few products to help organize my closet.

  142. Biggest organizational challenge would have to be our closets. There is just not enough room for clothing for the 4 us, tiny closets! I know I need to purge even more, but we definitely need a system that utilizes the space we have better!

  143. I love your laundry room makeover. It looks great! My biggest challenge is not having enough cabinets and counter space in my kitchen. Thanks for having this contest.

  144. I would love to win so that I can buy some closet organizing stuff. My closet is a mess and really needs to be organized!

  145. Looks great! My bedroom closet is similar to your closet – lots of inaccessible space near the ceiling and on either side of the door. How hard was it for you to extend the size of the door?

  146. I have way too many papers. Everywhere. That is one of my biggest organization issues. I think I’d use the GC to get a new shredder. 😀

  147. I have a closet in my guest room that is a nightmare. Things crammed in there and I’m always afraid to open the door for fear of things falling down.

  148. My biggest challenge is that we just moved in to an older home so it has very limited storage and really small closets. We have moved every year the last ten years, so we don’t keep a lot of stuff, but since we are places only a short period, I really have to move quickly to get settled and feeling like home and this place is giving me some fits.
    Thanks! (BTW, I might actually like doing laundry in your new laundry room :D–looks great!)

  149. I cannot wait to move into a house that will have a laundry room. I live in a tiny apartment and we have a closet with washer and dryer in it. Your laundry room looks beautiful, you did a great job!

  150. My biggest organizational challenge is drawers in the kitchen that my husband keeps taking over for tools. My laundry room had shelves and hanger system over the washer/dryer area when we purchased the home, but it is really a much smaller room than yours. I hate that the door opens in and if you’re standing in front of the washer and someone opens the door you get hit by that door.

  151. Thanks for the giveaway…our kitchen pantry needs an overhaul: foodstuffs & cooking gear need better organization.

  152. My biggest challenge is my home office – paper everywhere!
    Love how your laundry room turned out!
    The use of the kids’ art is a really nice touch!

  153. My biggest organizational challenge is my twin 12 year old daughters room. Too many kids with too many things in one medium size room.

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